Lesson 44

  1. Adverbs -6
  2. Examples
  3. PudhuVaarthaigal
  4. Exercises
  5. Translate the passage
  6. Describe the picture


Lesson 44   Adverbs -6   (Adverbs of Manner- Part 3)

Now let us see some more adverbs of manner.


Adverbs of Manner
Quietly, silently Amaidhiyaaga
Quickly, rapidly, speedily Seekirathle, seekiramaa
Rashly Kanmoodithanamaaga
Rudely Murattuthanamaaga
Regularly Vazhakkamaaga
Rarely Epovaavadhu/ ariyathaaga
Recognizably Adayaalamaaga
Responsibly Poruppaaga
Repeatedly Thirumba thirumba
Randomly Thoraayamaaga
Safely Paadhikaapaaga
Selfishly Suyanalamaaga
Separately Thaniyaaga
Seriously Theeviramaaga
Slowly Medhuvaaga
Suddenly Dhideerendru
Sadly Dhuratrishtamaaga
Sorrowfully Sogamaaga
Smoothly Sumoogamaaga / menmaiyaaga
Successfully, triumphantly Vetrigaramaaga
Surprisingly Viyakkathakka
Suspiciously Sandhegathukku idamaaga
Sympathetically Anudhaabathudam
Smartly Saamarthiyamaaga
Sharply Koormaiyaaga / kurugalaaga
Terribly Koduramaaga/ bayangaramaaga
Tiredly Sorvaaga
Thankful Nandriyodu
Thankfully Adhirshtavasamaaga
Tremendously Viyakkathakka
Truthfully Unmaiyudan
Truly Unmaiyileye
Technically Thozhil-nutpamaaga
Typically Podhuvaaga
Tactfully/ brilliantly Buthisaalithanamaaga



Ivanga rendu perum romba amaidhiyaaga vilayaaduraanga? These two are playing very silently
Ivanga enna vilayaaduraanga theriyuma? Do you know what they are playing?
Indha sadhurangam/ chess vilayaattai romba buthisaalithanamaaga vilayaadanum. You have to play chess very tactfully.
Thoraayamaaga kaaigale nagarththa koodaadhu. You cannot move the pieces randomly.


Kavitha oru poruppaana ponnu. Kavitha is a very responsible girl.
Ella velaigalayum romba poruppodu seivaa. She does everything responsibly.
Ava seekirathle avaloda home-work ezhudhiduvaa. She writes her homework very quickly.
Avaloda amma, avalai pathi, romba perumaiyaa solluvaanga. Her mother would speak proudly of her.
Nee oru poruppaana pillaiya? Are you a very responsible child?


Appa kitta thirumba thirumba oru pencil ketta Rachel. Rachel asked her dad for a pencil, repeatedly.
Kadaisiyile Appa avalukku oru pudhu pencil kuduththaar. At last her dad got her new pencil.
Adhu romba menmaiyaaga ezhudhudhu. It is writing very smoothly.
Ava andha pencil-ala oru kadhai ezhudhuraa. She is writing story now, with the pencil.
Adhu menmaiyaaga, vazha vazhapaaga ezhdhuvadhu romba pidichirukku. She likes how the pencil writes smoothly.


Ivar thaan Archimedes. He is Archimedes.
Ivar oru kottpaadai nirubikka muyarchi eduththaar. He took efforts to prove a principle.
Avar romba theeviramaaga muyarchi seithaar. He took efforts very seriously
Kadaisiyile oru naal adhai kandupidiththaar. Atlast he found it.
Adhu oru viyakkathakka kandupippu. It was a tremendously good invention.
Avar unmaiyile oru peria vinyaani/ iyarbiyalaalar. He is a great scientist/ physicist.


Indha therdhal romba sumoogamaaga mudinthathu. This election went on smoothly/ well.
Viyakkathakka vidhamaa, PTR katchi jeyichu irukku. The PTR party has surprisingly won the elections.
Dhuradhrishtavasaamaaga, namma MRK katchi thorthuvitadhu. Unfortunately, the MRK party has lost.
PTR katchi, romba unmaiyudan irundhadhaala, indha vetri kidachirukku. The PTR won because they were very truthful.


Tim oru suyanalakaaran. Tim is selfish.
Avan ellaame suyanalamaaga seivaan. He did everything, selfishly.
Ippo andha cake-a yaarukkum kudukkaamal saapiduraan. Now he is eating the cake without giving it to anyone.
Avan-ai pola suyanalaamaaga irukka koodaadhu. We should not be selfish like him.
Suyanalakaaranukku nanbargal irukka maataanga. A selfish person will not have friends.


Ennoda annan oru nermuga thervukku ponaan. My elder brother went for an interview.
Ange niraya thozhil nutpa kelvikagal kettaargal. Many technical questions were asked.
Avan ella kelvikalukkum romba saamarthiyamaaga badhil sonnaan. He smartly, answered all the questions.
Aanaal dhuradrishtavasamaaga veru yaarukko velai koduthaanga. But unfortunately, someone else was given the job.


Kevin romba sorvaaga irukaan. Kevin is very tired.
Avanukku palli paadam naraiya irukku. He has a lot of homework.
Avan pasiyodu saapidaamal, homework ezhudhuraan. He is doing his homework, with hunger.
Avan palli-la romba vilayaadunaan. He played a lot in school.
Adhanaal ippo romba pasiyum thookkamum varudhu. So now, he is very tired and hungry.


Indha padangal patri sollunga:


Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Sadhurangam – Chess
Kaaigal – Pieces or coins in a game
Nagarththu – Move
Koodadhu – Should not
Kadhai – Story
Vazha vazhappaaga – Smoothly
Kottpaadu – Principle
Muyarchi – Effort
Kandupidi – Find
Kandupidippu – Invention
Vinyaani – Scientist
Iyarbiyalaalar – Physicist
Therdhal – Election
Viyakkathakka vidhama – In a surprising manner
Katchi – Political party
Jeyi – Win
Jeyichu irukku – Has won
Vetri – Victory
Yaarukkum – For no one
Kudukkaamal – Without giving
Nermuga kaanal – Personal interviewt
Vera yaarukko – For someone else



Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. umaiyudan:

2. sadhurangam:

3. adhistavasamaaga:

4. katchi:

5. sorvaaga:

6. kadhai:

7. theeviramaaga:

8. kandupidi:

9. viyakka thakka vidhamaai:

10. vinyaani:

11. menmaiyaaga:

12. kandupidippu:

13. perumaiyaaga:

14. vetri:

15. poruppaaga:

16. nermuga kaanal:

17. sumoogamaaga:

18. therdhal:

19. suyanalamaaga:

20. muyarchi:



1. My dad knows to play chess.
2. They are silently reading their lessons.
3. He speaks rudely.
4. Unfortunately, we missed the train.
5. The program went on smoothly.
6. When are you going to act responsibly?
7. Do not be selfish.
8. She looked sympathetically at me.
9. I proudly showed my scores to dad.
10. The cat was sitting hungrily.
11. She shook her head, tiredly.
12. She will be terribly angry with me.
13. The boy looked sorrowfully at his torn book.
14. She looked at his face suspiciously.
15. I successfully finished knitting my first pair of socks.


Translate the following :

Charlie has come from his London. He is in his sixth grade and he studies in the boarding school. He does everything responsibly. His mom and dad proudly tell everyone about him.

It is his vacation. His dad and mom had planned to take him to the zoo. But unfortunately, the zoo was not open on that day. Charlie sorrowfully looked at mom. She looked at him sympathetically. An idea struck in her mind. She immediately made another plan.

She quickly looked up for the latest movies. Then she asked dad to immediately get the tickets for a movie. He tried to get tickets to the latest movie. Surprisingly they got the last three tickets in the last minute. They went to the movie and enjoyed it very much.

On their way home, they saw a poor man. He was sitting and hungrily looking at the food displayed in one of the shops. Charlie wanted to help him.

Charlie’s dad got the poor man some food. He was terribly happy and thanked them.


Describe the picture: