Lesson 30

  1. When? – Continous
  2. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
  3. Conversation – Welcome Home
  4. Rooms in the house
  5. Things in the house
  6. Exercises


Lesson 30 When? – Tense – Continuous form

Today, we will see the Continuous form of the Tenses. But even before we start learning about Continuous form of the tenses, let us refresh by translating these Simple form sentences.

• Raju eats an apple everyday.

• Dad went to the market today morning.

• Grandpa forgets everything.

• Veeta is chewing gum.

• John will buy newspaper tomorrow.

• Tommy always obeys his master.

• Mom saves money in the bank.

• Danny lost the coin yesterday.

• Rasi wears new dress every week.

• Grandma will read us a new story today.

• Sumitha is counting the money in her purse.


Continuous form of the tenses

We are going to see the simple form in all the three tenses. Try framing more by yourself.


Past Continuous Present Continuous Future Continuous
Naan – I (Sing.) First person
Nee enna senjittu irrundhe? Nee enna senjittu irruke? Nee enna senjittu irrupe?
Naan nethu paadam padichittu irrundhen. Naan inge paadam padichittu irruken Naan paadam padichittu irrupen
Naan appo dress pottittu irrundhen. Naan ippo pudhu dress pottittu irruken. Naalaikku Naan pirandha naal dress pottittu irrupen.
Naan andha neram saaptittu irrundhen. Naan ippo vaazhai pazham saaptittu irruken. Naan andha neram saaptittu irrupen.
Naanga – We (Plu.) First person
Neenga enna senjittu irrundheenga? Neenga enna senjittu irrukeenga? Neenga enna senjittu irrupeenga?
Naanga nethu paadam padichittu irrundhom. Naanga innaikku paadam padichittu irrukrom. Naanga paadam padichittu irrupom.
Naanga appo dress pottittu irrundhom. Naanga ippo room-la dress pottittu irrukrom. Naanga naalaikku fancy dress pottittu irrupom.
Naanga andha neram saaptittu irrundhom. Naanga inge nalla saaptittu irrukrom. Naanga naalaikku indha neram saaptittu irrupom.
Nee/ Neenga – You ( Sing. / Plu.) Second person
Nee/Neenga nethu paadam padichittu irrundhe/eenga Nee/Neenga innaikku nallaa paadam padichittu irruke/eenga Nee/Neenga nallaa paadam padichittu irrupe/eenga
Nee/Neenga appo dress potittu irrundhe/eenga Nee/Neenga ippo room-la dress potittu irruke/eenga. Nee/Neenga naalaikku fancy dress potittu irrupe/eenga.
Nee/ Neenga andha neram saaptittu irrundhe/eenga Nee/ Neenga ippo ozhungaa saaptittu irruke/eenga Nee/ Neenga naalaikku idhe neram saaptittu irrupe/eenga
Avan/Avar – He (Third person )
Avan/Avar enna senjittu irrundhaan/irrundhaar? Avan/Avar enna senjittu irrukaan/irrukaar? Avan/Avar enna senjittu irrupaan/irrupaar?
Avan/Avar paadam padichittu irrundhaan/dhaar Avan/Avar paadam padichittu irrukaan/kaar Avan/Avar paadam padichittu irrupaan/paar
Avan/Avar dress potittu irrundhaan/dhaar Avan/Avar dress potittu irrukaan/kaar Avan/Avar dress potittu irrupaan/paar
Avan/Avar saapitittu irrundhaan/dhaar Avan/Avar saapitittu irrukaan/kaar Avan/Avar saapitittu irrupaan/paar
Aval/Avanga – She Third person
Aval/Avanga enna senjittu irrundhaa/irrundhaanga? Aval/Avanga enna senjittu irrukaa/irrukaanga? Aval/Avanga enna senjittu irrupaa/irrupaanga?
Aval/ Avanga paadam padichittu irrundhaa/dhaanga Aval/ Avanga paadam padichittu irrukaa/kaanga Aval/ Avanga paadam padichittu irrupaa/paanga
Aval/Avanga dress potittu irrundhaa/dhaanga Aval/Avanga dress potittu irrukaa/kaanga Aval/Avanga dress potittu irrupaa/paanga
Aval/ Avanga saapitittu irrundhaa/dhaanga Aval/ Avanga saapitittu irrukaa/kaanga Aval/ Avanga saapitittu irrupaa/paanga
Avanga – They (Plu.) Third person
Avanga enna senjittu irrundhaanga? Avanga enna senjittu irrukaanga? Avanga enna senjittu irrupaanga?
Avanga paadam padichittu irrundhaanga Avanga paadam padichittu irrukaanga Avanga paadam padichittu irrupaanga
Avanga dress potittu dhaanga Avanga dress potittu irrukaanga Avanga dress potittu irrupaanga
Avanga saapitittu dhaanga Avanga saapitittu irrukaanga Avanga saapitittu irrupaanga
Adhu/Idhu – IT Third person
Adhu/Idhu enna senjittu irrundhadhu/ irrundhichu? Adhu/Idhu enna senjittu irruku? Adhu/Idhu enna senjittu irrukum?
Adhu/Idhu veliya paarthittu irrundhadhu Adhu/Idhu veliya paarthittu irruku Adhu/Idhu veliya paarthittu irrukum
Adhu/Idhu dress potittu irrundhadhu Adhu/Idhu dress potittu irrukudhu Adhu/Idhu dress potittu irrukum
Adhu/Idhu saapadu saapitittu irrundhadhu Adhu/Idhu saapadu saapitittu irrukudhu Adhu/Idhu saapadu saapitittu irrukum


Examples of the Continuous form:

Amma : Rathi, nee ennoda kuliyal aria-la enna senjittu irukke? Rathi! What are you doing in my bathroom.
Rathi :Naan ippo kulichittu iruken. I am bathing, now.
Naan neththu enoda kuliyal aria-la kulichittu irundhen. I was bathing in my bathroom, yesterday.
Ange oru palli paarthen. I saw a lizard there.
Ini mele naan inge thaan kulippen. Hereafter, I will be bathing here,
Naan romba neram kulichittu iruppen. I will be bathing for a long time.


Vijay, neththu nee enna padichittu irundhe? Vijay, what were you learning yesterday?
Nee ariviyal paadam padichitteeya? Have you learnt science?
Ippo enna padichittu irukke, sollu! Tell me, What are you learning now?
Dhinamum kadhai padichittu iruppe. You are reading stories everyday.
Ippo, unoda paadathai padi. Read your lessons now.


Rachel, enna senjittu irukaa? What is Rachel doing?
Ava oru paadam ezhudhittu irukaa. She is writing a lesson.
Ava kaalai-la enna ezhudhittu irundhaa? What was she writing in the morning?
Kaalai-la ava appa-kku oru kadeedham ezhidhittu irundhaa. She was writing a letter to her dad, in the morning.
Avalukku ezhudhuvadhu pidikkuma? Does she love writing?
Aamaa. Ava eppavum yedhaavadhu ezhudhittu iruppa. Yes. She will be always writing something.


Ajith enna senjittu irukaan? What is Ajith doing?
Ajith vaguppu-la thoongittu irukaan. Ajith is sleeping in class.
Avan neththu kooda class-la thoongittu irundhaan. Even yesterday, he was sleeping in class.
Avan oru thoongu moonji. He is a sleepy head.
Endha neramum thoongittu iruppaan. He will be sleeping all the time.


Boss enna senjittu irukaar? What is the Boss doing?
Avar coffee kudichittu irukaar. He is drinking coffee.
Avar oru coffee piriyar. He is a lover of Coffee.
Mundha neththu oru periya cup-la coffee kudichittu irundhaar. Day before yesterday, he was drinking coffee from a big cup.
Naalaikku coffee kudikka oru periya cafe-kku poraar. Tomorrow, he is going to a café to drink coffee.
Avar ella neramum coffee kudichittu iruppaar. He will be drink coffee, all the time.


Ms Dianne enna senjittu irukaanga? What is Ms Dianne doing?
Avanga phone pesittu irukaanga? She is speaking on the phone.
Avanga eppavume phone-la pesitte irupaangala? Does she always keep talking on the phone?
Aamaa. Avanga kaalai-la clients-kitta pesittu irudhaanga. Yes. She was talking to the clients in the morning.
Saayangaalath-le Boss kitta pesittu irupaanga. In the evenings, she will be talking to the boss.
Avangalukku phone pesuradhu thaan velai. Her job is to talk to people over phone.


Kavitha, Kirthi! Neenga samayal araile enna senjittu irukeenga? Kavitha, Kirti! What are you doing in the kitchen?
Naan-um akka-vum inge salad senjittu irukkom. Akka and I are making salad, here.
Naanga rendu perum appo biriyani samaichittu irundhom. We were cooking Biriyani then.
Ungalukku samaikka pidikkuma? Do you like to cook?
Aamaa, Naanga nailukku, indha neram pudhu recipe samaichittu iruppom. Yes. We would be cooking a new recipe, at this time, tomorrow.


Amma, naama enge poyittu irukkom? Mom, where are we going?
Naama rendu perum kadaikku poyittu irukkom. We both are going to the shop.
Naama naalaikkum pogalaama? Shall we go tomorrow also?
Illai. Naama naalaikku maama veetukku poyittu iruppom. No. Tomorrow, we would be going to uncle’s house.
Naama pona varusham kooda maama veetukku poyitu irundhom.Appo naan oru yaanai paarthen. Even last year, we were going to our uncle’s house. I saw an elephant then.


Idhu engaloda palli paadal kuzhu. This is my school choir.
Ivanga dhinamum palli-la paadittu irupaanga. They always keep singing in school.
Avanga romba nalla paaduvaanga. They sing really well.
Ippo palli- koodugai / school assembly-la paadittu irukaanga. Now they are singing in the school assembly.
Neththu ivanga oru party-la paadittu irundhaanga. Yesterday, they were singing in a party.


En Naai Roby-kku oru ketta pazhakkam irukku. My dog, Roby has a bad habit.
Adhu shoes-a kadichitte irukkum. He keeps chewing on shoes.
Pona vaaram en appa-oda shoes-a kadichittu irundhadhu.. Last week, he was chewing my dad’s shoes.
Inaikku en amma-oda shoea-a kadichittu irukku. Today, he is biting my mom’s shoes.
Naalaikku yaaroda shoes-a kadichittu irukkum theriyale. And I don’t know, whose shoes, he would be chewing tomorrow.


Try to say the following in Tamil. Also try to change it to other tenses that we learnt today.

1. Raju is dancing on the stage.
2. Dad was going to the market.
3. Grandpa will be eating bananas there.
4. Veeta is chewing gum in class.
5. John is buying newspaper at the shop.
6. Tommy is obeying his master.
7. Pascal was running to school yesterday.
8. Mom will be saving money in the bank.
9. Danny is jumping on the bed.
10. Grandma will be reading a story for us tomorrow.
11. Sumitha is counting the money in her purse.
12. Rasi was wearing a new dress every week.


Try to frame sentences with the given verbs in the continuous tense:

1. Po:

2. Vaa:

3. Thoongu:

4. Vettu:

5. Madi:

6. Pesu:

7. Saapidu:

8. Otu:

9. Thallu:

10. Vilayaadu:

11. Vaangu:

12. Padi :

13. Ezhudhu :


Try to say about the pictures in the tenses we learnt today.



Describe the picture, using the prepositions and tenses: