Lesson 19

  1. Where? – By – Prepositions 8
  2. Translate the following sentences
  3. Say about the pictures
  4. Listening comprehension
  5. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
  6. Exercises
  7. Means of transport
  8. Describe the picture


Lesson 19 Where? Prepositions 8

Today we are going to see about some more prepositions of places in Tamil.


How to say a sentence when ‘by’ is used to say about time:

We use ‘by’ to show how something ha to be done in or before a particular time.


1. Ajayoda project-a Vellikizhamaikku-ulaaga kudukanum. Ajay has to give his project by Friday.

2. Naan 11 manikku-ulaaga enoda flight-kaaga airportla irukanum. I have to be in the airport by 11, for my flight.


Ranjan Ranjini-kku 8 manikku palli. Ranjan and Ranjini have school at 8.
Avanga ezhu-arai manikku-ulaaga kilambuvaanga. They get ready by 7.30.
Avanga 7.30 manikk-ulaaga kilambinaal avanga nerathoda pallikku povaanga. They will reach on time if they leave by 7.30.
Dhinamum avanga 7.30 manikku-ulaaga pallikku kilabuvaanga. Everyday they will leave by 7.30.
Palli-la irundhu veetukku 3.30 manikku-ulaaga varuvaanga. They will come home from school by 3.30.
Thirumbavum 5.30 manikku-ulaaga music class-kku povaanga. Again they leave to music class by 5.30.


En amma oru super mom. My mom is a super mom.
Kaalai-le anju manikku ezhundhirupaanga. She wakes up by 5 in the morning.
Aaru manikk-ulla walking poyitu vandhu, yoga seivaanga. She comes from walking by 6 and does yoga.
Ezhu manik-ulle samayal seivaanga. She cooks by 7.
Adhukku apramaa, en thambikku vendiya ellam seivaanga. Then afterwards, she does everything for my little brother.
Ettu manikkulle naanum kilambiduven. I too get ready by 8.
Adhukku apramaa, naanga moonu perum veetla irundhu kilambiduvom. And after that, the three of us start from home.
Thambi-ya day care-la vittutu, ennai palli-la vittutu, amma paththu manikkulle avanga office-la irupaanga. Leaving my brother in the day care and me at school, mom reaches office by 10.


Enga palli-la oru ariviyal kankaatchi (science exhibition) irukku. There is a science exhibition in my school.
Adhukku naanga ellarum projects seirom. We all are doing projects for that.
Naanga indha project-a Budhan kizhamai-kulle mudikkanum. We have to complete this project by Wednesday.
Budhan kizhamai-kulle idha naanga senjiduvom. We will complete it by Wednesday.


Translate the following sentences:

1. I leave for the airport by 6am.

2. She orders food by phone.

3. We will submit the project by tomorrow.

4. She is standing by the car.

5. This dress was designed by my mom.

6. We shall send the parcel by courier.

7. Shall I pay for the materials by card.


How to say a sentence when ‘by’ is used to say about travelling:

We use ‘by’ to say about the means of transport one is travelling.


1. Rasika avaloda paati veetukku train-la poraa. Rasika is going to her granny’s house by train..

2. Avanga andha oorukku oru kappal-le poraanga. They are going to that place by a ship.


Ivanga thaan Jackson kudumbam. This is the Jackson family.
Avanga vimaanathle poraanga. They are going by a plane.
Avanga vimaanam moolamaa enge poraanga theriyuma? Do you know where they are going by plane?
Avanga kodai vidumurai(summer vacation)-kku Hawaikku vimaanathle poraanga. They are going to Hawaii by a plane, for their summer vacation.


Enakkum vimaanathle poga pidikkum. I too love to go by plane.
Neenga vimaanathle payanam poirukeengala?. Have you travelled by plane?
Neenga vimaanathle enge poneega, sollunga. Where did you go by plane?


Idhu oru kuzhandhainga thodar vandi. This is a kids train.
Indha train enge irukku? Where is this train?
Idhu oru periya miruga kaatchi saalai-la irukku. It is in a big zoo.
Indhe kuzhandhainga ellarum, thodar vandi-la, zoo-va suthi paarka poraanga. These kids are going to go around the zoo by this train.
Indhe thodar vandi-la poi mirugamgal-a sulabamaa paarkalaam. We can go by this train and easily see at the animals in the zoo.
Neenga indha thodar vandi-la miruga kaatchi paarthu irukeengala? Have you gone by this train and seen a zoo.


Say a few sentences about these pictures:



How to say a sentence when ‘by’ is used to say about doing something alone, without help:

When ‘by’ is used with a normal personal pronoun, it means ‘in a easy-to-reach-place’ or ‘handy’. But when it is used with a reflexive pronoun, the meaning is ‘alone’ or ‘without’ help.
Now let us see how we say such a sentence in Tamil.


1. Simon avanoda car-a avane/ thaane kazhuvuraan. Simom is washing his car by himself.

2. Idha naane seiven. I do it by myself.


Ivanga thaan John-um Jacob-um. This is John and Jacob.
John-kku car sari seiradhu pathi theriyum. John knows about fixing a car.
John avaroda car pratchanaigale avare sari seivaar. John fixes his car by himself.
Avaroda magan Jacobum adhe maadhiri thaan. His son, Jacob is also like him.


Inge avangaloda pazhaiya car-a avangale sari senjaanga. They fixed their old car by themselves.
Andhe car-a ippo avangale kazhuvuraanga. They are now washing the car by themselves.


Ruby oru kettikaara ponnu. Ruby is a smart girl.
Avale thanoda seerudai poduvaa. She wears her uniform by herself.
Avale thanoda school shoes poduvaa. She wears her shoes by herself.
Avalukku yaaroda udhaviyum vendaam. She doesn’t need anybody’s help.
Avaloda ella velai-yum avale seivaa. She does all her work by herself.


Say a few sentences about these pictures:



How to say a sentence when ‘by’ is used with a verb showing motion:

When ‘by’ is used with a verb showing motion, it usually shows movement past a place.
Now let us see how we say such a sentence in Tamil.


1.Inaikku kaalaiyile unnoda veeta thaandi nadandhu ponom. We walked by your house this morning.

2.Namma thaandi odina paiyan yaar? Who is the boy who just ran by us?


Naanga oru naal Las Vegas-kku ponom. One day we went to Las Vegas.
Naanga car-la ponom. We went by car.
Naanga iravu/raathiri thanga idam thedinom. We looked for a room to stay the night.


Niraya motelgal-e thaandi ponom. We drove by many motels.
Enge-yum idam illa. Thirumbavum romba dhooram ponom. There wasn’t any room. Again we drove a long distance.
Kadaisiyile oru motel-a idam kidachidhu. Finally, we got a place in a motel.
Adho! avan thirudan. Look there! He is a thief.
Avan ippo en thambi-ya thaandi odunaan. He just ran by my little brother.
Avan oru pai-a thirudhittu engalai thaandi oduraan. He robbed a bag and ran by us.



1. We are going to the school by our car.

2. That cat opens the door by itself.

3. Racika goes to her granny’s house by train.

4. He never does his homework by himself.

5. I will go to the market by bicycle

6. This wedding couple are going to the church in a chariot.

7. The princess of the country does all her work by herself.

8. Who is the boy who ran past the table?




Inge naanga ellarum bommai vilayaatu vilayaadurom.En peru Princy.

Ivange enoda friends, Reeta, Kavitha. Ivanga rendu perum enoda palli-la padikiraanga.Kavitha veedu en veetukku pakathle thaan irukku.

En kai-le oru boomai sattai irukku. Adhe naan theikiren. Kavitha en pakathle ukaardhikaa. Avaloda kai-le oru bommai sattai irukku.

En bommai peru Rosy. Reetakku andhe bommai romba pidikkum.

Andha boomaikku oru pudhu sattai theikirom. Reetakku pakathle enoda theiyal petti irukku. Adhu ulle naan oosi, nool ellam vechi irukken.

Naanga bommaikku pudhu sattai theichittu adhanoda vilayaada porom.


Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Manikku – At a particular time
Nerathodu – On time, in time
Kilambuvaanga – Leave (third person-plural)
Varuvaanga – Come (third person-plural)
Povaanga – Go (third person-plural)
Ariviyal kankaatchi – Science exhibition
Velli kizhamai – Friday
Budhan kizhamai – Wednesday
Mudikkanum – Should finish/ complete
Kappal – Ship
Oor – Native place/ place
Vimaanam – Aeroplane
Kodai vidumurai – Summer vacation
Thodar vandi – Train
Miruga kaatchi saalai – Zoo
Sulabamaa – With ease
maadhiri – Like, similar
Pratchanai – Problem
Avare – He himself
Avale – She herself
Thane – By one’s self
Pazhaiya – Old
Kazhuvuraanga – Wash (third person-plural)
Kettikaara ponnu – Smart girl
Seerudai – Uniform
Thaandi – Cross over, by…
Iravu – Night
Raathiri – Night
Thanga – To stay
Thedinom – We searched
Dhooram – Far, away
Kadaisiyil – Atlast, finally
Idam – Place
Kidachadhu – Get



Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. Ariviyal kankaatchi:

2. mudikkanum:

3. kappal:

4. kodai vidumurai:

5. sulabamaa:

6. kettikaaran:

7. raathiri:

8. dhooram:

9. kadaisiyil:

10. pazhaiya:

11. maadhiri:

12. kilambu:

13. miruga kaatchi saalai:

14. pratchanai:

15. thodar vandi:

16. avare:

17. naane:


Means of Transport

Now let us see to say the different means of transport in Tamil..
Midhivandi Motaar bike Car
Taxi Perundhu Auto
Rickshaw Radham Kattai vandi
Maatu vandi Thallu vandi Vaniga vandi / trolley
Pugai -vandi Rayil vandi Padagu
Motaar padagu Paai mara kappal Kappal
Sarakku kappal Vimaanam Helicopter
Rocket Parachute Veppa-kaatru balloon
MaN lorry Kuppai vandi Balu-thooki



1. The explorer was bitten by a snake in the jungle.

2. She fixed her washing machine by herself.

3. This piece was composed by Beethoven.

4. He offered to pay for the damage by cash.

5. The game was watched by all of fans.

6. She was quicker than me by 5 minutes.

7. I am happy by your actions.

8. Have the report on my desk by Friday.

9. Sorry, I stepped on your foot by mistake.

10. He travelled all the way by car.


Padam paarthu badhil sollu:

Rachel patri sollunga Amma patri sollunga
Ivanga payanam patri sollunga. Raj oduraar! Yen?
Vini pathi sollunga Appa appadi oorukku poraar?


Try to use the prepositions you have learnt so far and describe the picture: