Lesson 21

  1. Who? I, You, He, She and It
  2. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
  3. Conversation – Welcome Home
  4. Rooms in the house
  5. Things in the house
  6. Exercises


Lesson 21 When? – Tense – Simple

Just like every other language, the three main tenses are Present , Past and the Future. But even before we start learning about the tenses, we need to know a few time-related words.


Time related words Example
Eppo? When? Raj eppo saapitaan?
(When did Raj eat?)
Ippo Now Avan ippo saapitaan.
(He ate just now.)
Appo Then Avan appo thoongittu irrundhaan.
(He was sleeping then.)
Eppodhaavadu Anytime Geena eppodhaavadhu pazam saapitaala?
(Did Geena eat fruit anytime?
Eppodhum/Eppavum Always Aval eppavum adha saapiduvaa.
(She always eats it.)
Ippodhum/Ippavum Even now Kavin ippavum thoongittu irukkaan.
(Kavin is sleeping even now.)
Appodhum/Appavum Even then Radha appavum poi sollale.
(Radha did not say a lie even then.)
Ennaikku? On which day? Unakku ennaikku school irruku?
(On which day/ When do you have school?)
Innaikku Today/This day Enakku innaikku school irukku.
(I have school today)
Naalaikku Tomorrow Naalaikku Raj Delhi kilambraan.
(Raj leaves to Delhi tomorrow.)
Naalanaikku Day after Tomorrow Naalanaikku avan Delhi poiyiduvaan.
(He will go to Delhi day after tomorrow.)
Nethaikku/Nethu Yesterday Radha nethu pallikku pole.
(Radha did not go to school yesterday.)
Mundha nethaikku Day before yesterday Mundha nethu Radhakku juram irrundhudhu/ irrundhuchu.
(Radha had fever the day before yesterday.)
Annaikku That day Annaikku ava schoolkku pogale.
(She did not go to school that day.)
Ella neram All the time Ella neramum padam varaiya Dany-kku pidikum.
(Danny loves to draw pictures all the time.)
Sila neram/Sila samayam- Sometimes Avan sila neram painting kooda pannuvaan. Sila samayam crafts kooda seivaan.
(Sometimes he also does painting. And sometimes he also does some craft work.)
Niraya neram – Many a times Avan amma niraya neram padikka solluvaanga.
(His mother asks him many a times to learn?)
Dhinamum – Daily Naan dhinamum paadam padippen.
(I read my lesson daily.)
Adikkadi – Often James-kku adikkadi thalai valikkuma?
(Does James get head-ache often?)
Thirumba thirumba- Again and again Aamaa. Avan thirumba thirumba adhe solvaan.
(Yes. He says it again and again.)


Try to frame your own sentences using these time-related words.


Using ‘Po – Go’ (base verb) in the Simple tense.


Rasika, nee neththu enge pone?(Rasika, where did you go, yesterday?)
Naan palli-kku ponen. Naan neththu pallikku ponen. (I went to school, yesterday.)
Rasika, nee inaikku enge pore? (Rasika, where are you going now?)
Naan palli-kku poren. Naan ippo pallikku poren. (I am going to school. I am going to school now.)
Rasikka, nee naalaikku enge pove? (Rasika, where will you go tomorrow?)
Naan palli-kku poven. Naan naalaikku pallikku poven. (I will go to school. I will go to school tomorrow)


Vijay neththu nee enge pone? (Vijay, where did you go yesterday?)
Neththu nee pallikku poneeya? (Did you go to school yesterday?)
Ippo nee enga pore? (Where are you going now?)
Ippo nee veetukku thaane pore? (You are going home now, right?)
Naalaikku palli vidumurai. Naalaikku nee beachkku poveeya? (Tomorrow is a holiday. Will you go to beach tomorrow?)


Rachel, naalanaikku enge poraa? (Where is Rachel going day after tomorrow?)
Ava naalanaikku New York poraa. (She is going to New York day after tomorrow.)
Adhukkaaga Rachel mundha neththu shopping ponaa. (Day before yesterday, Rachel went shopping for that?)
Ava neththum shopping ponaa. (She went to the shopping , yesterday.)


Ava inaikku thirumbavum shopping poraa. (She is going shopping again today.)
Ava New York pona piragum shoppingkku povaa. (She will go shopping after she goes to New York.)
Avalukku shopping poga eppavum pidikkum. (She always loves to go for shopping, always.)


Ajith neththu enge ponaan? (Where did Ajith go yesterday?)
Ajith neththu kulaththukku ponaan. (Ajith went to the lake , yesterday.)
Ajith dhinamum kulathukku poraan, yen? (Why does Ajith go to the lake, everyday?)
Ajith kulathukku poi, meen pidippaan. (He goes to the lake to catch fish.)
Naalaikkum avan kulaththukku kattaayam povaan. (He will definitely go to the lake, even tomorrow.)


Peter enge poraar? (Where is Peter going?)
Peter vetai aada kaatukku poraar. (Peter goes to the forest for hunting.)
Avar adikadi kaatukku povaar. (He goes to the forest, very often.)
Mundha neththu kaatukku ponaar. Oru manai vettai adi kondu vandhaar. (He went to the forest day before yesterday. He hunted a deer and brought it.)
Avar thirumbavum adutha vaaram kaatukku povaar. (He will go to the forest again next week.)
Avarukku ella neramum kaatukku poga pidikkum. (He likes to go to the forest all the time.)


Amma neththu enge ponaanga? (Where did Mom go yesterday?)
Amma neththu office-kku ponaanga. (Mom went to the office yesterday.)
Avanga dhinamum office-kku povaanga. (She goes to the office, everyday.)
Inaikku mazhai peiyidhu. Ippo enge poraanga? (It’s raining today. Where is she going now?)
Avanga ippovum office-kku thaan poraanga. (Even now, she is going to the office.)
Oru naalum thavaraama office-kku povaanga. (She goes to office daily, without fail.)


Hey, enge poreenga? (Hey, where are you going?)
Naanga inaikku palli-la irundhu sutrulla porom. (Today, we are going on a picnic , from school.)
Naanga romba sandhoshamaa porom. (We are going very happily.)
Neenga adikkadi sutrulla poreenga. (You go on picnics very often.)
Aamaa, Naanga rendu naal munnadi miruga kaatchi saalai-kku ponom. (Yes, two days back, we went to a zoo .)
Adutha vaaram naanga oru kankaatchikku povom. (Next week we will go to an exhibition.)


Amma, naama inaikku enge porom? (Mom, where are we going, today?)
Naama rendu perum kadaikku porom. (We both are going to the shop.)
Naama neththu kooda kadaikku ponome, inaikku yedhukku thirumbavum porom. (We went to the shop even yesterday. Now, why are you going to the shop again?)
Naama naalaikku maama veetukku povom. (We will go to our uncle’s house tomorrow.)
Inaikku Avarukaaga konjam sweets vanga porom. (Today we are going to buy some sweets for him.)


Ivanga en pakaththu veetukaaranga. (These are my neighbors.)
Avanga kudumbamaa enge poraanga? (Where are they going as a family.)
Avanga aalayathukku poraanga. (We are going to the church.)
Avanga ella nyayitru kizhamaiyum aalayathukku povaangala? (They go to the church every Sunday.)
Aamaa. Avanga ella nyayitru kizhamaiyum aalayathukku povaanga. (Yes. They go to the church every Sunday.)
Avanga pona nyayitru kizhamaiyum aalayathukku ponaanga.(We went to the church, even last Sunday.)


Fluffy ennoda naai kutty. (Fluffy is my dog.)
Adhukku eppavum veliye poga pidikkum.(It loves to go out always.)
Adhu inaikku kaalai-le en amma kooda walking-kku ponadhu/ pochu.(Today morning, It went for a walk with my mom.)
Ippo en thangai kooda kadaikku pogudhu.(Now it is going to the shop with my sister.)
Adhu saayangaalam en thambi kooda vilayaada maidhanathukku pogum.(In the evening, it will go to the playground with my little brother.)


Simple Tense

We are going to see the simple form in all the three tenses. Try framing more by yourself.


