Lesson 40

  1. Adverbs -2
  2. Examples
  3. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
  4. Exercises
  5. Describe the picture


Lesson 40   Adverbs -2

These simple rules for adverbs of place will help you to use them the right way:

• An adverb of place always talks about the location where the action of the verb is being carried out.

• Adverbs of place are normally placed before a main verb.

• Adverbs of place can be directional. For example: Mele, keezhe, ulle, therkku dhisaiyile, vadakku dhisaiyile…

• Adverbs of place can refer to distances. For example: Pakkamaa, dhooramaa, romba tholai-vaa

• An adverb of place can indicate an object’s position in relation to another object. For example: Adiliyile,
naduvule, vazhiyaa..


Adverbs of Place
Here Ivvidam / indha idam
There Avvidam / andha idam
Over there Atho tholaivilulla / adho dhoorathle
Everywhere Yella idankalilum / ella idathliyum
Anywhere Yendha idaththilaavathu / engayaavadhu
Nowhere Yenkumindri / engayum illa
Home Veetukku
Away Tholaivil / dhoorathle
Out Veliye
Inside/ In Ulle/ -la
Outside Veliyile
On Mele
Under Adiyil/ Keezhe
Before Munnaadi
Behind Pinnaadi
Beside, Nearby Pakathle/ pakkamaa
Between Naduvule
After, Later Apramaa, piragu
Infront of Munnaadi/ edhire
Next Aduththu/ adhuththathaa
Far, Away Dhoorathle/ dhooramaa
Through Vazhiyaa
Cross over Thaandi
Overseas Kadal kadandhu
Right side Valadhu pakkam
Leftside Edadhu pakkam
Northwards Vadakku dhisai
Southwards Therkku dhisai
Eastwards Kizhakku dhisai
Westwards Merkku dhisai



Ippo kanakku aasiriyar vaguppu-la irukaar. The Maths teacher is in class now.
Avar ippo karum palagai/board pakkathle nikkiraar. Now he is standing beside the board.
Rosie enakku munnaadi utkaarndh-irukraa. Rosie is sitting before me.
Kavitha en valadhu pakkathle utkaarndh-irukaa. Kavitha is sitting beside me.
Naan pinnaadi utkaarndh-irukken, theriyidha? Could you see, I am sitting behind.


Apple marath-mele Vicky utkaarndhu, pazham saapiduraan. Vicky is sitting on the apple tree and eating an apple.
Avanoda amma keezhe nikkiraanga. His mother is standing below.
Marath-mele Vicky-oda ida pakkathle oru anil irukku. There is a squirrel on the left handside of Vicky.
Maram keezhe, oru muyal, koodai pakkathle utkaarndhu-irukku. There is a rabbit sitting beside a basket under the tree.


En veetukku edhire oru pannai irukku. There is a farm in front of my house.
Andha pannai vazhiyaa naan palli-kku poven. I would go to school through this farm.
En pallikku poga romba dhooram nadakkanum. I have to walk a long way to my school.


Rakesh-oda modhiram oru bondhukk-ulle vizhindhidichu. Rakesh’s ring fell inside a pit.
Avan andha bondhu vazhiyaa kaai ulle viduraan. He puts his hand in through the pit.
Pondhu-ulle oru paambu irukku. There is a snake inside the pit.
Rakesh-kku modhiram kidaikkuma? Would Rakesh get hold of the ring?


Aasiriyar:Pona vaaram indha project-a kuduthen. Yen seiyala?. I gave this project, last week. Why didn’t you do it?
Rohith:Enakku udambu sariyilla. I wasn’t well.
Aasiriyar:Veliya po. Project-a senjittu ulle vaa.. Get out. Do the project and then come in.


Ivan, konjam naalukku munnaale oru theevule sikkikitaan. This man, got stranded on an island some days ago.
Oru naal, dhoorathle oru kappal vandhadhu. One day, a ship came at a long distance.
Adhu therkku dhisaiyile pogudhu. It is going, southwards.
Avan endha dhisaiyile poganum? Kizhakku dhisaiyaa? Merkku dhisaiyaa? In which direction should he go? Eastwards or Westwards?
Avan indha kadal-a thaandi povaana? Will he cross the sea?


Indha emu paanai en thaathaa-odadhu. This Emu farm is my grandfather’s.
Kavin-um, John-um, Seema-um pannaikku indha pakkathle, nikkiraanga. Kavin, John and Seema are standing on this side of the farm.
Reeta-um, Mitu-um, Kumar-um pannaikku andha pakkathle nikkiraanga. Reeta, Mitu and Kumar are standing on that side of the farm.
Veli-ulle rendu emu kozhigal irukku. There are two emu birds inside the fence.
Pannai-oda chimney vazhiyaa pugai varudhu. Smoke comes out from the farm’s chimney.


Ivar oru thuppariyum nibunar/ detective. He is a detective.
Avar ella idathilum thadayangal theduvaar. He would search for fingerprints everywhere.
Engeyaavadhu thadayam kidaikidhaa endru ippo thedugiraar. Even now he searches if he would find fingerprints somewhere.


Indha padangal patri sollunga:


Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Karum palagai – Blackboard
Utkaarndhu – Sit
Anil – Squirrel
Koodai – Basket
Muyal – Rabbit
Nadakkanum – Have to walk
Modhiram – Ring
Bondhu – Pit
Vidu+ – Let go
Paambu – Snake
Kidaikkuma – Would get
Udambu sariyillai – Unwell
Theevu – Island
Kappal – Ship
Kadal – Sea
Veli – Fence
Pughai – Smoke
Thuppariyum nibunar – Detective
Thadayangal – Prints, clues
Thedu – Search



Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. pakkathle:

2. karum palagai:

3. ella idathilum:

4. kappal:

5. merkku dhisai:

6. modhiram:

7. engeyaavadhu:

8. koodai:

9. munnaadi:

10. muyal:

11. dhoorathle:

12. paambu:

13. pinnaadi:

14. theevu:

15. naduvule:

16. veli:

17. veliye:

18. pugai:

19. kadal thaandi:

20. thadayangal:



1. He is sitting beside her.
2. Put it on the table.
3. Please move forward.
4. She kept the file on the shelf.
5. Mom keeps her bag
6. Walk before me.
7. He is driving south.
8. It is on the leftside.
9. My dad is standing outside.
10. Look for it everywhere.
11. He is here.
12. Dad is looking for mom outside.
13. The kids are running everywhere.
14. Put the cup somewhere on the table.
15. I am going overseas for a wedding, next week.


Try to describe the picture: