Lesson 18

  1. Where? – By – Prepositions 7
  2. Tell more about the pictures
  3. Translate the following
  4. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
  5. Exercises
  6. Describe the picture


Lesson 18 Where? Prepositions 7

Today we are going to see about some more prepositions of places in Tamil.


How to say sentences that have ‘By’:

Just as we have seen earlier, there seems to be limitations in the sentences that has the ‘by’ in English.
The preposition by is used in many different ways. One common use is in place phrases. In showing places, the meaning of by is the same as beside or at the side of.


1. Nee kadhavu pakaththle utkaarndhu irundheeya? Were you sitting by (beside) the door?

2. Enoda car-kku pakaththle avanoda car-a niruthinaan. Joe parked his car by (beside) mine.


How to say a sentence when ‘by’ is used to say ‘beside’:


Raj oru thiramaiyaana mechanic. Raju is a very talented mechanic.
Avan oru vandi pakaththle nikkiraan. He is standing by a car.
Avan pakaththle oru vandi tyre irukku. There is a car tyre beside him.


Idhu kulir kaalam. This is a cold season.
Sheeba neruppu pakathle irukaa. Sheeba is sitting by the fire.
Neruppu pakaththle iruppadhu ushnaththai tharudhu. Sitting by the fire gives us heat.
Vaanga. Inge en pakaththle ukaarunga. Come. Sit by/beside me.



Idhu enga palli. This is our school.
Enga palli oru kaaval nilayam pakaththle irukku. Our school is by a police station.
Paarunga! Enga palli pakaththle kaaval nilayam irukku thane? Look. Isn’t there a police station by our school.


Translate the following sentences:

1. Hema is sitting by the door.

2. There is a man by the window.

3. Stand by the gate.

4. Is there a police station by your school?

5. Don’t stand by the swimming pool.


How to say a sentence when ‘by’ is used to say the way something is done:

We use by to show how something is done or how something happened. Let us see how to say such sentences in tamil.

1. Naan thabaal moolamaa porul-a anupuven. I will send the package by post.
2. Avan tholai-pesi moolamaa aval-a thodarbu kolluvaan. He will contact her by phone.


Vini-kkum, Viji-kkum pudhu udaigal/thuni vaanga pidikkum. Vini and Viji loves to buy new clothes.
Vini thunigale credit card moolamaa vaanginaa. Vini paid for her clothes by a credit card.
Viji thunigale panam kuduththu vaanginaa. Viji paid by cash for the clothes.
Vini credit card moolamaa vaaginadhaala avalukku nalla discount/ thallubhadi kidichadhu. Vini got a good discount because she bought the clothes by the credit card.


Vini ella porulleyum credit card moolamaa thaan vaanguvaa. Vini buys all her things by credit card.
Neenga eppadi porul vaanguveenga? Card moolamaa? Panam moolamaa? How do you buy things? By cash or by card?


En maamaakku pizza romba pidikkum. My uncle loves pizzas.
Avar dhinamum tholai-pesi/phone moolamaa pizza kondu vara solluvaar. Everyday he orders food by phone.
Phone moolamaa sonadhum, andha kadai-oda pizza paiyan pizza kondu varuvaan. As soon as he orders by phone, the pizza boy brings the pizza.
Maamaa-kku enna venumo phone- moolamaa solluvaar. My uncle orders whatever he wants by phone.


En akka oru kadeedham ezhudhuraa. My sister is writing a letter.
Adhu yaarukku theriyuma? Adhu Santa-kku. Do you know, who is it to? It’s to Santa.
Avalukku oru karadi bommai vendum-nu kadeedham moolamaa Santa-kku solluraa. She wants a Barbie doll. She is telling it to Santa by letter.


Avarum naama kadeedham moolamaa enna ketaalum, kondu varuvaar. Whatever we ask him in a letter, he brings it.
Enakku oru pudhu car vendum. Naan adhai Santa-kku kadeedham moolamaa solla poren.. I want a new car. I am going to convey it to him by a letter.
Unakku enna venum? Santa-kku kadeedham ezhudhiyaacha? What do you want? Have you written the letter to Santa?



Translate the following sentences:

1. Pay for the grocery by cash.

2. She orders food by phone.

3. Can I pay by credit card.

4. I will tell him the message by phone.

5. You have to give it by hand.

6. We shall send the parcel by courier.

7. Shall I pay for the materials by card.


Say a few sentences about these pictures:



How to say a sentence when ‘by’ is used to say about who or what did the action:

When ‘by’ is used in passive voice sentences, these sentences in Tamil is only spoken in the active voice.

Now let us see how we say such a sentence in Tamil.


1. Idhu Picaso-vaal varaiya pattadhu. This was painted by Picasso.

2. Indha veedu en thaathaa-vaal kattapattadhu. This house was built by my grandfather.

3. Naan Sarah-vaal azhaikka pattu-irukiren. I was invited by Sarah.


Regan oru thiramaiyaana oviyar. Regan is a talented artist/ painter.
Avarukku iyarkai azhagai varaya pidikkum.. He loves to draw the nature’s beauty.
Avar niraya oviyangal varanji irukaar. He has drawn/ painted many paintings.
Niraya oviyangal avaraal varaya pattu-irukku. Many paintings have been done by him.

( The line in green is the tamil sentence in the passive voice. But this sentence pattern is not used in conversational Tamil.)


Idhu Shaney. Ivanga oru udai vadivamaipaalar. This is Shaney. She is a costume designer.
Shaney vidha vidhamaana udaigal-e vadivamaichi irukaanga. Shaney has designed a variety of dresses.
Shaneyaal vidha vidhamaana udaigal vadivamaikka pattu irukku. Varieties of dresses has been designed by Shaney.
Udaigal vadivamaipadhu ivangaloda thozhil. Designing dresses is her business.



Idhu oru azhaippu idhazh. This is an invitation.
Engale Ava-oda appa avaloda pirandha naal virundhu/party-kku azhaithu-irukaanga. Her dad has invited us for her birthday party.
Naanga Ava-oda pirandha naal virundhukku azhaikkapattu irukkom. We’ve been invited by her dad for her birthday party.
Avaloda appa engale azhaithaar. Her dad invited us.

Ava-oda appavaal naanga azhaikkapattu-irukkom.. We’ve been invited by her dad.


Translate the following sentences:

1. This is a song by Beethoven.

2. The bride invited me for the wedding.

3. Can I pay by credit card.

4. I will tell him the message by phone.

5. The gift given by Johnson was very beautiful.

6. The beautiful song was sung by the little girl.

7. Shall I pay for the materials by card.


Say a few sentences about these pictures:



How to say a sentence when ‘by’ is used to say about something ‘handy’:

We use by to show how certain things are kept in a handy place, or nearby.


1. Hilda has a calculator by her when she balances her bank book.
2. Dad always keeps a map by him when he goes to new places.


Inge kanakku potty nadakudhu. A math competition is going on here.
Vinita, Vicky, Vinay moonu perum nanbargal. Vinitha, Vicky and Vinay The three of them are friends.
Moonu perukkum kanakku poda romba pidikkum. The three of them love to do maths.
Kanakku podhum podhu Vinita pakathle oru abacus kit irukkum. When Kavitha does maths, she always has an abacus kit by her side.
Vicky kanakku podhum podhu avanoda calculator-a pakathle vechi-irupaan. Vicky has a calculator by him when he does sums.
Vinay edhuvum vechi-irukka maattaan. Vinay never has anything beside him.
Avan thaana-ve kanakku poduvaan. Avan romba kettikaaran. He does it all by himself. He is very clever.


En amma enakku paadam solli tharuvaanga. My mom teaches me.
Appo, avanga pakathle eppavum oru agaraadhi vechi-irupaanga. Then, she always used to have a dictionary by her side.
Enakku theriyaadha vaarthaikku adhule-irrundhu artham solluvaanga. She tells me the meanings of the words that I do not know.
Padikkum podhu eppavum pakathle oru agaraadhi vechikka solluvaanga. She always asks me keep a dictionary by me, whenever I read.


En akka-kku en amma recipes romba pidikkum. My sister loves my mom’s recipes.
Ava samaikkum podhu amma-oda recipe book ava pakathle irukkum. My mom’s recipe book would always be there by her when she cooks.
Adhu-la irundhu paarthu samaippa. She refers it and cooks.


Enga amma samaikkum bodhu en paati-oda recipe book-a pakathle vechi-irupaanga. When my mom cooks, she keeps her mom’s recipe book by her.
Naan samaikkum bodhu en pakathle naan endha book-um vechi-irukka maaten. Naan oru periya cook. I never keep any book beside me when I cook. I am a great cook.


Translate the following sentences:

1. This picture was taken by John.

2. I pay for the vegetables by cash.

3. Keep a dictionary by you when you read.

4. I am going to order a pizza by phone.

5. Did you like the song sung by her?

6. Where is the drawing done by Pattie?

7. Shall I pay for the things by card.

8. Sit by the fire and you will not feel cold.

9. The pot that was made by Andie broke.

10. I will send the box by mail.


Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Thiramaiyaana – Talented, brilliant, artistic
Vandi pakathle – By the car
Nikkiraan – He is standing
Kulir kaalam – Cold/ winter season
Neruppu – Fire
Ushnam tharum – Gives heat
Kaaval nilayam – Police station
Moolamaa – By, through
Thuni – Clothes
Panam – Money, cash
Thallubhadi – Discount
Kidachadhu – Avail, get
Tholai-pesi – Phone
Kondu vara – Order, to bring
Enna venumo – Whatever one wants
Oviyar – Artist, painter
Oviyam – Art, painting
Iyarkai azhaghu – Natural beauty
Varai – To draw
vidha vidham – Varieties
Udai vadivamaippu – Costume designing
Thozhil – Business
Azhaippu idhazh – Invitation
Nadakudhu – Happening, going on
Podhu/bodhu – At that time, when
Vechi-iru – To keep
Kettikaaran – Clever
Agaraadhi – Dictionary



Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. moolamaa:

2. pakathule:

3. iyarkai azhagu:

4. neruppu:

5. vidha vidhamaana:

6. enna venumo:

7. kettikaaran:

8. agaraadhi:

9. thallubhadi:

10. azhaippu idhazh:


Padam paarthu badhil sollu:

Indha padam patri sollunga Indha padam patri sollunga


Try to use the prepositions you have learnt so far and describe the picture: