Raghu Kuligai Emagandum Kaalangal in 2017


Our ancestors have framed time into groups where we can do good deeds and also the time which should be avoided to do good and auspicious deeds. The tabular column given below helps you to know that.

Rahu kaalam and emma kandam are not meant to be auspicious and its better to avoid taking important decisions and conduct good rituals at that time.

Kuligai is a time when the activities that you do will be repeated often in your life. It is good to purchase gold & other ornaments, buy properties and all other good things which should be repeated in life.

Vaara soolai is to avoid travel on these days in these directions. For Monday & Saturdays avoid travelling towards east, Sundays & Fridays avoid travelling towards west, Tuesdays & Wednesdays avoid travelling towards north and on Thursdays avoid travelling towards south.

Nalla neram is the auspicious time which is good to start afresh.
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