Lesson 39

  1. Adverbs -1
  2. Examples
  3. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
  4. Exercises
  5. Describe the picture


Lesson 39   Adverbs -1

Learning the Tamil Adverbs is very important because its structure is used in every day conversation. The more you master it the more you get closer to mastering the Tamil language. But first we need to know what the role of Adverbs is in the structure of the grammar in Tamil.

Tamil adverbs are part of speech. Generally they’re words that modify any part of language other than a noun. Adverbs can modify verbs, adjectives (including numbers), clauses, sentences and other adverbs.

Memorizing this table will help you add very useful and important words to your Tamil vocabulary.


Adverbs of Time
Yesterday Netru / nethu
Day before yesterday Mundha neththu
Today Indru / innaikku
Tomorrow Naalaikku
Day after tomorrow Naalanaikku
Now Ippozhuthu / ippo
Then Appozhuthu / appo
Later Piragu / peragu / appramaa
Tonight Indriravu / innaikku raathri
Right now Ippozhudhe / ippove
Ahead of time Munnaadiye
Last night Netriravu / neththu raathiri
This morning Indru kaalai / innaikku kaalaila
Next week Aduththa vaaram
Last year Pona varusham
Coming month Vara maasam
Already Yerkenave
Recently Anmaiyil / ippo konja naalukku munnale
Lately Konjam kaalam munne
Soon Viraivil / seekrathle
Immediately Udanadiyaai / odane
Still Innum
Yet Aayinum / innum
Ago Munnar / munnale/ Mundhi kaalathle



Inaikku Roshanukku pirandha naal. Today is Roshan’s birthday.
Avanoda amma munaadiye avanukaaga cake senjaanga. His mum made a cake for him beforehand.
Aduththa vaaram Avanoda thangai Rathikku pirandha naal. Next week its his sister’s birthday.
Adhukkum amma munnaadiye cake senjiduvaanga. His mom would do the cake beforehand even then.


Mundha neththu aasiriyar chella pranigal paththi project seiya sonnaaga. Day before yesterday, the teacher said that a project on pets to be done.
Inaikku Reeta adhai paththi ellarukkum soldraa. Today Reeta is telling everyone about it.
Neththu raathiri-ye ava thayyaar aayitaa. She became ready for it, by yesterday night.
Ava eppavum project-kku thayyaar-a iruppaa. She would always be ready for the project.


Konjam kaalam munaale Bunto oru pannaiyile velaikku serndhaan. Recently, Bunto took a job as a helper in a farm.
Avanoda yejamaan, avanukku sila velai kuduthaar. His master gave him some work to do.
Avanum surusurupaa ella velaiyai-um odane seivaan. And he too, would do all the work immediately.


Ippo mazhai peiyidhu. It is raining.
Roshini-kku idhu yerkanave theriyum. Roshini had already known about it.
Ava kai-le oru kudai irukku. There is an umbrella in her hand.
Indha mazhai innum evalavu neram peiyum? How long is it going to be raining?


Rakesh Canada-la irukaan. Ange ippo ilai-udhir kaalam. Rakesh is in Canada. It’s autumn there.
Seekrathle indha kaalam mudiya pogudhu. This season is coming to an end soon.
Aana innum ilaigal kottudhu. But still the leaves keep falling.


Konjam naalukku munnaale oru vibathu paththi news vandhadhu, nyabagam irukkaa? Do you remember the news about an accident that happened recently?
Andha vibathule, Priyanka-kku kaal udanji pochu. Priyanka’s leg got fractured in that accident.
Avangalukku udanadiyaa sigichchai kuduthaanga. Immediately they gave her medical treatment.
Viraivule avangaloda kaal nalla aagidum. Her leg will be healed soon.


Mundhi kaalathle, thunigal salavai seiya velaikaarar irundhaanga. Sometime ago, there were servant-men for laundering.
Ippo, washing machine irukku. Now, it’s the washing machine.
Seekrathle velai-a mudikka ippo salavaikaarar kooda washing machine thaan ubayogam seiraanga. Now, even the launderers are using washing machines to get the job done soon.


Indha padangal patri sollunga:


Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Munnaadiye – Before hand
Senjiduvaanga – She/ they would do
Chella prani – Pet
Paththi – About
Thayyaar – Ready
Panai – Farm
Kudu+ – Give
Surusuruppaa – Active
Mazhai – Rain
Mazhai peiyidhu – Raining
Kudai – Umbrella
Ilai – Leaf
Kaalam – Season
Ilai-udhir kaalam – Autumn/ fall
Mudiya pogudhu – About to be over
Kottudhu – Falling
Vibaththu – Accident
Sigichchai – Medical Treatment
Salavai – Laundry
Velaikaarar – Servant
Ubayogam – Use



Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. munnaadiye:

2. chella prani:

3. seekrathle:

4. thayyaar:

5. mazhai-coat:

6. kaalam:

7. ilaigal:

8. vibaththu:

9. konjam naal munnaale:

10. salavai:

11. udane:

12. naalaikku:

13. ippodhe:

14. paththi:

15. vara vaaram:

16. indha varusham:

17. surusuruppu:

18. pona maasam:

19. sigichchai:

20. ubayogam:



1. She goes home immediately.
2. He has bought a new china tea set, last week.
3. She was serving tea, yesterday.
4. John joined this office, recently.
5. Her children love that curry, always.
6. Long time ago, there was a king.
7. He is here, already.
8. You need treatment immediately.
9. Mom planted these plants sometime ago.
10. My grandmother was very active.
11. She did the cooking beforehand.
12. The children are wearing school uniform, today.
13. Put on your rain-coat. It’s raining outside.
14. I went to the market, just now.
15. I am going to a wedding, next week.


Try to describe the picture: