Lesson 28

  1. Whom? – It (2)
  2. Translate the following sentences
  3. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
  4. Frame Sentences
  5. Say more about the pictures


Lesson 28 It (Subject Pronoun & the Object Pronoun)

Today we are going to see about the difference between the Subject Pronoun and the Object Pronoun , in the first person plural sentences.

Subject Pronoun Object Pronoun
ADHU/ IDHU (We – with the listener) Idhai (It), and in some cases …idhukku or adhukku, idhu-kitta, idhu kooda.


1. Using ‘IDHAI’ for ‘It’ the object pronoun:

Idhu oru veetu-naai. This is a dog.
Idhai ‘Lady’ –nnu koopiduvaanga.. They call it Lady.
Lady-ai ellarukkum pidikkum. Everyone loves Lady.
Lady-ai patri ungalukku theriyuma? Do you know about Lady?
Lady-ai oru arivaali naai-nnu solluvaanga. They say that Lady is a clever dog.
Lady adhanoda master-kku keezhpadiyum. It obeys its master.


Rajesh : Naan, oru blue colour file-ai theduren. I am searching for a blue file.
Neenga adhai paartheengala, Ms Roshini? Did you see it, Ms Roshini.
Roshini : Naan adhai neththu unga desk mele paarthen. Yesterday, I saw it on your desk.
Pradeep: Aamaam. Naan kooda oru neela file-ai unga mejai mele paarthen. Yes. Even I saw a blue file on your desk.
Inaikku adhai Ms. Sweety kaile paarthen. Today, I saw it in Ms Sweety’s hands.
Rajesh : Ms. Roshini! Neenga Sweety kitta, andha file-ai kondu vara sollunga.. Ms Roshini! Please ask Ms Sweety to bring the file.
Adhule sila mukiyamaana kadheedhangal irukku. There are some important letters in it.


2. Using ‘Adhukku for ‘It’ the object pronoun:

‘Adhai’ is the object pronoun, ‘It’, but in some cases,‘Adhukku/ Idhukku’ is used as the object pronoun. Example:

Lady-kku oru boyfriend irukku. Lady has a boyfriend.
Adhoda peru Tramp. Its name is Tramp.
Tramp-ukku oor sutra romba pidikkum. Tramp loves to roam places.
Tramp-ukku master kidaiyaadhu. Adhukku veedum illai. Tramp does’t have a master. And it doesn’t have a house.


Ippo, Lady-kkum Tramp-kkum, naalu naai-kuttigal irukku. Now, Lady and Tramp have four puppies.
Lady-kku oru paiyanum, moonu ponnum irukku. Lady has a boy and three girls.
Tramp-ukku, adhoda kuttigal-ai patri romba perumai. Tramp is proud of his puppies.
Lady-kku adhoda kuzhandhainga-nna uyir. The puppies are her life/ everything, to Lady.


Idhu nam company-oda pudhu project. This is our company’s new project.
Indha project-kku enakku moonu peru venum. I need three persons for this project.
Idha naama sirappa seiyanum. We have to do the best.
Indha project-kku naam Australia poganum. And for this project, we need to go to Australia.
Indha project-la unga oththuzhaippu enakku thevai. I need your co-operation for this project.
Ippo, Idhukku, en-kooda Australia poga yaarukku viruppam, sollunga. Now, who likes to go with me to Australia, for this project?


3. Using ‘Adhu/ Idhu-kitta’ for It, the object pronoun:

‘Adhai’ is the object pronoun, ‘It’, but in some cases,‘Adhu-kitta’ is used as the object pronoun. Example:

Lady-oda kutty peru Angel. Lady’s pup’s name is Angel.
Angel-kku amma kitta irukkum blue collar romba pidikkum. Angel loves the blue collar that her mother has.
Lady kitta oru azhagiya dollar irukku. Lady has a beautiful dollar.


Lady-oda innum oru kutty peru Scamp. Scamp is the name of another pup of Lady.
Adhu romba kettikaara naai kutty. It is a very smart puppy.

Adhu kitta oru elumbu irukku. Adhukku andha elumbu romba pidikkum. I has got a bone. And it loves that bone very much.
Scamp kitta oru sivappu pandhu irukku. Adhu kooda Scamp vilayaadum. Scamp has a ball. He plays with the ball.


Idhu Ms Robo. This is Ms Robo.
Idhu ella veetu velaiyum seiyum. It does all the household chores.
Idhu nalla velai seiya idhu kitta ella porullum irukku. It has all the equipments to do the job.
Idhu kitta oru wheel kaal irukku. It has wheels for a leg.
Adhaale adhu vegamaa nagarum. It moves fast because of it.
Idhu kitta suththam seiya oru duster irukku. It has a duster to do the cleaning.
Adhaale adhu veetai suththam seiyum. It cleans the house with it.


4. Using ‘Adhu-kooda’ for It:

‘Adhai’ is the object pronoun, ‘It’, but in some cases like the following, the ‘Adhu-kooda’ is used as the object pronoun. Example:

Inge Lady-um, adhu kooda adhanoda kudumbam irukku. Here is Lady and with it is its family.
Lady kooda, adhoda naalu kuttiyum Tramp-um irrukku. There is Lady and with her is Tramp and her four pups.
Tramp, eppavum Lady kooda irukkum. Tramp is always with Lady.
Lady adhanoda kuttigal kooda eppavum irukkum. Lady is always with her pups.


Inge Lady kooda Tramp-um avargaloda nanbargal Jock-um Trusty-um irukaanga. Here, with Lady, is Tramp and their friends Jock and Trusty.
Avanga kooda irukka Lady-kku romba pidikkum. Lady loves to be with them.


Rasika: Amma, enoda suitcase-ai adukkitten. Mom, I have packed my suitcase.
Amma :Sari. Unnoda thunigal kooda ennavelaam edhuthu irukke? Okay. What are the things you have taken along with your clothes?
Rasika: En thunigal kooda, enoda sunglasses, enoda flippers edhuthen. I have taken my sunglasses and flippers along with my dress.
Amma : Sari. Adhu kooda un thundai/ towel edhutheeyaa? Okay. Have you packed your towel with it?
Amma : Illamaa. Vera enna vendum. Sollunga. No Mom. What else is needed? Please say.


Translate the following sentences:

1. She bought a bag of biscuits for the dog.
2. Bring the fish to the cat.
3. My pet loves to walk.
4. My dog has a blue collar.
5. Keep that book on the table.
6. Put the clothes on the line.
7. Our house has got a big living room.
8. Keep the letter along with those files.
9. Get that newspaper from mom.
10. Take that box.
11. Give the dirty clothes to the launderer.
12. What is the price for these china plates?
13. Give orders to the robot.
14. Take the boxes, along with the cans.
15. Give the form along with your photograph.


Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Arivaali – Intelligent, clever
Keezhpadi – Obey
Neththu – Yesterday
Mukiyamaana – Important
kadheengal – Letters
Oor sutru – To go places, roam around
Kidayaadhu – Don’t have
Perumai – Pride
Uyir – Life
Thevai – Need
Kettikaara – Smart
Nagarum – Moves
Adukkitten – I packed
Ennavellam – What all
Thundu – Towel



Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. Adhai:

2. Arivaali:

3. Adhu-kitta :

4. Kettikaaran:

5. Adhukku :

6. Oor suththu:

7. Mukiyamaana:

8. Adukku:

9. Perumai:

10. Kadeedham:

11. Thevai:

12. Nagaru :

13. Thundu :


Say more about the pictures. Try to develop dialogues..