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Name Meaning
Aadarsh Ideal
Aadesh command
Aadhira Moon
Aadi first;most important
Aadidev the first god
Aadinath the first god
Aadit Peak
Aaditeya son of Aditi
Aaditya the sun
Aagam coming, arrival
Aagney Son of Fire
Aagneya Son of Fire
Aahlaad delight
Aahva Beloved
Aakaash sky
Aakar shape
Aakarshan attraction
Aalap prelude to a raga
Aalok light
Aamod pleasure
Aanand joy
Aanandswarup full of joy
Aandaleeb the bulbul bird
Aanjaneya Son of Anjani
Aapt trustworthy
Aaraadhak worshipper
Aarth Meaning
Aashish blessing
Aashman Son of the sun
Aashutosh who is easily pleased
Aastik who has faith in god
Aatish explosive,a dynamic person
Aatmaj son
Aatreya name of a sage
Aayu span of life
Aayushmaan with long life
Abeer fragrance
Abhay fearless, a son of Dharma
Abheek fearless
Abhi Fearless
Abhijaat well born
Abhijay victorious
Abhijit victorious
Abhik Beloved
Abhilash desire
Abhimanyu son of Arjuna
Abhinandan congratulation
Abhinav brand new
Abhinivesh Desire
Abhiraam pleasing
Abhiraj Fearless King
Abhirath great charioteer
Abhirup handsome
Abhisar companion
Abhishek an auspicious bath for a deity
Abhivaadan greeting
Abhivanth(or Abivanth) Royal Salute
Abhra cloud
Abhyudaya Luck
Achal constant
Achalendra the Himalayas
Achalraj Himalayan mountain
Achintya inconceivable
Achyut imperishable; a name of Vishnu
Achyuthan Indestructible
Adarsh Ideal
Adeela equal
Adeep The Light Of Vishnu
Adheer restless
Adheesh king
Adhik more, lots
Adhip king
Adhiraj King
Adil sincere; just
Adinath Lord Vishnu
Adipurush Primordial Being.
Adit from the beginning
Aditya lord of the sun
Advait Unique
Advay Unique
Advaya one; united
Advik Unique
Agastya name of a sage
Agendra Himalayan mountain
Agharna the moon
Aghat destroyer of sin
Aghosh quiet, soundless
Agnimitra friend of fire
Agniprava bright as the fire
Agnivesh bright as the fire
Agraj leader, senior
Agrata leadership
Agrim leader; first
Agyeya unknown
Ahan one who is of the nature of time itself
Ahd pledge; knowledge Islamic
Ainesh the sun’s glory
Airaawat the celestial white elephant
Aja unborn
Ajaat unborn
Ajaatshatru who has no enemies
Ajamil a mythological king Male Islamic
Ajanta eternal fame
Ajay unconquerable
Ajit unconquerable
Ajitaabh whose lustre can’t be diminished
Ajitesh Lord Vishnu
Ajoy Joyful
Akaash sky
Akand Calm
Akarsh Attractive
Akhil entire
Akhilesh lord of the universe
Akshaj Lord Vishnu
Akshan Eye
Akshansh universe
Akshar imperishable
Akshat unharmed
Akshay immortal
Akshayaguna Of Limitless Attributes. A Name for Lord Shiva
Akshaykeerti eternal fame
Akshit permanent
Akshobhya Lord Vishnu
Akul a name of Lord Shiva
Alak world; beautiful tresses
Alankar “Gold, Ornament”
Alok cry of victory
Aloki brightness
Alop that which does not disappear
Alpesh Tiny
Amaan Peace
Amal unblemished; pure
Amalendu full moon
Amalesh the pure one
Aman Peace
Amani wishes; aspirations
Amar forever, the maker
Amardeep Eternal light
Amaresh name of Indra
Amaris Child of the Moon
Amarjeet Victorious
Amarnath immortal god
Amartya immortal
Ambar sky
Ambareesh king of the sky
Ambikapathi Lord of Siva
Ambud cloud
Ambuj lotus
Ameet boundless
Ameya boundless
Ameyatma Lord Vishnu
Ami nectar
Amil invaluable
Amir Rich
Amish honest
Amit boundless
Amitaabh boundless lustre
Amitava same as Amitabh
Amitbikram limitless prowess
Amitesh infinite god
Amlan unfading; everbright
Amod happiness
Amogh unerring
Amol priceless
Amolik priceless
Amoorta formless
Amresh Lord Indra
Amrik Nectar
Amrish Lord Indra
Amrit nectar
Amritambu moon
Amritaya The Immortal. Lord Vishnu
Amshu Atom
Amshul Bright
Amul Priceless
Anaadi without beginning
Anaan clouds
Anadi Eternal
Anagh sinless
Anal fire
Anand bliss, happiness
Anang cupid or Kamadeva
Anant infinite
Anantajeet The Victor Of Infinity. Lord Vishnu
Anantram eternal god
Ananyo “Sole, Peerless”
Anay Radha’s Husband
Anek many
Angad an ornament
Angada a son of Lakshmana
Angaj Son
Angak son
Aniij Charming
Anik Soldier
Anikait Lord of the World
Aniket homeless; Lord Shiva
Anil wind
Anilaabh spirit of the wind
Animesh to stare open-eyed
Aniruddha which can’t be restricted
Anirudh Boundless
Anirvan undying
Anish Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva
Anit joyful unending
Anjal Hollow formed by joining two hands
Anjan eye liner
Anjas Fortright
Anjor Bright
Anjuman a garden
Ankal whole
Ankit the chosen one
Ankur new life
Ankush restraint
Anmol priceless
Annuabhuj Lord Shiva
Anoop incomparable
Anram Continuous
Ansh Portion
Anshu ray of light
Anshuk radiant
Anshul radiant
Anshumaan the sun
Anshumat luminous
Antara Paragraph
Antariksh space
Antim Last
Anuj younger brother
Anunay supplication; consolation
Anupam incomparable
Anuraag love
Anuttam unsurpassed
Anuva knowledge
Apoorva exquisite
Aprameya A Name of Lord Krishna
Aranab ocean
Arav peaceful
Archan worship
Archit worshipped
Ardhendu half moon
Areehah destroyer of enemies
Arha Lord Shiva
Arhat respectable
Arihan Killing Enemies
Arihant destroyer of enemies
Arij pleasant smell
Arindam destroyer of enemies
Arja Divine
Arjit earned
Arjun one of the Pandava brothers
Arka offering to the sun
Arman Wish
Arnav ocean, sea
Arnesh lord of the sea
Arpan Offering
Arshad Heavenly
Artagnan The Knower of All Meanings
Arun the sun’s charioteer
Arunachaleshwara Lord of the Hills of Sun
Arvind lotus
Arya civilised, best
Aryaman the sun
Aryan Of the Aryan Race
Asav essence
Aseelah from noble family
Aseem limitlessAshank-Faith
Ashcharya surprise
Asheem Boundless
Ashesh benediction
Ashirvad Blessing
Ashish blessings
Ashit Lord of the Rings – Saturn
Ashlesh to embrace
Ashok without sorrow
Ashray Shelter
Ashutosh Lord Shiva
Ashvath Strong
Ashwaghosh name of Buddhist philosopher
Ashwatthama son of Dronacharya
Ashwin Hindu month
Asit not white
Asitvaran dark complexioned
Asiya one who tends to the weak and heals
Asuman lord of vital breaths
Atal immoveable
Atambhu The Holy trinity
Atanu cupid
Ateet past
Atharvan knower of the Arthara vedas
Atiksh Wise
Atithi guest
Atma soul
Atmajyoti light of soul
Atman the self
Atmananda blissful soul
Atraiu Great Warrior
Atul matchless
Atulya unequalled
Avadhesh King Dasaratha
Avalok who beholds
Avaneesh master of the earth
Avanindra King of the earth
Avashesh Remainder
Avasyu Lord Indra
Avatar incarnation
Avi The sun and air
Avichal unmovable
Avijit Invincible
Avikam Diamond
Avilash Faithful
Avinash indestructible
Avinashi indestructable
Avirat Continuous
Avkash limitless space
Avtar Holy incarnation
Avyukta Crystal Clear
Ayog auspicious time
Ayush Long Lived
Baadal cloud
Baalaark the rising sun
Baalkrishan young Krishna
Baanbhatt name of an ancient poet
Baanke Bihaari name of Krishna
Baasima smiling
Babala Above
Badri Lord Vishnu
Badrinath Lord Vishnu
Badriprasad goft of Badri
Bahubali a Jain tirthankar
Bahula a star
Bahuleya Lord Kartikeya
Bajrang Lord Hanuman’s name
Bakool Flower
Bakul a kind of tree
Bakula a kind of flower
Balaaditya young sun
Balachandra young moon
Balagopal infant Krishna
Balagovind infant Krishna
Balaji Lord Vishnu
Balakrishna young krishna
Balamani young jewel
Balamohan one who is attractive
Balaraj strong
Balaram brother of Lord Krishna
Balashankar young Lord Shiva
Balavan powerful
Balbhadra brother of Krishna
Balbir strong
Baldev strong
Balendu young moon
Bali brave
Balraj mighty, powerful
Balram brother of Lord Krishna
Balvant of immense strength
Balveer powerful ( Balbeer )
Balvindra strong
Banaj Lotus
Banbihari Lord Krishna
Bandhu friend
Bandhul pleasing
Bandhula charming
Baneet Polite
Banke Lord Krishna
Bankebihari Lord Krishna
Bankim not straight
Bankimchandra crescent moon
Banshi flute
Banshidhar Krishna
Bansilal Lord Krishna
Banwari Lord Krishna
Barid Cloud
Barindra ocean
Barsaat Welcome rain
Barun Lord of the sea
Basant season of spring
Basdev fire
Batuk Boy
Bhadra auspicious
Bhadrak handsome
Bhadrakapil Lord Shiva
Bhadraksh one with beautiful eyes
Bhadrashree Sandalwood Tree
Bhadresh Lord Shiva
Bhagat devotee
Bhagavaan the lord
Bhagesh Lord of richness
Bhagirath name of an ancient king
Bhagwant fortunate
Bhagyaraj lord of luck
Bhairav Lord Shiva
Bhajan adoration
Bhakti devotion, prayer
Bhalendra lord of light
Bhanu sun
Bhanudas a devotee of the sun
Bhanumitra friend of sun / Planet Mercury
Bhanuprakash sun light
Bhanuprasad gift of sun
Bharadwaj a sage; a mythical bird
Bharat India, universal monarch
Bhargav Lord Shiva
Bhargava Lord Shiva
Bhartesh King of bharat
Bhartihari name of a poet
Bhaskar a name of Sun
Bhasvan bright
Bhaswar shining
Bhaumik lord of earth
Bhavan palace
Bhav-bhooti the universe
Bhavesh lord of the world
Bhawanidas devotee of Durga
Bheemsen sons of brave man
Bheesham strong
Bheru Friend
Bhim One of Pandavas
Bhishma Teacher of Kauravas
Bhoj name of a poet king, meal
Bholanath Lord Shiva
Bhoopat lord of the earth
Bhoopendra king of the earth
Bhooshan ornaments
Bhooshit decorated
Bhoumik land owner
Bhramar black bee
Bhrigu name of a saint
Bhudev lord of the earth
Bhuman Earth
Bhupad Firm
Bhupal king
Bhupati King
Bhupen king
Bhupendra king of kings
Bhupesh king
Bhushan ornament
Bhuvan the world
Bhuvanesh lord of the world
Bhuvaneshwar lord of the world
Bibek Conscience; Discrimination
Bijal lightning
Bilva a sacred leaf
Bimal Pure
Bimb Halo
Bimbisaar King of the Gupta dynasty
Bindusar an excellent pearl
Bipin forest (Vipin)
Bir Courageous
Birbal Brave heart
Biren Lord of warriors
Birendra King of Warriors
Birju Nice Singer
Bisaj Lotus
Bodhan kindling
Boudhayan the name of a sage
Brahma creater of the universe
Brahmaanand supreme joy
Brahmabrata ascetic
Brahmadutt dedicated to Brahma
Braj place of Lord Krishna
Brajamohan name of Lord Krishna
Brajendra lord of Braj land
Brajesh lord of Braj land
Brajraaj king of Braj land
Bramhaghosh chanting of Vedas
Bramhanand happiness for knowledge
Bratindra devoted to right deeds
Brent Hill top
Brij Lord Krishna
Brijesh god of the land ‘brij’
Brijkishor Lord Krishna
Brijmohan Krishna
Brijnandan Lord Krishna
Brijraj The one who rules the nature
Brirar Without pain
Buddha awakened, Lord Buddha
Buddhadeva wise, Gautama Buddha
Buddhapriya one liked by Buddha
Budhil learned
Chaanakya name of Kautilya, the great scholar
Chaaruchandra beautilful moon
Chaarudatt born of beauty
Chaaruhaas with beautiful smile
Chahel Good cheer
Chain Peace
Chaitan consciousness
Chaitanya consciousness
Chakor a bird that loves the moon
Chakradev Lord Vishnu
Chakradhar name of Lord Vishnu
Chakrapaani name of Lord Vishnu
Chakravartee a sovereign king
Chakresh name of Lord Vishnu
Chaman flowering garden
Chamanlal garden
Champak a flower
Chanak father of Chaanakya
Chanchal active
Chanchareek bee
Chandak the moon
Chandan sandlewood
Chandavarman an old King
Chandeedaas name of a saint
Chander moon
Chandra moon
Chandraabhaa lusture of moon light
Chandraaditya name of a King
Chandraanan moon-like face
Chandraayan the moon
Chandrabhaga River Chenab
Chandrabhan the moon
Chandrachur Lord Shiva
Chandragupt name of ancient king
Chandrahaas smiling like a moon
Chandrak peacock feather
Chandraketu moon banner
Chandrakin a peacock
Chandrakiran moon beam
Chandrakishore the moon
Chandrakumar the moon
Chandramaadhav sweet
Chandramauli Lord Shiva
Chandramohan attractive like the moon
Chandran the moon
Chandranath the moon
Chandraprakaash moon light
Chandraraj moonbeam
Chandrashekhar Lord Shiva
Chandravadan moon-like face
Chandresh King of the moon
Chandrpeed name of Shiva
Chane name of a god, dependability
Chapal clever, restless; lightning
Charak an ancient physician
Charan feet
Charanjit one who has won over the lord
Charudutta born of beauty
Charusheel of good character
Charuvrat of good character
Chatresh Lord Shiva
Chatur clever
Chatura clever
Chaturaanan with four faces
Chaturbhuj strong, broad shouldered
Chetak Rana Pratap’s horse
Chetan consciousness, life
Chetanaanand supreme joy
Chhaayank moon
Chhandak the charioteer of Lord Buddha
Chidaakaash absolute Brahma
Chidaatma supreme spirit
Chidambar sky like heart
Chidananda Lord Shiva
Chidhatma Big Soul
Chiman Curious
Chinar Name of a beautiful tree
Chinmay the supreme being
Chinmayananda blissful
Chinmayu Supreme consciousness
Chintak thinker
Chintan meditation
Chirag lamp
Chiranjeev immortal
Chirantan ancient
Chitesh Lord of the soul
Chitrabaahu with beautiful hands
Chitrabhanu the sun
Chitragupt god of destiny
Chitraketu with beautiful banner
Chitraksh beautiful eyed
Chitral of variegated colour
Chitrarath the sun
Chitrasen a king of Gandharvas
Chittaprasad happiness
Chittaranjan joy of inner mind
Chittaswarup the supreme spirit
Chittesh lord of the soul
Cholan a South Indian dynasty
Chudamani crest jewel
Chunmay Supreme consciousness
Chyavan name of a saint
Daamodar a name of Krishna
Daaruk charioteer of Krishna, tree
Daarun hard Male Hindu
Dahana a Rudra
Daitya A Non Aryan.
Daiwik By the grace of God
Daksh a son of Brahma, capable
Dakshesh name of Lord Shiva
Dakshi The glorious
Dakshinayan some Movement of the Sun
Dalpati commander of group
Daman one who controls
Damodar Lord Krishna
Dandak a forest
Dandapaani an epithet for Yama
Danta Calm. A name for Lord Hanuman
Danvir Charitable
Darpad Lord Shiva
Darpak Kamdev, god of love
Darpan Mirror
Darsh Lord Krishna
Darshak spectator
Darshan vision
Daruka Deodar tree
Dasharath the father of Lord Rama
Dasharathi Lord Rama
Datta one who is given
Dattatreya A son of Atri, a god
Dattey Lord Indra
Daya mercy
Dayaal kind hearted
Dayakar Merciful Lord Shiva
Dayamay full of mercy
Dayanand who takes joy in being merciful
Dayanidhi kind person
Dayaram Merciful
Dayasagar extremely kind, sea of mercy
Dayashankar Merciful Lord Shiva
Dayaswarup merciful
Debashish Pleased by godsq
Debjit One who has conquered Gods
Deenabandhu friend of the poor
Deenadayaal humble and merciful
Deenanath lord of the poor
Deenbabdhu brother of poor people
Deep a lamp
Deepak light, candle
Deepan lighting up
Deepankar one who lights the lamp
Deependra lord of lights
Deependu bright moon
Deepesh lord of light
Deepit lighted
Deeptanshu the sun
Deeptendu bright moon
Deeptiman lustrous
Deeptimoy lustrous
Dehabhuj Another name for lord Shiva
Dev god, king
Devaapi an ancient king
Devabrata a name of Bhisma
Devadas follower of god
Devadatt gift of the God
Devadeva Lord of All Lords
Devagya with knowledge of God
Devaj From God
Devajuta The one with the Good
Devajyoti brightness of the lord
Devak Divine
Devakeenandan name of Lord Krishna
Devakumar son of a god
Deval name of a saint
Devanand joy of God
Devang Part of god
Devank Godly
Devansh Part of God
Devarsi Sage of the Devas
Devashish Blessing of God
Devbrata Bhishma
Devdarsh Worshipper of God
Devdas Servant of god
Devdatta Given by God
Deveedaas servant of the god
Devendra king of Gods
Devendranath lord of the king of Gods
Devesh Lord Shiva
Deveshwar Lord Shiva
Devguru teacher of Gods ( Brihaspati )
Devi Goddess
Devidas servant (devotee) of Godess
Devilaal son of Devi
Deviprasad Gift of godess
Devkinandan son of Devki;(Lord Krishna)
Devkumar son of gods
Devnarayan king
Devnath king of gods
Devpad Divine feet
Devraaj king among gods, name of Indra
Devrat Spiritual
Devsena army of gods
Devvrata name of an ancient king
Dhairya Patience
Dhananad pleasure of having wealth
Dhananjay one who wins wealth
Dhanapati lord of wealth
Dhanesh lord of wealth
Dhanraj Lord Kuber
Dhansukh wealthy; happy
Dhanush The Bow
Dhanvant wealthy
Dhanvantari doctor of Gods
Dhanvin Lord Shiva
Dhanvine A Name for Lord Rama
Dhanya Giver Of Wealth. Lord Vishnu
Dharamnishth one who has faith in religion
Dharanidhar Sheshnaag
Dharitree the earth
Dharma religion, nature
Dharmadaas servant of religion
Dharmadev lord of religion
Dharmakeerti fame of religion
Dharmaketu who upholds the right way
Dharmanand takes pleasure religion
Dharmaraaj king of religion
Dharmaveer protector of religion
Dharmendra Lord of religion
Dharmendu light of religion
Dharmesh Lord of religion
Dharmik A Name for Lord Ganesha
Dharm-mitra friend of religion
Dharmpaal protector of religion
Dharuna a rishi
Dhatri a son of Vishnu/Lakshmi
Dhaval Fair complexioned
Dheeman intelligent
Dheemant wise; intelligent
Dheer tolerant
Dheeraj patience, consolation
Dheerandra god of courage
Dhimant Intelligent
Dhiraj Patience
Dhiren One who is strong
Dhirendra Lord of the brave
Dhritiman patient
Dhrupad Lord Krishna
Dhruv the polar star
Dhuha forenoon
Dhyanesh meditative
Dhyaneshwar Lord of meditation
Digambar unencumbered
Digant horizon
Digvastra Sky Clad
Digvijay who is victorious over everyone
Dilawar brave
Dilber lover
Dileep king of the solar race
Dilip A king, ancestor of Rama
Dinakar the sun
Dinanath protector
Dinar gold coin
Dindayal kind to the poor
Dinendra lord of the day, the sun
Dinesh the sun
Dinpal sun
Dipen Lord of the lamp
Dipendu Moon
Dipesh Lord of light
Diptanshu Sun
Divaakar the sun
Divit Immortal
Divyanshu divine light, sun
Divyendu the moon
Divyesh Sun
Dron prominent Mahabharata character
Drupad a king, father of draupadi
Dulal Loved one
Duranjaya A heroic son
Durga unreachable
Durgadas servant ( a devotee ) of Godess Durga
Durgadutt gift from Godess Durga
Durgesh lord of forts
Durijesh Moon
Durja the Invincible
Durjaya Difficult to conquer
Durvish who cannot be affected by poison
Dushyant name of a King
Dwaaraka-nath lord of Dwarakaa
Dwaipayan the sage Vyasa
Dwarakaa capital, Lord Krishna’s kingdom
Dwaraka-daas servant of Dwaarakaa
Dwijaraj king of brahmins; the moon
Dwijendra king of brahmins; the moon
Dwijesh Lord of brahmins
Dyumani Lord Shiva
Dyumna glorious
Eashan Lord Vishnu
Edi Herb
Ednit Evolved
Eeshwar God
Eha Lord Vishnu
Ehimay All pervasive
Eka Lord Vishnu
Ekaaksh one eyed, Shiva
Ekaakshara A Name for Lord Ganesha
Ekaant soliltary
Ekaatmaa oneself, alone
Ekachakra son of Kashyapa
Ekadant Lord Ganesh
Ekagrah Focussed
Ekaksha Lord Shiva
Ekalavya a pupil of Dronaachaarya
Ekaling name of Lord Shiva
Ekambar sky
Ekana Lord Vishnu
Ekanath king
Ekanga bogyguard
Ekani One
Ekansh Whole
Ekapad Lord Shiva
Ekaraj Emperor
Ekavir Bravest of the brave
Ekavira Lord Shiva’s daughter
Ekayavan The Wise One
Ekbal Dignity
Eklavya Student who learned Bow by watching
Eknath Poet, saint
Ekodar brother
Ekram honour
Esh God
Eshaan Desiring and wishing
Eshwar God
Eshwardutt gift of God
Etash Luminous
Ettan Breath
Evyavan Lord Vishnu
Gadhadhar name of lord Vishnu
Gadin Lord Krishna
Gagan Sky, heaven
Gagandeep A lamp in the sky.
Gaganvihari One who stays in heaven
Gagnesh Lord Shiva
Gajaadhar who can command an elephant
Gajanan One with elephant face
Gajanand Lord Ganesh
Gajbaahu who has strength of an elephant
Gajdant elephant teeth, Ganesha
Gajendra Elephant king
Gajendranath owner of Gajendra
Gajkaran like ears of elephant
Gajpati master of elephant, Ganesha
Gajrup Lord Ganesh
Gajvadan name of Lord Ganesha
Gambheer deep, serious
Ganak an astrologer
Ganapati Lord Ganesh
Ganaraj Lord of the clan
Gandhaa a sweet smelling
Gandharv master in musicGandhi Sun
Gandhik Fragrance
Gandiva The bow of Arjuna
Ganesh Son of Lord Shiva
Gangadatt gift of the Ganges
Gangadhar Shiva
Gangadutt Gift of Ganga
Gangesh Lord Shiva
Gangesha Lord of Ganga.
Gangeya Son of river Ganga
Gangol a precious
Gannaath an epithet of Shiva
Gannon The God of Silence
Garg name of a saint
Garjan thunder
Garud the king of birds, falcon
Gatik “Fast, Progressive”
Gaurang Fair complexioned
Gaurav Honour, pride, respect
Gauresh A Name of Lord Shiva.
Gaurikant husband of Gauri ( Lord Shiva)
Gaurinandan son of Gauri (Lord Ganesh)
Gaurinath Lord Shiva
Gaurish Lord Shiva
Gaurishankar peak of the Himalayas
Gaurisuta Son Of Gauri. Lord Ganesha
Gautam Lord Buddha
Gaveshan search
Gayan Singing, The Sky
Geet Song
Ghalib excellent
Ghanaanand happy like cloud
Ghanendra lord of clouds (Lord Indra )
Ghanshyam Lord Krishna
Girdhari Lord Krishna
Giri Mount
Giridhar One who holds mountain
Girijanandan son of Girija (Lord Ganesh)
Girik Lord Shiva
Girilal Son of mountain
Girindra Lord Shiva
Giriraj Lord of mountain
Girish God of mountain
Girivar Lord Krishna
Girvaan language of God
Gitashri Bhagavat Gita
Gobhil a Sanskrit scholar
Gogula Lord Krishna
Gokul a village near Mathura
Gopal Krishna, cowherd
Gopan Protection
Gopesh Lord Krishna
Gopi protector of cows (female
Gopichand name of a king
Gorakh cowherd
Gorakh-naath saint of Gorakh community
Goral Lovable
Goswamee master of cows
Govardhan name of a mountain in Gokul
Govind Cowherd
Govinda Lord Krishna
Grishm Heat
Gudakesha the archer Arjuna
Gul Flower
Gulab Rose
Gulal Colour red
Gulshan Garden of flowers
Gulzar gardener
Gulzarilal name of Lord Krishna
Guna Bestowed with Qualities
Gunaakar an ancient King
Gunagya Knower of Virtues
Gunaja Virtuous maiden
Gunamay Virtuous
Gunaratna Jewel of virtue
Gunin Virtuous
Gunina Lord Of all virtues. Lord Ganesh
Gunvant Virtuous
Gurbachan Promise of the guru
Gurcharan Feet of the guru
Gurdayal Compassionate guru
Gurdeep Lamp of the guru
Gurjas Fame of Lord
Gurman Heart of Guru
Gurmeet Friend of the guru
Gurnam Name of the guru
Gurpreet The loved one of the Guru or God
Gursharan Refuge at the guru
Guru Teacher, master, priest
Gurubachan the voice of the Guru
Gurucharan the feet of the Guru
Gurudas Servant of the guru
Gurudatt Bestowed by a Guru
Gurudutt Gift of the guru
Gurusharan refuge at the guru
Guruttam the Greatest Teacher
Gyan knowledge
Gyandev lord of knowledge Gagan
Haadiya guide to righteousness
Hakesh Lord of sound
Hana happiness
Hanan mercy
Hans swan
Hanshal Swan like
Hansin The universal Soul
Hansraaj king of swans
Hanuman Monkey God
Hanumant The monkey god
Har name of Shiva
Hara The Remover of Sins
Hardik heartfelt
Hareendra Lord Shiva
Harekrishna Lord Krishna
Haresh Lord Krishna
Hari name of Vishnu, Om saluting Brahma, Shiva
Hariaksa Lord Shiva
Haricharan feet of the lord
Haridas servant of Hari
Harigopal lord krishna
Harihar Shiva and Vishnu together
Harij The horizon
Harilal son of Hari
Harinarayan Lord Vishnu
Harindra A tree
Harindranath lord of Hari
Hariprasad blessed by Lord Krishna
Haripreet Beloved of Gods
Hariram Lord Rama
Harishankar Lord Shiva
Harishchandra king of Surya dynasty
Harit green
Haritbaran green
Harivansh belonging to the family of Hari
Harivilaas the abode of Hari
Harjeet victorious
Harkrishna Lord Krishna
Harmendra the moon
Haroon Hope
Harsh happiness
Harsha joy, delight
Harshad one who showers joy
Harshal joyful
Harshavardhan creator of joy
Harshini joyful
Harshit joyous
Harshul deer
Harteij Radiance of Lord
Hasan Laughter
Hasit happy
Hasmukh Full of cheer
Hastin elephant
Havish Lord Shiva
Hem Gold; Lord Buddha
Hemaadri mountain of gold
Hemachandra golden moon
Hemadri Mountain of gold
Hemakesh Lord Shiva
Hemamdar golden creeper
Hemanga golden coloured
Hemant most beautiful season of the year
Hemaprakash golden light
Hemaraj King of gold
Hemavatinandan son of Goddess Parvati
Hemchander golden moon
Hemdev Lord of wealth
Hemen The King of Gold
Hemendra lord of gold
Hemendu golden moon
Hemish Lord of the earth
Hemraaj king of gold
Heramba belonging to Lord Ganesh
Hetal Cheerful
Himaadri snow mountain
Himaanshu moon
Himachal the Himalayas
Himanish Lord Shiva
Himank Diamond
Himmat courage
Himnish Lord Shiva
Hind India
Hindola a raga
Hiral wealthy
Hiranmaya made of gold
Hiranya a precious metal
Hiranyak Name of a Maharishi
Hiren Lord of the Diamonds
Hirendra lord of diamonds
Hiresh king of gems
Hriday the heart
Hridayanath lord of the heart
Hridayesh lord of the heart
Hridyanshu light from heart, moon
Hrishi Pleasure
Hrishikesh an epithet of Vishnu
Hrithik From the Heart
Huda right guidance
Ibhanan Lord Ganesh
Ichaa desire
Idaspati God of rain (Vishnu)
Idhant Luminous
Ijay Lord Vishnu
Ikshan Sight
Ikshu sugarcane
Ilashpasti Lord of the earth
Ilesh lord of earth
Ilisa King of the Earth
Ina Lord Surya
Inas Capable; Sociability
Indeever Blue lotus
Indivar Lord Vishnu
Indra God of the skies
Indraarjun bright and brave Indra
Indradatt gift of Indra
Indradyumn splendour of Indra
Indrajit Victor over Indra
Indraneel emerald
Indrasen eldest of the Pandavas
Indrasena daughter of King Nala
Indubhushan the moon
Induj mercury ( planet )
Indukant moon
Indulal moon’s lustre
Induleksh the moon
Indumal Lord Shiva
Indumauli Moon Crested
Indushekhar Shiva
Inesh Lord Vishnu
Inganam Knowledge
Inoday Sunrise
Ipsit desired
Iraj Lord Hanuman
Iravan King of ocean
Iravat Rain clouds
Iresh Lord of earth, Vishnu
Ish Lord Vishnu
Ishaan Lord Shiva
Ishan The lord of wealth
Ishana Another name for Lord Vishnu
Ishat Superior
Ishayu Full of strength
Ishir Another name for agni
Ishit one who desires to rule
Ishwar powerful, the supreme god
Jag Jeevan life of the world
Jagadbandu Lord Krishna
Jagadeep Light of the world
Jagadev lord of the world
Jagadhish Lord of the world
Jagajeet Conquerer of the world
Jagajeevan Life of the world
Jaganmay spread over the universe
Jagannath Lord of the world
Jagat World
Jagatbehari world traveler ( Jagvihari )
Jagatguru Preceptor of the World
Jagatkishor World child
Jagatpal caretaker of the world ( God )
Jagatprabhu God of the world
Jagatprakash light of the world
Jagatveer bravest in the world ( Jagveer )
Jagdeep Light of the Universe
Jagdeo God of the World
Jagdish King of the World
Jagesh Lord of the Universe
Jagger Strong, Loyal
Jagish Lord of the Universe
Jagmohan One who attracts the world
Jagrav Awakened
Jahan the world
Jahi Dignified
Jahnu A Rishi
Jai Lord Shiva
Jaichand victory of the moon
Jaidayal victory of kindness
Jaideep Victory to the light
Jaidev God of victory
Jaigopal Victorious Lord Krishna
Jaikrishna victory of Lord Krishna
Jaiman Victorious
Jainarayan victory
Jaipal Lord Vishnu
Jairaj Lord of victory
Jairam Victory of Lord Rama
Jaisal famous folk
Jaisukh Happy victor
Jaithra Lord Vishnu
Jaival Life giving
Jaivant Victorious
Jaivardhan Lord Shiva
Jaiveer Victorious
Jakarious Peaceful friend
Jalbhushan ornament of water ( means wind)
Jaldev God of water (Lord Varun)
Jaldhar clouds
Jalendu moon in the water
Jalesh Lord of water
Jalsa celebratory procession
Janak Father of Sita, creator
Janakibhushan ornament of Janki
Janakidas servant of Janaki
Janakinath Lord Rama
Janakiraman husband of Janaki
Janamejay an ancient king
Janardan One who helps people
Janesh Lord of men
Jankesh Lord of His Subjects
Janmesh The King of his Kundli
Janu Soul; Life force
Japa chanting
Japendra lord of chants – Lord Shiva
Japesh Lord Shiva
Jasbeer victorious hero
Jashith Protector
Jaskaran Good deeds
Jaspal Lord Krishna
Jasraj King of fame
Jasveer Hero of fame
Jaswant Victorious (Yashwant)
Jataayu a semi-divine bird
Jatan Nurturing
Jatasya The Ocean
Jatin Lord Shiva
Javesh Related to god
Jawahar Gem
Jay Victory
Jayachand ancient king of Kannauj
Jayadeep Light of victory
Jayaditya Victorious sun
Jayakrishan victorious Krishna
Jayani Conqueror. Lord Krishna
Jayant Victorious
Jayapal king, Lord Vishnu, Lord Bramha
Jayaprakash light of victory
Jayashekhar Crest of victory
Jayawant victorious
Jayendra Lord of victory
Jayesh Victor
Jayin Conqueror
Jaysukh Pleasure of victory
Jeeval full of life
Jeevan Life
Jeevanprakash light of life
Jeevaraaj lord of life
Jeevesh God
Jhulier Precious
Jhumar Child’s plaything
Jigar Heart
Jignesh Intellectual Curiosity
Jimuta one of 108 names of the Sun God
Jina Lord Vishnu
Jinabhadra a Jain saint
Jinadev Lord of victory
Jinendra Lord of life
Jishnu Triumphant
Jitamitra Vanquisher of Foes
Jitendra Lord of conquerers
Jivaj Full of life
Jival Full of life
Jivana one of 108 names of the Sun God
Jivin to give life
Jivitesh god
Jivraj Lord of life
Jnyandeep Light of knowledge
Jnyaneshwar God of wisdom
Jogesh Lord Shiva
Joginder Lord Shiva
Jograj Lord Shiva
Jugal Couple
Jugnu Fire
Jwala flame
Jwalant Luminous
Jwalaprasad Gift of flame
Jwalia Lord Shiva
Jyestha The Eldest. Lord Vishnu
Jyotichandra moonlight
Jyotindra lord of life
Jyotiprakash splendour of the flame
Jyotiranjan joyous flame
Jyotirdhar holder of the flame
Jyotirmaya imbued with light
Kaaliya a huge serpent
Kaanan forest
Kaarikaa actress
Kaartikeya son of Shiva
Kaashinaath lord of Kaashi
Kabir name of a famous poet-saint
Kadamb name of a tree
Kaditula Sword
Kailash Abode of Lord Shiva
Kailashchandra Lord Shiva
Kailashnath Lord Shiva
Kairav White lotus
Kaivalya perfect isolation
Kaladhar one who shows different phases
Kalanath moon
Kalanidhi moon, Lord Shiva
Kalap Moon
Kalash sacred urn
Kaleecharan feet of goddess Kali
Kal-hans swan
Kalicharan feet of Goddess Kali
Kalidas servant of Goddess Kali
Kalimohan a devotee of Goddess Kali
Kaling a bird
Kaliranjan a devotee of Goddess Kali
Kalkin tenth incarnation of God Vishnu
Kallol shouts of joy
Kalpak A Heavenly tree
Kalpesh Lord of perfection
Kalyan welfare
Kamadev god of love and passions
Kamal lotus
Kamalaapati name of Lord Vishnu
Kamalaj Lord Brahama
Kamalakar Lord Vishnu
Kamalaksh with beautiful lotus -type eyes
Kamalanayan lotus eyed
Kamalbandhu brother of lotus ( sun)
Kamalesh one with eyes like a lotus
Kamalkant Lord Vishnu
Kamalnath Lord Vishnu
Kamalnayan with beautiful lotus-type eyes
Kamboj conch shell, elephant
Kamesh Lord of Love
Kamod a raga
Kamran success
Kamsantak Slayer of Kamsa.
Kanaiya Lord Krishna
Kanak gold
Kandarp God of love
Kanha Krishna
Kanhaiya Lord Krishna
Kanishk an ancient King
Kanj Lord Brahama
Kantilal lustrous
Kantimoy lustrous
Kanu Lord Krishna
Kanv name of a saint
Kanvar young prince
Kanwal lotus
Kanwaljeet lotus
Kanwalkishore lotus; Lord Krishna
Kapaali Lord Shiva
Kapi monkey, sun
Kapidhwaj one with monkey flag ( Arjun)
Kapil fair complexioned
Kapil Dev master of Kapil
Kapilashwar one with a white horse
Kapindra king of monkeys, Hanuman
Kapirath Lord Rama/Arjun
Kapish Lord Hanuman
Karan Instrument
Karmendra duty performer
Karmjit Winner over obstacles
Karna the first-born son of Kunti
Karnabhushan ear ring, ear ornament
Karnajeet conquerer of Karna ( i.e. Arjun)
Karnam Famed
Karnapriya something sweet to our ears
Karpoor camphor
Kartar Lord of creation
Kartik name of a Hindi month
Kartikeya elder son of Lord Shiva
Karuna merciful
Karunaanidhi sea of compassion
karunakar merciful
Karunamaya full of compassion
Karunanidhi KIndly hearted
Karunashankar merciful
Karunesh Lord of mercy
Kashi Luminous; Pilgrimage spot
Kashif a connoisseur
Kashinath Lord Shiva
Kashiprasad blessed by Lord Shiva
Kashyap name of a vedic sage
Kasish Lord Shiva
Katyayan name of a grammarian
Kausar lake of paradise
Kaushal clever
Kaushik an epithet of Vishwamitra
Kaustav gem worn by Lord Vishnu
Kaustubh Immortal
Kautik Joy
Kautilya name for Chanakya
Kaveesha Lord Of Poets. Lord Ganesha
Kavel Lotus
Kavi poet
Kavin Handsome; Beautiful
Kavindra Poet or Poetess
Kaviraj doctor
Kavish King of poets; name of Lord Ganesh
Kayaan The name of a dynasty of King Kaikobad
Kedaar a field, name of Shiva
Kedarnath Lord Shiva
Keertan songs of worship
Keerthinath Famous person
Kesar saffron
Keshav Vishnu
Keshto Lord Hanuman
Ketak Flower
Ketan pure gold
Ketu Lord Shiva
Ketubh Cloud
Keva lotus
Keval only
Kevalkishore absolute
Kevalkumar absolute
Khagendra lord of the birds
Khagesh God of birds (Garuda )
Khairiya charitable, good
Khajit Lord Buddha
Kharanshu sun
Khemchand welfare
Khemprakash welfare
Khushal perfect
Khushwant one full of happiness
Kindam A Rishi in Indian Mythology
Kinshuk a flower
Kintan wearing a crown
Kiraat hunter
Kiran ray
Kirat Lord Shiva
Kiratidev Lord of light
Kireet crown
Kirin Poet
Kiritmani jewel in the crown
Kirtan song of praise
Kirti Fame
Kirtibhushan one adorned with fame
Kirtikumar famous
Kirtin Celebrated
Kirtivallabh aspirant of fame
Kishor a young boy
Kishore Lord Krishna
Kishorekumar young lad
Koshin A delicate bud
Koundinya Sage
Kovidh Wise
Kraanti revolution
Kripa has a twin sister Kripi
Kripal Compassionate
Kripanidhi one with heart full of mercy
Kripasagar ocean of mercy
Krish Shortform of Lord Krishna
Krishang Lord Shiva
Krishanu fire
Krishna black, dark, Lord Krishna
Krishnachandra Lord Krishna
Krishnadeva Lord Krishna
Krishnakumar Lord Krishna
Krishnamurari Lord Krishna
Krishnamurthy Lord Krishna
Krishnendu Lord Krishna
Kritanu Skilled
Krithik shivas son murugas name
Krivi Lord Shiva
Krupal Ruler of the world
Kshantu Patient
Kshaunish king
Kshemendra lord of welfare
Kshiraj moon, lotus, conch -shell
Kshirin flower
Kshitidhar mountain
Kshitij horizon
Kshrugal A name of God Shiva
Kuber god of riches
Kuberchand god of wealth
Kularanjan star of family
Kulbhooshan brings honour to the family
Kuldeep light of family
Kuldev family diety
Kumar young boy
Kumaresh Lord of youth
Kumud white lotus
Kumudesh Moon
Kumush Old and Ancient Man
Kunaal son of King Ashoka
Kunda Lord Vishnu
Kundan gold
Kundanlal golden
Kunjabihari Lord Krishna
Kunsh Shining
Kunshi shining
Kunwar a prince
Kusagra a king
Kush son of Lord Rama
Kushad Talented
Kushal clever
Kushanu Fire
Kusumakar spring
Kusumesh Lord of flowers
Kuvam sun
Kuvar Fragrance
Kvanh Melodious sounds
Laabh profit
Laalamani ruby
Laavanya beauty
Lahar Wave
Lakhan Lord Rama’s brother
Laksh aim, target
Lakshan Aim
Lakshanya one who achieves
Lakshman brother of Lord Rama
Lakshmidhar Lord vishnu
Lakshmigopal Lord Vishnu
Lakshmikant Vishnu, husband of Goddess Lakshmi
Lakshminarayan Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu together
Lakshmipati husband of Lakshmi
Lakshmiraman Lord Vishnu
Lakshya target
Lalam Jewel
Lalan nurturing
Lalchand,Lalchandra red moon
Lalit lovely, fine, name of Lord Krishna, attractive
Lalitaditya beautiful sun
Lalitchandra beautiful moon
Lalitesh God of beauty, husband of a beautiful wife
Lalitkishore beautiful
Lalitkumar beautiful
Lalitlochan one with beautiful eyes
Lalitmohan beautiful and attractive
Lambodar Lord Ganesh
Laniban Lord Shiva
Lankesh Ravana
Larraj A sage
Lav son of Lord Rama, fragment
Lavitra Lord Shiva
Layak Capable
Lekh Document
Liladhar Lord Vishnu
Lochan bright eyes
Lohendra Lord of three worlds
Lohit red, made of copper, Mars
Lohitaksha Lord Vishnu
Lohitashwa one with red horse, Fire
Lokakriti Creator of The World.
Lokanetra Eye of the world
Lokapujya Worshipped by the Universe. A name for Lord Hanuman
Lokbhushan Ornament of the world
Lokesh Lord Brahma
Loknaath lord of the world
Lokpradeep Gautam Budha
Lokprakash light of the world
Lokranjan Lord Vishnu
Lomash A sage
Lukesh King of the empire
Luv Rama’s twin son
Maadhav another name of Krishna
Maagh name of a Hindu month
Maalolan Name of Deity in Ahobilam
Maandhata an ancient King
Madan god of love
Madangopal lord krishna
Madanmohan attractive and lovable
Maderu Worthy of praise
Madesh Lord Shiva
Madhav Lord Krishna
Madhavan Lord Shiva
Madhavdas servant of Lord Krishna
Madhu honey, nectar
Madhuban Lord Vishnu
Madhuchanda pleasing metrical composition
Madhuk a honeybee
Madhukant moon
Madhukar a bee, lover
Madhup a bee
Madhur melodious
Madhusoodan name of Lord Krishna
Madhusudan Lord Krishna
Madin Delightful
Magan engrossed
Maha gazelle
Mahaadev another name of Shiva
Mahaaveer most powerful
Mahabahu Arjuna
Mahabala strength
Mahadev lord shiva
Mahakaya Gigantic. Lord Hanuman
Mahaketu Lord Shiva
Mahakram Lord Vishnu
Mahamani Lord Shiva
Mahamati one with big brain ( Ganesh )
Mahanidhi Great Storehouse. Lord Shiva
Mahant Great
Mahapurush Great Being, Lord Rama
Maharanth Pollen inside a flower
Maharshi a great saint
Mahasvin Glorious
Mahatru Lord Vishnu
Mahavir a jain prophet, also the super courageous one
Maheepati the King
Mahendra Lord Vishnu
Mahesh supreme god, name of Shiva
Maheshwar another name of Shiva
Mahi the world
Mahin the earth
Mahipal a king
Mahipati king
Mahish ceremoniously crowned king
Mahit Honoured
Maitreya friendly
Makarand honey, honey bee, pollen
Makhesh Lord Krishna
Makrand Honey
Makul Bud
Malak angel
Malank King
Malay a garden of Indra
Malaya A Forest
Malhar a raga used in Indian music
Mallesh Lord Shiva
Mamraj Lord of affection
Manaal attainment; achievement
Manaar guiding light (lighthouse)
Manan thinking
Manas mind
Manav man
Manavendra a king
Mandaar a flower
Mandakranta a sanskrit metre
Mandar a celestial tree
Mandeep light of the mind
Mandhatri prince
Maneendra lord of gems
Maneesh lord of the mind
Maneet One who wins heart
Manendra king of mind
Mangal a planet
Mangesh Lord Shiva
Manhar Lord Krishna
Mani gem
Manibhushan supreme gem
Manidhar a mythical snake with jewel in its hood
Manik ruby
Manikaant the blue jewel
Manikandan Lord Ayyappa’s name
Manindra diamond
Maniram jewel of a person
Manish God of mind
Manishankar Lord Shiva
Manit Highly respected
Manjeet conqueror of the mind
Manjughosh sweet sounding recitation
Manjul handsome
Manjyot light of the mind
Manmohan one who wins over the heart
Mannan Thought
Manohar one who wins over the mind
Manoj born of mind
Manojavaya Speed Like Wind
Manomay Conqueror Of Ones Heart
Manoranjan entertainment
Manorath desire
Manprasad mentally calm & cool person
Mansukh pleasing
Manthan Reflection through study
Mantram Holy Name. Lord Vishnu
Manu the first human being, a sage
Manuraj Kuber
Manvendra king among men
Manyu Mind
Maraal swan
Maraam aspiration
Mardav softness
Mareechi ray of light
Markandeya a devotee to Lord Shiva
Martand sun
Martanda the sun
Marudeva Lord of the desert
Marut wind
Maruti Hanuman, Bhimsen
Matanga sage, advisor to Devi Lalita
Matheysh Lord Shiva
Matsyendra lord of the fish
Maulik Precious
Mayank moon
Mayon the black God
Maysoon of beautiful face and body
Mayukh brilliant, splendour
Mayur peacock
Medh Goddess Saraswati
Medhansh who born with Intelligence
Meer Chief
Megh cloud
Meghaj Pearl
Meghashyam black like a cloud
Meghdutt gift of clouds
Megh-naad roar of clouds
Meghnad thunder
Meghraj King of Clouds
Mehal Cloud
Mehtab Moon
Mehul A derivative of Mukul
Mihir the sun
Mihirkiran sun ray
Mikul Comrade
Milan getting together
Miland Bee
Milap union
Milind honey bee
Milit Comradship
Minal a precious stone
Misal example
Misri Mixed ; Sweet
Mitali friend
Miten Male friend
Mithil kingdom
Mithilesh the king of Mithila
Mithran Sun
Mithun union
Mitra a friend
Mitrajit Friendly
Mitul friend
Modak Pleasing
Moh Love
Mohajit who has conquered embarrasment
Mohak attractive
Mohal attractive
Mohan fascinating
Mohin Fascinating
Mohit spellbound
Mohnish Lord Krishna
Mohul Attractive
Monish lord of mind
Moorti an idol
Moti pearl
Motilal pearl
Moulik valuable
Mridul tender, delicate
Mrigaa a female deer
Mrigaj Son of the moon
Mrigalochan with eyes like that of a deer
Mrigank moon
Mrigankamouli Lord Shiva
Mrigankasekhar Lord Shiva
Mrigasya Lord Shiva
Mrigendra the lion
Mrigesh lion
Mrinaal lotus-stack
Mrinank moon
Mrinendra lion
Mritunjay who has won over death
Mudgal a saint
Mudil Moonshine
Mudit pleased
Mukesh an epithet for Shiva
Mukta means a pearl in Telugu
Muktananda liberated
Mukul a bud
Mukund name of Vishnu
Mukunda Lord Krishna
Mukut crown
Mulkraj king
Muna wish, desire
Muneendra best among saints
Muni Village God
Munish Lord Buddha
Muraaree another name of Lord Krishna
Murad wish
Muralee the flute
Murali a flute
Muralidhar Lord Krishna
Muralimanohar Lord Krishna
Murari Lord Krishna
Murarilal Lord Krishna
Murli Flute
Murugan Tamil God
Naabhi centre of body, an ancient King
Naag a big serpent
Naagarjun an ancient Philosopher
Naagdhar one who wears cobra
Naagendra king of the serpents
Naagesh God of serpents ( Sheshnaag )
Naagpal, Nagpal saviour of serpents
Naagpati King of serpents ( Vaasuki )
Naag-raaj king of the serpents
Naakesh moon
Naamdev name of a saint
Naanak first Sikh Guru
Naaraayan the refuge of man
Naarad an ancient sage
Nabendu new moon
Nabhij Lord Brahama
Nabhoj born in sky
Nabhomani jewel of the sky ( sun)
Nabhya Lord Shiva
Nachik A short form of Nachiketa
Nachiket Son of Vajashravas
Nachiketa an ancient sage, fire
Nadeen ocean
Nadeesh God of river (ocean)
Nadish Ocean
Nagdhar one who adornes mountain
Nagendra Lord of mountains ( Himalaya )
Nagesh seshnag, cosmic serpent
Nageshwaran Lord Snake
Naggar Lord Krishna
Nahush name of an ancient King
Nairit south-west
Naishadh Legendary king of Nishadha
Najaah success Male Islamic
Najat safety Male Islamic
Nakhraj moon
Naksatraraja King of Stars
Nakshatra star
Nakul twin brother of Sahdev
Nal an ancient king
Nalesh King of flowers
Nalin lotus
Nalinaksh lotus -eyed
Nalinikant husband of lotus, ( sun)
Naman salutation
Namdev poet, saint
Namish Lord Vishnu
Namit bowed down, modest
Nand pleasure, father of Krishna
Nandak pleasing
Nandakumar Lord Krishna
Nandan son
Nandi one who pleases others
Nandin the delightful, follower of Shiva
Nandish Lord Shiva (Nandishwar)
Nand-kishore Lord Krishna
Nandlaal Lord Krishna
Nand-nandan Lord Krishna
Narad Indian Saint, Devotee of Narayan
Narahari Lord Vishnu
Narasimha a form of Vishnu that is half man, half lion
Narayan Lord Vishnu
Narayana Vishnu
Narayanan Title of Vishnu/Krsna
Narendra king of men
Narendranath king of kings, emperor
Naresh lord of man
Narhari Man-lion
Narmad bringing delight
Narottam best among men
Narsi poet, saint
Narsimha lion among men
Nartan dance
Nartana makes others dance
Naruna Leader of men
Natesh king
Nateshwar God of drama ( Lord Shiva)
Nathan Lord Krishna
Natraj the supreme dancer
Natwar Lord Krishna
Nauhar 9 Garlands
Nauka boat
Navaj Newly born
Naval wonder
Navaneet who takes pleasure in new joys
Navashen The one who brings hope
Naveen new
Navendu the moon a night after amavasya
Navin New
Navinchandra same as Navendu
Navrang beautiful
Navratan nine jewels
Navtej New Light
Nawal new, surprise
Nawalkishor Lord Krishna
Nawar flower
Nayakan Hero
Nayan eyes
Neel blue
Neelabh object in the sky ( cloud, moon)
Neeladri the Nilgiri hills
Neelam emerald
Neelamani blue jewel
Neelambar blue sky
Neelambuj blue lotus
Neelanchal Nilgiri hills
Neelanjan blue
Neelesh lord krishna; moon
Neelgreev Lord Shiva
Neelkamal blue lotus
Neelkanth Lord Shiva
Neelmadhav Lord Jagannath
Neelotpal blue lotus
Neerad clouds
Neeraf river Male Islamic
Neeraj a lotus
Neerav quiet, silent
Nehal rainy; handsome
Nesayem flower
Nibaal arrows
Nibodh knowledge
Nidhish lord of treasure
Nigam treasure
Nihaar fog
Nihal gratified
Nikash Horizon
Niket house, mansion
Niketan house, mansion
Nikhil entire
Nikhilesh Lord of the universe
Nikunj bower,arbour
Nikunja Enchanting
Nilabh Moon
Nilay home, mansion M/F Hindu
Nilesh Krishna, blue god
Nimai Chaitanya
Nimish spilt-second
Ninad sound
Nipun exper
Niraamay pure
Nirad given by water
Niraj born from water ( lotus flower, pearl )
Nirajit illuminated
Niramay without blemish
Niramitra son of pandava Sahadeva
Niranjan the night of the full moon
Nirankar with no shape (God)
Nirav without sound
Nirbhay fearless
Nirbhik Fearless
Nirdhar one who holds water ( cloud)
Nirek Superior
Nirijhar waterful
Nirish free, without any owner
Nirmal pure, clear
Nirmay Pure
Nirmit created
Nirmohi unattached
Nirupam without comparison
Nirvan liberation
Nishad seventh note of the octave
Nishakant, Nishikant husband of night ( moon)
Nishakar, Nishikar moon (Lord of night)
Nishanath moon
Nishant dawn
Nishar warm cloth
Nishat A tree
Nishchal unmovable, unshakable
Nishesh Moon, Entire
Nishikaant the moon
Nishil Night
Nishinath Lord of night (moon) ( Nishipati, Nishipal)
Nishith night
Nishkarsh Result
Nishok happy
Nissim unbounded
Nisyaanthan Evening
Niteesh lord of law
Nitin master of the right path
Nitish Lord of correct path
Nityagopal constant
Nityananda Lord Krishna; always happy
Nityanta Lord Vishnu
Nitya-Sundara good-looking
Nivrutti separation from world
Nridev King amongst men
Nrip King
Nripendra king of kings
Nripesh king of kings
Nrupadh Feet of a King
Obalesh Lord Shiva
Ohas Praise
Ojas lustre
Ojayit Courageous
Om sacred syllable used in Hindu prayer
Oma Life giver
Omanand joy of Om
Omar an era
Omesa Lord of OM
Omesh Lord of the Om
Omeshwar Lord of the Om
Omkar mystic name for Hindu Gods
Omkarnath lord of Omkaar, Shiva
Ompati Master of OM
Omprakash light of Om
Omswaroop manifestation of divinity
Oni shelter, cover
Oojam enthusiasm
Oorjit powerful
Orion Son of Fire
Paandu father of the Pandavas
Paandurang a diety
Paaninee a Sanskrit grammarian
Paarbrahm the supreme spirit
Paarth another name of Arjuna
Paarthiv earthly
Paavak pure
Paavan pure, sacred
Padam Lotus
Padm lotus
Padmabandhu friend of lotus ( bee , sun )
Padmadhar one who holds a lotus
Padmahasta Lotus-Handed. Lord Krishan
Padmaj Lord Brahama
Padmakant husband of lotus ( sun)
Padmakar jewel, Lord Vishnu
Padmal lotus
Padmalochan lotus eyed
Padman lotus
Padmanabha Lord Vishnu
Padmapani Lord Bramha
Padmapati Lord Vishnu
Padmayani Lord Brahama; Buddha
Padmesh Lord Vishnu
Padminish Lord of lotuses; Sun
Pahal facet, beginning initiative
Pakhi bird
Paksha Symbolising the Phases of moon.
Pakshi bird
Palak eyelid
Palash Tree
Palashranjan beautiful like a palash
Palin Protecting
Pallab new leaves
Pallav Young shoots and leaves
Panav Prince
Panchaanan five-eyed, name of Shiva
Panchal Lord Shiva
Panchavaktra Five Faced, Lord Hanuman
Pandhari Lord Vithobha
Pandita scholar
Panduranga with pale white complexion
Pandya South Indian dynasty
Pankaj mud born, lotus
Pankajalochana Lotus Eyed. Lord Krishna
Pankajan Lotus; Lord Vishnu
Pankajeet eagle ( Garuda )
Panna emerald
Pannalal emerald
Pann-gesh king of serpents
Panshul Lord Shiva
Paraag pollen, sandal wood
Paraashar a celebrated saint
Parakram strength
Param perfect, ultimate
Paramananda supreme bliss
Paramartha Highest truth
Paramesh the supreme lord, title for Vishnu or Shiva
Parameshwar the supreme God
Param-hans the supreme spirit
Paramjeet Highest success
Paramjit Heroic Paranjay Varun
Paranjay Lord of the sea
Parantapa conqueror; Arjuna
Paras touchstone
Parashar A renowned saint
Parashuraam brave, an ancient sage
Parasme Most Superior, Lord Rama
Paratpara Greatest of The Greats
Paravasu name of a sage
Parees touch stone
Paresh supreme spirit
Paresha Lord of The Lords. A Name for Lord Rama
Parighosh loud sound
Parijat a celestial flower
Pariket Against desire
Parikshit an ancient king
Parimal perfume
Parindra Lion
Paritosh satisfaction
Parmaarth highest truth, salvation
Parmeet Wisdom
Parmesh Lord Vishnu
Parnad a brahmin in the epics
Parnal leafy
Parnik creeper
Parth King;Arjun
Partha Arjun
Parthapratim like Arjuna
Parthasarathi charioteer of Partha ( Lord Krishna)
Parthiv Prince of Earth
Parvat mountain
Parvateshwar God of mountains, Himalaya
Parvatinandan son of Parvati, Lord Ganesh
Parvesh lord of celebration
Pasha net, snare
Pashunath Lord of animals, Lord Shiva
Pashupati lord of animals, Lord Shiva
Patag Sun
Patakin holder of a banner
Pathik traveller
Pathin traveller
Patoj Lotus
Patr Defender
Paurav a descendent of King Puru
Pavak fire
Pavan wind
Pavanaj Lord Hanuman
Pavankumar Bhim, Hanuman ( son of the wind)
Pavansut, Pavanputra son of wind (Bhim, Hanuman)
Pavitra Pure
Payas water
Payod cloud
Peetambar yellow robed
Peeyush nectar
Pehlaj First born
Phalak heaven, Sky
Phalgun name of a Hindi month, Spring
Phani Snake
Phanibhusan Lord Shiva
Phaninath lord of serpents
Phanindra king of gods, Seshnag; the divine snake
Phanindranath Lord Vishnu
Phanishwar king of serpents
Phoolendu full moon
Piki cuckoo
Pinak Bow of Lord Shiva
Pinakin Lord Shiva
Pingal a reputed sage
Pitambar Lord Vishnu
Pival a tree
Piyali a tree
Piyush Milk
Poonish Lord of the pious
Pooran complete
Poornachandra full moon
Poornanand complete joy
Poorv the east
Poorvaj elder, ancestorsn
Prabal very strong, mighty
Prabhakar the sun
Prabhanjan dust storm
Prabhas lustrous
Prabhat dawn
Prabhav power, might
Prabhave Popular Lord. Lord Hanuman
Prabhu God
Prabir Hero, brave one (Praveer)
Prabodh waking, vigilance
Prabodhan Knowledge
Prabuddha knowledgeable
Prachet Lord Varun
Pracheta Varun, wise
Prachur abundant
Pradarsh appearance, order
Pradeep lamp
Pradhi Intelligent
Pradnesh Lord of wisdom
Pradosh twilight
Pradyot to illuminate
Pradyumna God of love
Pradyun radiant
Praful blooming
Prafulla Pleasant, cheerful
Pragnya Scholar. Lord Hanuman
Pragun straight; honest
Prahalad Bliss
Prahallad Son of Hiranyakasipa
Prahlad Excess of joy
Prajapati king, Bramha
Prajeet Victorious
Prajesh Lord Brahma
Prajin kind
Prajit kind
Prajval Brightness
Prajvala Flame
Prakash light
Prakat manifest
Praket Intelligence
Prakhar “Shape, Summit”
Prakrit Nature; Handsome
Prakul Good-looking
Pramath Horse
Pramesh Master of accurate knowledge
Pramit Consciousness
Pramod delight
Pramodan Lord Vishnu
Pramsu A scholar
Pramukh Main
Pran vital breath, life
Prana Spirit
Pranad Lord Vishnu; Lord Brahma
Pranav The sacred syllable Om
Pranava The Mystic Syllable ‘Om’
Pranay love, friendship
Praneel A Name for Lord Shiva
Pranesh Lord of life
Pranet Leader
Praney obedient
Pranit modest
Pranjal simple, straightforward
Pranjivan breath of life
Prannath Lord of life, husband
Pranshu tall, Lord Vishnu
Pransu “High, Tall”
Pransukh joy of life
Prasad propitiary offering or boon
Prasanna happy
Prasata Father of Draupad
Prasenjit a king in the epics
Prasham peace
Prashansa praise
Prashant very calm
Prashray “Love, Respect”
Prasoon Flower
Pratap glory, vigour
Prateep opposite
Prateet manifested
Prathamesh Lord Ganesh; Lord of the best
Prathmesh Lord Ganesha
Pratik symbol
Pratosh delight
Pratul a balanced person
Pratyush sun
Praval fierce, strong
Pravan bowed down, modest
Pravar most excellent
Praveen expert, skilled
Praveer an excellent warrior, king
Pravin Expert; Skilled
Pravir brave
Pravit Hero
Prayaag place of sacrifice, Allahabad
Preetam lover
Preetidutt gifted with love
Preetish God of love
Preetiwardhan one who increases love
Prem love
Premal Full of love
Premanand Joy of love
Premendra lover
Prerit The Inspired One
Pretvan Moving along
Pribhakta Favourite Of The Devotees. A Name for Lord Shiva
Prina Pleased
Prineet “Content, Satisfied”
Prinita Pleased
Pritam Lover
Pritesh Lord of love
Prithish Lord of the world
Prithu broad
Prithvee the earth
Prithvi Earth
Prithviraj king of the earth
Pritish lord of love
Privrata son of Satarupa
Priyaank very dear husband
Priyadarshan nice to look at, handsome
Priyadarshi one who is liked by all
Priyaka “Loving, Deer”
Priyanvad sweet talking person
Priyaranjan Beloved
Priyesh Loved by god
Pruthivi Earth
Pujan The ceremony of worshiping
Pukhraj topaz
Pulak ecstacy, rapture
Pulakesh joyous
Pulin sandy river bank
Pulkit Happy; Thrilled; Overjoyed
Pundalik lotus
Puneet pure
Punit Holy
Purahan Lord Shiva
Purajit Lord Shiva
Puran Complete
Purandar Lord Indra
Puranjay Lord Shiva
Purav Chanting voice from east at sunrise
Purnanada God
Purnendu full moon
Purohit A Brahmin Priest
Purshottam Lord Vishnu
Puru a legendary King
Purujit Conqueror of city
Purumitra Friend of city
Pururava the founder of Chandra dynasty
Purushottam best among men
Pusan a sage
Pushkal Lord Shiva
Pushkar a blue lotus
Pushp flower
Pushpad who who gives flowers
Pushpaj born from a flower
Pushpak mythical vehicle of Lord Vishnu
Pushpakar the Spring season (Vasant ), flower season
Pushpaketu Kamdev, cupid
Pushpesh Lord of flowers
Pushp-mitra an ancient ruler
Puskara Blue lotus, fountain
Pyarelal Lord Krishna
Pyaremohan Lord Krishna
Raahi Traveller
Raajaa king
Raajeev blue lotus
Raajeevalochan who has blue lotus eyes
Raajyashree propriety of a king
Raakaa day of the full moon
Raakesh lord of the night
Raam Lord Rama, God, supreme spirit
Raamaanuj younger brother of Rama
Raam-datt gift of Rama
Rachit Invention
Radhakanta Lord Krishna
Radhakrishna Radha and Lord Krishna
Radhavallabh Lord Krishna
Radhesh A Name for Lord Krishna
Radheshyam Lord Krishna
Radheya Karna, foster son of Radha
Radhiyaa content; satisfied
Raghav Lord Rama
Raghavendra Lord Rama
Raghu an ancient king of Avadh
Raghukumara Lord Ram
Raghunandan Lord Rama
Raghunath Lord Rama
Raghupati Lord Rama
Raghuvir Lord Rama
Rahas merriment, delight
Rahul son of Lord Buddha
Raivata a Manu
Raj royalty, kingdom
Raja King-Queen
Rajan king
Rajaneesh, Rajnish God of night (moon)
Rajani night
Rajanikant sun, lord of night
Rajas arising from passion
Rajat silver
Rajata sovereignty
Rajatanabhi Very Rich. Lord Vishnu
Rajatshubhra white as silver
Rajdeep Best of Kings
Rajeev blue lotus
Rajeevalochana Lotus-Eyed, Lord Rama
Rajendra king
Rajendrakumar king
Rajendramohan king
Rajesh king
Rajhans celestial swan
Rajit decorated
Rajiv lotus flower
Rajkumar prince
Rajrishi king’s sage
Raju Prosperity
Rajul brilliant
Rajyeshwar king
Rakesh lord of the night, sun
Rakshan Lord Vishnu
Raktakamal a red lotus
Ram Lord Rama
Ramadeep Lord Rama
Ramadhuta Ambassador of Rama
Ramakaant Lord Vishnu
Ramakanta Beloved of Ram
Ramakrishna Rama & Krishna
Raman pleasing
Ramanuj Lord Krishna; Lord Laxman
Ramanuja Born after Rama i.e. Lakshman
Ramashray Lord Vishnu
Ramavatar reincarnation of Lord Rama
Ramchandra Lord Rama
Ramdas devotee (a servant) of Rama
Ramesh another name of Vishnu
Rameshwar lord of Raama
Ramkishore Lord Rama
Ramkrishna Lord Rama, Krishna
Ramkumar Lord Rama
Rammohan Lord Rama
Ramnath Lord Rama
Ramoji Lord Rama
Ramprasad Lord Rama
Rampratap Lord Rama
Ramra splendour
Ramratan Lord Rama
Ramswaroop Lord Rama
Rana Joy, Jewel, To gaze, Look
Ranadeva Lord of Battles
Ranajay victorious
Ranajit victorious
Ranak King
Rand tree of good scent
Randhir brave
Ranesh Lord Shiva
Rangana to be coloured, dyed or painted
Ranganath Lord Vishnu
Ranjan delighting
Ranjit Victor
Ranjiv Victorious
Rantidev devotee of Narayana
Ranveer hero of the battle
Rasaraj mercury
Rasbihari Lord Krishna
Rasesh Lord Krishna
Rashmi Sun Rays
Rasik full of feeling, passion
Rasmaru Lord Krishna
Rasna tongue, speech
Rasul Angel
Ratan precious stone
Ratannabha Lord Vishnu
Rathin warrior who fights from a chariot
Ratish Kamadev, cupid
Ratnabhu Lord Vishnu
Ratnakar the ocean
Ratnanidhi Lord Vishnu
Ratnesh God of jewels ( Kuber)
Ratul “Truth seeking, Interested”
Raveendra the sun lord
Raven A Bird
Ravi the sun
Ravikeerti whose fame is like sun
Ravikiran sun ray
Ravinandan Karna
Ravindra sun
Ravinshu Kamdev ( Cupid )
Ravish Sun
Ravisharan Surrender
Ravishu cupid
Ravit Sun
Ray Beam of light
Rayirth Lord Brahma
Rebanta a son of surya
Renaud Wise Power
Renesh Lord of love
Resham silk
Revanth horse rider
Riddhiman possessed of good fortune
Riju innocent
Rijul innocent
Ripu Enemy
Ripudaman killer of enemies
Rishab Superior
Rishabh morality
Rishi a saint, sage
Rishikesh hair of a saint
Rishit The best
Rishvanjas Lord Indra
Ritesh Lord of truth
Rithik Stream
Riti Motion
Rituraaj king of seasons
Ritvik priest
Rochak tasty
Rochan bright
Rohak Rising
Rohan ascending
Rohanlal Lord Krishna
Rohiniraman The enchanted Lord
Rohinish Moon
Rohit red
Rohitasva son of King Harishchandra
Rohtak Sun
Romila heartfelt
Romir Interesting
Ronak brightness, radiance
Ronsher Lion of the Battlefield
Roopak dramatic composition
Roshan illumination
Ruchir radiant, beautiful
Rudr fearsome, name of Lord Shiva
Rudra angry, Lord Shiva
Rudrapriya Beloved of Shiva
Ruhan Spiritual
Rujul simple, honest
Rukm gold
Rukminesh Lord Krishna
Rupak sign, feature
Rupang Beautiful
Rupendra Lord of the form
Rupesh lord of beauty
Rupeshwar Lord of the form
Rupin embodied beauty
Rushabh Decoration
Rusham peaceful
Rusheek son of saint
Rushil charming
Rustam “Large, Very tall”
Rutajit conquerer of truth
Rutesh Kind of Seasons
Rutva Speech
Rwiju “Straight, erected”
Saagar ocean
Saakaar Manifestation of god
Saanjh Evening
Saaras swan
Saatatya Never ending
Saatvik Pious
Sabal With strength
Sabhya Civilized
Sabrang Rainbow
Sacchidananda total bliss
Sachchit Lord Brahma
Sachet Consciosness
Sachetan Rational
Sachh The Truth
Sachin Lord Shiva
Sachish Lord Indra
Sachit joyful
Sachiv Friend
Sadabindu Lord Vishnu
Sadanand Ever joyous
Sadar Respectful
Sadashiv Pure
Sadashiva eternally pure
Sadavir Ever courageous
Sadeepan lit up
Sadgun Virtues
Sadhan fulfulment
Sadhil Perfect
Sadiva Eternal
Sadru Lord Vishnu
Safal Succeed
Saffar Coppersmith
Sagan Lord Shiva
Sagar Sea, ocean
Sagardutt gift of ocean
Sagun auspicious gift, omen
Saguna possessed of good qualities
Sahaj Easy
Sahar Sun; Dawn
Sahara Lord Shiva
Saharsh With joy
Sahas Brave
Sahasrad Lord Shiva
Sahastrabahu one with thousand arms
Sahastrajit victor of thousands
Sahasya Mighty
Sahat Stong
Sahaya Lord Shiva
Sahdev one of the Pandava princes
Sahen falcon
Sahib the lord
Sahishnu Lord Vishnu
Sai Flower
Sai Satpurusha Virtuous, Pious, Venerable One.
SaiAmartya Immortal, Shirdi Sai Baba
SaiDeep A Name for Sai Baba
SaiJeevadhara Support of All Living Beings
SaiKalakala Lord of Eternity, Shirdi Sai Baba
SaiKalateeta Beyond Time Limitations
Sainath God
Saipraasad blessing or gift of God
Saipratap blessing of saibaba
Sajal moist
Sajan beloved
Sajiv Lively
Sajiva Full of life
Saju Travelling
Sakaleshwar Lord of everything
Sakash Illumination
Saket Lord Krishna
Saketharaman A Name for Lord Rama
Sakshum Skillful
Salaj water which flows from melted ice from mountain
Salarjung leader in war
Salil Water
Salokh Friendship
Samaah generosity
Samabashiv Lord Shiva
Samaj Lord Indra
Samajas Lord Shiva
Samanyu Lord Shiva
Samar fruit of paradise
Samarendra Lord Vishnu
Samarendu Lord Vishnu
Samarjit Lord Vishnu
Samarpan dedicating
Samarth Lord Krishna
Samavart Lord Vishnu
Sambaran restraint; an ancient king
Sambha Shining
Sambhav born; mainfested
Sambit consciousness
Sambodh complete knowledge
Sambuddha wise
Samdarshi Lord Krishna
Sameep Close
Sameer Early morning fragrance; Entertaining companion;Wind
Samen Happy
Samendu Lord Vishnu
Samesh Lord of equality
Samhita a vedic composition
Sami Someone dear to you
Samik Peaceful
Samin Self- disciplined
Samir Wind
Samividhan Constitution
Sammad Joy
Sampada blessing
Sampoorn complete
Samrat Emperor
Samrudh The Enriched One
Samskar Good Ethics and Moral Values
Samskara Ethics
Samudra Sea
Samudragupta a famous Gupta king
Samudrasen lord of the ocean
Samvar Content
Samyak enough
Sanaatan permanent
Sanat Lord Brahma
Sanatana Eternel, Lord Shiva
Sanchay Collection
Sanchit collected
Sandeep A lighted lamp
Sandeepen lighting
Sandesh Message
Sanhata Conciseness
Sanjay Victorious
Sanjeev giving life, re-animating
Sanjit Who Is AlwaysVictorious
Sanjiv Vital
Sanjivan making alive, giving life
Sanjog Coincidence
Sankalp will, determination
Sankara Shiva
Sankarshan a name of Balaram
Sanket Signal
Sankul crowded together, dense
Sannath Accompanied by a protector
Sannidhi Nearness
Sannigdh Always ready
Sanobar a pine tree
Sanshray Aim
Sanskar Good Ethics and Moral Values
Santan A tree
Santosh happiness
Sanurag Affectionate
Sanwariya Lord Krishna
Sanyog joining together, combination
Sapan Dream (Swapna)
Saprathas Lord Vishnu
Saptajit Conqueror of 7 elements
Saptanshu Fire
Saptarishi 7stars representing 7great saints
Saral simple, straightforward
Sarana Injuring
Sarang Spotted deer
Saransh In Brief
Saras Moon
Sarasi Lake
Sarasija lotus
Sarasvat Learned
Sarat a sage
Saravana Clump of reeds
Sarayu wind
Sarbajit who has conquered everything
Sarbani Goddess Durga
Sargam Musical notes
Sarin Helpful
Sarish Equal
Sarit river
Sarngin name of God Vishnu
Sarojin Lord Brahma
Sartaj crown
Sarthak having meaning, purpose
Sarup having form or shape
Sarva Lord Krishna; Shiva
Sarvad Lord Shiva
Sarvadaman son of Shakuntala-Bharat
Sarvadev Lord Shiva
Sarvadharin Lord Shiva
Sarvag Lord Shiva
Sarvagny The All Knowing. Lord Vishnu
Sarvak Whole
Sarvambh Lord Ganesh
Sarvang Lord Shiva
Sarvapalaka Protector of All. Lord Krishna
Sarvashay Lord Shiva
Sarvavas Lord Shiva
Sarvendra God
Sarvesh God
Sarveshvara Lord Of all. A Name for Lord Shiva
Sarwar promotion
Sashang Connected
Sashreek prosperous
Sashwat Eternal
Sasi Moon
Sasmit Ever smiling
Sasta One who rules
Satadev God
Satamanyu Lord Indra
Satanand Lord Vishnu
Satayu brother of Amavasu and Vivasu
Sateendra lord of truth
Satesh Lord of hundreds
Sathi Partner
Satin Real
Satinath Lord Shiva
Satindra Lord Shiva
Satish Ruler of hundreds
Satkartar Lord Vishnu
Satpal Protector
Satpati Lord Indra
Satrajit Ever victorious
Satruijt a son of Vatsa
Satvamohan truthful
Satvat Lord Krishna
Satveer Lord Vishnu
Satvik Virtuous
Satvinder Lord of virtue
Satya Pramod Ganesh
Satyadarshi one who can see the truth
Satyadev Lord of truth
Satyajit Victory of truth
Satyak Honest
Satyakaam believer in truth
Satyaki charioteer of Krishna
Satyam Honesty
Satyamurty Statue of truth
Satyanarayan Lord Vishnu
Satyankar true; good
Satyaprakash light of truth
Satyapriya devoted to truth
Satyasheel truthful
Satyashrawaa that who hears truth
Satyavaan devoted to truth
Satyavache Lord Rama, Speaker of Truth
Satyavrat One who has taken vow of truth
Satyendra Lord of truth (Satyen)
Saubal Mighty
Saubhadra Abhimanyu
Saumit Easy to get
Saumitr good friend
Saumitra Lakshman
Saumya Handsome
Saunak boy sage
Saurabh Fragrance
Saurav Divine, celestial
Saurjyesh Kartikeya; The Lord of Valour
Sava Saint who was a Trainer of Young monks.
Savar Lord Shiva
Savir Leader
Savit Sun
Savitashri lustre of the sun
Savitendra lord of the sun
Savya Lord Vishnu
Savya-saachee another name of Arjuna
Sawan a Hindu month
Seemanta parting of the hair
Sena army
Senajit Victory over army
Setu Sacred symbol
Seva service, attendance, care
Sevak servant
Shaan glory
Shaandilya name of a saint
Shaant Peace and Calm
Shaarav Pure & Innocent
Shaardul a tiger
Shaashwat eternal
Shabar Nector
Shadab fresh
Shagun Auspicious
Shahalad Joy
Shail mountain
Shaildhar one who holds mountain
Shailendra King of mountains
Shailesh God of mountain, Himalaya
Shakti Power
Shaktidhar Lord Shiva
Shakuni bird, uncle of Kauravas
Shakunt Blue jay
Shakyasinha Lord Buddha
Shalang Emperor
Shaligram Lord Vishnu
Shalik A sage
Shalin Modest
Shalina Courteous
Shalmali Lord Vishnu’s power
Shalya an arrow
Shamak Makes peace
Shamakarn Lord Shiva
Shambhavi Son Of Parvati. Lord Ganesha
Shambhu Lord Shiva
Shameek an ancient sage
Shami fire, name of a tree
Shamindra quiet; gentle
Shamita peacemaker
Shams fragrance
Shanay Power of lord Shani
Shandar proud
Shankar Shiva
Shankarshan Lord Krishna’s brother
Shankdhar Lord Krishna
Shankh a shell
Shankhapani Lord Vishnu
Shankhi ocean
Shankhin Lord Vishnu
Shankir Lord Shiva
Shanmukha Kartikeya, first son of Lord Shiva
Shansa praise
Shantanav Bhishma Pitamaha
Shantanu Whole
Shantashil gentle
Shantidev Lord of peace
Shantimay peaceful
Shantinath Lord of peace
Shantiprakash light of peace
Shanyu Benevolent
Sharad Name of a season
Sharadchandra autumn moon
Sharadendu moon of autumn
Sharan shelter
Sharang deer
Sharat A season
Shardul Tiger
Shari arrow
Sharu Lord Vishnu
Sharvarish moon
Shashank Moon
Shashee Moon
Shashi Moon
Shashibhushan lord Shiva
Shashidhar the moon
Shashikant Moon stone
Shashikar moon ray
Shashikiran moon’s rays
Shashimohan the moon
Shashin Moon
Shashipushpa lotus
Shashish Lord Shiva
Shashishekhar moon-crested
Shashvata A Name for Lord Rama Eternal
Shashwat Ever lasting, continuous
Shataaneek another name of Ganesha
Shataayu hundred years old
Shatadru name of a river
Shatarupa lord Shiva
Shatjit conquerer of hundreds
Shat-manyu another name of Indra
Shat-padm hundred petaled lotus
Shatrughan Lord Rama’s brother
Shatrughna victorious
Shatrujit victorious over enemies
Shatrunjay One who overcomes enemies
Shattesh king of mountains
Shauchin Pure
Shauna God’s Gift
Shaunak Wise
Shaurav Bear
Shauri Lord Vishnu
Shaurya Bravery
Shay Gift
Sheehan Peaceful child
Sheil Mountain
Shekhar Ultimate; peak
Shesanand Lord Vishnu
Shesh cosmic serpent
Sheshdhar one who holds snake
Shevantilal a crysanthemum
Shibhya Lord Shiva
Shighra Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
Shikhandin Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
Shikhar peak
Shilang Virtuous
Shilish Lord of mountains
Shineyu Shining
Shinjan Music of payel
Shipirist Lord Vishnu
Shirdi Prasad A Name for Sai Baba
Shirish a flower; raintree
Shiromani a jewel worn on the head
Shishir Name of a season, cold
Shishirchandra winter moon
Shishirkana particles of dew
Shishirkumar the moon
Shishul Baby
Shishupal son of Subhadra
Shitikanth Lord Shiva
Shitiz Horizon
Shiv Lord Shiva, auspicious, lucky
Shivadev Lord of prosperity
Shivam Auspicious;Lord Shiva
Shivanand one who is happy in Lord Shiva’s thoughts or Shiva’s worship
Shivanath Lord Shiva
Shivank Mark of Lord
Shivas Lord Shiva
Shivasunu Lord Ganesh
Shiven Lord Shiva
Shivendra Lord Shiva; Lord Indra
Shivendu Moon
Shivesh Lord Shiva
Shiveshvar God of welfare
Shivkumar son of Lord Shiva (Ganesh, Kartikeya) ( Shivanandan )
Shivlal Lord Shiva
Shivraj Lord Shiva
Shivram Lord Shiva; Lord Ram
Shivshankar Lord Shiva
Shivshekhar one at the top of Shiva (moon)
Shlesh Physical bonding
Shobhan splendid
Shoor Valiant
Shoora Bold. A Name for Lord Hanuman
Shoorsen brave
Shoubhit Lord Krishna
Shravan A hindu month
Shravana name of a star
Shravankumar a character from the epic Ramayana
Shray Credit
Shree Mr, God
Shreedhar husband of Lakshmi
Shreeharsh god of happiness
Shreekant an epithet of Vishnu
Shreekrishna Lord Krishna
Shreekumar, shrikumar beautiful
Shreeman a respectable person
Shreepriya lover of Lakshmee
Shreepushp cloves
Shreerang another name of Vishnu
Shreesh lord of wealth
Shreevallabh lord of Lakshmi
Shrenik organised
Shreshta Lord Vishnu
Shresth Best of all
Shresthi Best of all
Shrey Marevellous
Shreyas Superior
Shrida Lord Kuber
Shridhar Lord Vishnu
Shrigopal Lord Krishna
Shrihan Lord Vishnu
Shrihari Lord Vishnu
Shrikant Lord Vishnu
Shrikar Lord Vishnu
Shrikeshav Lord Krishna
Shrikrishna lord Krishna
Shrikumar beautiful
Shrimat Lord Vishnu
Shrimate Revered, Lord Hanuman
Shrimohan Lord Krishna
Shrinand Lord Vishnu
Shrinath Lord Vishnu
Shringesh Lord of pearls
Shriniketan Lord Vishnu
Shrinivas lord Vishnu
Shripad lord Vishnu
Shripadma Lord Krishna
Shripal Lord Vishnu
Shripati Lord Vishnu
Shriram Lord Rama
Shriranga Lord Vishnu
Shriranjan Lord Vishnu
Shrisha Lord Vishnu
Shrivarah Lord Vishnu
Shrivardhan Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva
Shrivas Lord Vishnu
Shrivatsa Lord Vishnu
Shriyadita sun
Shriyans wealth
Shrutakeerti renowned, reputed
Shubendra Lord of virtue
Shubh Fortunate
Shubhaksh Lord Shiva
Shubhan One who is Auspicious
Shubhang handsome
Shubhankar auspicious
Shubhashis blessing
Shubhay Blessing
Shubhendu lucky moon
Shubhojit Handsome
Shubhranshu the moon
Shuddhashil well-born
Shuk a parrot
Shukla Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
Shukra resplendent, Venus, Friday
Shuktij Pearl
Shulabh Easy
Shulandhar Lord Shiva
Shulin Lord Shiva
Shuna Lord Indra
Shushil Pleasant
Shvant Placid
Shvetambar Lord Shiva
Shvetang Fair complexioned
Shvetank Having a white mark
Shvetanshu Moon
Shvetavah Lord Indra
Shwetambar one who wearswhite clothes
Shwetanshu moon
Shwetbhanu moon
Shyam Dark blue, black
Shyamak Lord Krishna
Shyamal Black, dark blue
Shyamantak Lord Krishna
Shyamsunder Lord Krishna
Siamak(Or Shiamak) “Silver Flame”
Sidak Wish
Siddha Lord Shiva
Siddhadev Lord Shiva
Siddhanath Mahadev (Lord Shiva)
Siddhanta principle
Siddharth White mustard
Siddhesh Lord of the blessed
Siddheshwar Lord Shiva
Siddhraj Lord of perfection
Siddid Lord Shiva
Sihaam arrows
Sikandar Victorious
Simrit, Smrita remembered
Sindhu Lord Vishnu
Sindhunath Lord of the ocean
Sinha Hero
Sinhag Lord Shiva
Sinhvahan Lord Shiva
Siraj lamp
Sitakanta lord Rama
Sitanshu Moon
Sitaram Sita & Lord Rama
Sitikantha lord Shiva
Sivanta lord Shiva
Skand name of Kartikeya
Smarajit one who has conquered lust
Smaran remembrance
Smritiman unforgettable
Sneagen Friend
Snehakant Lord of love
Snehal Friendly
Soham I am
Sohan Good looking
Sohil Beautiful
Sokanathan Lord Shiva
Soleil Sun
Som moon, religious drink
Somadev Lord of the moon
Somali Moon’s love
Somansh half moon
Somanshu Moonbeam
Somashekhar Lord Shiva
Somasindhu Lord Vishnu
Somendra another name of Indra
Somesh Moon
Someshwar Lord Krishna
Somkar moon light
Somnath Lord Shiva
Somprakash moon light
Sonit Person with good intentions
Sopaan stairs, steps
Soumava Moon’s light
Soumil Friend
Sourabh fragrance
Sourish Lord Vishnu
Sourja (Shaurya) Brave
Sparsh Touch
Sreevalsan Loved by Vishnu
Sriashwin A good ending
Sridatta Given by God
Srijan creation
Srikant Lover of wealth
Srinivas Abode of wealth
Sriram Lord Rama
Srivar Lord Vishnu
Stavya Lord Vishnu
Sthavir Lord Brahma
Sthir Foccused
Stotri Lord Vishnu
Subaahu strong armed
Subal Lord Shiva
Subali Strong
Subandhu a good friend
Subeer Courageous
Subhadr gentleman
Subhag fortunate
Subhan aware
Subhang Lord Shiva
Subhas shining
Subhash Soft spoken
Subhendu Moon
Subinay humble
Subodh Sound advice
Subrahmanya the god of war
Suchendra Lord of piousness
Suchet Attentive; Alert
Suchin Means a Beautiful Thought
Suchir Eternal
Suchit Person with a sound mind
Sudalai Village God
Sudama Meek
Sudarshan Good looking
Suday Gift
Sudeep Illumined
Sudeepta bright
Sudesha Good country
Sudev good diety
Sudeva Good Deva
Sudhakar Mine of nectar
Sudhamay full of nectar
Sudhang Moon
Sudhanshu Moon
Sudhanssu moon
Sudhanvan Lord Vishnu
Sudhendra Lord of nectar
Sudhindra Lord of knowledge
Sudhir Resolute, brave
Sudhish Lord of excellent intellect
Sudhit Kind
Sudip Bright
Sudir Bright
Sugandh sweet smelling, fragrance
Sugata a name of the Buddha
Sughosh one with melodious voice
Sugriva One with graceful neck
Suhas Laughter
Suhrit well-disposed
Suhruda Good hearted
Sujal Affectionate
Sujan honest
Sujash illustrious
Sujat belonging to a good clan
Sujay victory
Sujendran Universal being
Sujit Victory
Suka Wind
Sukant/Sukanta handsome
Sukarma one who does good deeds
Sukarman reciter of 1000 Samhitas
Suketu of good banner, flag
Sukhajat Lord Shiva
Sukhakar Lord Rama
Sukhamay pleasurable
Sukhashakt Lord Shiva
Sukhdev God of happiness
Sukhesh Lord of happiness
Sukhwant full of happiness, pleasant
Sukrant extremely beautiful
Sukrit wise
Sukumar tender, Handsome
Sukumara “Very tender, very delicate”
Sukumaran A variation of the name Sukumaran
Sulabh easy to get
Sulalit Graceful
Sulek Sun
Suloch Beautiful eyes
Sulochan one with beautiful eyes
Sumadhur very sweet
Suman flower
Sumangal very auspicious
Sumant Friendly
Sumantu Atharva Veda was assigned to him
Sumanyu heaven
Sumatinath Lord of wisdom
Sumay Wise
Sumed Wise
Sumedh clever
Sumeet Friendly
Sumeru Lord Shiva
Sumit Well measured
Sumitr good friend
Sumitranandan sons of Sumitra (Lakshman & Shatrughna)
Sumukh Lord Shiva
Sunam good name ( fame)
Sunand pleasant
Sunandan happy
Sunar Happy
Sunashi Lord Indra
Sunay Wise
Sundar Beautiful
Sunder Handsome
Suneet Lord Shiva; Righteous
Sunil Dark blue
Sunirmal pure
Sunjeev Making alive
Suparn Lord Vishnu
Supash Lord Ganesh
Suprabhaat good morning
Suprakash manifested
Suprasanna Ever Cheerful and beaming. Goddess Lakshmi
Supratik Lord Shiva
Supratim excellent
Suprit loving
Sur a musical note
Suradhish Lord Indra
Suradip Lord Indra
Suragan Lord Shiva
Suraj Sun
Surajit god
Surajiv Lord Vishnu
Suram Beautiful
Suran Pleasant sound
Suranjan pleasing
Surarihan Lord Shiva
Suras juicy
Surbhup Lord Vishnu
Surdaas servant of musical tunes
Surdeep lamp of music
Suren Lord Indra
Surendra Lord Indra
Suresh Sun
Sureshwar Lord Of The Gods
Suri Lord Krishna
Surjeet conquerer of the suras
Surnath Lord Indra, lord of suras
Surup Lord Shiva
Surush Shining
Surya Sun
Suryabhan the sun
Suryadev Sun God
Suryakant Loved by the sun
Suryanshu Sunbeam
Suryaprakash sunlight
Suryashankar lord Shiva
Suryesh Sun Is God
Susadh Lord Shiva
Susan Lord Shiva
Susen Lord Vishnnu
Sushant Quiet
Sushen son of Vasudeva
Susher Kind
Sushil Good charactered man
Sushim Moonstone
Sushobhan very beautiful
Sushrut of good reputation
Sutantu Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnnu
Sutapa seeker of god
Sutara holy star
Sutej lustre
Sutirth Lord Shiva
Sutosh one who becomes happy easily
Sutoya A river
Suvan the sun
Suvarn Lord Shiva
Suvas Lord Shiva
Suvel Placid
Suvidh Kind
Suvimal pure
Suvir Lord Shiva
Suvrata Strict in religious vows (Subrata)
Suyamun Lord Vishnu
Suyash illustrious
Suyati Lord Vishnu
Svamin Lord Vishnu
Svaminath Lord Ganesh
Svang Good looks
Svanik Handsome
Svar Lord Vishnu
Svaraj Lord Indra
Svarg Heaven
Svarna Lord Ganesh
Svarpati Lord of sound
Svayambhu Lord Brahma; Vishnu; Shiva
Svayambhut Lord Shiva
Swadhin It means Independent and Free
Swagat Welcome
Swajith Self- Victory
Swami Lord
Swaminath the lord almighty
Swapan dream
Swapnesh king of dreams
Swapnil Seen in a dream, dreamy
Swaraj Liberty, freedom
Swarit Towards heaven
Swarnapurishwara Lord of the Golden City
Swarup truth
Swastik Auspicious
Swatantar It means Independent and Free
Swayambhu self existent
Swetaketu an ancient sage
Swethan The one who has learnt all Vedas
Syamantak a jewel of lord Vishnu
Syon Gentle
Syum A ray
Taarank savious
Taha Pure
Tahir holy
Tahoma Someone who is Different with a Cute Personality
Tajdar corwned
Taksa a son of Bharata
Taksha King Bharat’s son
Takshak a cobra
Taksheel Someone with a strong character
Talaketu Bhishma Pitamaha
Talank Lord Shiva
Talin Lord Shiva
Talish Lord of earth
Tamal a tree with very dark bark
Tamas darkness
Tamila Sun
Tamish God of darkness (moon)
Tamkinat pomp
Tamoghna Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva
Tamonash destroyer of ignorance
Tamra Copper Red
Tana Issue
Tanak Prize
Tanav Flute
Tanay son
Tanish Ambition
Tanishq Jewel
Tanmay absorbed
Tanuj son
Tanveer englightened
Tapan hot season
Tapas sun
Tapasendra lord Shiva
Tapasranjan lord Vishnu
Tapendra Lord of heat (sun)
Tapomay full of moral virtue
Taporaj moon
Tarachand star
Tarachandra star & moon
Taradhish Lord of the stars
Tarak protector
Tarakesh Stary Hair
Tarakeshwar lord Shiva
Taraknath lord Shiva
Taraksh Mountain
Taral liquid
Taran raft, heaven
Tarang wave
Tarani boat, sun
Taraprashad star
Tarendra Prince of stars
Taresh God of the stars ( moon)
Tarik one who crosses the river of life
Tarit lightning
Tarosh “Heaven, small boat”
Taru small plant
Tarun young
Taruntapan morning sun
Tarusa Conquerer
Tathagat title of the buddha
Tatharaj Buddha
Tatya Lord Shiva
Tautik Pearl
Tavish Heaven
Teerth holy place
Teerthankar a jain saint
Tejal bright
Tejas lustre; brilliance
Tejeshwar lord of brightness
Tejomay glorious
Thakarshi Lord Krishna
Thakur leader; god
Thaman name of a god
Thavanesh Lord Shiva
Tijil moon
Tilak ornament, ornamental mark on fore-head
Timin large fish
Timmy Disaple of Paul
Timothy Name of a Saint
Tirranand Lord Shiva
Tirthankar Lord Vishnu
Tirthayaad Lord Krishna
Tirumala Seven Hills
Tirupathi seven hills
Tisyaketu Lord Shiva
Titir a bird
Toshan satisfaction
Toya water
Toyesh Lord of water
Trailokva the three worlds
Triambak lord Shiva
Tribhuvan with knowledge of 3 worlds
Tridev hindu Trinity ( Bramha, Vishnu & Mahesh – the creator, sustainer, destroyer)
Tridhaman The Holy trinity
Tridhatri Lord Ganesh
Tridib heaven
Tridiva heaven
Trigun the three dimensions
Trigya Lord Buddha
Trijal Lord Shiva
Trikay Lord Buddha
Trilochan three eyed
Trilok three worlds
Trilokanath Lord Shiva
Trilokchand moon of the three worlds
Trilokesh lord Shiva
Trimaan Worshipped in three worlds.
Trimurti The Holy trinity
Trinabh Lord Vishnu
Trinath LOrd ShivTripur three cities
Trinayan Lord Shiva
Tripurajit Lord Shiva
Tripurari name of lord Shiva
Trishanku an ancient king
Trishar Pearl necklace
Trishul Lord Shiva’s trident
Trishulank Lord Shiva
Trishulin Lord Shiva
Trivikram an epithet of Vishnu
Tufan storm
Tuhin snow
Tuhinsurra white as snow
Tuka Young boy
Tukaram a poet saint
Tulsidaas servant of Tulsi
Tulsikumar Son of Tulsi
Tunava A Flute
Tunda Lord Shiva
Tunganath Lord of the mountains
Tungar high, lofty
Tungesh moon
Tungeshwar Lord of the mountains
Tungish Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
Turag A thought
Turvasu a son of Yayaati
Tushaar frost
Tusharkanti lord Shiva
Tusharsuvra white as snow
Tusya Lord Shiva
Tuvidyumna Lord Indra
Tuvijat Lord Indra
Tyaagaraaj a deity
Tyagraja a famous poet
Vaachaspati lord of speech
Vaageesh Lord of speech
Vaakpati great orator
Vaalmeeki an ancient saint
Vaaman name of Vishnu
Vaamdev name of a Shiva
Vaanee speech
Vaasavadatta a name in sanskrit classics
Vaasuki a celestial cobra
Vaatsyaayan an author of old times
Vaayu wind
Vachan speech
Vachaspati lord of speech
Vadish Lord of the body
Vagindra Lord of speech
Vagish God of speech ( Lord Brahma)
Vahin Lord Shiva
Vaibhav prosperity
Vaidyanaath master of medicines,
Vaijayi Victor
Vaijnath lord Shiva
Vaikartan Name of Karna
Vaikhan Lord Vishnu
Vaikunth heaven
Vaikunth-nath master of heavens
Vainavin Lord Shiva
Vairaj Spiritual glory
Vairaja son of Virat
Vairat gem
Vairinchya Lord Brahma’s son
Vairochan an ancient name
Vaisaka A Season
Vaishant Quiet and Shining Star
Vaishwaanar omnipresent
Vaiwaswat one of the Saints
Vajasani Lord Vishnu’s son
Vajendra Lord Indra
Vajraang diamond bodied
Vajrabaahu one with strong arms
Vajradhar lord Indra
Vajrahast Lord Shiva
Vajrajit Lord Indra
Vajrakaya Sturdy Like Metal, Lord Hanuman
Vajramani diamond
Vajrapaani holder of rocks
Vajrin Lord Indra
Vakrabhuj Lord Ganesh
Vakratund an epithet of Ganesha
Valaak a crane
Vallabh beloved
Valmiki Saint who wrote Ramayan
Vama Lord Shiva
Vamadev Lord Shiva
Vamsidhar Lord Krishna
Vanabihari Lord Krishna
Vanad Cloud
Vanadev Lord of the forest
Vanajit lord of the forest
Vanamalin Lord Krishna
Vandan adoration
Vanhi fire
Vanij Lord Shiva
Vaninadh Husband of Saraswati
Vanmaalee an epithet of Krishna
Van-raaj ruler of the foreset, the Lion
Vansh Coming Generation of father
Vansheedhar flute player
Varaah an epithet of Vishnu
Varaahamihir an ancient astronomer
Varad God of fire
Varadaraaj another name of Vishnu
Varana Holy river
Vardhaman lord Mahavir
Vardhan Lord Shiva
Varendra ocean
Varesh Lord Shiva
Vareshvar Lord Shiva
Varid cloud
Varidhvaran colour of the cloud
Varij lotus
Varin Gifts
Varindra Lord of all
Varish Lord Vishnu
Variya excellent one
Variyas Lord Shiva
Vartanu beautiful
Varun god of waters
Varunesh Lord of water
Vasant Spring
Vasantamaalika garland of spring
Vasav an epithet of Indra
Vasavaj Son of Indra
Vashisht name of a guru
Vasistha name of a sage
Vasu an ancient king
Vasudev god of the Universe
Vasuki A Famous Snake in Hindu Mythology
Vasuman born of fire
Vasumat Lord Krishna
Vasumitr an ancient name
Vasupati rich man
Vasur Precious
Vasuroop Lord Shiva
Vasusen original name of Karna
Vatatmaj Lord Hanuman
Vatradhara Practising Penance, Lord Rama
Vatsa Son
Vatsal affectionate
Vatsapal Lord Krishna
Vatsar a year
Vatsin Lord Vishnu
Vaydeesh God of The Vedas
Vayu Lord Hanuman
Vayujat Lord Hanuman
Vayun Lively
Vayunand Lord Hanuman
Vayya Friend
Ved knowledge
Vedanga meaning of Vedas
Vedant Hindu philosophy
Vedaprakash light of the knowledge
Vedatman Lord Vishnu
Vedatmane Spirit of the Vedas
Vedavrata vow of the Vedas
Vedbhushan one adorned with knowledge of the Vedas
Vedesh Lord of Vedas
Vedmohan lord Krishna
Ved-vyaas name of a saint
Veer brave
Veerbhadra the Ashwamedha horse
Veerendra lord of courageous men
Veerottam Supreme amongst braves.
Velan Lord Shiva’s son
Venavir Lord Shiva’s son
Veni lord Krishna
Venimadhav lord Krishna
Venkat Lord Vishnu; Lord Krishna
Venkataramananandan A Name for Lord Vishnu
Venkatesh name of god Vishnu
Venu Flute
Veydant Sum of the Vedas
Viamrsh Lord Shiva
Vibhaakar the moon
Vibhaavasu the sun
Vibhas decoration; light
Vibhat dawn
Vibhavasu the sun, fire
Vibhishan a character from Ramayana
Vibhu powerful
Vibhumat Lord Krishna
Vibhusnu Lord Shiva
Vibhut Strong
Vibodh Wise
Vidarbh ancient name of a state
Videh without form
Vidhatru Lord Shiva
Vidhesh Lord Shiva
Vidhu Lord Vishnu
Vidhyadhar Full of Knowledge
Vidip Bright
Vidojas Lord Indra
Vidur skilful
Vidvan scholar
Vidvatam Lord Shiva
Vidyaaranya forest of learning
Vidyacharan learned
Vidyadhar learned
Vidyaranya forest of knowledge
Vidyasagar ocean of learning
Vidyut Brilliant; Lightening
Vighnajit Lord Ganesh
Vighnaraaj an epithet of Ganesha
Vighnesh lord Ganesh
Vighneshwar lord of supreme knowledge
Vigrah Lord Shiva
Vihaan Morning; Dawn
Vihang A bird
Vihanga bird
Vijay victory
Vijayant victor
Vijayarathna Significant among victorious
Vijayendra God of victory
Vijayesh Lord Shiva
Vijayketu flag of victory
Vijendra victorious
Vijeta victorious
Vijigeesh desire of victory
Vijul a silk-cotton tree
Vijval Intelligent
Vikarnan Son of Dhritrashtra
Vikas development
Vikat Of The Monstrous Figure. Lord Ganesha
Vikern Errorless
Vikesh the moon
Vikram valour
Vikramaditya a famous king
Vikramajit a famous king
Vikramendra king of prowess
Vikramin Lord Vishnu
Vikrant powerful
Viksar Lord Vishnu
Vikunth Lord Vishnu
Vilaas entertainment
Vilochan the eye
Vilohit Lord Shiva
Vilok to see
Vilokan gaze
Vimal pure
Vimaladitya clean sun
Vimalmani pure jewel (crystal)
Vimridh Lord Indra
Vinaayak remover of obstacles
Vinahast Lord Shiva
Vinamr humble
Vinay modesty
Vineet unassuming
Vinesh godly
Vinil Blue
Vinochan Lord Shiva
Vinod pleasing
Vinoo To spread in different directions
Vipan sail, petty trade
Vipaschit Lord Buddha
Vipin forest grove
Vipinbehari forest wanderer
Viplav revolution
Vipreet Different
Vipul extensive
Vir brave
Viraaj to shine
Viraat giant
Virabhadra Lord Shiva
Viral rare
Viranath Lord of the brave
Viranchi name of Brahmaa
Virat supreme being
Virata bravery
Virbhanu Very strong
Virendra brave lord
Viresh brave lord
Vireshvar Lord Shiva
Virikvas Lord Indra
Virinchi Brahma
Virochan the sun
Virudh Opposition.
Virurch The Holy trinity
Visamaksh Lord Shiva
Vishaal broad
Vishaalaaksh large eyed
Vishakh Lord Shiva
Vishalya painless
Vishantak Lord Shiva
Vishatan Lord Vishnu
Vishesh special
Vishikh arrow
Vishnahpu Lord Vishnu
Vishnu root, almighty
Vishnudutt gift of Lord Vishnu
Vishodhan Lord Vishnu
Vishram rest
Vishresh The Holy trinity
Vishv universe
Vishva earth, universe
Vishvadev Lord of the universe
Vishvadhar Lord Vishnu
Vishvag Lord Brahma
Vishvahetu Lord Vishnu
Vishvajit Conqueror of the world
Vishvakarma architect of the universe, son of Yogasiddha
Vishvaketu an epithet of Aniruddh
Vishvam universal
Vishvamitra A sage
Vishvanaath lord of the universe
Vishvanabh Lord Vishnu
Vishvaretas Lord Brahma; Vishnu
Vishvatma universal soul
Vishvesh lord of the world
Vishwaamitra friend of the world
Vishwaas faith
Vishwajeet conquerer of the world
Vishwakarma architect of the universe
Vishwambhar the supreme spirit
Vishwamitra friend of the universe
Vishwankar creator of the universe
Vishwaroop omnipresent
Vishwatma universal soul
Vishweshwar lord of the universe
Vismay surprise
Visvajit one who conquers the universe
Visvayu brother of Amavasuand Satayu
Vitabhay Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
Vitaharya Lord Krishna
Vitashokha one who does not mourn
Vitasta River Jhelum in Sanskrit
Vithala lord Vishnu
Vitola Peaceful
Vittanath owner of money ( Kuber )
Vittesh Lord of wealth
Vitthal Lord Vishnu
Vivash Bright
Vivaswat the sun
Vivatma universal soul
Vivek conscience
Vivekananda joy of discrimination
Vrajakishore lord Krishna
Vrajalal Lord Krishna
Vrajamohan lord Krishna
Vrajanadan lord Krishna
Vrajesh lord Krishna
Vrajraj Lord Krishna
Vratesh Lord Shiva
Vrisa Lord Krishna
Vrisag Lord Shiva
Vrisan Lord Shiva
Vrisangan Lord Shiva
Vrisapati Lord Shiva
Vrishab Excellent
Vrishabhaanu father of Radha
Vrishank Lord Shiva
Vrishin peacock
Vrisini Lord Shiva
Vyan Air
Vyasa the author of Mahabharata
Vyom sky
Vyomaang part of the sky
Vyomakesh sky like hair
Vyomdev Lord Shiva
Vyomesh the sun
Waman short
Wamika god
Wyconda Beautiful Stranger
Yadav particular community related to lord Krishna
Yadavendra Leader of the Yadavas
Yadu an ancient King
Yadunandan son of Yadu, Krishna
Yadunath Lord Krishna
Yaduraj Lord Krishna
Yaduvir Lord Krishna
Yagna Ceremonial rites to God
Yagya sacrifice
Yagyasen name of king Drupad
Yagyesh lord fo the sacrificial fire
Yaj A sage
Yajat Lord Shiva
Yajnadhar Lord Vishnu
Yajnarup Lord Krishna
Yajnesh Lord VishnuYakootah emerald
Yaksha A Type of a Demi-God
Yamahil Lord Vishnu
Yamajit Lord Shiva
Yamha dove
Yamir moon
Yash fame
Yashas Fame
Yashmit famed
Yashodev Lord of fame
Yashodhan rich in fame
Yashodhar famous
Yashpal Lord Krishna
Yashraj king of fame
Yashvasin The Popular. Lord Ganesha
Yashwant one who has achieved glory
Yasti slim
Yathavan Lord Vishnu
Yatin ascetic
Yatindra Lord Indra
Yatish Lord of devotees
Yatiyasa Silver
Yatnesh God of Efforts
Yayati Name of a Sage
Yayin Lord Shiva
Yogadeva Lord of Yoga
Yoganidra Meditation
Yogendra god of Yoga
Yogesh god of Yoga
Yogi Devotee
Yoginampati Lord Of The Yogis
Yogine Saint. A name for Lord Hanuman
Yogini Lover Of Yogas. Lord Krishna
Yogiraj Great Ascetic, Lord Shiva
Yojit Planner
Yudhajit victor in war
Yudhisthir firm in battle
Yukta Idea
Yuval Brook
Yuvaraj prince, heir apparent
Yuyutsu eager to fight
Zaid Great Abundance
Zeeshan Strength
Zev deer, wolf
Zikomo Thanksgiving