Lesson 45

  1. Adverbs -7
  2. Examples
  3. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
  4. Exercises
  5. Translate the passage
  6. Describe the picture


Lesson 45   Adverbs -7   (Adverbs of Manner- Part 4)

Now let us see some more adverbs of manner.


Adverbs of Manner
Unequally Samamaaga illaamal/ samathuvam illai
Urgently Avasaramaaga
Usefully Thevaiyodu
Uselessly Ubayogam illaamal
Unnecessarily Thevaiyillamal
Utterly Muzhusaaga/ rombavum
Victoriously Vetrigaramaaga
Viciously means many things in English
Brutal, savage, violent, barbaric, dreadful, monstrous
Mosamaaga/ bayangaramaaga/ mirugathanamaaga/ kaatumiraandithanamaaga
Vivaciously Kalakalappaaga
Violently Koduramaaga/ vanmuraiyaaga/
Wisely Buththisaalithnamaaga
Wilfully Vendumendre
Wrongly Thavaraaga
Warmly Anbaaga
Wearily Kalachu poi / kalaiththu
Well Nallaa/ nalamaaga
Wonderfully Pramaadhamaaga
Worriedly Kavalaiyaaga/ kavalaiyudan
Wildly Periya alavil
Widely Paravalaaga
Zealously Aarvamaaga



Neethu-kku juram. Neetha has fever.
Avalukku udambu nallaa illai/ sari illai. She is not feeling well.
Avanga amma avalai romba kavalaiyaa paarkuraanga. Her mother is worriedly looking at her.
Avalukku romba mosamaaga kulurudhu. She is shivering violently.


Hemanth oru buthisaali. Hemanth is intelligent.
Avanoda oor-la ippo therdhal nadakkudhu. Its election time in his city.
Avan buthisaalithanamaaga vote poduraan. He is voting wisely.


Annan appa-oda sandai poduraan. The older brother is arguing with Dad.
Samamaaga poorviga soththai pirikka solraan. He is asking Dad to equally divide the family assets.
Avar pirichadhu samamaaga illa-nu sandai poduraan. He is fighting saying that his dad hasn’t done it equally.


Roby romba kalakalapaaga irupaanga. Roby is always bubbly and vivacious.
Ippo avan avanoda guitar vaguppu-le irukkaan. Right now, he is in his guitar class.
Avan romba pramaadhamaaga guitar vaasippaan. He wonderfully plays the guitar.
Avan guitar vaasichitte, romba inimaiyaaga paaduvaan. He plays the guitar and sings sweetly..


Princy maatranthaai/ chinnamma kooda irukkaa. Princy is with her stepmom.
Ava, Princy-ai romba kodumai paduthuraa. She is torturing Princy.
Princy-a ava romba koduramaaga adikiraa. . She viciously beats up Princy.


Tim-um, Tammy-um oru sirandha palli-la padikiraanga. Tim and Tammy are studying in a best school.
Ange sila prabalamaanavangal-oda pasanga padikiraanga. The children of few famous people study there.
Adhu oru sirappaana palli-nu paravalaaga theriyum. It is widely known as a very good school.
Ange padikira maanavargal, romba aarvamaaga padippaanga. The students there pursue their studies with great zeal.


Ivanga ore thuni kadaiyile udaigal vaanginaanga. They all bought clothes from the same shop.
Indha kadai-a patri ellarukkum romba nalla theriyum. Everybody knows cery well about the shop.
Ange ellaa thunigalum romba arpudhamaaga vadivamachi irupaanga. The clothes there are all very wonderfully designed.


Indha kappal kadal-a irukku. This ship is at sea.
Adhu oru periya panimalai mela modhiduchu. It hit a huge iceberg.
Adhai patri avasaramaaga seidhi anuppuraanga. A message about this is being sent urgently.
Seekiramaaga udhavi thevai-nu seidhi anuppuraanga. They are asking for some immediate help quickly.
Andha kappal-la irukkira payaneegal-ai udanadiyaaga kaapaathanum. We have to save the passengers on that ship.


En appa-kku avaroda office-la romba velai. My dad has lots of work at his office.
Ippo avar mejai mele kalachi poi paduththu irukaar. He is lying down on the desk, wearily.
Neenga ippadi velai senju kalachu poyirukeengala? Have you worked this hard and felt weary?
En appa dhinamum velai mudichittu veetukku kalachi varuvaar. My dad comes home wearily, after work.


Indha padangal patri sollunga:


Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Juram – Fever
Kulurudhu – Shivers
Therdhal – Election
Nadakkudhu – Happening/ going on
Oor-la – In town
Vote podu – To cast vote
Poorviga Soththu – Family assets
Pirikka – To divide/ share
Sollu+ – Say
Maatraanthaai – Step mother
Chinnamma – Mother’s younger sister / Step mother
Kodumai – Torture
Kodumai paduththu – To torture something or someone
Adi+ – Beat
Sirandha – Best
Prabalamaanavanga – Famous people
Ore – Same
Thuni kadai – Garments showroom
Udaigal – Clothes
Ellarukkum – For all
Vadivamai – Design
Kappal – ship
Panimalai – iceberg
Udhavi thevai – need help
Seidhi – news
Anuppu+ – send
Payaneegal – passengers
Kalachu poi – tired/ weary



Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. juram:

2. kavalaiyaa:

3. soththu:

4. mosamaaga:

5. therdhal:

6. buthisaaliyaaga:

7. maatranthaai:

8. sorvaaga:

9. kodumai:

10. kalachu poi:

11. udaigal:

12. poruppaaga:

13. payaneegal:

14. prabalamaaga:

15. thevai:

16. avasaramaaga:

17. udhavi:

18. thevaiyillama:

19. seidhi:

20. vendumendre:



1. She needed the money urgently.
2. He kicked the dog viciously.
3. My grandma feels utterly lonely, when we leave to US.
4. Unfortunately, we missed the train.
5. My son ren wearily after all the other contestants.
6. Don’t talk unnecessarily.
7. This food is wonderfully done.
8. She spoke very wisely.
9. I was a bright and vivacious kid.
10. The artist has wonderfully painted this picture.
11. She shook her head, tiredly .
12. He was wrongly accused of stealing.
13. The school is widely admired for its teachers.
14. The sons were fighting over the unequally divided wealth.
15. I did not do it wilfully.


Translate the following :

Diane is from California. She has got a seat in this town’s best college , the Holy Angels.

Now she proudly says that she is a student of this college. She studied really hard to score well and get a seat in this college.

She has successfully done it. And now she is at the college.

Her friend, Vikram is from India. His parents are in India. Vikram has come to study in this town. His parents have a lot of faith in him. They believe that he will definitely prove himself in future.

Vikram is a very vivacious guy. He loves nature. He is pursuing his masters with great zeal. He willingly helps poor people and also does some service in the old age home. He is also a very good painter. He has done some wonderful paintings for the old age fundraising program. He speaks English, French and Spanish really well. He lives in Diane’s neighbourhood.

Diane also loves to do some service. She also has to work to pay for her fees. She works in a public library. She is very happy to have Vikram as her best friend.

They spend a lot of time together studying and helping others. Do you have such a friend?


Describe the picture: