UK Names



Baby Name Meaning
Aaliyah Lofty, sublime
Aaron Mountain
Abagail Father in rejoicing
Abbey Father in rejoicing
Abbie Father in rejoicing
Abbigail Father in rejoicing
Abby Father in rejoicing
Abdul The servant, the
Abdullah Servant of Allah
Abel Breath
Abigail Father in rejoicing
Abigale Father in rejoicing
Abigayle Father in rejoicing
Abraham Father of a multitude or many nationst
Abram Father of a multitude or many nationst
Abril Open
Acacia Point, spine
Ace One, one unit
Ada Noble kind
Adam Man, earth
Adan Man, earth
Addie Nobel kind
Addison Son of Adam
Adelaide Noble kind
Adele Noble
Aden Little fire
Adilene Noble one
Adin Slender, voluptu
Aditya Belonging to Adi
Adolfo Noble wolf
Adonis Lord
Adria From Hadria
Adrian From Hadria
Adriana From Hadria
Adriane From Hadria
Adrianna From Hadria
Adriano From Hadria
Adriel Followers of God
Adrien From Hadria
Adrienne From Hadria
Aedán Little fire
Afton From the River A
Agustín Venerated
Ahmed Worthy of praise
Aidan Little fire
Aileen Form of Helen
Aimée Loved
Ainsley Hermitage in or
Aisha Alive, she who l
Aislinn Dream
Aja Goat
Ajay Unconquered
Akash Open air, space
Akasha Open air, space
Akeem Wise or insightful
Akira Intelligent
Alaina Rock
Alan Rock
Alana Rock
Alani Orange or orange
Alanna Rock
Alannah Rock
Alayna Rock
Albert Noble and famous
Alberto Noble + bright
Alden Old friend
Aldo Old, elder
Aleah To ascend, to go
Alec Defending men
Alecia Of noble kind
Aleena Noble
Alejandra Defender
Alejandro Defender
Alek Defending men
Aleksandar Defending men
Alena Rock
Alesha Noble kind
Alessandra Defending men
Alessandro Defending men
Alessia Defender
Alex Defending men
Alexa Defending men
Alexander Defending men
Alexandra Defending men
Alexandre Protector of men
Alexandrea Defending men
Alexandria Defending men
Alexandro Defending men
Alexia Defender
Alexis Defender
Alexus Defender
Alfonso Noble and ready
Alfred Elf counsel
Alfredo Elf counsel
Ali Noble, sublime
Alia To ascend
Alice Noble kind
Alicia Noble kind
Alina Noble
Alisa Of noble kind
Alisha Noble kind
Alison Noble kind
Alissa Noble kind
Aliya To ascend
Aliyah To ascend
Aliza Joyful, cheerful
Alizé Trade wind
Allan Rock
Allen Rock
Allison Noble kind
Alma Maiden
Alondra Defender
Alonzo Noble and ready
Alphonso Noble and ready
Alton Old town
Alvaro Nobel guardian
Alvin Friend of elves
Alycia Noble kind
Alysa Noble kind
Alyse Of noble kind
Alysha Of noble kind
Alysia Of noble kind
Alyson Of noble kind
Alyssa Noble kind,
Alyssia Of noble kind
Aman Security
Amanda She who must be
Amandeep Sharp witted
Amani Desires, aspirat
Amara Unfading, eternal
Amare Handsome
Amarion Populous, flouri
Amaris God has said
Amaya High place
Amber Amber
Amberly Amber
Amelia Work, effort, st
America Ever-powerful in
Ami My people
Amie Loved
Amina Peaceful, secure
Amir Treetop, sheaf
Amira Princess, prospe
Amirah Princess, prospe
Amisha Truthful
Amiya Delight
Amiyah Delight
Amos Encumbered
Amrit Immortal, ambros
Amy Loved
Amya High place
Ana Grace, favour
Anabel Easy to love
Anabelle Easy to love
Anahi The immaculate
Anaïs Grace, favour
Anastasia Resurrection
Anaya God answered
Anders Man, warrior
Anderson Male
Andrae Man, warrior
Andre Man, warrior
Andrea Man, warrior, ma
Andreas Man, warrior
Andrés Man, warrior
Andrew Man, warrior
Andria Man, warrior, ma
Andy Man, warrior
Angel Messenger
Angelia Angelic
Angelica Of the angels
Angelina Messenger
Angéline Messenger
Angélique Of the angels
Angelo Messanger
Angie Messenger
Angus One choice
Anika Grace, favour
Anisa Grace, favour
Anisha Constant, unceas
Anissa Grace, favour
Anita Grace, favour
Aniya Ship
Aniyah Ship
Anja Favor, grace
Anjali Gift, offering
Anjelica Of the angels
Ann Grace, favour
Anna Grace, favour
Annabel Easy to love
Annabella Easy to love
Annabelle Grace, favour
Annalise Grace, favour
Annamarie Fuse of Anna and
Anne Grace, favour
Anneliese Grace, favour
Annemarie Fuse of Anna and
Annette Grace, favour
Annie Grace, favour
Annika Grace, favour
Ansley Hermitage in or
Anson uncertain
Anwar Clear, bright
Anya Favor, grace
Aoife Beautiful, radia
April Open
Araceli Sky altar
Aracely Sky altar
Areli Brave, courageou
Arely Brave, courageou
Ari Lion
Aria Lion
Ariana Very holy one
Arianna Very holy one
Arianne Very holy one
Aric Eternal ruler
Ariel Lion of God
Arielle Lion of God
Arjan The archer, archer
Arjun White
Arleth Free man
Armaan Wish, longing
Arman Man in the army
Armand Man in the army
Armando Man in the army
Armani Freeman
Arnav Ocean, sea, stre
Arnold Powerful eagle
Arnulfo Eagle and wolf
Aron Mountain
Arsenio Virile
Arthur Possibly “bear”
Arturo Possibly bear or
Arvin Battle worthy or
Arwen Fair, fine
Aryan From Hadria
Aryana Very holy one
Aryanna Very holy one
Asa Doctor, healer
Asha Hope
Asher Fortunate, bless
Ashlea Ash wood
Ashlee Ash wood
Ashleen Dream
Ashleigh Ash wood
Ashley Ash wood
Ashlie Ash wood
Ashly Ash wood
Ashlyn Dream
Ashlynn Dream
Ashton Settlement in th
Ashtyn Settlement in th
Asia The east
Aspen Aspen tree
Astrid God + fair, beau
Atticus From Attica
Aubree Elfin king
Aubrey Elfin king
Aubrie Elfin king
Audra Storm
Audrey Noble strength
Audriana Audrey and anna
Audrianna Audrey and anna
August Venerated
Augustine Venerated
Augustus Venerated
Aurelio Golden
Aurora Dawn
Austin Venerated
Autumn Autumn
Avalon Apple tree
Avani Earth
Avery Elf counsel
Axel Father of peace
Ayana Beautiful blossom
Ayanna Beautiful blossom
Aydan Little fire
Ayden Little fire
Aydin Intelligent, eru
Ayesha Alive
Ayla Oak tree
Aylin Form of Helen
Aysha Alive
Baby Baby
Bailee Bailiff
Bailey Bailiff
Bambi Little girl
Barbara Foreign, strange
Baron Freeman
Barrett Bear-brave
Barry Spear
Bart Son of Talmai
Baylee Bailiff
Beatrice Voyager through
Beatriz Voyager (through
Beau Handsome
Beck Dweller near the
Beckett Bee cottage
Becky To tie
Belén Bethlehem
Belinda Beautiful serpent
Bella My God is a vow
Belle Beautiful
Ben Son
Benedict Blessed
Benito Blessed
Benjamin Son of my right
Bennett Blessed
Bennie Son of my right
Benny Son of my right
Benson Son of Benedict
Berenice Victory bringer
Bernadette Bear brave
Bernard Bear brave, brav
Bernardo Bear brave, brav
Bernice Victory bringer
Bert Bright
Bertha Famous, bright
Beth My God is a vow
Bethan God is my solemn
Bethany House of figs
Betsy My God is a vow
Betty My God is a vow
Beverly Beaver stream
Bianca White, fair
Bilal Wetting, refresh
Bill Will
Billie Will
Billy Will
Bishop Overseer
Blaine Yellow
Blair Plain
Blaise Stuttering
Blake Dark, bright
Blanca White
Blaze Stuttering
Bo Handsome
Bob Bright fame
Bobbi Bright fame
Bobbie Bright fame
Bobby Bright fame
Bonnie Pretty
Boston Botolph’s town
Bowen Son of Owen
Boyd Yellow-gold
Brad Broad wood
Braden Broad, wide
Bradford Broad ford
Bradley Broad wood
Brady Descendant of Br
Bradyn Broad, wide
Braedan Broad, wide
Braiden Broad, wide
Branden Broom hill
Brandi Burning wine
Brandon Broom hill
Brandt Sword
Brandy Burning wine
Brandyn Broom hill
Brannon Son of Bran
Branson Sword
Brant Sword
Brantley Sword
Braulio Shining, firey
Braxton Bracc’s settlement
Brayan Noble, strong
Brayden Broad, wide
Brea Noble, strong
Breana Noble, strong
Breann Noble, strong
Breanna Noble, strong
Breanne Noble, strong
Bree The exalted one
Brenda Sword
Brendon Prince
Brenna Hill
Brennan Descendant of Br
Brennon Descendant of Br
Brent Burnt, steep
Brenton Settlement assoc
Breonna Noble, strong
Bret A Breton
Brett A Breton
Briana Noble, strong
Brianna Noble, strong
Brianne Noble, strong
Brice Dappled, freckled
Bridger Builder of bridges
Bridget The exalted one
Bridgette The exalted one
Brielle God is my might
Brigitte Strength
Brionna Noble, strong
Brisa Breeze
Britt The exalted one
Britta The exalted one
Brittany Land of the Brit
Brock Badger
Broderick Reddish-brown
Brodie Muddy place
Brody Muddy place
Brogan Shoe
Bronson Brown’s son
Brontë Thunder
Bronwyn White breast
Brooke A brook, stream
Bruno Armour, brown,
Bryant Noble, strong, v
Bryn Hill
Bryson Son of Brice
Byron At the cattle sh
Cade Round, lumpy
Cadence Rhythm
Cáel uncertain
Caelan Slender
Cailyn Descendant of Caollaidhe
Cain A spear
Caitlín Pure
Caitlyn Pure
Caitlynn Pure
Cale uncertain
Caleb Dog, Heart
Caleigh Descendant of Caollaidhe
Calla Beautiful
Callie Most beautiful
Callista The most beautiful
Calum Dove
Calvin Bald
Camden uncertain
Cameron Crooked nose
Camilla Altar server
Camille Altar server
Campbell Crooked mouth
Camren Crooked nose
Camryn Crooked nose
Candace Fire-white
Candice Fire-white
Candy Honest
Cannon Canon
Cara Friend
Carey Well loved, ston
Cari Free man
Carissa Caress
Carl Man
Carla Man
Carley Free man
Carli Free man
Carlie Free man
Carlo Free man
Carlos Free man
Carlton Peasants town
Carly Free man
Carmelo Garden, orchard
Carmen Garden, orchard
Carmine Garden, orchard
Carol Free man
Carolina Free man
Caroline Free man
Carolyn Free man
Carter Transporter of m
Cary Uncertain, possi
Carys Love
Casandra She who entangle
Case Case, condition,
Casey From Cayce
Cash Cash, profit
Casie From Cayce
Cason House
Cassandra She who entangle
Cassia Cinnamon-like bark
Cassidy Curly
Cassondra She who entangle
Catalina Pure
Cate Pure
Catherine Pure
Cathleen Pure
Cathryn Pure
Cathy Pure
Catrina Pure
Catríona Pure
Cayla Crown, laurel
Cecelia Blind
Cecil Blind
Cecily Blind
Celena Moon
Celeste Heavenly, divine
Celia Heaven, blind
Celina Moon
Cerys Love
Chadrick Meaning uncertain
Chadwick Ceadda’s dairy f
Chaim Alive
Chana Grace, favour
Chance Good fortune
Chandler Candle seller
Chandra The moon, shining
Chanel Channel, pipe
Chanelle Channel, pipe
Channing Knowing
Chantal Place of stones
Chanté Sang
Chantel Stony place
Chantelle Stony place
Charis Grace, charm
Charissa Grace, charm
Charity Charity
Charlene Free man
Charles Free man
Charlie Free man
Charlize Free man
Charlotte Free man
Chase Huntsman
Chasity Chastity
Chastity Chastity
Chaya Alive, living
Chaz Free man
Chelsea Chalk landing pl
Chelsey Chalk landing pl
Chelsie Chalk landing pl
Chelsy Chalk landing pl
Cheri Dear one
Cherie Darling
Cherise Cherry
Cherish To care for dearly
Cheryl Darling
Chester Camp, fort
Chet Camp, fort
Cheyanne Speak incoherently
Cheyenne Speak incoherently
Chiara Clear, bright, f
China Qin’s kingdom
Chiquita Small one
Chloë Young shoot
Chris Bearer of Christ
Christa Follower of Christ
Christal Crystal
Christen Follower of Christ
Christi Follower of Christ
Christia Follower of Christ
Christian Follower of Christ
Christiana Follower of Christ
Christie Follower of Christ
Christin Follower of Christ
Christina Follower of Christ
Christine Follower of Christ
Christo Follower of Christ
Christop Bearer of Christ
Christopher Bearer of Christ
Christy Follower of Christ
Chrystal Crystal
Chyna Qin’s kingdom
Cian Ancient
Ciara Dark
Ciarra Dark
Cielo Heaven
Ciera Dark
Cindy Light
Cinthia Woman from Kynthos
Citlali Star
Citlalli Star
Claire Clear, bright
Clara Clear, bright
Clare Clear, bright
Clarence Of Clare
Clarisa Bright, clear
Clarissa Clear, bright
Clark Man of learning
Claude Disabled
Claudia Disabled
Clay Clay
Clayton Clay settlment
Cleo Glory + father
Cleveland Slope land
Cliff Cliff ford, rive
Clifford Cliff ford, rive
Clifton Slope settlement
Clint Settlement on th
Clinton Settlement on th
Coby Supplanter
Codey Descendant of Cu
Codie Descendant of Cu
Cody Descendant of Cu
Coen Experienced advi
Cohen Priest
Colby Coalworker, coal
Cole Coal, dark one
Coleman Dove, descendant
Colette Victory of the people
Colleen Young female
Collin Dove
Colt Young male horse
Colten Cola’s town
Colter Colt-herd
Colton Coal town, Cola
Conner Lover of hounds
Connie Steadfast
Conor Lover of hounds
Conrad Experienced advi
Constance Steadfast
Constantine Steadfast
Consuelo Solace
Cooper Barrel maker
Cora Maiden
Coral Coral, deep pink
Corbin A steep hill
Cordaro Lamb
Cordell Maker of cord
Cordero Lamb
Corey God’s peace
Cori Maiden
Corina Maiden
Corinne Maiden
Cornelius Horn, horned
Cornell Horn, horned
Corrie Maiden
Corrina Maiden
Corrine Maiden
Cortez In triumph, cour
Cortney From Courtenay,
Corwin White castle
Cory God’s peace
Coty Riverbank
Courtenay From Courtenay,
Courtland Short land
Courtney From Courtenay,
Coy Quiet person
Craig Cliff, rock
Crista Follower of Christ
Cristal Crystal
Cristen Follower of Christ
Cristian Follower of Christ
Cristin Follower of Christ
Cristina Follower of Christ
Cristóbal Christ
Cristy Follower of Christ
Cruz Cross
Crysta Follower of Christ
Crystal Crystal
Cullen Chieftain
Curt Short
Curtis Courteous
Cydney Wide meadow
Cynthia From Kynthos
Cyrus Sun, lord, throne
Dafne Laurel
Dahlia Dweller in the valley
Daija Already
Daijah Already
Daisha Alive
Daisy Day’s eye
Daja Already
Dakota The allies
Dale Dweller in the valley
Dalia Dweller in the valley
Dallas Meadow stance
Dallin Dweller in the valley
Dalton Town in the valley
Damarcus From the god Mars
Damaris Calf
Damian To tame
Damon To tame
Dan Arbiter
Dana Arbiter
Dane Honorable, perso
Dania Arbiter
Danica Morning star
Daniel God is my judge
Daniela God is my judge
Danielle God is my judge
Danika Morning star
Danilo God is my judge
Danna Arbiter
Dannielle God is my judge
Danny God is my judge
Dante Enduring, obstin
Daphne Laurel
Dara Mother-of-pearl
Darby Deer settlement
Darcie From Arcy
Darcy From Arcy
Darell From Airel
Daren Burnt land, hill
Daria Maintain well
Darin Burnt land, hill
Dario Maintain well
Darius Maintain well, p
Darnell Hidden alcove
Darragh Fertile
Darrel From Airelle
Darrin Burnt land, hill
Darrius Maintain well, p
Darron Burnt land, hill
Darwin Dear friend
Daryl From Airelle
Dasia Gift of God
Daulton Town in the valley
Dave Beloved
David Beloved
Davin Beloved
Davina Beloved
Davis Beloved
Dawn Sunrise, daybreak
Dawson David’s son
Dayana The judge
Dayanara Husband slayer
Dayton Town of the dale
Deacon Deacon
Dean Valley, dean
Deandra Man, warrior
Debbie A bee
Deborah Bee
Debra A bee
Declan Full of goodness
Dedrick Ruler of the peo
Deena Judged
Deidra Uncertain
Deidre Uncertain
Deion Of Zeus
Deirdre Uncertain
Deja Already
Dejah Already
Dejon God is gracious
Delaney From the alder g
Delia Of Delos
Demarco From the god Mars
DeMarcus From the god Mars
Demario From the god Mars
Demetria Earth mother
Demetrius Earth mother
Demi Earth mother
DeMonte Of the mountain
Dena Slender
Denis God of wine
Denise God of wine
Denisse God of wine
Dennis God of wine
Denny Feaster
Denver Dane crossing
Deon Of Zeus
Deondre Descendent of An
Derick Ruler of the peo
Deron Possibly ‘blackb
Desirae Desired
Desirée Desired
Desmond Man from south M
Destinee Destiny
Destiny Destiny
Devan Men of Devon
Devaughn Small
Deven Descendant of Da
Devin Descendant of Da
Devon Men of Devon
Devonta Men of Devon
Devonte Men of Devon
Devyn Descendant of Da
Dewayne Dark, black
Dexter Dyer of cloth
Deyanira Husband slayer,
Diamond Precious gemstone
Diego Supplanter
Dijon God is gracious
Dimitri Earth mother
Dina Judged
Dion Of Zeus
Dirk Ruler of the peo
Dixie Strong power
Diya Splendor, light
Dolores Sorrows
Domingo Lord
Domini Lord
Dominic Lord
Dominick Lord
Dominik Lord
Dominique Lord
Dominque Lord
Don World rule
Donald World rule
Donna Lady
Donnell World rule
Donny World rule
Donovan Dark chieftain
Dontae Enduring, obstin
Donté Enduring, obstin
Dora Gift
Doris Dorian woman
Dorothy Gift of god
Douglas Black water
Drake Snake, dragon
Dre Man, warrior
Drew Man, warrior
Dryden Dry valley
Duane Dark, black
Dulce Sweet
Duncan Brown chief
Durell Son of Hureau
Durrell Son of Hureau
Dustin Thor’s stone
Dusty Thor’s stone
Dwayne Dark, black
Dwight Mountain of Zeus
Earl Nobleman
Earnest Earnest, serious
Easton River settlement
Eboni Ebony wood
Ebony Ebony wood
Echo Echo
Eddie Wealth protector
Eddy Wealth protector
Eden Delight
Edgar Protector of the
Edgardo Protector of the
Edison Edward’s son
Edith Prosperous in war
Edmond Prosperous prote
Edmund Prosperous prote
Edna Kernel, nut
Eduardo Rich guard
Edward Wealth protector
Edwin Rich friend
Efrain Fruitful
Efren Fruitful
Eileen Form of Helen, E
Elaina Torch, bright li
Elaine Torch, bright li
Elbert Noble and famous
Eleanor Pity
Elena Wicker, reed
Eleni Bright, shining
Eli Ascend, my God
Elian The Lord is my G
Eliana The Lord has res
Elias My God is the Lord
Eliezer My God is help
Elijah My god is the lord
Elina Torch, bright li
Eliot My god is the lord
Elisa My God is a vow
Elisabeth My God is a vow
Elise My God is a vow
Eliseo My God is salvat
Elisha My God is salvat
Elissa My God is a vow
Eliza My God is a vow
Elizabet My God is a vow
Elizabeth My God is a vow
Ella Torch, bright li
Elle She
Ellen Torch, bright li
Elliana The Lord has res
Elliot My God is the Lord
Elliott My god is the lord
Ellis My God is the Lord
Elmer Noble and famous
Eloy Selection
Elsa My God is a vow,
Elsie My God is a vow
Elton Ella’s town, eel
Elvin Friend of elves
Elvis Meaning unknown
Elyse My God is a vow
Elysia Struck by lightn
Elyssa My God is a vow
Ember Burned coal
Emely Rival, emulating
Emerald Green gemstone
Emerson Son of Emery
Emery Bravery and powe
Emil Rival, emulating
Emilee Rival, emulating
Emilia Rival, emulating
Emiliano Rival, emulating
Emilie Rival
Emilio Rival, emulating
Emily Rival, emulating
Emma All-containing
Emma-Lee A combination of
Emmanuel God is with us
Emmett All-containing,
Emmy Rival
Enoch Devoted, dedicated
Enrique Home ruler
Enzo uncertain
Eoin God is gracious
Eric Eternal ruler
Erica Eternal ruler
Erich Eternal ruler
Erick Eternal ruler
Ericka Eternal ruler
Erik Eternal ruler
Erika Eternal ruler
Erin From Ireland
Ernest Earnest, serious
Ernesto Earnest, serious
Ernie Earnest, serious
Errol Uncertain
Ervin Green water, boa
Erwin Uncertain, possi
Eryn From Ireland
Esha Desire
Eshan Passion of the sun
Esmeralda Emerald
Esperanza Hope
Essence True nature of a
Esteban Crown
Estefani Crown
Estefania Crown
Estefany Crown
Estelle Star
Estevan Crown
Esther Star
Estrella Star
Ethan Strong, firm, im
Ethen Strong, firm, im
Etienne Crown
Eugene Well born
Eugenia Of noble descent
Eugenio Well born
Eunice Good victory
Eva Life
Evan God is gracious
Evangeline Good news, beare
Eve Life
Evelin Uncertain
Evelyn Uncertain
Everett Strong as a wild
Evie Life
Ewan Born from the ye
Ezekiel God will strengt
Ezequiel God will strengt
Ezra Aid
Fabian A bean
Fabiola A bean
Fae Fairy
Faith Faith, confidenc
Fallon Leader
Falon Leader
Fanny From France
Farah Joyful
Farrah Joyful
Fatima Abstinence
Fawn Young deer
Fay Fairy
Faye Fairy
Federico Peaceful ruler
Felecia Happy
Felicia Happy
Felicity Happiness
Felipe Lover of horses
Felisha Happy
Felix Happy, lucky, fo
Fergus Man of strength
Fernanda uncertain
Fernando Intelligent and
Fidel Faithful
Filip Lover of horses
Finlay Fair warrior
Finley Fair warrior
Finn Fair
Finnegan Descendant of Finn
Fiona Fair, white, bea
Fisher One who fishes
Fletcher Maker of arrows
Flor Flower
Florence Blossoming, char
Floyd Grey
Flynn Ruddy, red-headed
Forest Forest
Forrest Forest
Francene From France
Frances From France
Francesca From France
Francesco From France
Francine From France
Francis From France
Francisca From France
Francisco From France
Franco From France
Frank Javelin
Franklin Free man
Franky From France
Fraser uncertain
Fred Peaceful ruler
Freddie Peaceful ruler
Freddy Peaceful ruler
Frederick Peaceful ruler
Fredrick Peaceful ruler
Freya Woman
Frida Peace
Fynn Fair
Gabriel God is my might
Gabriela God is my might
Gabriella God is my might
Gabrielle God is my might
Gaël Name of a Celtic
Gage Measurer
Gaige Measurer
Gail Father in rejoicing
Galen Calm
Galilea Sloping hills
Gannon White, fair-haired
Gareth uncertain
Garett Strength of the
Garland Garland-maker
Garret Strength of the
Garrett Strength of the
Garrick Spear
Garrison Strong
Garth Enclosed garden
Gauge Measurer
Gavin White hawk of ba
Gayle Father in rejoicing
Gemma Jewel
Gena Woman
Gene Well born
Genesis Beginning
Geneva Woman
Genevieve uncertain
Geoffrey God’s peace
George Earth worker
Georgia Farmer
Georgina Earth worker
Gerald Spear ruler
Geraldine Spear ruler
Geraldo Spear ruler
Gerard Strength of the
Gerardo Strength of the
German Brother
Gerry Spear ruler
Giana God is gracious
Giancarlo God is gracious
Gianna God is gracious
Gianni God is gracious
Gideon Hewer, mighty wa
Gilbert Bright oath
Gilberto Bright oath
Gillian Down-bearded youth
Ginger Spring-like
Ginny Maiden
Gino Of noble descent
Giovani God is gracious
Giovanna God is gracious
Giovanni God is gracious
Giselle Hostage, pledge
Gisselle Hostage, pledge
Giuseppe He will enlarge
Gladys Disabled
Glen Valley
Glenda Clean and good
Glenn Valley in the mo
Gloria Glory
Gonzalo Fight, combat
Gordon Large fort
Grace Good will
Gracelyn Good will
Gracie Good will
Graciela Grace
Grady Child of nobility
Graeme Abode
Graham Abode
Grant Great, tall
Graydon Gray-haired
Grayson Gray-haired
Greg Watcher
Gregg Watcher
Greggory Watcher
Gregorio Watcher
Gregory Watcher
Greta Pearl
Gretchen Pearl
Greyson Gray-haired
Griffin Reddish
Grisel Uncertain
Griselda Grey battle
Guadalupe Valley of the wo
Guillermo Will, desire and
Gunnar Battle, strife
Gunner Battle, strife
Gustavo Stave of the Goths
Guy Guide
Gwendolyn White ring, whit
Gwyneth Fair
Haden Valley with hay
Hadley Field of heather
Hailee Hay clearing or hay woods
Hailey Hay clearing or hay woods
Haily Hay clearing or hay woods
Hakeem Wise or insightful
Haleigh Hay clearing or hay woods
Haley Hay clearing or hay woods
Hali Hay clearing or hay woods
Halle Home rule
Halley Hall, enclosure
Hallie Home ruler
Hamish Supplanter
Hamza Foul taste
Hana Flower, favourite
Hank God is gracious
Hanna Grace, favour
Hannah Grace, favour
Hans God is gracious
Harlan Land with hares
Harleen Within the love
Harley Hare clearing
Harman Man in the army
Harmony In concord, harm
Harold Leader of an army
Harper A player on the
Harpreet God’s love
Harriet Home ruler
Harris Home ruler
Harrison Son of Harris
Harry Home ruler
Harsimran Remembering God
Harvey Battle worthy or
Harvir Warrior of God,
Hassan Beautiful
Haven Haven, safe place
Hayden Heathen
Haydn Heathen
Haylee Hay clearing or hay woods
Hayleigh Hay clearing or hay woods
Hayley Hay clearing or hay woods
Haylie Hay clearing or hay woods
Hazel Hazel Tree – Lig
Heath Person living on
Heather Heather
Heaven Heaven
Hector Holding fast
Heidi Noble one
Heidy Noble type
Helen Wicker, reed
Helena Wicker, reed
Henry Home ruler
Herbert Bright army
Heriberto Bright army, bri
Herman Man in the army
Hernan Intelligent and
Hezekiah Power from god
Hilary Cheerful
Hilda Battle, war
Hillary Cheerful
Hiram My brother is ex
Holden Deep Valley
Hollie Holly
Holly Holly
Homer Pledge or hostage
Hope Hope
Horace Hour, time
Houston Hugh’s town
Howard Sheep herder
Hubert Bright mind
Hugh Mind
Hugo Mind
Humberto Famous giant
Hung Wonderful
Hunter Hunter
Huy Shining, succesful
Iain God is gracious
Ian God is forgiving
Ibrahim Father of a multitude or many nationst
Ida Work
Iesha Alive
Ignacio Fiery
Ignatius Fiery
Ike He laughs
Iliana The Lord has res
Imani Faith, belief
Imanol God is with us
Immanuel God is with us
Imogen Maiden
Imogene Maiden
India Body of water
Indiana Land of Indians
Infant Baby
Ingrid Ing’s beauty
Ira Watchful
Ireland Land of Ériu
Irene Peace
Iridian Related to the eye
Iris Rainbow
Irma Universal
Irvin Green water, boa
Irving Green water, boa
Irwin Boar friend
Isaac He will laugh
Isabel My God is a vow
Isabela My God is a vow
Isabell My God is a vow
Isabella My God is a vow
Isabelle My God is a vow
Isai Man
Isaiah God is salvation
Isaias God is salvation
Isamar Perhaps an elisi
Ishaan Bestower of rich
Ishmael God will listen
Isidor Gift of Isis
Isidore Gift of Isis
Isidro Gift of Isis
Isla Scottish island
Ismael God will listen
Isobel My God is a vow
Israel God wrestler
Issac He laughs
Itzel Rainbow lady
Ivan God is gracious
Ivana God is gracious
Ivette Yew
Ivonne Yew
Ivory Ivory
Ivy Ivy
Izabella My God is a vow
Izaiah God is my salvat
Jabari Comforter, conso
Jace Healer
Jacey Healer
Jacinta Hyacinth
Jack God is gracious
Jacklyn Supplanter
Jackson Jack’s son
Jaclyn Supplanter
Jacob Supplanter, held
Jacoby Supplanter, held
Jacqueline Supplanter
Jacquelyn Supplanter
Jacques Supplanter
Jada Precious green
Jade Precious green
Jadon He will judge
Jagger Pedlar
Jaheem Raised up
Jaheim Raised up
Jahiem Raised up
Jai Jay bird
Jaida Precious green
Jailene Jay and Leen
Jaime Supplanter
Jaimee Supplanter
Jaimie Supplanter
Jair He will light up
Jairo He will light up
Jajuan God is gracious
Jake Supplanted, held
Jakob Supplanter
Jakobe Shrine families
Jaleel Grand, noble
Jaliyah Lofty, sublime
Jamaal Handsome
Jamal Handsome, grace
Jamar uncertain
JaMarcus From the god Mars
Jamel Handsome
James Supplanter
Jameson Supplanter
Jami Supplanter
Jamie Supplanter
Jamieson Supplanter
Jamil Handsome, grace
Jamila Beautiful
Jamin Right hand
Jamison Supplanter
Jan God is gracious
Jane God is gracious
Janel God is gracious
Janell God is gracious
Janelle God is gracious
Janet God is gracious
Janette God is gracious
Janice God is gracious
Janie God is gracious
Janine God is gracious
Janna God is gracious
Jaquelin Supplanter
Jaqueline Supplanter
Jaquez Supplanter
Jarad Descendant
Jared To descend, desc
Jaren He will sing
Jaret Strength of the
Jarett Strength of the
Jarod Descendant
Jaron He will sing
Jarrad Descendant
Jarred Descendant
Jarret Strength of the
Jarrett Strength of the
Jarrod Descendant
Jarvis Spear servant
Jase Healer
Jasen Healer
Jasmeen Jasmine
Jasmin Jasmin flower
Jasmine Jasmine
Jasmyn Jasmine
Jasmyne Jasmine
Jason Healer
Jasper Treasurer, spott
Javier New house
Jax Jack’s son
Jaxon Jack’s son
Jaxson Jack’s son
Jay Jay bird
Jaya Victory, victori
Jayce Healer
Jaycee Healer
Jaycie Initials J and C
Jayda Precious green
Jayde Precious green
Jayme Supplanter
Jaymes Supplanter
Jaymie Supplanter
Jayna Bringer of victory
Jayson Healer
Jazmín Jasmine
Jazmine Jasmine
Jazmyn Jasmine
Jazmyne Jasmine
Jean God is gracious
Jeana God is gracious
Jeanette God is gracious
Jeanie God is gracious
Jeanine God is gracious
Jeanna God is gracious
Jeanne God is gracious
Jeannette God is gracious
Jeannie God is gracious
Jeannine God is gracious
Jed God’s beloved
Jedediah Friend of God
Jedidiah Friend of God
Jeff God’s peace
Jefferey God’s peace
Jefferson God’s peace
Jeffery God’s peace
Jeffrey God’s peace
Jeffry God’s peace
Jelani Great, powerful
Jemma Jewel
Jena White, fair
Jenelle God is gracious
Jenifer White, fair
Jenna White, fair
Jenni White, fair
Jennie White, fair
Jennifer White, fair
Jenny White, fair, smo
Jensen Son of Johannes
Jerad Descendant
Jerald Spear ruler
Jeramiah God will raise u
Jeramie God will raise u
Jeramy God will raise u
Jered Descendant, desc
Jeremey God will raise u
Jeremiah God will raise u
Jeremie God will raise u
Jeremy God will raise u
Jeri Spear ruler
Jericho City of moon god
Jerimiah God will raise u
Jermain Brother
Jermaine Brother
Jerod Descendant
Jerome Sacred name
Jeromy God will raise u
Jerrad Descendant
Jerri Spear ruler
Jerrod Descendant
Jerry Spear ruler
Jesenia Jasmine flower
Jesse Gift, wealthy
Jessenia Jasmine flower
Jessie God is gracious
Jessy Wealthy
Jesus God rescues
Jett Black gemstone
Jewel Precious stone
Jill Down-bearded youth
Jillian Down-bearded youth
Jim Supplanter
Jimena Listening
Jimmie Supplanter
Jimmy Supplanter
Jo He will enlarge
Joan God is gracious
Joana God is gracious
Joanie God is gracious
Joann God is gracious
Joanna God is gracious
Joanne God is gracious
Joban Youth
Jocelyn Tribal name of t
Jodi Of Judea
Jodie Of Judea
Jody Of Judea
Joe He will enlarge
Joel The Lord is God
Joëlle The Lord is God
Joesph He will enlarge
Joey He will enlarge
Johan God is gracious
Johana God is gracious
Johanna God is gracious
Johathan God has given, g
John God is gracious
Johnathan God has given, g
Johnathon God has given, g
Johnna God is gracious
Johnnie God is gracious
Johnny God is gracious
Johnson God is gracious
Jolie Pretty
Jon God has given, g
Jonah Dove
Jonas Dove
Jonatan God has given, g
Jonatha God has given
Jonathan God has given, g
Jonathon God has given, g
Joni God is gracious
Jordan Descend, flow down
Jordana Descend, flow down
Jordanna Descend, flow down
Jorden Descend, flow down
Jordi Earth worker
Jordin Descend, flow down
Jordon Descend, flow down
Jordy Earth worker
Jordyn Descend, flow down
Jorge Earth worker
Jorja Farmer, earth-wo
Jory Earth worker
José He will enlarge
Josef He will enlarge
Josefina He will enlarge
Joseluis Combination of J
Joseph He will enlarge
Josephine He will enlarge
Josh God rescues
Joshua God rescues
Joshuah God rescues
Josiah The Lord saves
Josie He will enlarge
Joslyn Tribal name of t
Josue God rescues
Journey A journey
Jovan God is gracious
Jovani God is gracious
Jovanni God is gracious
Jovany God is gracious
Joy Joy, jubilation
Joyce Experienced in b
Juana God has been gra
Juanita God has been gra
Judah Praise, thanks
Judd Descend, flow down
Jude Praise, thanks
Judith Of Judea
Judson Descend, flow down
Judy Of Judea
Julia Down-bearded youth
Julian Down-bearded youth
Juliana Down-bearded youth
Julianna Down-bearded youth
Julianne Down-bearded youth
Julie Down-bearded youth
Julien Down-bearded youth
Juliet Down-bearded youth
Juliette Down-bearded youth
Julio Down-bearded youth
Julius Down-bearded youth
June The sixth month
Junior Younger
Justen Righteous
Justice Righteous
Justin Righteous, just,
Justina Righteous
Justine Righteous, just
Juston Righteous
Justus Righteous, just
Justyn Righteous, just
Jye Jay bird
Kacey From Cayce
Kaci From Cayce
Kacie From Cayce
Kacy From Cayce
Kade Round, lumpy
Kadeem One who serves
Kadence Rhythm
Kadijah Born prematurely
Kael uncertain
Kaelan Slender
Kaelen Slender
Kahlil Honorable comrade
Kai Rejoice
Kaia Pure
Kaila Who is like God?
Kailyn Slender
Kaine A spear
Kaitlyn Pure
Kaitlynn Pure
Kajol Kohl, collyrium
Kala The fine arts
Kale uncertain
Kaleb Dog, Heart
Kaleena Rowan tree
Kalem Dove
Kalen Slender
Kaley Descendant of Caollaidhe
Kali Time, black
Kalina Rowan tree
Kalista Most beautiful
Kallie The most beautiful
Kalum Dove
Kalvin Bald
Kamari The enemy of des
Kamden Unsure
Kameron Crooked nose
Kami Altar server
Kamryn Crooked nose
Kandace Fire-white
Kandice Fire-white
Kane A spear
Kara Friend
Karan Ear
Kareem Noble
Kareena Pure
Karen Pure
Kari Gust of wind
Karie Free man
Karin Pure
Karina Pure
Karis Grace, charm
Karissa Longsuffering
Karl Free man
Karla Free man
Karlee Free man
Karley Free man
Karli Free man
Karlie Free man
Karma Action, effect
Karman Garden, orchard
Karol Free man
Karter Transporter of m
Karyme The attractive one
Karyn [Pure]
Kasey From Cayce
Kassandra She who entangle
Kassidy Curly
Katarina Pure
Kate Pure
Katelin Pure
Katelyn Pure
Katelynn Pure
Katerina Pure
Katharine Pure
Katherin Pure
Katherine Pure
Katheryn Pure
Kathleen Pure
Kathrine Pure
Kathryn Pure
Kathy Pure
Kati Pure
Katia Pure
Katie Pure
Katina Pure
Katlin Pure
Katlyn Pure
Katrina Pure
Katy Pure
Kay Pure
Kaya Pure
Kaydence Rhythm
Kayla Who is like God?
Kaylah Who is like God?
Kaylan Slender
Kaylen Slender
Kayley Descendant of Caollaidhe
Kaylie Descendant of Caollaidhe
Kaylin Slender and fair
Kaylyn Slender
Keagan Son of Aodhagáin
Keanu Cool breeze over
Keara Dark
Keaton Kite town
Keegan Son of Aodhagáin
Keelan Slender and fair
Keeley Beautiful, hands
Keely Beautiful, hands
Keenan Descendant of Caollaidhe
Kegan Son of Aodhagáin
Keifer Barrel-maker
Keila Who is like God?
Keira Dark
Keiran Little dark one
Keith Woods
Kelby Child’s town
Kellen Slender
Kelley War, strife
Kelli War, strife
Kellie War, strife
Kelly War, strife, bri
Kelsey Cenel’s land
Kelsi Chalk landing pl
Kelsie Chalk landing pl
Kelton Town of the keels
Kelvin From the River C
Ken Born of fire
Kenan Descendant of Caollaidhe
Kendal Valley of the River Kent
Kendall Valley of the River Kent
Kendra Son of Henry
Kendrick Son of Henry
Kenia The country of Kenya
Kennedi Armored head
Kennedy Armored head
Kenneth Born of fire
Kenny Good looking
Kent uncertain
Kenton Royal town
Kenya The country of Kenya
Kenzie Handsome
Keri Country of the children of Ciar
Kerri Country of the children of Ciar
Kerrie County in Ireland
Kerry Country of the children of Ciar
Keshawn God is gracious
Kevan Beautiful at birth
Kevin Beautiful at birth
Keyla Who is like God?
Keziah Cinnamon-like bark
Khadijah Born prematurely
Khalid Eternal
Khalil Honorable comrade
Khari Better
Khloe Green shoot
Kia Pet form of Kiana
Kian Ancient
Kiara Clear, bright
Kiefer Barrel-maker
Kiera Dark
Kieran Little dark one
Kieron Little dark one
Kierra Dark
Kiersten Follower of Christ
Kiley Boomerang
Killian War, strife
Kim Regal hill
Kimber Variable prefix
Kimberle Variable prefix
Kimberlee Variable prefix
Kimberley Variable prefix
Kimberly Variable prefix
King King’s forest cl
Kingston King’s town
Kinley Fair hero
Kinsey Royal victory
Kinsley Descendant of Ci
Kip Pet form of Kipl
Kira Dark
Kiran Ray of light
Kirby Church settlement
Kirk Church
Kirkland Church land
Kirsten Follower of Christ
Kirstie Follower of Christ
Kirstin Follower of Christ
Kobe A Japanese city
Koby Supplanter
Koda The allies
Kody Descendant of Cu
Koen Priest
Kohen Priest
Kohl Cabbage
Kolby Coalworker, coal
Kole Coal, dark one
Konner Lover of hounds
Konnor Lover of hounds
Konrad Experienced advi
Korbin A steep hill
Kordell Maker of cord
Korey God’s peace
Kori God’s peace
Kory God’s peace
Kourtney From Courtenay
Kraig Cliff, rock
Kris Follower of Christ
Krista Follower of Christ
Kristen Follower of Christ
Kristi Follower of Christ
Kristian Follower of Christ
Kristie Follower of Christ
Kristin Follower of Christ
Kristina Follower of Christ
Kristine Follower of Christ
Kristofer Bearer of Christ
Kristoffer Bearer of Christ
Kristopher Bearer of Christ
Kristy Follower of Christ
Kristyn Follower of Christ
Krysta Follower of Christ
Krystal Crystal
Krysten Follower of Christ
Krystin Follower of Christ
Krystina Follower of Christ
Krystle Crystal
Kurt Courteous
Kurtis Courteous
Kwame Saturday born
Kyan Ancient
Kyara Clear, bright
Kye Rejoice
Kyla Strait of water
Kyle Strait of water
Kylee Boomerang
Kyleigh Boomerang
Kyler A mix of Kyle an
Kylie Boomerang
Kyra Lady
Kyran Little dark one
Kyrie Lord
Lacey Lacy, lace-like
Lachlan Warrior from the
Laci Lacy, lace-like
Lacie Lacy, lace-like
Lacy Lacy, lace-like
Ladarius Maintain well
Ladonna Lady
Laila Dark beauty, night
Lainey Torch
Lakeisha Alive
Lakendra Son of Henry
Lakesha Alive
Lakeshia Alive
Lakisha Alive
Lamar Of the Sea
LaMarcus From the god Mars
Lamont Law man
Lan Orchid
Lana Rock
Lance Territory, land
Landan Long hill
Landen Long hill
Landon Long hill
Landyn Long hill
Lane Lane
Laney Torch, bright li
Lara From the ancient
Larissa From the ancient
Larry Man from Laurentum
Lars Man from Laurentum
Lashawn God is gracious
Latasha (Christ’s) birth
Latifah Gentle, kind
Latisha Joy
Laura Laurel
Laurel Laurel
Lauren Man from Laurentum
Laurence Man from Laurentum
Laurie Laurel
Lauryn Man from Laurentum
Lawrence Crowned with lau
Lawson Man from Laurentum
Layla Dark beauty
Layne Lane
Layton Water-course set
Lazaro God is my help
Lea Weary
Leah Weary
Leandra Lion Man
Leandro Lion man
Leann Lee + Anne
Leanna Lee + Anne
Leanne Lee + Anne
Lee Clearing, meadow
Leeann Lee + Anne
Leia Weary
Leif Descendant
Leigh Clearing, meadow
Leila Dark-haired beau
Leilani Heavenly blossoms
Leland Land lying fallow
Lena The bright one
Lenny Brave lion
Leo Lion
Leon Lion
Leona Lion
Leonard Strong as the lion
Leonardo Strong as the lion
Leonel Lion
Leopoldo Bold people
Leroy The king
Lesley Holly Garden
Leslie Holly Garden
Lesly Holly Garden
Lester From Leicester
Leticia Joy
Letitia Joy
Levi Combined
Levon Lion
Lewis Fame and war
Lexi Defending men
Lexie Defending men
Lexis Defender
Lexus A brand of car
Leyla Dark-haired beau
Lia Uncertain
Liam Will
Libby My God is a vow
Liberty Freedom
Lidia Woman from Lydia
Lila Dark-haired beau
Lilia Lilies
Lilian My God is a vow
Liliana Lilies
Lilianna Lilies
Lillian My God is a vow
Lilliana Lilies
Lillie Lily
Lilly Lily
Lily Lily
Lilyana Lilies
Lina Delicate, compas
Lincoln Lake settlement
Linden Lime tree
Lindsay uncertain
Linnéa Linnaea flower
Lionel Lion
Lisa My God is a vow
Lisandro Freeing a man
Lisbeth My God is a vow
Lisette My God is a vow
Liza My God is a vow
Lizbeth My God is a vow
Lizeth My God is a vow
Lizette My God is a vow
Lloyd Grey
Lochlan Warrior from the
Logan Hollow
Lola Sorrows
London From London
Long Dragon
Loni Noble and ready
Lonnie Noble and ready
Lora Laurel
Lorelai Murmuring rock
Lorelei Murmuring rock
Loren Man from Laurentum
Lorena Man from Laurentum
Lorenzo Man from Laurentum
Loretta Laurel
Lori Of Lothair
Lorie Laurel
Lorraine Of Lothair
Louie Fame and war
Louis Fame and war
Louisa Fame and war
Louise Fame and war
Lourdes Craggy slope
Lowell Wolf
Luc Man from Lucania
Luca Man from Lucania
Lucas Man from Lucania
Lucero Light
Lucia Light
Lucian Light
Luciana Light
Luciano Light
Lucille Light
Lucinda Light
Lucy Light
Luis Fame and war
Luisa Fame and war
Luka Man from Lucania
Lukas Man from Lucania
Luke Man from Lucania
Luna Moon
Luther People army
Luz Light
Lydia Noble kind
Lyle Island
Lynden Lime tree hill
Lyndon Lime tree hill
Lyndsay Lincoln island
Lyndsey Lincoln island
Lynsey Lincoln island
Lyric Lyric
Macey Place of Maccius
Maci Place of Maccius
Macie Place of Maccius
Mack Son of
Mackenzi Son of Coinneach
Mackenzie Son of Coinneach
Macy Place of Maccius
Madalyn From Magdala
Madalynn From Magdala
Maddex Good, generous
Maddison Son of Maud, Mat
Maddox Good, generous
Madelaine From Magdala
Madelein From Magdala
Madeleine From Magdala
Madeline From Magdala
Madelyn From Magdala
Madelynn From Magdala
Madisen Son of Maud
Madison Son of Maud, Mat
Madisyn Son of Maud
Madysen Son of Maud
Madyson Son of Maud
Maegan Pearl
Maeve Intoxicating
Magan Absorbed, engros
Magdalena Of Magdala
Magen Shield
Maggie Pearl
Magnus Great
Mai Ocean or elegance
Maia uncertain
Maira uncertain
Maisie Pet form of Mair
Maiya uncertain
Makaila Who is like God?
Makala To loosen
Makayla Who is like God?
Makena Happy one
Makenna Son of Cionaodh
Makenzie Son of Coinneach
Malachi My messenger
Malakai My messenger
Malaki My messenger
Malaya Sandalwood trees
Malcolm Columba’s servant
Malcom Columba’s servant
Maleah Uncertain
Malia Uncertain
Malik King, owner
Malika Queen
Malinda Blending of ‘mel
Mallorie Luckless
Mallory Luckless
Malorie Luckless
Manav Youth
Mandi She who must be
Mandy She who must be
Maneet Honoured
Manisha Sagacity, desire
Mara Bitter
Maranda She who must be
Marc From the god Mars
Marcel Little Marcus
Marcela Little Marcus
Marcelino From the god Mars
Marcella Little Marcus
Marcello Little Marcus
Marcellus Little Marcus
Marcelo Little Marcus
Marci From the god Mars
Marcia From the god Mars
Marcie From the god Mars
Marco From the god Mars
Marcos From the god Mars
Marcus From the god Mars
Marcy From the god Mars
Maren From the god Mar
Margaret Pearl
Margarita Pearl
Margie Pearl
Margo Pearl
Mari Uncertain, maybe
Maria Bitter
Mariah Uncertain, maybe
Mariam Uncertain, maybe
Marian Uncertain
Mariana Latinate form of
Mariano From the god Mars
Maribel Maria Isabel
Maricela Bitter
Marie Bitter
Mariel Uncertain
Mariela Uncertain
Marielle Uncertain
Marika Uncertain
Marilyn Uncertain
Marin From the god Mar
Marina From the god Mars
Mario From the god Mars
Marion Uncertain, maybe
Marisela Uncertain
Marisol Uncertain
Maritza Bitter
Mariyah Bitter
Marjorie Pearl
Mark From the god Mars
Markita Pearl
Marko From the god Mars
Markus From the god Mars
Marla Of Magdala
Marlee Contraction of M
Marlena Contraction of M
Marlene Of Magdala
Marley Pleasant wood
Marques Lord of the marc
Marquez Respelling of Ma
Marquis Lord of the marc
Marquise Lady of the marc
Marquita Pearl
Marsha From the god Mars
Marshall Horse servant
Marta Lady
Martell From the god Mars
Martez From the god Mars
Martha Lady
Martin From the god Mars
Martina From the god Mars
Marty From the god Mars
Marvin Uncertain, possi
Mary Bitter
Maryam Uncertain
Maryann Uncertain
Maryjane Combination of M
Mason Bricklayer, ston
Massimo The greatest
Mataya Gift of God
Mateo Gift of God
Mathew Gift of God
Mathias Gift of God
Mathieu Gift of God
Matias Gift of God
Matilda Powerful battler
Matt Gift of God
Mattea Gift of God
Matteo Gift of God
Matthew Gift of God
Matthias Gift of God
Mattias Gift of God
Mattie Powerful battler
Maura Moor
Maureen Uncertain
Maurice Moor
Mauricio Moor
Maverick Dissenter
Max Little Maximus
Maxim The greatest
Maximilian Little Maximus
Maximillian Little Maximus
Máximo The greatest
Maximus The greatest
Maxine Little Maximus
Maxwell Maccus’s stream
May The fifth month
Maya uncertain
Mayra uncertain
McKayla Who is like God?
McKenna Son of Cionaodh
McKenzie Son of Coinneach
McKinley Son of Fhionnlao
Meadow A meadow, a gras
Meagan Pearl
Meaghan Pearl
Megan Pearl
Meghan Pearl
Melanie Black
Melany Black
Melina Honey, quince-ye
Melinda Blending of ‘mel
Melisa Honey-bee
Melissa Honey-bee
Mellisa Honey-bee
Mellissa Honey-bee
Melody Melody
Melvin Uncertain, possi
Menachem One who comforts
Mercedes Mercies
Meredith Great lord
Messiah Anointed
Mia Uncertain, maybe
Micaela Who is like God?
Micah Who is similar?
Michael Who is like God?
Michaela Who is like God?
Mícheál Who is like God?
Michel Who is like God?
Michele Who is like God?
Michelle Who is like God?
Mickey Who is like God?
Miguelangel Combination of M
Mika Beautiful smell
Mikaela Who is like God?
Mikaila Who is like God?
Mikal Who is like God?
Mikala Who is like God?
Mikalah Who is like God?
Mikayla Who is like God?
Mike Who is like God?
Mikel Who is like God?
Mikhail Who resembles God?
Mila Rival, emulating
Milan Dear, beloved
Mildred Gentle strength
Miles uncertain
Millie Labour, strength
Milo uncertain
Milton Settlement by th
Mina Will
Mindy Pet form of Meli
Mira Prosperous
Miracle Wonder, miracle
Miranda She who must be
Mireya Uncertain
Miriam Uncertain, maybe
Misael Loaned, borrowed
Misty Misty, foggy
Mitch Who is like God?
Mitchel Who is like God?
Mitchell Who is like God?
Miya Temple
Moesha Drawn out of the
Mohamed Praised one
Mohammad Praised one
Mohammed Praised one
Moira Uncertain
Moises Drawn from the w
Mollie Uncertain
Molly Uncertain
Mona Little noble one
Monica uncertain
Monika uncertain
Monserrat Rough or jagged
Montana Mountainous
Monte Gomeric’s hill
Montel Little mountain
Montserrat Rough or jagged
Monty Gomeric’s hill,
Mordechai Little man, wors
Morgan uncertain
Moriah uncertain
Morris Moor
Moses Drawn out of the
Moshe Drawn out of the
Muhammad Praised one
Mustafa Selected, lordly
Mya uncertain
Myah uncertain
Myles uncertain
Myra uncertain
Myron Myrrh
Nadia Hope
Nadine Hope
Naima Tranquil
Najee Intimate compani
Nakia Unconquered
Nakita Unconquered
Nallely I love you
Nancy Grace, favour
Naomi Beautiful, pleas
Nash At the ash tree
Nasir Helper
Natalee (Christ’s) birth
Natalia Christ’s birthday
Natalie Christ’s birthday
Nataly Christ’s birthday
Natalya Christ’s birthday
Natasha Christ’s birthday
Nate Gift of god
Nathalia (Christ’s) birth
Nathalie Christ’s birthday
Nathaly (Christ’s) birth
Nathan He (God) has given
Nathanael Gift of god
Nathanial Gift of god
Nathaniel Gift of god
Nathen He (God) has given
Nautica Sailor, navigato
Nayeli I love you
Nayely I love you
Neha Cherished, beauty
Nehemiah Consoled by God
Nelson Son of Neal
Neo New
Nestor Return
Nevada Snow-covered
Neve Radiance, bright
Nia Radiance, bright
Niamh Radiance, bright
Nichola Victory of the people
Nicholas Victory of the people
Nichole Victory of the people
Nick Victory of the people
Nicklaus Victory of the people
Nickolas Victory of the people
Nico Victory of the people
Nicola Victory of the people
Nicolas Victory of the people
Nicole Victory of the people
Nicolette Victory of the people
Nikhil Entire, all
Niki Victory of the people
Nikita Unconquered
Nikki Victory of the people
Nikko Victory of the people
Niko Victory of the people
Nikola Victory of the people
Nikolai Victory of the people
Nikolas Victory of the people
Nikole Victory of the people
Nima Large indian tree
Nisha Night
Noa Motion
Noah Rest, comfort
Noé Rest, comfort
Noël Day of birth
Noelia Day of birth
Noelle Day of birth
Noemi Beautiful, pleas
Nolan Chariot-fighter,
Norberto Bright north, fa
Norma Thor mind, Thor
Norman Thor mind, Thor
Norris Northener
Nova New
Nya Purpose
Nyah Purpose
Nyla Cloud or champion
Oakley From the oak mea
Oceana Ocean
Octavia Eighth
Octavian Eighth
Octavio Eighth
Octavius Eighth
Odalis Wealth
Odalys Wealth
Odelia Wealth
Odessa Place name
Odetta Wealth
Odette Wealth
Oisín Little deer
Oksana Welcoming
Ola Ancestor
Ole Ancestor
Olga Holy
Olive Olive
Oliver Elf army
Olivette Elf army
Olivia Elf army
Olley Elf army
Ollie Elf army
Olliver Elf army
Olsen Son of Ole
Olson Son of Ole
Olympia From Mount Olympus
Olyvia Elf army
Omar Speaker
Omari Populous
Omarion Populous
Oona One
Opal Jewel, gem
Opaline Jewel, gem
Ophelia Help, aid
Oprah Young deer
Ora Light
Oralee My light
Oran Dark-haired
Oren Pine tree
Oriana Dawn, gold
Orianna Dawn, gold
Orin Little green one
Orla Golden princess
Orland Famous country
Orlando Famous country
Orlondo Famous country
Orville Gold town
Osbaldo Uncertain, possi
Oscar Divine spear
Osvaldo Uncertain, possi
Oswald Uncertain, possi
Oswaldo Uncertain, possi
Othelia Wealth
Otis One who hears well
Ottilie Wealth
Otto Wealth
Owen Well born, yew b
Owena Well born
Ozzie Uncertain
Ozzy Divine spear
Pablo Small, humble
Pacey Paccius’ place
Paige Page
Paloma Dove
Paola Small, humble
Parker Gamekeeper of a
Pat Patrician
Patience Patience
Patrice A patrician
Patricia A patrician
Patrick Patrician
Paul Small, humble
Paula Small, humble
Paulina Small, humble
Pauline Small, humble
Pavel Small, humble
Paxton Settlement of Po
Payton Settlement of Pœga
Pearl Pearl
Pedro Stone
Peggy Pearl
Penelope Weaver, duck
Penny Weaver, duck
Percy Pierce valley
Perla Pearl
Perry Foreigner, stran
Pete Stone
Peter Stone
Petey Stone
Petra Stone
Peyton Settlement of Pœga
Phil Lover of horses
Philip Lover of horses
Phillip Lover of horses
Phoebe Bright, moon
Phoenix Phoenix, deep red
Phylicia Foliage
Phyllis Foliage
Pierce Stone
Pierre Stone
Piper A pipe player
Poppy Poppy flower
Porsche Pig
Porsha Pig
Porter One who carries
Portia Pig
Prabhjot Lord’s light
Prabhnoor The ultimate lig
Precious Loved
Presley Priest clearing
Preston Priest settlement
Prince Royal son
Princess Royal son
Priscila Ancient
Priscilla Ancient
Priya Beloved
Queen Female ruler
Queenie Female ruler
Quentin Fifth
Quill Descendant of Coll
Quillan Descendant of Coll
Quin Fifth
Quincy Fifth
Quinlan Gently-shaped fe
Quinn Descendent of Cu
Quint Fifth
Quinten Fifth
Quintin Fifth
Quintina Fifth
Quinton Fifth
Quintus Fifth
Rachael Ewe
Rachel Ewe
Rachelle Ewe
Racquel Kind
Rae Ewe
Raegan Descendent of Ri
Rafael God has healed
Raheem Merciful, kind,
Rahul Efficient
Raina Queen
Rajan Anticipation
Ralph Wolf council
Ramiro Powerful in batt
Ramón Advice, decision
Ramona Advice, decision
Ramsey Wild garlic island
Randal Shield rim
Randall Shield rim
Randell Shield rim
Randi Counsel, beautif
Randolph Rim, shield + wolf
Randy Shield rim
Raphael God has healed
Raquel Ewe
Rashaad Wisdom
Rashad Wisdom
Rasheed Rightly guarded
Raul Wolf council
Raven Raven
Ray Advice, decision
Raya Friend
Rayan Fragrant herb,
Raymond Advice, decision
Raymundo King of the world
Rayna Queen
Rayne Queen
Reagan Descendent of Ri
Reanna Nymph
Rebeca To tie
Rebecca To tie
Rebekah To tie
Reece Enthusiasm
Reed Red, reeds
Reese Enthusiasm
Regina Queen
Reilly Courageous, vali
Reina Pure, clean
Rena Reborn
Renae Reborn
Renaldo Ruler with counsel
René Reborn
Renée Reborn
Renita Reborn
Renzo Man from Laurentum
Reuben Behold, a son
Rex King
Rey Red
Reyna Pure, clean
Reynaldo Ruler with counsel
Rhea Earth
Rheanna Nymph
Rhett Advice, counsel
Rhianna Nymph
Rhiannon Nymph
Rhonda Rose, woman from
Rhys Enthusiasm
Ria Bitter
Rianna Nymph
Ricardo Strong power
Richard Strong power
Richelle Strong power
Rick Strong power
Rickey Strong power
Ricki Strong power
Rickie Strong power
Rico Strong power
Ridge Ridge
Rigoberto Bright wealth
Rikki Strong power
Riley Rye clearing
Rio River
Rishi Seer, sage
Rita Pearl
River River
Riya Singer
Roan Little red one
Robbie Bright fame
Robby Bright fame
Robert Bright fame
Roberta Bright fame
Roberto Bright fame
Robin Bright fame
Robyn Bright fame
Rocco Battle cry, rest
Rochelle Battle cry, rest
Rocio Covered in dew
Rocky Battle cry, rest
Roderick Famous ruler
Rodger Famous spear
Rodney Renown island
Rodolfo Famous wolf, wol
Rodrick Famous ruler
Rodrigo Famous ruler
Rogelio Famous spear
Roger Famous spear
Rohan Ascending, heali
Róisín Little rose
Roland Famous country
Rolando Famous country
Roman Roman
Romeo Pilgrim to Rome
Ron Ruler with counsel
Ronald Ruler with counsel
Ronaldo Ruler with counsel
Ronan Little seal
Ronda Rose, woman from
Ronin Little seal
Ronnie Ruler with counsel
Ronny Ruler with counsel
Roosevelt Field of Roses
Rory Red king
Rosa Rose
Rosalie Rose
Rosalinda Weak
Rosalyn Weak
Rosanna Rose
Rose Rose
Roseanna Combination of R
Roselyn Weak, tender or
Rosemarie Sea dew
Rosemary Sea dew
Rosie Rose
Ross Bluff or Cliff
Rowan Little red one
Roxana Star, bright, dawn
Roxanna Star, bright, dawn
Roxanne Star, bright, dawn
Roy Red
Royce Rose
Ruben Behold, a son
Rubi Red
Ruby Red
Rudolph Famous wolf, wol
Rudy Famous wolf, wol
Rufus Red, red haired
Russel Little red one
Russell Little red one
Rusty Rusty, full of r
Ruth Friend
Ryan Little King
Ryann Little King
Ryder One who rides
Ryker Strong power, ha
Rylan Country of cerea
Ryland Land where rye i
Rylee Rye clearing
Ryleigh Rye clearing
Rylie Rye clearing
Sabastian Man from Sebaste
Sable Sable (black)
Sabrina A Welsh river name
Sade Sweetly singing
Sadie Princess
Sage Aromatic herb, w
Sahara Name of a desert
Sahib Master, the master
Saige Aromatic herb
Sakura Cherry blossom
Salena Moon
Salina Moon
Sally Princess
Salma Whole, to be safe
Salvador Saviour
Salvatore Saviour, rescuer
Sam He is called god
Samantha Listener
Samara Regard, guardian
Sameer Pleasant companion
Samir Pleasant companion
Samira Pleasant community
Sammi His name is God
Sammie He is called god
Sammy His name is God
Samson Sun
Samuel His name is God
Sanaa Brilliance
Sandeep Lighting the way
Sandi Defends others
Sandra Defending men
Sandy Defending men
Saniya Radiant, brilliant
Saniyah Radiant, brilliant
Santana Saintlike, Saint
Santiago Saint James
Santino Sacred
Santos Saints
Sara Princess
Sarah Princess
Sarahi Princess
Sariah Princess
Sarina Princess
Sasha Defending men
Saul Responded, praye
Savana Plateau
Savanah Plateau
Savanna Plateau
Savannah Plateau
Savion New house
Savon Soapmaker
Sawyer One who saws wood
Scarlet Scarlet
Scarlett Scarlet
Schuyler Guarded, scholar
Scotia Dark one
Scott Painted warrior
Scottie Painted warrior
Scotty Painted warrior
Séamus Supplanter
Seán God is gracious
Sebastian Man from Sebaste
Sébastien Man from Sebaste
Selah Pause and reflect
Selena Moon
Selene Moon
Selina Moon
Sequoia Large Tree
Serena Composed, peacef
Serenity Peacefulness
Sergio Servant
Seth Appointed
Shaan Peaceful
Shad Commanded by Aku
Shae Supplanter
Shaina Beautiful
Shakira Thankful
Shamus Supplanter
Shana Beautiful
Shane God is gracious
Shanelle Channel, pipe
Shania Beautiful
Shanna Form of Shoshannah
Shannen God is gracious
Shannon God is gracious
Shanon God is gracious
Shanta The pacified
Shante Stony place
Shantel Stony place
Shantell Stony place
Shaquille Handsome
Shara The plains
Sharday Variety of grape
Shari The plains
Sharon The plains
Sharonda The plains
Shasta Name of a Native
Shaun God is gracious
Shauna God is gracious
Shavon God is gracious
Shavonne God is gracious
Shawn God is gracious
Shawna God is gracious
Shawnee Tribal name
Shay Supplanter
Shaye Supplanter
Shayla Blind
Shayna Beautiful
Shayne God is gracious
Shea Hawklike – grace
Sheena God is gracious
Sheila Blind
Shelby A place where wi
Sheldon Protected hill,
Shelia Blind
Shelley Clearing near a
Shelly Clearing near a
Shelton A ledge – litera
Shena God is gracious
Sheree Dear one
Sheri The plains
Sheridan Long lived treas
Sherri The plains
Sherrie The plains
Sherry The plains
Sheryl Dear one
Sheyla Blind
Shira Melody, song
Shirley Bright grassland
Shivani Wife of Shiva
Shreya Auspicious
Shyanne Speak incoherently
Shyla Blind
Sidney Wide meadow
Siena From the name of
Sierra Mountain range
Silas Of the forest
Silvia Wooded, forest
Siméon Listening
Simon Listening
Simone Listening
Sincere Earnest, honest
Siobhan God is gracious
Sky Sky
Skye Cloud
Skyla The sky
Skylar Guarded, scholar
Skyler Guarded, scholar
Sofia Wisdom
Sofie Wisdom
Soleil Sun
Solomon Peace
Sommer Summer
Sondra Defending men
Sonia Wisdom
Sonja Wisdom
Sonny Son
Sonya Wisdom
Sophia Wisdom
Sophie Wisdom
Soren Stern, severe
Spencer Someone who give
Spenser Someone who give
Stacey Resurrection
Staci Resurrection
Stacia Resurrection
Stacie Resurrection
Stacy Resurrection
Stanley Meadow that is
Star Star
Starla Star
Starr Star
Stefan Crown
Stefani Crown
Stefanie Crown
Stefano Crown
Stella Star
Stephaine Crown
Stephan Crown
Stéphanie Crown
Stephen Crown
Stephon Crown
Sterling Little star – st
Stetson Son of Stephen
Steve Crown
Steven Crown
Stevie Crown
Stewart Guardian of the
Stone Stone
Storm Violent weather
Stormy Violent weather
Stuart Gaurdian of the
Sue Lily
Sullivan Keen eye
Summer Summer
Sunny Filled with sunl
Susan Lily
Susana Lily
Susanna Lily, rose
Susanne Lily
Susie Lily
Suzanna Lily
Suzanne Lily
Sydnee Wide meadow
Sydney Wide meadow
Syed Fortunate, bliss
Sylvester A forest
Sylvia Wooded, forest
Tabatha Gazelle
Tabetha Gazelle
Tabitha Gazelle
Tad Poet
Tahj Crown
Tahlia Dew of God, fema
Taine Man
Tait Cheerful
Taj Crown
Taja Crown
Talan A claw
Talia Dew of God
Taliyah Dew of God, fema
Talon A claw
Tamara Palm tree
Tamera Palm tree
Tami Twin
Tammi Twin
Tammie Palm tree
Tammy Twin
Tamra Palm tree
Tanesha Born on Monday
Tanika Rope
Tanis Serpent lady
Tanisha Born on Monday
Tanner Tanner
Tara Crag, hill
Taran Heaven, raft
Tarik Nocturnal visito
Tariq Nocturnal visito
Tasha Christ’s birthday
Tasia Resurrection
Tatum Tate’s homestead
Taurean Of Taurus
Tavares Descendent of th
Tavaris Descendent of th
Tavian Eighth
Tavis Twin
Tavish Twin
Tawny Tawny, tanned
Taya Unknown, perhaps
Tayla A tailor
Taylah A tailor
Tayler A tailor
Taylor A tailor
Tea Gift of God
Teagan Little poet
Teaghan Little poet
Ted Gift of God
Teddy Gift of God
Tegan Beautiful
Tenisha Born on Monday
Tera Crag, hill
Terence Uncertain
Teresa Harvester
Teri Harvester
Terra Earth, soil
Terrance Uncertain
Terrence Uncertain, maybe
Terri Harvester
Terry Ruler of the peo
Tess Harvester
Tessa Harvester
Tevin Beautiful at birth
Thaddeus uncertain
Thalia To flourish, bloom
Thea Gift of god
Thelma Will, wish
Theodore Gift of God
Theresa Harvester
Therese Harvester
Theron Hunter
Thomas Twin
Tiago Saint James
Tianna Follower of Christ
Tiara A three-tiered crown
Tiarra A three-tiered crown
Tierra Earth
Tiffani Manifestation of god
Tiffanie Manifestation of god
Tiffany Manifestation of god
Tim To honor God
Timmothy To honor God
Timmy To honor God
Timothy To honor God
Tina Follower of Christ
Tobias God is good
Toby God is good
Todd Fox
Tom Twin
Tomás Twin
Tommie Twin
Tommy Twin
Torey Conqueror, victory
Torrey Conqueror, victory
Tory Conqueror, victory
Tosha (Christ’s) birth
Tracey Thracius’ place
Traci Thracius’ place
Tracy Thracius’ place
Travis Toll collector
Tre Three
Treasure Precious possess
Tremayne Rock settlement
Trent Traveller, journ
Trenton Trent’s town
Trevor Large settlement
Trey Three
Tricia A patrician
Trina Pure
Trinity Threefold
Trisha A patrician
Trista Tumult
Triston Tumult
Troy Troyes
Truman Faithful man
Trystan Tumult
Tuan Intelligent, bri
Tucker Someone who fold
Turner One who crafts o
Tye Common pasture
Tyla Tile maker, tile
Tyler Tile maker, tile
Tylor Tile maker, tile
Tyra God
Tyron Land of the noble
Tyrone Land of the noble
Tysen Son of Dye
Tyshawn God is gracious
Tyson Son of Dye
Uberto Bright mind, int
Uilliam Will, desire and
Ulberto Bright mind, int
Ullric Prosperity, fort
Ulric Prosperity, fort
Ulrich Powerful through
Ulrick Powerful through
Ulyssa Walker
Ulysses Walker
Ulyssia Walker
Uma Flax, luminous
Umberto Famous giant
Una One
Unique Only one, unpara
Unity Oneness, harmony
Unknown Unknown
Uri My flame
Uriah The Lord is light
Uriel God is my illumi
Ursala Little bear
Usher Usher, gate-keeper
Vail Valley, usually
Vaile Valley, usually
Val To be healthy,
Valarie To be healthy
Valdez From the place n
Vale Valley, usually
Valencia Healthy and strong
Valentin Healthy, strong
Valentina Healthy, strong
Valentine Healthy, strong
Valentino Healthy, strong
Valeria To be healthy
Valerie To be healthy
Valery To be healthy,
Valorie To be healthy
Van God is gracious
Vance Dweller of a bog
Vanna She who sifts
Vannah God is gracious
Vaughan Small
Vaughn Small
Vayle Valley, usually
Venus Beauty, delight
Vera Faith
Vern Place of alders
Vernon Place of alders
Veronica Victory bringer
Veronika Victory bringer
Vic Victor
Vicente Conquering
Vick Victor
Vicki Conqueror, victory
Vickie Conqueror, victory
Vicky Conqueror, victory
Victor Victor
Victoria Conqueror, victory
Vikki Conqueror, victory
Viktor Victor
Viktoria Conqueror, victory
Vince Conquering
Vincent Conquering
Vincente Conquering
Vincenzo Conqueror
Vinnie Conquering
Vinny Conquering
Vinse Conquering
Violet Violet
Violeta Violet
Virginia Maiden
Viridiana Young, fresh
Vito Life
Vivian Alive
Viviana Alive
Viviane Alive
Vivianne Alive
Vivien Alive
Von Small
Vy Alive
Wade Ford, to go
Walker A fuller
Wallace Foreigner
Wally Ruler of the army
Walter Ruler of the army
Warren Guard, the game
Waverley Quaking aspen
Waverly Quaking aspen
Waylon Land by the road
Wayne A cartwright
Wednesday Woden’s Day
Wenda Friend
Wendel A Wend
Wendell A Wend
Wendi Friend
Wendie Friend
Wendy Friend
Wesley Western meadow
Westley Western meadow
Weston West enclosure,
Whitley White wood, whit
Whitnee White island
Whitney White island
Wilbur Will, desire and
Wilda To strive
Wilfred A wish for peace
Wilfredo A wish for peace
Wilhelmina Will
Wilhelmine Will
Will Will, desire + h
Willa Will
Willard Will, desire + h
Willem Will, desire + h
Willemina Will
William Will, desire + h
Willie Will, desire and
Willis Will, desire and
Willow Willow
Wilma Will, desire + h
Wilson Son of William
Winn Friend
Winnie Blessed peace
Winnifred Blessed peace
Winona Eldest daughter
Winston Joy stone, Win
Winter Winter
Woodrow Wood row
Wren Wren
Wyatt Brave/strong/har
Wynne Friend
Wynnona Eldest daughter
Wynona Eldest daughter
Wynter Winter
Xander Defending men
Xandra Defending men
Xanthe Yellow
Xanthia Yellow
Xara Shining, flower
Xavia New house
Xaviar New house
Xavier New house
Xaviera New house
Xavior New house
Xena Foreigner
Xene Foreigner
Xenia Welcoming
Xenobia Force of Zeus
Xenon Foreigner
Xerxes Chief
Ximena Listening
Xiomara uncertain
Xyla Of the wooded land
Xylia Of the wooded land
Xylina Of the wooded land
Xylon Woods, wooded
Xzavier New house
Yaakov Supplanted, held
Yakir Precious, dear
Yakira Precious, dear
Yale Fruitful, one wh
Yamilet Beautiful
Yamilex Beautiful
Yamin Right, right-han
Yancey Of uncertain ori
Yancy Of uncertain ori
Yardley Enclosed grassla
Yareli uncertain
Yaretzi You will always
Yaritza Water lady
Yarnell Eagle’s roost
Yashawn God is gracious
Yasir Modest
Yasmeen Jasmine
Yasmeena Jasmine
Yasmen Jasmine
Yasmin Jasmine
Yasmina Jasmine
Yasmine Jasmine
Yates Gates
Yazmin Jasmine
Yeardley Enclosed grassla
Yeardly Enclosed grassla
Yeates Gates
Yeats Gates
Yehuda Praise, thanks
Yelena Bright, shining
Yemina Right hand
Yesenia Flora
Yessenia Jasmine flower
Yoel The Lord is God
Yogi Master of oneself
Yolanda Violet
Yolande Violet
Yolonda Violet
Yorick Earth worker
York Place of the boars
Yorke Place of the boars
Yosef He will enlarge
Yosefa He will enlarge
Yoselin Tribal name of t
Yousef He will enlarge
Ysabel My God is a vow
Yuliana Down-bearded youth
Yusuf He will enlarge
Yvette Yew
Yvonne Yew
Zac The Lord remembers
Zacarias The Lord remembers
Zacary The Lord remembers
Zach Pure
Zacharia The Lord remembers
Zachariah The Lord remembers
Zacharias The Lord remembers
Zachary The Lord remembers
Zachery The Lord remembers
Zack The Lord remembers
Zackary The Lord remembers
Zackery The Lord remembers
Zahara Shining, flower
Zaid Lord
Zaida Prosperous, incr
Zaira Blossom
Zaire River
Zak Pure
Zakary The Lord remembers
Zana Lily
Zandra Defending men
Zara Shining, flower
Zarah Blossom
Zaria Sunrise
Zariah Blossom
Zavier New house
Zeb Honored, honored
Zebediah God has given
Zebidiah God has given
Zebulon To exalt, lofty
Zebulun To exalt, lofty
Zecharia The Lord remembers
Zechariah The Lord remembers
Zeke God will strengt
Zella Little Marcus
Zelma Helmet of God
Zena Life and zeus
Zenobia Life and Zeus
Zinnia Zinn’s flower
Zion uncertain
Zoe Life
Zoey Life
Zofia Wisdom
Zola Meaning uncertain
Zora Sunrise
Zoraida uncertain
Zulema Peace