Past Simple Present Simple Future Simple
Naan – I (Sing.) First person
Nee ennaseije? Nee ennaseire? Nee ennaseive?
Naanpaadampadichen Naanpaadampadikren Naanpaadampadippen
Naan dress potten Naan dress podren Naan dress poduven
Naansaapitten Naansaapidren Naansaapiduven
Naanga – We (Plu.) First person
Neengaennasenjeenga? Neengaennaseireenga? Neengaennaseiveenga?
Naangapaadampadichom Naangapaadampadikrom Naangapaadampadippom
Naanga dress pottom Naanga dress podrom Naanga dress poduvom
Naangasaapittom Naangasaapidrom Naangasaapiduvom
Nee/ Neenga – You ( Sing. / Plu.) Second person
Nee/Neengapaadampadiche/cheenga Nee/Neengapaadampadikre/reenga Nee/Neengapaadampadipe/peenga
Nee/Neenga dress potte/eenga Nee/Neenga dress podre/reenga Nee/Neenga dress podve/veenga
Nee/ Neengasaapte/eenga Nee/ Neengasaapidre/reenga Nee/ Neengasaapiduve/veenga
Avan/Avar – He Third person
Avan/Avarennasenjaan/senjaar? Avan/Avarennaseiraan/seiraar? Avan/Avarennaseivaan/seivaar?
Avan/Avarpaadampadithaan/thaar Avan/Avarpaadampadikraan/raar Avan/Avarpaadampadipaan/paar
Avan/Avar dress podtaan/taar Avan/Avar dress podraan/raar Avan/Avar dress poduvaan/vaar
Avan/Avarsaapitaan/taar Avan/Avarsaapidraan/raar Avan/Avarsaapiduvaan/vaar
Aval/Avanga – She Third person Aval/Avanga – She Third person Aval/Avanga – She Third person
Aval/Avangaennasenjaa/senjaanga? Aval/Avangaennaseiraa/seiraanga? Aval/Avangaennaseivaa/seivaanga?
Aval/ Avangapaadampadichaa/chaanga Aval/ Avangapaadampadikraa/raanga Aval/ Avangapaadampadippaa/paanga
Aval/ Avangapaadampadichaa/chaanga Aval/ Avangapaadampadikraa/raanga Aval/ Avangapaadampadippaa/paanga
Avanga – They (Plu.) – Third person Avanga – They (Plu.) – Third person Avanga – They (Plu.) – Third person
Avanga enna senjaanga? Avanga enna seiraanga? Avanga enna seivaanga?
Avanga paadam padichaanga Avanga paadam padikraanga Avanga paadam padipaanga
Avanga dress potaanga Avanga dress podraanga Avanga dress poduvaanga
Avanga saapitaanga Avanga saapidraanga Avanga saapiduvaanga
Adhu/Idhu – IT – Third person Adhu/Idhu – IT – Third person Adhu/Idhu – IT – Third person
Adhu/Idhu enna senjidhu? Adhu/Idhu enna seiyidhu? Adhu/Idhu enna seiyum?
Adhu/Idhu padam paarthichu Adhu/Idhu padam paakudhu Adhu/Idhu padam paakum
Adhu/Idhu dress potuchu Adhu/Idhu dress podudhu Adhu/Idhu dress podum
Adhu/Idhu saapadu saapitichu Adhu/Idhu saapadu saapidudhu Adhu/Idhu saapadu saapidum


Try to say the following in Tamil. Also try to change it to other tenses that we learnt today.

1. Raju eats an apple everyday.
2. Dad went to the market today morning.
3. Grandpa forgets everything.
4. Veeta is chewing gum.
5. John will buy newspaper tomorrow.
6. Tommy always obeys his master.
7. Pascal runs to school everyday.
8. Mom saves money in the bank.
9. Danny lost the coin yesterday. He will find it soon.
10. Grandma will read us a new story everyday.
11. Sumitha is counting the money in her purse.
12. Rasi wears new dress every week.


Try translating…..Tamil – English & English – Tamil.


Naan Raju. Enakku pandhu vilayada pidikkum.

Naan nethu en nanban veetukku ponen.

Ange en nanban kooda pandhu vilaiyaadinen.

Avan ennodu vilaiyaadinaan. Avan thambi enga kooda vilayadinaan.

Naanga nethu sandhoshama pandhu vilaiyadinom.

My name is Nandhitha. I love to go to the beach.

I went to beach day before yesterday. I played in the sand.

My cousins will come tomorrow.

I like my cousins.They also love going to the beach.

We will go to the beach on Sunday.

We will happily play in the water.

This is my mom. Her name is Kavitha.

She sings well. We love to listen to her songs.

She is also cooks really well. Yesterday she made ________. I loved it.

She is cooking even now. She makes ___________ really well.

We all love to eat __________.


Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. poren:

2. aalayam:

3. thoonguraan:

4. vettunaanga:

5. kaapaaththuvaar:

6. thuppaadhe:

7. keezhpadiven:

8. oturaar:

9. poreeya?:

10. vilayaaduvom:

11. vaangalaama?:

12. naalaikku:

13. inaikku:


Try to say about the pictures in the tenses we learnt today.


Describe the picture, using the prepositions and tenses: