Lesson 11

    1. Prepositions – 3
    2. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
    3. Conversation Building
    4. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
    5. Exercises

Preposition – Part 3

Today we are going to see about few more prepositions

To – …-kku/..kitte
From – …la irrundhu/…kitta irrundhu

With – …oda/…kooda
Along with –..kooda


To – … kku/…kitte

When we want to say about going to a person, giving a thing to a person, talking to a person, we use the prepositions TO. Here are a few more examples of the places where we use TO and how it is expressed in Tamil


To –..kitte

Idhu en nanban, Kevin.This is Kevin, my friend

Avanukku doctor kitta poga pidikaadhu. He does not like to go to the doctor

Avanukku ippo doctor thaduppu oosi poduraanga. The doctor is going to give him a vaccine.

Kevin, doctor kitta poga eppavum azhuvaanKevin always cries to go to the doctor.

Idhu en akka Priya. This is older sister,Priya.

Avalukku phone pesa romba pidikkumShe loves to talk over a phone

Ippo Avaloda nanban Rakesh kitta phone pesuraaShe is talking to her friend Rakesh.

Aval eppavum avaloda nanbargal kitta phone pesuvaa.She always talks to her friends over the phone.

To –..kku

Rosie avaloda thaathaakku oru kadeedham ezhudhinaalRosie wrote a letter to her grandpa.

Aval andha letter-a ippo thabaal petti-la poduraa. She is now osting it/ She is dropping it into the postbox now.

Avaloda thaatha India-la irukaar. Her grandpa is in India.

Avaloda thaathaa avalukku badhil kadeedham ezhudhuvaar. Her grandpa write a reply letter to her letter.

Thaathaakku kadeedham ezhudha Rosie-kku romba pidikkum Rosie likes to write letters to her grandpa.

From –…la irrundhu/…kitta irrundhu

The preposition FROM is used when we talk about coming or going froma place, or a person. Also it is used when taking away a thing from a place or person.

Now let us see the first case. – coming/ going from a place.


Naanga market-la irrundhu varomWe are coming from the market

Market-la niraya kadaigal irruku.There are many shops in the market.

Ange Kaaigal vanginom. We bought vegetables there.

Enakku carrot romba pidikkum. I like carrots very much.

Enakku marketukku pogavum pidikkum. I like to go for a market too.

Oru naal, Rani kadai-la irrundhu vandhaal One day Rani came out from a shop.

Oru thirudan vandi-la vandhaanA thief came on a bike.

Avan aval-kitta irrundhu aval paiyai pidingitaanHe snatched her bag away from her.

Aval romba azhudhaal. Aval romba paavam. She cried a lot. She looked pitiful.

Idhu oru kozhi iraichi kadai.This is chicken meat shop

Enga amma eppavum indha kadaila irundhu thaan chicken vanguvaangaMy mom always buys chicken from this shop

Indha kadaila irundhu chicken vangi engalukku samaipaangaShe buys chicken from this shop and cooks it for us.

Indha kaidaila irundhu vaangura chicken romba nalla irukkumThe meat from this shop is really good.

Unga veetla endha kaidaila irundhu chicken vaanguvaanga. From which shop does your mom get chicken.


From –..kitta irundhu

Rosie-um avaloda amma-um samaiyal arai-la irukaanga Rosie and her mom are in the kitchen.

Rosie –oda amma cupcakes romba nalla seivaanga Rosie’s mom makes really nice cupcakes.

Avanga kadai-la irundhu cupcakes vaanga maataanga She never buys cupcakes from the shop.

Rosie amma kitta irundhu muffins sei kathukkiraa Rosie is learning to make cupcakes, from mom.

With – …oda/…kooda

In Tamil, when we use the prepositions WITH and ALONG WITH, we have to add –oda or –kooda after the subject

For example,
1. Ram en kooda/ -oda beachkku varaan. (Ram is coming to the beach along with me.)
2. Amma anbu-oda engalukku samaipaanga. (Amma cooks for us with love)

First let us take the along with (–KOODA)

WITH – ..kooda/..-oda

Idhu Deepak. Adhu avan thangai, Deepika. This is Deepak. That is his sister Deepika.

Deepika, Deepak annanoda ella idhathukkum povaaDeepika goes out to all places with Deepak.

Deepak-kooda schoolukku povaaShe goes to school with Deepak.

Deepak-kooda kadaikkum povaa. Deepak-kooda eppavum irrupaaShe also goes to the shop with Deepak. She will always be with Deepak.

Avalukku Deepak anna-na romba pidikkumShe likes her elder brother Deepak very much.

Idhu en karadi bommai, MotuThis is my teddy bear, Motu.

Enakku Motu-kooda irruka pidikkum. I love to be with Motu.

Naan enge, Motu ange. Where I am, Motu will be there.

Motu-oda naan nalla vilaiyaaduven. Motukkum ennodu irruka pidikkumI will play with Motu. Motu also likes to be with me.

Poppy enge irukka? (Where is Poppy?)

Aval oru kaatu-la irukkaa(She is in a forest.)

Poppy kooda yaar irukaa?. (Who is with Poppy?)

Poppy kooda yaarume illa. Ava thaniyaa irukkaa. Nobody is with Poppy. She is alone.

Reuban solraan: ‘En kooda vilayaada yaarume illa’(Reuban says: Nobody is there to play with me)

En kooda pesa yaarume illa(Nobody is there to talk to me.)

En kooda nee vilayaada vareeya? (Will you come to play with me?)

Nee Reuban kooda vilayaada poreeyaa?(Are you going to play with Reuban?)

Idhu enoda ammaThis is my mother

En amma romba nallavangaShe is very good.

Avanga ennai romba anbu-odu paarthu- paanga She looks after me with love

Enakku udambu sariyilladha bodhu en koodave irupaangaShe will be with me when I fall sick.

En ammavai enakku romba pidikkum. I love my mom

Reeta solraa: En appa romba anbaanvar.Reeta says: My dad is very loving

Avar en kooda vilayaaduvaar.He plays with me.

Avar en kooda kadhai padipaar. He reads stories with me.

Avar enakku bommai vaangi tharuvaarHe buys dolls for me.

Avar kazhtapattu velai seiraarHe works very hard.

Avar ennai eppavum romba gavam-oda paarthupaarHe always looks after me with care.

Father’s day varudhu. Naan appakku enna parisu vaangattum? Father’s day is coming. What gift shall I buy dad?

Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Thaduppu oosi – vaccine
azhuvaan – he cries
pesu – speak/ talk
eppavum – always
kadeedham – letter
ezhudhu – write
niraya – many
kadai – shop
kaaigal – hands
thirudan – burglar, thief
vandhaan – he came
Vandi – Vehicle
Azhudaal – She cried
Kozhi – hen
Iraichi – meat
Vaangu/ vaangittu – buy
idam – place
karadi – bear
kaadu – forest, jungle
thaniyaa – alone
Yaarume illai – nobody there
Solraan – says
Koodave – along with
Gavanam – care
Kazhtapattu – hardworking
Varudhu – arriving

Here are different situations. Try filling in the boxes with some dialogues. Try to build a conversation


Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. Thaduppu oosi:

2. Iraichi:

3. Kadai:

4. Vaanga:

5. Thirudan:

6. kooda:

7. Bayam:

8. Juram:

9. Seekiram:

Indha padam patri sollunga Rosie enge irukaa?
Idhu yaar? Ivanga yaar, enna panraanga?
Vicky enna seiraan? Rachel enna seiraa?

Try to translate the following:


John and Jane are brother and sister. They live in New York. They love to play. John loves to play with his sister.

They are now in the toy room. There are toys in the toy box. They are John’s toys. Now James is coming.

James is their cousin. He is coming from the juice shop. He is drinking some juice. James also likes to play with them.

He has a pet dog and its name is Hoody. Hoody goes everywhere with James