Lesson 14

  1. Which?
  2. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
  3. Conversation building
  4. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
  5. Exercises


Lesson 14   Which ?

Today we are going to see about using the ‘Which’ question.


Which – Edhu…
Which – Endha…
This – Indha…
Is it this – Idhuvaa?
That – Andha
Is it that – Adhuvaa?


Which – Edhu/ Endha


There are two cases where we use the Which in Tamil. We have two words, Edhu and Endha meaning the Which.
Edhu?, Idhu and Adhu are used when we need to know the specific or the particular one about which the conversation is. It is also like the definite article “THE”, in some sentences.


Indha – ..this..


Vanakkam, Mrs. Smith. Good morning, Mrs. Smith.
Enakku indha puthagam padikka vendum. I need this book for reading.Indha puthagam romba swarasiyamaa irukku. This book is a very interesting.
Naan indha puthagathe kondu poga poren. I am going to take this book.
Enakku indha puthagathe thareengala? Will you give me this book?


Indha dress en thangai-odadhu! This dress is my little sister’s.
Indha dress romba chinnadhaa irukku. This dress is very small.Indha dress-a en thangai
Priyakku naan thaan kuduthen. I gave this dress to my younger sister, Priya.
Andha thuni ellam Priya-odadhu thaan. All those dresses are Priya’s.
Aana Priya-kku indha dress thaan romba pidikkum. But Priya likes this dress very much.




Hey, thozhigale inge vaanga. Hey friends, come here.
En kaiyila irukkum indha pattaampoochiya paarunga. Look at this butterfly in my hand.
Indha pattaampoochi mela niraya vannangal irukku. There are many colors on this butterfly.
Indha pattaampoochi-ya naan pidikka poren. I am going to catch this butterfly.
Neengalum pattaampoochi pidikireengala? Are you too catching butterflies?


Andha –..that..


Adho! Andha marathu mela paarunga! Look there! On that tree.
Andha maraththu mele oru kurangu irukku. There is a monkey on that tree.
Andha korangu kaiyile oru vaazhaipazham irukku. There is a banana in that monkey’s hand.
Adhu andha pazhathe saapida pogudhu. It is going to eat that banana.
Andha Koranga romba sandhoshamaa irukku. That monkey is very happy.



Hey, ange paar, oru Kili. Hey, look there! A parrot.
Andha mara-kilai-la irukira Kili romba azhagaa irukku.. The parrot on that tree branch is very beautiful..
Indha kili peru panjavarna kili. The name of this parrot is Panjavarna kili – (Macaw.)


Indha panjavarna kili mela sivappu, manjal, neelam, pachchai nirangal irukkum. There are red, yellow, blue, and green colours on the Panjavarna kili – (Macaw.)
Neenga panjavarna kili paarthirukeengala? Have you seen a Panjavarna kili – (Macaw)?


Adho andha perundha paarunga. There, look at the bus.
Andhe perundhu vandi-la pillainga irukaanga. There are children on the bus.
Avanga andhe perundhu-la dhinamum pallikku poraanga. They go to the school every day in that bus.
Andha perundhu-la irukkira pillainga romba sandhoshamma irukaanga. The children in that bus are very happy.
Avanga inikku andha perundhu-la palli sutrula poraanga. Today, they are going on a school picnic on that bus



Try to describe this picture using the words ‘Indha’ and ‘Andha’.



Which – Endha


WHICH is used when a choice needs to be made.
1.Which dish did you order – the pizza or the pasta?
2.Which day do you prefer for a meeting – today or tomorrow?
3.Which is better – this one or that one?
Hey Kavitha, eppadi irukke? Hey Kavitha, how are you?
Naan nalla iruken. Nee? I am fine. You?
Naan romba nalla irukken. I am very fine.
Indha dress nalla irukka? Sollu! Tell me! Is this dress good?
Aamaa, romba nalla irukku. Yes, it’s really good.
Nee endha dress vanga pore? Which dress are you going to buy?
Idho indha dress thaan eduthen. Idhu eppadi irukku? Here. I took this one. How is this?
Romba nalla irukku. Really good.
Enakku endha dress vangurathunnu theriyale. Ellaame nalla irukku. I don’t know which dress I should buy. Everything is good.


Naan Reethu. Indha bommai ennodadhu. I am Reethu. This doll is mine.
Naan Divakar. Indha robot ennodadhu. I am Divakar. This robot is mine.
Yaaroda bommai azhagaa irukku, sollunga? Tell us, whose doll is beautiful!
Reethu-oda bommai-yaa? Divakar-oda robot-a?. Is it Reethu’s doll or Divakar’s robot?



Enakku kadhaigal padikka pidikkum. I love to read stories.
Inge, endha puthagath-le nalla kadhai irukkum-nu theriyale. Here, I don’t know in which book there would be a good story?
Endha puthagam vaangalaam sollunga? Let me which book I shall buy?
Idhu thuppariyum kadhai. Idhu Kaadhal kadhai. Idhu oru varalaatru kadhai. This is a detective novel. This is a love story. This is a historical story.
Endha puthagam nalla irukkum….idhuvaa? adhuvaa? Which book would be good? This?.. or that?..


Ellarum vaanga. En kadaikku vaanga. All of you come. Come to my shop.
Ungalukku enna vendum? Kaaya? Pazhama? Keeraiyaa? What do you want? Vegetables? Fruits? Or Greens?
Indha keerai romba nallaa pachchaiyaa irukku. These greens are really fresh.
Ungalukku endha kaai venum sollunga. Tell me which vegetable you want.
Idhuvaa? Adhuvaa? Sollunga! This? Or That?. Tell me.



Try to translate the passage given.


Raju and Ranjini are happy making cup cakes.These cup cakes are really nice.The cupcakes are in three flavors.

Ranjini likes strawberry cup cakes. Raju likes Chocolate cup cakes. Mom likes vanilla cup cakes.

Which/ What flavor do you like?


Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Edhu… – Which
Indha.. – This
Andha – That
Endha… – Which
Idhuvaa? – Is it this?
Adhuvaa? – Is it that?
Swaarasiyam – Interesting
vendum – Want/ need
Chinnadhu – Small, tiny
thuni – Clothes
Kudu+ – Give, base verb
Mara-kilai – Tree branch
Panjavarna kili – Macaw
Nirangal, Vannanga – Colors
Sivappu, Manjal, Pachchai, Neelam – Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
Pillai, Kuzhandai – Child/ kid
Pillainga, Pasanga, Kuzhandhainga – Children, kids
Perundhu – Bus
Palli sutrula – School picnic, tour
Vaangu+ – Buy , base verb
Thuppariyum kadhai – Detective story
Kaadhal kadhai – Romantic story
Varalaatru kadhai – History
Kadai – Shop
Pachchaiyaa – Green, fresh
Kaai – Vegetable
Pazham – Fruit
Keerai – Greens


Build a Conversation


Try to build a conversation, with the hints given below.


1.Reena is going to write a poetry.
2.Richard is going to draw a picture.3.They admire each other’s work.

4.They talk about how their parents buy them things for their hobbies.


1. Kavitha says that she like to sing.2. Gautam says he too likes singing.3. Gautam also likes to play football.

4. They are talking about their likes and dislikes.



Try to frame sentences in Tamil:







7.varalaatru kadhai:





Padam Paarthu Badhil Sollu

Indha padam patri sollunga Rosie enna soldra?
Idhu yaar? Ivanga yaar, enna panraanga?
Vicky enna soldraan? Rachel, amma kitta enna kekuraa?