Lesson 15

  1. Where? – Prepositions 4
  2. Tell more about the pictures
  3. Ordinal numbers
  4. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
  5. Exercises
  6. Describe the picture


Lesson 15  Where? Prepositions 4

Today we are going to see about some more prepositions of places in Tamil.


Before – …-kku munne/ munnaadi
After – appuramaa
Behind – …-kku pinne/ pinnaadi
In front – …kku edhire/edhira
Beside – …-kku pakkathil
Between– …kku naduve / nadivil


Before & Behind munnaadi/pinnaadi


These are prepositions that take the second object into account. So these prepositions are called plactial prepositions.
We also have another way of saying Munnaadi and Pinnaadi. Munnaadi is also said as Munaale nad Pinnaadi is as Pinnaale also.


Idhu ennoda naai, Jojo. (This is my dog, Jojo)Jojo oru nalla naai. (Jojo is a good dog.)

Jojokku munnaadi/ munnaale enna irukku? (What is infront/ before Jojo?)

Jojokku munnaale/ munnaadi saapaadu irukku. (There is food before Jojo.)

Jojo ippo adhoda saapaada saapida pogudhu/podhu. (It is going to eat its food.)



Kitty sofa-kku pinnaale/ pinnaadi irukku. (Kitty is behind the couch.)Sofa-kku pinnaale/ pinnaadi enna irukku?. (What is behind the couch?)

Sofa-kku pinnaale/ pinnaadi Kitty irukku. (Kitty is behind the couch?)

Adhu sofa-kku pinnadi enna seiyidhu? (Kitty is behind the couch?)

Adhu sofa-kku pinnaale/ pinnaale ice-cream-a saapidudhu. (Kitty is behind the couch?)

Kitty poonai enga irukku? (Where is Kitty, the cat?)


Let us see a combination of the two prepositions in the coming sentences.


Naan Polly. I am Polly.En annan Jolly avanoda cycle-a oturaan. My brother Jolly is riding his cycle.

Avan enakku munnaadi irrukaan. He is before me.

Avan cycle-la vegamaa otugiraan. He is driving the bicycle very fast.

Naan avanukku pinnaadi utkarndhittu irruken. I am sitting behind him.


Naren bus stopukku late-a vandhaan.. Naren came late to the bus stop.Ippo avan perundhu/bus -kku pinnadi odugiraan /oduraan. Now he is running after the school bus.

Andha bus avanukku munnaadi pogudhu. That bus is going before him.

Adhu romba vegamaa pogudhu. It is going very fast.

Naren bus-a pidipaana? Will Naren catch the bus?



Try to say more about the picture.


Idhu oru katta vandi……. This is a cart….


After – appramaa/ piragu

Now let us see how before and after is used in another context. When we talk about things and events happening over time, we use the words before and after. When we say a story, we use these words to describe the change.

For example:

Idhu thaan Cinderella. This is Cinderella.Ava kadhai unakku theriyuma? Do you know her story?

Ava munnadi ippadi thaan irrundhaal. This was how she looked before.

Aana apprama ava ippadi maritaa.Eppadi theriyuma? But she became a princess after that. Do you know how?


Idhu thaan Jason. This is Jason.Avan munnadi romba niraya junk food saapiduvaan. Before, he ate a lot of junk food.

Appo avan kundaa irrundhaan. He was fat then.

Aana piragu, udal payirchi senju ippadi maritaan. But later he exercised and became like this.



Amma,naan yedhirkaalathle enna aaga poren, theriyuma? Mom,do you know what I am going to be in the future.Mudhale naan palli-la sirandha maanaviya aaven. First, I am going to become the best student of the school.

Appramaa naan oru ezuthaalaraa aaven. Then I will become a writer.

Adhukku appramaa naan oru vinyaniyaaven. After that, I will become a scientist

Hmm. Enakku pudhu dress poda pidikkum.Naan Model aaga poren. Hmm.I like wearing new dresses.I will become a model.

Appramaa naan karate champion aaven. After that I will become a Karate champion.

Naan adhukku ippo enna pannanum ? So, what should I do now for that?

Adhukku mudhale home-work pannu. Before that, you do your home-work.


Try to say more about the picture.


Idhu Rosie.Ava mudhale romba kundaa irundhaa…..


In front of – edhire


Now let us see how to say ‘in front of’ in Tamil. We say ‘edhire’ , when we have to say in front of.


Idhu en thozhi, Rohini. This is my friend, Rohini.Ava kaiyil oru pudhu dress irukku. There is new dress in her hand.

Ava kannaadi-kku edhire nikkiraa. She is standing infront of a mirror.

Avalukku kannaadi-kku edhire nikka romba pidikkum. She loves to stand infront of a mirror.

Avalukku pudhu dress poda pidikkum. She loves to wear new dresses.

Avalukka Model-aaga aasai. She desires to become a Model.




Idhu enga aasiriyar Ms.Rosie. This is Ms. Rosie, our teacher.Avanga romba azhagaa kadhai padippaanga. She reads story beautifully.

Ippo avanga enga edhire utkaarndhu kadhai solluraanga. Now, she is sitting in front of us and telling a story.

Naanga avanga edhire serndhu utkaarndhu, kadhai ketpom. We sit together in front of her and listen to the story.



Naanga enga vagupu arai-le irukkom. We are in our classroom.Engalukku edhira oru ulaga urundai irukku. There is a globe in front of us.

Engalukku edhira irukira indha ulaga urundaiyile enga naadu enga irukku theriyuma?. Do you know where our country is, on this globe that is in front of us?


Try to say more about the picture.


Idhu Vikram. Avanoda appa avanukku oru computer kuduthaar.. Avan ippo…

Beside & Near – Pakkathil & Aruge


The words beside and near are many times used as interchangeable prepositions. But there is quite a difference between them.
Beside means ‘at the side of’ or ‘next to’. Near means ‘close’. It does not mean ‘next to’.
In Tamil, we have the words, ‘Pakathle’, ‘Arugule’ which mean beside and near.



En peru Vennila. My name is Vennila.En-idam oru koodaiyile kaaigal irruku. I have a basket of vegetables.

En pakkathil, oru kaaikari petti irrukku. Beside me, is a box full of vegetables.

Indha kaaigal ellaam enga veetukku pakkathle irrukira thotathil irrundhu kidachadhu. All these are from our garden, that is next to our house.

Adhu en akka, Kokila. Ava kaaikari petti-kku arugile/pakkathle nirkiraal. That is my elder sister Kokila. She is standing near the vegetable box.


Aval kaiyile oru muttai irruku. Aval koodaiyile niraya muttaigal irruku. She has an egg in her hand. There are many eggs in her basket.Aval idha enga veetukku aruge irrukira kozhi pannai-il irrundhu vaangittu vandhaa. She bought them from the chicken farm that is near our house.



En amma en pakathle irukaanga. My mom is beside me.En amma romba nalla paadam solli tharuvaanga. My mom teaches really well.

Ippo avanga pakathle ennoda puthagam ellaam irukku. Now, my books are near her.

Naan padikkum bodhu en amma en pakkathle irupaanga.. My mom, is beside me, when I learn my lesson.


En pillainga inge samaiyal araiyila irukaanga. My children are here in the kitchen.En valadhu pakathule en chinna magal/ponnu Marianne irukira. On my right side is my little daughter Maraianne.
Ava pakathule avaloda akka Maggie irukaa. Beside her, is her elder sister, Maggie.

En idadhu pakathule en rendaavadhu ponnu Margaret irukkira. On my left side, is my second daughter Margaret.



Between – Naduvil


We use the word Naduvil/ Naduvile when we want to say between.



Roshan avanoda nanbargal kooda pallikku poraan. Roshan is going to school with his friends.Avan thozhi peru Deepi. His friend’s name is Deepi.

Deepikkum Roshanukkum naduvule irrupadhu Naren. Naren is in between Deepi and Roshan.

Ivanga moonu perum best friends. The three of them are best friends.


Inge oru azhagaana Christmas maram irukku. Here is a beautiful Christmas tree.Adhu Rachel-kkum Mike-kkum naduvule irukku. It is in between Rachel and Mike.

Rendu perukkum naduvule irukira Christmas maram jodichu irukku. The Christmas tree that is between them is decorated.

Avanga naduvila irukra maram keezhe parisugal irukku. There are presents under the tree that is between them.



Let’s practice the Ordinal number form:


Speech Form

Ordinal number Form

1 Onnu 1st Onnaavadhu – First
2 Rendu 2nd Rendaavadhu
3 Moonu 3rd Moonaavadhu
4 Naalu 4th Naalaavadhu
5 Anji/anju 5th Anjaavadhu
6 Aaru 6th Aaraavadhu
7 Ezhu 7th Ezhaavadhu
8 Ettu 8th Ettaavadhu
9 Ombodhu 9th Onbadhaavadhu
10 Paththu 10th Paththaavadhu
11 Pathinonnu 11th Pathinonaavadhu
12 Panirendu 12th Panirendaavadhu
13 Padhimoonu 13th …..
14 Padhinaalu 14th …..
15 Padhinanju 15th …..
16 Padhinaaru 16th …..
17 Padhinezhu 17th …..
18 Padhinettu 18th ….
19 Pathombadhu 19th ….
20 Iruvadhu 20th Iruvadhaavadhu….
21 Iruvathi onnu 21st Iruvathi onnaavadhu….
22 Iruvathi rendu 22nd Iruvathi rendaavadhu….
23 Iruvathi moonu 23rd ….
24 Iruvathi naalu 24th ….
25 Iruvathi anji 25th ….
26 Iruvathi aaru 26th ….
27 …. 27th ….
28 …. 28th ….
29 …. 29th ….
30 Muppadhu 30th Muppadhaavadhu….
40 Naapadhu 40th Naapadhaavadhu….
50 Ambadhu 50th Ambadhaavadhu….
60 Aruvadhu 60th Aruvadhaavadhu….
70 Ezhuvadhu 70th Ezhuvadhaavadhu….
80 Ennbadhu 80th Ennbadhaavadhu….
90 Thonnooru 90th Thonnooraavadhu….
100 Nooru 100th Nooraavadhu….


Say in Tamil

8th 64th 25th
23rd 42nd 80th
12th 19th 75th
37th 69th 9th
79th 88th 54th
93rd 15th 55th
100th 33rd 40th


Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Munnaadi/ munnale – Before
Pinnaadi/ Pinnaale – After
Vegamaa – Fast
Pogudhu – It is going
Pidi+ – Catch, hold (base verb)
Odu+ – Run (base verb)
Apramaa/ piragu – Later, afterwards
Ippadi – Like this
Appadi – Like that
Kundaa – Fat
Udal payirchi – Exercise
Mudhale – First
Ezhuthaalar – Writer
Vingnaani – Scientist
Pannu – Do (base verb)
Edhire – Infront
Kannaadi – Mirror
Nikkiradhu – To stand
Serndhu – Together
Vaguppu – Class
Ulaga urundai – Globe
Naadu – Country, nation
Pakaththle – Near
Muttai – Egg
Koodai – Basket
Pannai – Farm
Kaaigal – Vegetables
Kaaikari – Vegetables, fruits
Valadhu pakkam – Right side
Idadhu – Left
China ponnu – Little girl, younger daughter
Rendaavadhu – Second
Naduvule – In between
Jodichu irukku – Decorated
Parisugal – Gifts



Try to frame sentences in Tamil:





5.udal payirchi:




9.valadhu pakkam:




Translate into Tamil:

1. Sit before me

2. There is a book behind the box

3. The file is in the second shelf.

4. They have decorated the house beautifully.

5. Come here later.

6. The writer works in the office in the first floor.

7. Have you seen a globe?

8. There is a farm near my house.

9. Place the mirror on the table.

10. There are many eggs in the basket.


Padam Paarthu Badhil Sollu

Indha padam patri sollunga Indha padam patri sollunga
Maram enge irukku? Raj-oda computer enge irukku?
Vini pathi sollunga Rachel enna pandraa?


Try to use the prepositions you have learnt so far and describe the picture: