Lesson 55

  1. Aachaa? / Aachu – Tenses (Perfect form)
  2. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
  3. Exercises


Lesson 55 When? – Aachaa?/ Aachu! (Present Perfect)

In Tamil, in the Present perfect form, we use the word ‘Aacha?’ and ‘Aachu’ inorder to ask if the work had been done. And these words do not have conjugation related to the subject.

For example:
Nee unnoda velai-a mudich-aachaa? Have you finished your homework?
Aamaa. Naan ennoda velei-a mudich-aachu/ mudichitten. Yes. I have finished my work.

This ia a way of spoken form that the natives use, when they mean anything in the present perfect form. Today let us see more about this, with a few examples.


Perfect form of the tenses

We are going to see the perfect form in all the three tenses. Try framing more by yourself.


Present Perfect Question

Present Perfect Answer

How do you question the others?
How you answer the question?
Naan – I (Sing.) First person
Nee padich-aachaa? Naan padich-aachu
Nee ezhudhi-aachaa? Naan ezhudhi- aachu
Nee saapit-aachaa? Naan saapit- aachu
Nee andha velai-a mudich-aachaa? Naan andha velai-a mudich- aachu
Naanga – We (Plu.) First person
Neenga kilambi-aachaa? Naanga kilambi-aachu
Neenga utkaarndh-aachaa? Naanga utkaarndh-aachu
Neenga pesi-aachaa? Naanga pesi-aachu
Neenga poi serndh-aachaa? Naanga vandhu serndh-aachu
Nee & Neenga – You ( Sing. And Plu.) Second person
Nee indha paadathte padich-aachu
Neenga indha velai-a neththe senju mudich-aachu.
We don’t ask question about us in this tense… We usually say such statements when we reassure the person
about something that has been done.
It also happens in cases where we remind the
person of something done.
Avan – He (informal) Third person
Avan padich-aachaa? Avan padich-aachu
Avan ezhudhi-aachaa? Avan ezhudhi- aachu
Avan saapit-aachaa? Avan saapit- aachu
Avan andha velai-a mudich-aachaa? Avan andha velai-a mudich- aachu
Avar – He (formal)Third person
Avar padich-aachaa? Avar padich-aachu
Avar ezhudhi-aachaa? Avar ezhudhi- aachu
Avar saapit-aachaa? Avar saapit- aachu
Avar andha velai-a mudich-aachaa? Avar andha velai-a mudich- aachu
Aval – She (Sing.) informal Third person
Ava padich-aachaa? Ava padich-aachu
Ava ezhudhi-aachaa? Ava ezhudhi- aachu
Ava saapit-aachaa? Ava saapit- aachu
Ava andha velai-a mudich-aachaa? Ava andha velai-a mudich- aachu
Avanga – She (Sing.) formal Third person
Avanga padich-aachaa? Avanga padich-aachu
Avanga ezhudhi-aachaa? Avanga ezhudhi- aachu
Avanga saapit-aachaa? Avanga saapit- aachu
Avanga andha velai-a mudich-aachaa? Avanga andha velai-a mudich- aachu
Avanga – They (Plu.) Third person
Avanga padich-aachaa? Avanga padich-aachu
Avanga ezhudhi-aachaa? Avanga ezhudhi- aachu
Avanga saapit-aachaa? Avanga saapit- aachu
Avanga andha velai-a mudich-aachaa? Avanga andha velai-a mudich- aachu
Adhu/Idhu – IT Third person
Adhu saapit-aachaa? Adhu saapit-aachu
Adhu thoongi-aachaa? Adhu thoongi-aachu
Adhu vandh-aachaa? Adhu vandh-aachu
Adhu poi-serndhaachaa? Adhu poi-serndhaachu


Examples of the Perfect form:

To describe the completion of an action in the near past.

Cake seiya, Nee Maavai alandhu eduth-aacha? Have you measured the flour for the cake?
Aamaa. Alandhu eduthaachu. Yes. I’ve measured it.
Adhule nee paalai-um muttai-um serth-aachaa?. Have you added milk and eggs to it?
Ippo, naan paalai-um muttaium, adhule serth-aachu. Yes. Now, I have.
Amma, neenga sonna maadhiriye naan senjaacha, paarunga? Mom, see if I have done it the way you said?


En amma-oda samaiyal puththagathai paarthu naan inaikku oru dish samaikiren. I’m making a dish from my Mom’s recipe book.
Naan Kaaigal-e porich-aachu,.. I have fried the vegetables.
Adhukku apramaa, ellaa masala serthu-aachu.. After that, I have added all the spices..
Ippo naan samichi-mudich-aachu. And now, I have finished cooking.


Mr. Karthik, neenga ella velai-um senjaacha? Mr. Karthik, have you finished all the work?
Aamaa, sir. Ellam mudichaachu. Yes sir. Everything has been done.
Andhe mails ellam anuppiyaacha? Have you sent all the mails?
Aamaa, sir. Ellam anuppiyaachu. Yes sir. All mails have been sent.
Romba nalladhu. Ungaloda sambala kaasolai idho! Very good! Here is your pay cheque.


Anu, neenga ella samaiyal mudichaachaa? Anu, have you finished all the cooking.
Unga pillainga pallli-kku poi-aachaa? Have your children gone to school?
Aamaa. Samayal mudichaachu. Pasangalum poi-aachaa. Yes. The cooking is done and the kids have gone.
Preetha, Neenga unga shopping mudich-aachaa?. Preetha, have you finished your shopping?
Aamaa. Naan neththe shopping mudich-aachu. Yes. I have finished it, yesterday.


Reena, un annan Ravi, thoongiyaachaa, paaru! Reena, see if you brother Ravi has slept?
Illa. Avan innum thoongale. No. He has not yet slept.
Unnoda thangachi thoongiyaacha, sollu! Tell me, if your little sister has slept.
Aamaa, thangachi thoongiyaachu. Yes, little sister has slept.
Sari, neeyum poi thoongu. Ok. You too go to bed.


Amma, Amma, vera kadhai padikkalaamaa? Mom, mom, shall we read another story?
Akka, Ammakku enna aachu? Hey sister, what has happened to Mom?
Praveen , amma thoongiyaachu. Paavam, Amma-kku niraya velai. Avanga asathiyile thoongittaanga. Praveen, Mom has slept. Poor Mom. She must be very tired after all the works.
Aamaa. Amma thoongiyaachu ! Yes, Mom has slept.


Sumi, naai-kku saapaadu pottaachaa? Sumi, have you given food to the dog?
Aamaa. Saapaadu pottaachu. Naai-um saapitaachu. Yes. I have given him food. And he has eaten it.
Ippo, poonai-kkum saapaadu pottaachu. Now, I have given food to the cat too.
Hey, Polly! Indhaa! Saapidu. Hey Polly, Here! Eat!
Amma, neenga sonnadha naan senj-aachu. Mom, I’ve done what you asked of me.


Naanga beach-kku porom. We are going to the beach.
Naanga kaalai-liye nerathoda kilambitom. We started early on time.
Engalukku thevaiyaana ellathaiyum eduththaachu. We have taken everything that we need.
Car-la gas pottaachu? We’ve filled gas in the car.
Idhukku apram enna? Kondaattam thaan. And what’s next? Just Enjoyment!



Try to say the following in Tamil. Try using the words ‘Aachaa?’ and ‘Aachu’.

1. Has Raju done his homework?

2. Yes. He has finished his homework.

3. The baby has slept.

4. Has Kavitha gone to the market?

5. John has bought today’s newsapaper.

6. Have they eaten the dinner?

7. I have found the lost coin.

8. Has mom cooked the vegetables?

9. The clock has struck three.

10. Has Grandma washed the plates?

11. No. She hasn’t washed the plates.

12. Rasi has got ready to go for the party.


Try to frame sentences with the given verbs in the present perfect tense:

1. Po:

2. Vaa:

3. Thoongu:

4. Vettu:

5. Ezhudhu:

6. Pesu:

7. Saapidu:

8. Kudi:

9. Thallu:

10. Vilayaadu:

11. Vaangu:

12. Padi :

13. Otu :


Describe the picture, using the prepositions and tenses:

Frame questions and suitable answers using the words ‘Aachaa? and ’Aachu’