Lesson 41

  1. Adverbs -3
  2. Examples
  3. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
  4. Exercises
  5. Describe the picture


Lesson 41   Adverbs -3

Adverbs of frequency always describe how often something occurs, either in definite or indefinite terms.

• An adverb that describes definite frequency is one such as weekly, daily, or yearly.

• An adverb describing indefinite frequency doesn’t specify an exact time frame; examples are sometimes, often, and


Adverbs of Frequency
Always Yeppodhum/ Yeppavum
Frequently Adikkadi
Usually Vazhakkamaaga
Sometimes sila samayam/ sila neram
Occasionally Yeppozhuthaavathu
Seldom Apoorvamaai
Rarely Eppavaavadhu
Never Eppavum illa/ ….
Constantly/ Continuously Thodarnthu
Once in a while Eppodhaavadhu oru murai
Periodically Avappodhu/ appappo
Daily/ Everyday Thinanum/ Ovvoru naalum
Weekly Vaaraanthira
Monthly Maathaandhira
Yearly Varundaanthira
Yearly/ Annually Varushamthorum
Every week Ovvoru vaaramum
Every month Ovvoru maadhamum
Every year Ovvoru varushamum
Whole of the day/ Whole day Naal muzhusaa
Whole of the week Vaaram muzhusaa
Whole of the month Maasam muzhusaa
Whole of the year Varusham muzhusaa
Now and then Ippo-um appa-um
Nearly always Kittathatta eppodhum
Generally Podhuvaaga
Regularly Vazhakkamaa



Raju-um Rathi-um eppavum sandai poduvaanga. Raju and Rathi always fight.
Avanga naal ellam sandai poduvaanga. They fight all day.
Raju, Rathi-a thodarndhu keli seiraan. Raju is constantly bullying Rathi.
Romba aboorvamaai onnaa vilayaaduvaanga. They seldom play together.
Konjam nerathle Rathi azhara saththam kekkum. In some time, you could hear her crying.


Dave oru unnavagathle/ restaurant-la rendu varushamaa velai seiraar. Dave is working in a restaurant for two years.
Vazhakkamaa kaalai 9 manikku velai povaar. Usually he would go to work, by 9 in the morning.
Avaroda maadhaandhira sambalam romba kuraivu. His monthly salary is very less .
Avar, varusham muzhusaa, kashtapattu velai seiraar. He works very hard, all the year.


Dhinamum naan en naai Brownie-a veliye nadakka kondu poven. I take my dog Brownie out for walks.
Ovvoru vaaramum naan idha kulippaatuven. I give him a bath every week.
Eppodhavadhu oru murai, appa idha kulikka veippaar. Dad gives him a bath, once in a while.


En paati vazhakkamaa eppavum knitting pannuvaanga. My grandma usually keeps knitting, always.
Eppovaavadhu tv paarpaanga. She watches television at times.
Ovvoru varushamum enakku pudhu sweater pinnuvaanga. She would knit a new sweater for me, every year.
Avanga ezhundhu nadappadhu aboorvam. She seldom walks.


Amma:Appappo udambu sariyillama aagudhu. Vaa, Idha kudi. You fall sick, now and then. Come on, drink this.
Rohith: Enakku vendaam. Idhu kasakkudhu. No, I don’t want it. It is bitter.
Amma:Vellai thavaraamal, appappo marundhu kudikkanum. You have to take the medicine, periodically, without fail.


Gomez, office-la oru varusham ellam velai seiraan. Gomez, works at the office all the year.
Podhuvaa June maasam kodai vidumurai irukkum. Generally, there is summer vacation in the month of June.
Naalai-la irundhu avanukku kodai vidumurai. Its his vacation holidays from tomorrow.
Rendu maasam muzhusaa Hawaai-la irukka poraan. He is going to be in Hawaii for the whole of two months.
Avan adha paththi ippave kanavu kaandraan. He is dreaming now about it.


En manaivi enga veeta romba nalla nirvaagam seivaa.. My wife manages the house well.
Dhinamum selavu kanakku ezhudhuvaa. She would write the daily expenses.
Ava, ovvoru maasamum konjam konjamaa panam semikkiraa. She saves money little by little, every month.
Avaloda varudaandhira semippu-la pillainga padippukku udhavi seivaa. She helps with her annual savings, for the education of the children.


Indha padangal patri sollunga:


Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Sandai – Fight
Keli – Make fun of
Onnaa – Together as one
Saththam – Sound
Unavagam – Restaurant
Unnavagathle – In the restaurant
Sambalam – Wages, salary
Kuraivu – Less
Kashtappattu – Hard working
Nadakka – To walk
Kulippaatuven – I would give bath to ..
Kulikka vei+ – Give bath
Pinnu+ – To knit
Udambu sariyilla – Not well
Kasakkudhu – Bitter
Marundhu – Medicine
Kodai – Summer
Vidumurai – Holidays, vacation
Kanavu – Dream
Kanavu kaanu – To dream
Manaivi – Wife
Nirvaagam – Manage
Selavu – Expenditure
Kanakku – Sum
Semi+ – To save
Semippu – savings



Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. varusham muzhusaa:

2. saththam:

3. ella neram:

4. semippu:

5. eppovaavadhu:

6. kulikka vei:

7. ovvoru maasam:

8. pinnu:

9. varusham ellam:

10. kashtapattu:

11. ippave:

12. sambalam:

13. pinnaadi:

14. kodai vidumurai:

15. thavaraamal:

16. nada:

17. podhuvaa:

18. kanavu:

19. appappo:

20. marundhu:



1. He comes here every year.
2. She buys fruits regularly.
3. I wash it everyday.
4. She kept the file on the shelf last week.
5. Mom keeps her bag in the cupboard always.
6. Dad goes walking every morning.
7. He occasionally drives a car.
8. He went to school twice.
9. My dad is standing outside, from the morning.
10. My grandmother goes to the park every weekend.
11. He seldom stays here.
12. Mom does yoga regularly.
13. The kids are always running up the hill.
14. He doesn’t go to school regularly.
15. We go to the temple, once in a while.


Translate the following :

Nikki lives in Iceland. It is winter there. It snows almost all the time.

She is here fishing. She loves fishing. She goes fishing often.

Every year she goes fishing with her friends. This year she is alone.

Usually she takes her brother Joe with her. He too goes fishing monthly twice.

Every month he comes here. He too comes here regularly, with his friends.

This year he has gone for a wedding in UK. He has gone by plane.

Now Nikki is fishing by herself. She is sitting by the fishing hole and she has a fishing rod in her hand. It is her father’s.

Her father is a talented fisherman. He is at home now. He is at sea most of the year. Sometimes he goes hunting too. His friends regularly go on hunting. They often go to the forest.


Try to describe the picture: