Lesson 38

  1. VERBS – 5
  2. Try to translate
  3. Examples
  4. Frame sentences
  5. Dialogue building
  6. Describe the picture


Lesson 38 Verbs – Part 5

In this lesson, we are going to learn some more verbs. Try to recall these when you come across such incidences in daily life.


Win Lose Teach Learn
Jeyithu vidu Thoththu po Kaththu kudu/ Solli thaa Kaththu kollu
Plan Decide Explain Think
Thittam idu Mudivu edu Vivarichu sollu Yoshi/ Ninai
Burn Cut Cook Wash
Eri/ Eringa Vettu/ Vettunga Samai/ Samainga Kazhuvu/ nga
Sweep Wipe Wash clothes Pound
Perukku/ Perukkunga Thodai/ Thodainga Thuvai/ Thuvainga Idi/ Idinga
Advise Believe Ready Exercise
Arivurai sollu/ sollunga Nambu/Nambunga Thayyaar aagu/ aagunga Udal payirchi sei/ seinga
Discuss Prove Confuse Reply
Kalandhu uraiyaadu/ vivaadi Nirubi/ Nirubinga Kuzhambi po /ponga Badhil ali/kudu Alinga/kudunga
Pester To hang a thing Gossip Shout
Thondharavu sei Thonga vidu Puram pesu Kaththu
Hang Fold Tie Loosen/Remove
Thongu/ Thongunga Madi/ Madinga Kattu/ Kattunga Kazhattu/ Kazhattunga
There are many more verbs that is used in our life. There are some verbs that combine to denote one action.


Try to say the following in Tamil:

1. She is losing the game.

2. We are planning for the picnic.

3. Grandpa is burning the old newspapers.

4. Sonu is thinking about his mother.

5. She is cooking dinner.

6. Appa washes the dishes every day.

7. My neighbors are washing their car.

8. My aunt advised me.

9. I always exercise every morning.

10. Rajeev is hanging the clean clothes in the backyard.

11. The next door kids are pestering their mom.

12. Why are you shouting?

13. I fold my clothes by myself.

14. Do you know to tie your shoe laces?

15. My grandma got confused.



Let us see how to say this pattern in the verbs that we learnt today.


Rita-um avaloda amma-um samaiyal araile irukaanga.. Rita and her mom are in the kitchen.

Avanga rendu perum paathiram kazhuvuraanga. Both of them are washing vessels.

Amma avalukku paathiram kazhuva solli tharaanga. Mom is teaching her to wash vessels.

Avanga thattu-gale thodaikiraanga. She is wiping the plates.

Paathiram kazhuva Rita ippo kaththukkuraa. Rita is now learning to wash vessels.


Vijay en anna. Vijay is my elder brother.

Inaikku Raksha bandhan pandigai. Today is Raksha Bandhan.

Naan anna kai-la oru raakhi katturen. I am tying a raakhi on my brother’s hand.

Ella varushamum naan thavaraamal avanukku raakhi kattuven. Every year I would tie rakhi, without fail.


Ravi oru arivaali.. Ravi is clever boy.

Avan niraya yosippaan. He thinks a lot.

Avanukku oru scientist aaga aasai. He wants to become a scientist.

Avan ippo enna yosikiraan, theriyale. I don’t know what he is thinking now.


Naan oru virundhukku poren. I am going to a party.

Adhukku enna udai podalaam? What dress shall I wear for that?

Idhuvaa? Adhuvaa? This one or that one?

Naan mudivu seiyanum. I have to decide it.


Ange ellaarum yen kaththuraanga? Why are they all shouting there?

Vivek office-la ore poraatam. It’s a protest in Vivek’s office.

Thozhilaaligal poraattam idhu. It’s a employees strike.

Ellarum romba saththamaa kathuraanga.. All of them are shouting really loud.


Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Paathiram – Vessels
Thattu – Plate
Raksha bandhan – An Indian festival for celebrating brotherhood.
Raakhi – A bracelet-like thing which could be tied around one’s brother’s hand.
Thavaraamal – Without fail
Varusham – Year
Pandigai – Festival
Virundhu – Party
Poraattam – Protest, strikes, riots
Saththamaa – loudly
Thozhilaaligal – employees
Ellarum – all


Try to answer the questions:

Nee enna seira? Ivanga enna seiraanga? Inge enna aachu? Rohini enna seiraa?
Thambi enna seiraan? Ruby enna seiraa ? Tinku enna seiraan? Ivanga enna seiraanga?
Aval enna seira? Amma-kku enaa velai? Avan enna seiraan? Amma enna seiraanga?
Raja uncle enna seiraar? Inge enna nadakudhu? Aasiriyar enna seiranga? Roger enna seiraan?


Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. Katturaan:

2. Yosikkiren:

3. Samaikiraanga:

4. Kaththu:

5. Solli kudu:

6. Thodaikiraal:

7. Arivurai solluraar:

8. Kazhuvu:

9. poraattam:

10. Thongavidu:

11. Paathiram kazhuvu:

12. Madikiraanga:

13. Thavaraamal:

14. Rakshaa bandhan:

15. Thittam iduraanga:

16. Mudivu edu:

17. Udal payirchi seiraan:


Dialogue building:

Try doing the dialogue of the people in the family.


Amma : Keerthi, enna seire?

Keerthi : Amma, naan mejai-a thodaikiren. …


Describe the picture: