Lesson 17

  1. Where? – Prepositions 6
  2. Tell more about the pictures
  3. Ordinal numbers
  4. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
  5. Exercises
  6. Describe the picture


Lesson 17 Where? Prepositions 6

Today we are going to see about some more prepositions of places in Tamil.


How to say sentences that have ‘Of’:

There are limitations in all languages. Instead of using certain prepostions, in Tamil the sentences are framed in other ways.
There are some sentences that are not said in the way it is said in Tamil. The sentence pattern changes, or in some cases the active voice sentences are spoken in the passive voice in the other languages.


Used for belonging to, relating to, or connected with:


Hello. Neenga moondraam vaguppu aasiriyar, Ms. Claire-a? Hello. Are you Ms.Claire, the teacher of Class 3?
Aamaa. Neenga, indha chutti paiyan John-oda amma thane. Yes. And you must the mother of this smart kid, John.
Avan in palli-oda/palliyin sirandha maanavan. He is the best student of the school.
Aamaa. Avan thervukaaga, naraiya muyarchi eduthaan. Yes. He took a lot of effort to learn for his exams.


Idhu oru peria panakaarar-oda thottam. This is the garden of a very rich man.
Inge naraiya vidamaana pazhangalum, kaaigalum irukku. There are many kinds of fruits and vegetables there.
Ivanga thaan indhe thottath-in/ thottath-oda thottakaarargal. They are the gardeners of this garden.



Translate the following sentences:

1.He is the son of the principal.

2.This is the palace of King Solomon.

3.These are the students of Little flowers convent.

4.I am the friend of the doctor.

5.The teachers of this school are very good.


Used for indicating a number or amount:


Vicky, indha glass thannee-a kudi. Vicky, drink this glass of water.
Nandri. Naan dhinamum ettu glass thannee kudippen. Thank you. I drink eight glasses of water every day.
Dhinam ettu glass thannee kudipadhu udambukku nalladhu. It is good to drink eight glasses of water every day.
Naan eppavum kaachiya thanneer kudippen.. I always drink boiled water.


Naan oru doctor-oda magan. I am the son a doctor.
En appa solraar, Paal thaan en urudhiyaana elumbu-oda ragasiyam. My dad says, Milk is the secret of my strong bones.
En urudhiyaana pal-oda ragasiyamum idhu thaan. The secret of my strong teeth is also this.
Enakku paal kudikka romba pidikkum. I love to drink milk.



Naanum amma-um cake seirom. My mom and I are making a cake.
Adhukku thevaiyaana ella porullum inge irukku. All the things required for the cake is here.
Cake seiya rendu cup maavu, arai cup paal, rendu muttai venum. To make a cake, two cups of flour, a half a cup of milk, two eggs are required.
Cake vaasanaiyaa/ manamaa/ irukka moonu teaspoon vanilla flavor venum. For the cake to smell nice, we need a teaspoon of vanilla flavor.


Enakku Strawberry romba pidikkum. Cake-la kaal kilo strawberry podalaam. I like strawberries. We shall add a quarter kilo of strawberries in the cake.
Konjam baking soda-um, oru chitti-kai uppu venum. A little bit of salt and a pinch of salt is needed.


Translate the following sentences:

1.Give me a glass of water.

2.Buy two kilos of potatoes.

3.She wants a spoon of sugar.

4.Drink two litres of water everyday.


Used for indicating reference:


Idhu en thaathaa-oda pannai-in/oda pugai-padam. This is a photo of my grandpa’s farm.
Indha pannai-la oru periya pullu-kattu veliya irukku. There is big stack of hay in the farm.
Oru mootai vidhai-um, oru bucket thannee-um irukku. There is also bag/sack of seeds and a bucket of water.


Idhu oru ilavarasi-oda pugai-padam. This is the photograph of a princess.
Ival Greece naatu ilavarasi. She is the princess of Greece.
Aval Greece naatu Rani-yaaga poraa. She is going to become the Queen of Greece.
Ivaloda kreedam-um, singhaasanam-um thangathale aanadhu. Her crown and throne is made of gold.



Translate the following sentences:


The name of this little girl is Rosy.She is the daughter of Mrs. Daisy.

Rosy is the student of the MWC school.

She is a very good student.

She is the best student of that school.

The secret of her success is hardwork.

She has got ‘the best student of the year’ award.

The Principal of the school gave her the award.



Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Moondraam – Third
Chutti – Smart
Sirandha – Best
Thervu – Exam
Muyarchi – Effort
Panakaarar – Wealthy man
Vidhamaana – Variety, various kinds
Thottakaarargal – Gardeners
Thanneer – Water
Ettu – Eight
Nalladhu – Good
Kaaichiya thannee – Boiled water
Urudhi-yaana – Strong
Ragasiyam – Secret
Solraar – He Says (with respect)
Thevaiyaana – Required, necessary
Maavu – Flour
Paal – Milk
Vaasanai – Smell, fragrance
Manam – Smell, fragrance
Arai-kilo – Half a kilo
Kaal – kilo – Quarter of a kilo
Chitti-kai – Pinch of any powdery substance
Uppu – Salt
Pannai – Farm
Pughai-padam – Photo
Pullu-kattu – Bale of hay
Mootai – Sack
Vidhaigal – Seeds
Ilavarasi – Princess
Raani-yaaga – To be queen
Kreedam – Crown
Singhaasanam – Throne
Thangam – Gold
Thangathaal aanadhu – Made of gold



Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. thervu:

2. panakaarar:

3. urudhi:

4. ragasiyam:

5. vaasanai:

6. thevaiyaana:

7. kaal-kilo:

8. mootai:

9. ilavarasi:

10. thangam:


Collective Noun

Now Let us see to use the collective nouns in Tamil..
Saavi Koththu Thratchai koththu/kulai Poo-chendu
Then-E koottam Paravai kootam Makkal/Jana-kootam
Thirumana – jodi Kaal urai Jodi Sulli-kattu
Kuppai medu Kal kuviyal Man medu/ kuviyal
Panna kattu Vilayaatu ani Isai-kuzhuvinar
Circus kuzhu Malai thodar Maruthuva kuzhu
Ranuva padai Thirudar kumbal Vaazhai thoppu



1. There is a bunch of grapes on the table.

2.The Football team is playing well.

3.There is a heap of garbage in the backyard.

4.This is a banana plantation.

5.Where is the bunch of keys?

6.This wedding couple looks beautiful.

7.He is giving her a bouquet of flowers.

8.The gang of robbers are in jail now.

9.Where is my pair of socks?

10.This mountain range is beautiful.

11.There is a bunch of flowers.

12.That circus troupe is coming to our town.

13.There was a huge crowd in-front of the school.

14.This group of boys sing in the church.


Padam paarthu badhil sollu:

Indha padam patri sollunga Indha aranmanai patri sollunga
Mongu kaiyle enna irukku? Ivar yaar?
Vini pathi sollunga Roshan endha palli manavan?


Try to use the prepositions you have learnt so far and describe the picture: