Adverbs 2 Lesson 40

Lesson 40

  1. Adverbs -2
  2. Examples
  3. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
  4. Exercises
  5. Describe the picture


Lesson 40   Adverbs -2

These simple rules for adverbs of place will help you to use them the right way:

• An adverb of place always talks about the location where the action of the verb is being carried out.

• Adverbs of place are normally placed before a main verb.

• Adverbs of place can be directional. For example: Mele, keezhe, ulle, therkku dhisaiyile, vadakku dhisaiyile…

• Adverbs of place can refer to distances. For example: Pakkamaa, dhooramaa, romba tholai-vaa

• An adverb of place can indicate an object’s position in relation to another object. For example: Adiliyile,
naduvule, vazhiyaa..


Adverbs of Place
Here Ivvidam / indha idam
There Avvidam / andha idam
Over there Atho tholaivilulla / adho dhoorathle
Everywhere Yella idankalilum / ella idathliyum
Anywhere Yendha idaththilaavathu / engayaavadhu
Nowhere Yenkumindri / engayum illa
Home Veetukku
Away Tholaivil / dhoorathle
Out Veliye
Inside/ In Ulle/ -la
Outside Veliyile
On Mele
Under Adiyil/ Keezhe
Before Munnaadi
Behind Pinnaadi
Beside, Nearby Pakathle/ pakkamaa
Between Naduvule
After, Later Apramaa, piragu
Infront of Munnaadi/ edhire
Next Aduththu/ adhuththathaa
Far, Away Dhoorathle/ dhooramaa
Through Vazhiyaa
Cross over Thaandi
Overseas Kadal kadandhu
Right side Valadhu pakkam
Leftside Edadhu pakkam
Northwards Vadakku dhisai
Southwards Therkku dhisai
Eastwards Kizhakku dhisai
Westwards Merkku dhisai



Ippo kanakku aasiriyar vaguppu-la irukaar. The Maths teacher is in class now.

Avar ippo karum palagai/board pakkathle nikkiraar. Now he is standing beside the board.

Rosie enakku munnaadi utkaarndh-irukraa. Rosie is sitting before me.

Kavitha en valadhu pakkathle utkaarndh-irukaa. Kavitha is sitting beside me.

Naan pinnaadi utkaarndh-irukken, theriyidha? Could you see, I am sitting behind.


Apple marath-mele Vicky utkaarndhu, pazham saapiduraan. Vicky is sitting on the apple tree and eating an apple.

Avanoda amma keezhe nikkiraanga. His mother is standing below.

Marath-mele Vicky-oda ida pakkathle oru anil irukku. There is a squirrel on the left handside of Vicky.

Maram keezhe, oru muyal, koodai pakkathle utkaarndhu-irukku. There is a rabbit sitting beside a basket under the tree.


En veetukku edhire oru pannai irukku. There is a farm in front of my house.

Andha pannai vazhiyaa naan palli-kku poven. I would go to school through this farm.

En pallikku poga romba dhooram nadakkanum. I have to walk a long way to my school.


Rakesh-oda modhiram oru bondhukk-ulle vizhindhidichu. Rakesh’s ring fell inside a pit.

Avan andha bondhu vazhiyaa kaai ulle viduraan. He puts his hand in through the pit.

Pondhu-ulle oru paambu irukku. There is a snake inside the pit.

Rakesh-kku modhiram kidaikkuma? Would Rakesh get hold of the ring?


Aasiriyar: Pona vaaram indha project-a kuduthen. Yen seiyala?. I gave this project, last week. Why didn’t you do it?

Rohith: Enakku udambu sariyilla. I wasn’t well.

Aasiriyar: Veliya po. Project-a senjittu ulle vaa.. Get out. Do the project and then come in.


Ivan, konjam naalukku munnaale oru theevule sikkikitaan. This man, got stranded on an island some days ago.

Oru naal, dhoorathle oru kappal vandhadhu. One day, a ship came at a long distance.

Adhu therkku dhisaiyile pogudhu. It is going, southwards.

Avan endha dhisaiyile poganum? Kizhakku dhisaiyaa? Merkku dhisaiyaa? In which direction should he go? Eastwards or Westwards?

Avan indha kadal-a thaandi povaana? Will he cross the sea?


Indha emu paanai en thaathaa-odadhu. This Emu farm is my grandfather’s.

Kavin-um, John-um, Seema-um pannaikku indha pakkathle, nikkiraanga. Kavin, John and Seema are standing on this side of the farm.

Reeta-um, Mitu-um, Kumar-um pannaikku andha pakkathle nikkiraanga. Reeta, Mitu and Kumar are standing on that side of the farm.

Veli-ulle rendu emu kozhigal irukku. There are two emu birds inside the fence.

Pannai-oda chimney vazhiyaa pugai varudhu. Smoke comes out from the farm’s chimney.


Ivar oru thuppariyum nibunar/ detective. He is a detective.

Avar ella idathilum thadayangal theduvaar. He would search for fingerprints everywhere.

Engeyaavadhu thadayam kidaikidhaa endru ippo thedugiraar. Even now he searches if he would find fingerprints somewhere.


Indha padangal patri sollunga:


Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Karum palagai – Blackboard
Utkaarndhu – Sit
Anil – Squirrel
Koodai – Basket
Muyal – Rabbit
Nadakkanum – Have to walk
Modhiram – Ring
Bondhu – Pit
Vidu+ – Let go
Paambu – Snake
Kidaikkuma – Would get
Udambu sariyillai – Unwell
Theevu – Island
Kappal – Ship
Kadal – Sea
Veli – Fence
Pughai – Smoke
Thuppariyum nibunar – Detective
Thadayangal – Prints, clues
Thedu – Search



Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. pakkathle:

2. karum palagai:

3. ella idathilum:

4. kappal:

5. merkku dhisai:

6. modhiram:

7. engeyaavadhu:

8. koodai:

9. munnaadi:

10. muyal:

11. dhoorathle:

12. paambu:

13. pinnaadi:

14. theevu:

15. naduvule:

16. veli:

17. veliye:

18. pugai:

19. kadal thaandi:

20. thadayangal:



1. He is sitting beside her.
2. Put it on the table.
3. Please move forward.
4. She kept the file on the shelf.
5. Mom keeps her bag
6. Walk before me.
7. He is driving south.
8. It is on the leftside.
9. My dad is standing outside.
10. Look for it everywhere.
11. He is here.
12. Dad is looking for mom outside.
13. The kids are running everywhere.
14. Put the cup somewhere on the table.
15. I am going overseas for a wedding, next week.


Try to describe the picture:


Adverbs 1 Lesson 39

Lesson 39

  1. Adverbs -1
  2. Examples
  3. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
  4. Exercises
  5. Describe the picture


Lesson 39   Adverbs -1

Learning the Tamil Adverbs is very important because its structure is used in every day conversation. The more you master it the more you get closer to mastering the Tamil language. But first we need to know what the role of Adverbs is in the structure of the grammar in Tamil.

Tamil adverbs are part of speech. Generally they’re words that modify any part of language other than a noun. Adverbs can modify verbs, adjectives (including numbers), clauses, sentences and other adverbs.

Memorizing this table will help you add very useful and important words to your Tamil vocabulary.


Adverbs of Time
Yesterday Netru / nethu
Day before yesterday Mundha neththu
Today Indru / innaikku
Tomorrow Naalaikku
Day after tomorrow Naalanaikku
Now Ippozhuthu / ippo
Then Appozhuthu / appo
Later Piragu / peragu / appramaa
Tonight Indriravu / innaikku raathri
Right now Ippozhudhe / ippove
Ahead of time Munnaadiye
Last night Netriravu / neththu raathiri
This morning Indru kaalai / innaikku kaalaila
Next week Aduththa vaaram
Last year Pona varusham
Coming month Vara maasam
Already Yerkenave
Recently Anmaiyil / ippo konja naalukku munnale
Lately Konjam kaalam munne
Soon Viraivil / seekrathle
Immediately Udanadiyaai / odane
Still Innum
Yet Aayinum / innum
Ago Munnar / munnale/ Mundhi kaalathle



Inaikku Roshanukku pirandha naal. Today is Roshan’s birthday.

Avanoda amma munaadiye avanukaaga cake senjaanga. His mum made a cake for him beforehand.

Aduththa vaaram Avanoda thangai Rathikku pirandha naal. Next week its his sister’s birthday.

Adhukkum amma munnaadiye cake senjiduvaanga. His mom would do the cake beforehand even then.


Mundha neththu aasiriyar chella pranigal paththi project seiya sonnaaga. Day before yesterday, the teacher said that a project on pets to be done.

Inaikku Reeta adhai paththi ellarukkum soldraa. Today Reeta is telling everyone about it.

Neththu raathiri-ye ava thayyaar aayitaa. She became ready for it, by yesterday night.

Ava eppavum project-kku thayyaar-a iruppaa. She would always be ready for the project.


Konjam kaalam munaale Bunto oru pannaiyile velaikku serndhaan. Recently, Bunto took a job as a helper in a farm.

Avanoda yejamaan, avanukku sila velai kuduthaar. His master gave him some work to do.

Avanum surusurupaa ella velaiyai-um odane seivaan. And he too, would do all the work immediately.


Ippo mazhai peiyidhu. It is raining.

Roshini-kku idhu yerkanave theriyum. Roshini had already known about it.

Ava kai-le oru kudai irukku. There is an umbrella in her hand.

Indha mazhai innum evalavu neram peiyum? How long is it going to be raining?


Rakesh Canada-la irukaan. Ange ippo ilai-udhir kaalam. Rakesh is in Canada. It’s autumn there.

Seekrathle indha kaalam mudiya pogudhu. This season is coming to an end soon.

Aana innum ilaigal kottudhu. But still the leaves keep falling.


Konjam naalukku munnaale oru vibathu paththi news vandhadhu, nyabagam irukkaa? Do you remember the news about an accident that happened recently?

Andha vibathule, Priyanka-kku kaal udanji pochu. Priyanka’s leg got fractured in that accident.

Avangalukku udanadiyaa sigichchai kuduthaanga. Immediately they gave her medical treatment.

Viraivule avangaloda kaal nalla aagidum. Her leg will be healed soon.


Mundhi kaalathle, thunigal salavai seiya velaikaarar irundhaanga. Sometime ago, there were servant-men for laundering.

Ippo, washing machine irukku. Now, it’s the washing machine.

Seekrathle velai-a mudikka ippo salavaikaarar kooda washing machine thaan ubayogam seiraanga. Now, even the launderers are using washing machines to get the job done soon.


Indha padangal patri sollunga:


Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Munnaadiye – Before hand
Senjiduvaanga – She/ they would do
Chella prani – Pet
Paththi – About
Thayyaar – Ready
Panai – Farm
Kudu+ – Give
Surusuruppaa – Active
Mazhai – Rain
Mazhai peiyidhu – Raining
Kudai – Umbrella
Ilai – Leaf
Kaalam – Season
Ilai-udhir kaalam – Autumn/ fall
Mudiya pogudhu – About to be over
Kottudhu – Falling
Vibaththu – Accident
Sigichchai – Medical Treatment
Salavai – Laundry
Velaikaarar – Servant
Ubayogam – Use



Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. munnaadiye:

2. chella prani:

3. seekrathle:

4. thayyaar:

5. mazhai-coat:

6. kaalam:

7. ilaigal:

8. vibaththu:

9. konjam naal munnaale:

10. salavai:

11. udane:

12. naalaikku:

13. ippodhe:

14. paththi:

15. vara vaaram:

16. indha varusham:

17. surusuruppu:

18. pona maasam:

19. sigichchai:

20. ubayogam:



1. She goes home immediately.
2. He has bought a new china tea set, last week.
3. She was serving tea, yesterday.
4. John joined this office, recently.
5. Her children love that curry, always.
6. Long time ago, there was a king.
7. He is here, already.
8. You need treatment immediately.
9. Mom planted these plants sometime ago.
10. My grandmother was very active.
11. She did the cooking beforehand.
12. The children are wearing school uniform, today.
13. Put on your rain-coat. It’s raining outside.
14. I went to the market, just now.
15. I am going to a wedding, next week.


Try to describe the picture:


Adjectives 5 Lesson 36

Lesson 36

  1. How? – Adjectives 5
  2. Examples
  3. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
  4. Exercises
  5. Describe the picture


Lesson 36 How? Adjectives – 5

Today we are going to see about few more adjectives in Tamil. Below is a list of the Adjectives based on Tastes, Touch and Sounds in Tamil.


Describing Opinions:

Opinion – Karuththu

Opinion Karuththu
Good Nalla
Better, Best Sirandha
Bad Ketta
Worse/ Worst/ Awful Mosamaana
Wonderful/ Splendid/ Fantastic/ Amazing Arpudhamaana
Mediocre Saadharanamaana
Pretty/ Beautiful/ Lovely Azhagaana
Ugly Asingamaana
Clean Suththamaana
Dirty Asuththamaana/Azhukkaana
Wasteful Veenaana
Difficult Kadinamaana/ Kashtamaana
Comfortable Vasadhiyaana
Uncomfortable Vasadhi-illa/ Sangadamaana
Valuable Madhippu mikka
Worthy Thaguthiyaana
Worthless Payanilla/ thagudhiyatra
Expensive/ Costly Vilai-uyarntha
Inexpensive/ Cheap Malivaana
Useful Payanulla
Useless Payanilla/ Payanatra
Important Mukiyamaana
Evil Theeya
Angelic Deva-thanmai-udaiyaa
Rare Ariya
Scarce Patrakurai / kuraivaana
Poor Ezhmaiyaana
Rich Panakkaara
Lovely Arumaiyaana
Disgusting/ loathsome Aruverupaana
Surprising Aachariyamaana
Usual Vazhakkamaana
Unusual Asaadhaaranamaana/ Vazhakkaththukku maaraaga
And many more….



Indha samaiyal arai romba aruveruppaa irukku. This kitchen is very disgusting.

Sink-la niraya azhukku paathirangal irukku. There is a lot of dirty vessels in the sink.

Idha paarkkave romba asingamaa irukku. It is very ugly to look at.


Indha maanavargal romba arumaiyaana pillainga. These students are wonderful kids.

Romba sirandha maanavargal. They are very good students.

Indha kutty pillainga romba azhagaa irupaanga. These kids look very beautiful.

Avanga eppavum payanulla pechchu pesuvaanga. They always talk about some useful thing.


Thanneer romba mukiyamaana payanulla porul.. Water is an important and a useful thing.

Ippo kudi-thanneer romba kuraivaaga irukku. The drinking water is very scarce now.

Thaneeyai semikka vendum. Adhu oru mukiyamaana kadamai. We have to save water. That is an important responsibility.


Indha pokisha petti-la niraya madhippumikka nagaigal irukku. There is a lot of valuable jewellery in this treasure chest.

Adhulle romba vilai uyarndha karkkal irukku. There are many expensive precious gems in it.

Andha muthu maalai-la ariya vagai muthukkal irukku. There are some rare pearls in the pearl necklace.


Ivanga ezhmaiyaana pillainga.. These are poor kids.

Avanga veetukku pakathulle oru panakaara ponnu irukkaa. There is a rich girl beside their house.

Aval-oda pazhaiya vilai-uyarndha bommaigal-a ivangalukku kudukiraa. She is giving away her old expensive dolls to them.

Sila payanulla porutgal indha petti-la irukku.. There are some useful things in this box.

Adhaiyum avangalukku kudukiraa. She is giving it too.


Indha padangal patri sollunga:


Describing Emotions:

Emotion – Unarvu

Emotions Unarvugal
Happy, Cheerful, Jolly, Delighted, Pleased, Blissful, Jubilant, Overjoyed, Elated.. Sandhoshamaana
Exciting, Active Urchaagam-Aana
Sad, Depressed, Sorrowful, Gloomy, Dejected, Miserable.. Varuththamaana, Sogam-Aana
Scary, Frightening, Creepy, Gruesome, Dreadful…. Bayangaram-Aana
Puzzling, Confusing, Lost, Baffled, Stuck, Confounded,… Kuzhappam-Aana
Lonely, Solitary, Isolated, Desolate, Desolate, … Thanimai-Aana
Angry, Enraged, Furious Kovam-Aana
Astonished, Surprised, Stunned, Dumbfounded,.. Aacharyamaana
Courageous, Brave, Bold, Valiant, Daring… Dhairiyamaana, Thunichchalaana
Embarassed, Ashamed, Uncomfortable, Awkward, Shy.. Asingamaana, Sangadamaana
Frustrating, Disappointing, Upset, Irritated, Annoyed, Grumpy.. Erichalaana
Interesting, Fascinating, Captivating, .. Swarasiyamaana
Jealous, Envious, Covetous,Grudging,… Poraamai
Powerful, Mighty, Potent, Robust, Forceful Adhigaaramulla, Sakthivaaindha
Powerless, Weak, Helpless, Incapable, Feeble.. Adhigaaram-Illaa, Belan-Illa, Udhavi-Illa, Thiran-Illa
Proud, Arrogant, Haughty, Egoistic, Boastful, Lofty Perumaiyaana
Respected, Revered, Honourable Madhipu-Kuriya, Gauravamaana
Sensitive, Touchy, Tender, Delicate Menmaiyaana
Shocking Adhirchiyaana
Submissive, Complying, Yielding, Humble, Pliant.. Panivaana
Complex, Complicated Sikkalaana
Worried, Troubled, Anxious, Nervous, Disturbed… Kavalaiyaana, Padhatramaana..
Suspicious, Doubtful, Distrustful, Shady, Dubious… Sandhegamaana
Sarcastic, Sardonic, Mocking Kindalaana



Veliye bayangaramaana por. Mrs. Reena thaniyaa irukaanga. There is a dreadful war outside. Mrs. Reena is all alone.

Ivangalukku udhavi-llama padhatramaa veetulle-ye irukaanga. She is inside her house, helplessly.

Ivanga kanavar oru raanuva veerar. Indha por-ala avanga romba kavalaiyaa irukaanga. Her husband is a soldier. She is worried about this war.


Mrs. Reena-oda kanavar nalla urchaaganaama raanuva veerar. Reena’s husband is an active soldier.

Avar romba dhariyasaali. He is very brave.

Avaroda naatukaaga romba thunichalaa raanuvath-le velai seiraar. He is courageously serving his country.


Kumar ippo oru asingamaana soozhnilai-la irukkaan. Kumar is now in an embarassing situation.

Avan padichu vandha sor-pozhuvu avanukku marandhu pochu. He forgot the speech he had prepared.

Avanoda kindalaana nanbargal romba keliyaa pesuraanga. His friends are sarcastic and they are mocking him.




Mr. Gokhale oru romba thiramaiyaana thozhil adhibar. Idhu avaroda kudumbam. Avarukku moondru magangal irukaanga. Avangal-e rendu perukku kudumbangal irukku.

Periya magan, Ramesh.Ramesh-oda manaivi, Geetha, oru periya panakaara veetu pen. Geetha romba panivaana manaivi. Avangalukku rendu magan-um rendu magal-um irukaanga. Avangaloda periya ponnu romba perumaiyaanaval.

Mr. Gokhale-oda rendavadhu magan, Rajesh. Rajesh romba thiramanaiyaanavar. Rajesh-oda manaivi-oda appa oru gauravamaana neebadhi/ judge. Rajesh-kku naalu pasanga irukkaanga.

Mr. Gokhale-oda moonaavadhu magan, Rakesh. Avanukku nadippu thaan swarasiyamaana thozhil. Idhu thaan Mr.Gokhale-kku erichalaana vishayam. Mr. Gokhale-oda manaivikkum idhu romba kavalai.


Indha padangal patri sollunga:


Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Paarkkave – To see
Eppavum – Always
Pechchu – Talk (Noun)
Semi – To save
kadamai – Responsibility, duty
Pokisha petti – Treasure chest
Kargal – Stones/ Gems
Ariya vagai – Rare kind
Muthu – Pearl
Raanuvam – Army
Raanuva veerar – Soldier
Soozhnilai – Situation
Marandhu pochu – Forgotten
Keliyaa – mockingly



Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. arumaiyaana:

2. aruveruppaa irukku:

3. kuraivaa irukku:

4. vilai uyarndha porul:

5. kavalaiyaa irukaanga:

6. thaniyaa irukaar:

7. adhirchiyaana:

8. panivaana:

9. aacharyamaana:

10. ariya vagai:

11. kindalaa:

12. raanuva veerar:

13. sogamaana:



1. It is disgusting.
2. He is a bad boy.
3. This biscuit is really good.
4. He is an angry man.
5. Her children are lovely.
6. He was jealous of her.
7. He is an humble man.
8. This is a very rare thing.
9. Put the valuables in the locker.
10. My grandmother does all by herself..
11. This situation is complicated.
12. The lullaby is so lovely.
13. My mother is worried about my brother.
14. Saving water is an important responsibility.
15. She is proud and sarcastic.
16. He is sad.


Try to describe the picture:


Adjectives 6 – Lesson 37

Lesson 37

  1. How? – Adjectives 6
  2. Examples
  3. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
  4. Exercises
  5. Describe the picture


Lesson 37 How? Adjectives – 6

Today we are going to see about few adjectives in tamil.


Describing Material:

Material– Porul

Material Porul
Glass Kannaadi
Wooden Mara-m
Cloth, Fabric Thuni
Concrete Konkreet
Paper Kaagidham
Cotton Paruththi
Plastic Negizhi
Leather Thol
Ceramic Peenkaan
Clay Kaliman
Metal Uloga..
Gold Thangam
Silver Velli
Platinum Plaatinum
Steel, Iron Ekku, Irumbu
Silicon Silicon
Bamboo Moongil
Silk Pattu
Rubber Rubber
Polyester Polyester
Charcoal Kari
And many more….



Indha oru azhagaana moongil koodai. This is a beautiful bamboo basket.

Idha moongil-a senjirukaanga. They have made it with bamboo.

Indha moongil koodaiyile niraya porulgal irukku. There are many things in this bamboo basket.


Ivar oru thachchar. He is a carpenter.

Ivar mara palagai-a arukiraar. He is cutting a wooden plank.

Adhule oru mara eni seiya poraar. He is going to make a wooden ladder out of it.

Avar mara-saamaangal-um niraya seivaar. He does many wooden furnitures too.


Bunto romba kurumbukaaran. Bunto is a naughty kid.

Ippo avan, oru kannaadi jannal-a udachittaan. Now, he has broken a glass window.

Andha kannaadi jannal noringi pochu. That glass window has shattered.


Idhu oru pokisham. This is a treasure.

Indha mun-paanai-la niraya thanga-kaasu irukku. There is a lot of golden coins in this mud pot.

Nee indha maadhiri pokisham paarthirukeeya? She is giving away her old expensive dolls to them.


En akka oru kalyaanathukku poraanga. My elder sister is going to a wedding.

Avanga oru pattu-pudavai katti-irukaanga. She is wearing a silk saree.

Indha pattu-pudavai romba vilai-uyarndhadhu.. This silk saree is very expensive.


Punga oru nalla paiyan. Punga ia a good boy.

Avan mazhai kaalathle, kaagidha kappal senju thaneela viduvaan. He makes paperboats in the rainy season.

Unakku kaagidha- kappal seiya theriyuma? Do you know to make paperboats?


Indha padangal patri sollunga:


Describing a thing by the purpose it is used for:

Purpose– Nokkam, Payanpaadu

Purpose Nokkam/ Payanpaadu
Work tool Velai karuvi
Raincoat Mazhai coat
Uniform (school..,work..) Palli seerudai
Velai seerudai…
Garbage bin, Trash bin, Waste basket.. Kuppai thotti
Kuppai koodai
Pans according to their usage.. Kadaai
Ladles… Mejai karandi
Anna karandi
Kuzhambu karandi
Dosai karandi….
Rooms according to their us Padukkai arai
Samayal arai
Kuliyal arai
Saapidum arai
Kuzhandhaigal arai
Salavai arai…
And many more…



Veliye bayangaramaana mazhai peiyidhu. It’s heavily raining outside.

Ranu oru mazhai coat pottu-irukaan. Ranu is wearing a raincoat.

Adhanaale avan mazhai-le nanaiya maataan. And because of this he is not going to get wet in the rain.


Idhu Seetha-oda kalyanam. It’s Seetha’s wedding.

Avaloda kalyaana pudavai romba azhagaa irukku. Her wedding saree is very beautiful.

Avaloda kalyaana pudavai romba vilai uyarndhadhu. Her wedding saree is very expensive.


Adhu oru Balu-thooki vandi/ endhiram. That is a crane.

Adhu romba balu adhigamaa irukkira porul ellam elimayaa thookudhu. It carries all the heavy loads with ease.


Naan oru kuppai thotti. I am a dustbin.

Inge thaan neenga kuppai podanum. This is where you should throw the trash.

Kuppai poda thaan naan irukken.. I am here so that you could put the trash in here.


Inaikku namma chef oru nalla kuzhambu senjirukaar. Today, our chef has made a very nice curry.

Adha parimaara oru pudhu karandi vaangi irukaar. He has bought a new ladle for serving it.

Adhu oru kuzhambu karandi. That is a curry ladle.


Idhu ella Mr. Chef-oda sila karandigal.


Dosai karandi   Kuzhambu karandi.   Anna karandi.


Indha padangal patri sollunga:


Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Koodai – Basket
Palagai – Plank
Arukiraar – Cuts / saws
Eni – Ladder
Mara saamaangal – Wooden furniture
Kurumbukaaran – Naughty boy
Kannaadi – Glass, Mirror
Odachittaan – He has broke
Noringi podhu – Shattered
Kaasu – Money
Kalyaanam – Wedding
Pudavai – Saree
Katti-irukaanga – Tied/ worn/ draped
Mazhai-kaalam – Rainy reason
Viduvaan – Let go
Kappal – Ship, boat
Nanaiya – To get wet
Parimaara – To serve
Kuzhambu – Curry



Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. irumbu:

2. koodai:

3. thanga-…:

4. mara samaangal:

5. mazhai-coat:

6. kuppai-podu:

7. thanga-nagai:

8. moongil-…:

9. pattu pudavai:

10. udaichitten:

11. kuzhambu:

12. Peengaan:

13. parimaaru:



1. She is wearing a beautiful silk saree.
2. He has bought a new china tea set.
3. She is serving tea.
4. This is a clay doll.
5. Her children love that curry.
6. The golden box is full of biscuits.
7. He is wearing a silver ring.
8. This is a very beautiful glass jar.
9. Put the wooden planks in that room.
10. My grandmother loves her bamboo hat.
11. This is a curry ladle.
12. The children are wearing school uniform.
13. Put on your rain-coat.
14. I have broken the vase.
15. I am going to the wedding.


Try to describe the picture:


Adjectives 2 Lesson 33

Lesson 33

  1. How? – Adjectives 2
  2. Examples
  3. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
  4. Exercises
  5. Describe the picture


Lesson 33 How? Adjectives – 2

Today we are going to see about few more adjectives in Tamil. Below is a list of the Adjectives based on Tastes, Touch and Sounds in Tamil.


Describing tastes:

Taste– Suvai    Delicious – Rusiyaana

Tastes Suvai
Sweet – Inippu
Bitter – Kasappu
Sour – Pulippu
Salty – Uvarppu
Spicy Hot/Pungent- Kaarppu
Astringent – Thuvarppu




Amma naanga senja cake eppadi irukku? Rusichi sollunga? Mom, taste and tell us, how is the cake we made?

Romba nalla, suvaiyaa irukku. It is really good and very tasty.

Indha cake inippaa irukku. This cake is sweet

Unga appa-kku idhu nichchayam pidikkum. Your dad will surely like it.


Indha sausage romba uvarppaa irukku. This sausage is too salty.

Naan idhule niraiya uppu pottuten. I have added too much to this.

Indha uvarpaana sausage nalla illai. This salty sausage is not good.

Romba uvarppu udambu kettadhu. Too much of salt is bad for health.


Enakku kaaramaana saapaadu saapida pidikkum. I like to eat spicy food.

Indha kizhangu-la romba kaaram irukku. These potatoes are too spicy and hot.

Ivalavu kaarppu kudalukku nalladhu illai. This much of spiciness is not good for the tummy.


Enga thaathaa paati India-la irundhu vandhirukaanga. Our grandpa and grandma have come from India.

Avangalukku enga amma oru virundhu samaichi irukaanga. My mom has cooked a dinner for them.

Inge, naanga saapida sila inippaana cake irukku. Here, we have some sweet cakes to eat.

Oru muzhu kozhi varuval senjirukaanga. Adhu paakka kaaramaa irukku. She has done a full roasted chicken and it looks very spicy.

Paati-kku pidicha pulippu manga soup senjirukaanga. She has also made the tangy mango soup that granny likes.

Indha virundhu paarkka romba suvaiyaa irukku. This meal looks like a very tasty meal.

Naan mudhale indha inipaana strawberry juice kudikka poren. I am going to drink the sweet strawberry juice now.


Indha padangal patri sollunga:


Describing using feeling:

Sense of touch – Thottu unardhal

Texture Amaippu
Soft Miredu-vaana/ Menmai-yaana
Hard Kadinam-aana
Smooth Menmai-aana
Coarse Karadu-murdaa/ kora-korappa
Rough Sura surapaana
Slippery Vazhu vazhupaana
Scaly Sedhil sedhil-aa
Squishy/ slimy Kuzha kuzhapp-aana
Bumpy Medu palam-aana
Damp Eeram-aana
Dry Kaaintha
Clean Suththam-aana
Dusty Dhoosi-yaana
Hot Soodu-aana
Cold/ Cool Kulir-aana/ kulirchi-aana
Tepid Ilan-soodaana, vedhu vedhupaana



En thangai Ilaine azhagaa irukka. My little sister Ilaine is very beautiful.

Avaloda sarumam romba menmaiyaa irukku. Her skin is really soft.

Avalai katti pidikka enakku romba pidikkum. I love to hug her.

Unga sarumam ippadi menmaiyaa irukkaa? Is your skin soft as this?


Reena-kku soup kudikka viruppam. Reena loves to drink soup.

Andha soup-a sooda kudikka pidikkum. She loves to drink it hot.

Aval indha soodaana soup-a eppadi kudippaa, paarkalaam. Let us see, how will she drink this hot soup?


Kumar oru kuzha kuzhapaana sagadhiyile vilayaaduraan. Kumar is playing in a slimy puddle.

Avan-oda amma avanai adikka poraanga. His mom is going to beat him.

Avangalukku suththamaa irundhaal thaan pidikkum. She loves only if you are clean.


Vaazhaippazha thol vazhu vazhuppa irukkum. The banana peel is slippery.

Vaazhaippazha thol-, yaar keezhe pottaanga? Who dropped this banana peel here?

Raju, adhule vazhukki, keezhe vizhundhittaan. Raj slipped on it and fell down.


Indha padangal patri sollunga:


Describing Sound:

Sound – Saththam   Voice– Kural

Sound Saththam
Noisy Saththam-aana
Loud Urakka-saththamaana
Quiet Amaidhi-aana
Sweet, Melodious Inimai-aana
Beautiful Azhaga-aana
Loving Anbu-aana
Wobbly Nadukkam-aana
Soft, tender, faint Menmai-aana
Defeaning, ear-piercing Kaadhai thulaikum saththam
And many more…



Ivanga isai karuvigal vaasipaanga, theriyuma? Do you know they play the musical instruments?

Ivangaloda isai romba inimaiyaa irukku.. Their music is very sweet.

Oru inimaiyaana padhal-ai vaasikiraanga. They are playing a melodious song.


Johnny oru newspaper paiyan. Johnny is a newspaper boy.

Avan-oda kural romba saththamaa irukkum.. His voice is really loud.

Avan urakka saththamaa kaththi seidhi- thaalai virppaan. He shouts loudly and sells the newspaper.


Idhu oru noolagam. This is a library.

Idhu oru amaidhiyaana idam. This is a quiet place.

Inge naam amaidhiyaa irukka vendum. We have to be quiet here.


Kutty Roby-kku amma kural theriyum. Little Roby knows his mom’s voice.

Avan amma-oda anbaana thaalaattu ketaal thoongiduvaan. He sleeps when he listens to his mother’s lullaby.

Ava amma-oda kural romba menmaiyaa irukkum.. His mother’s voice is very soft.


Indha padangal patri sollunga:


Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Kudal – Tummy, stomach
Kettadhu – Bad
Kizhangu – Potatoes
Muzhu kozhi – Whole chicken
Varuval – Fry, Roast
Sarumam – Skin
Katti pidi – To hug, embrace
Adikka – To beat
Sagadhi – Mud
Thol – Skin
Isai karuvi – Musical instrument
Vaasi+ – Play an instrument
Seidhi-thaal – Newspaper
Virpaan – He would sell
Kaththi – Shouting
Noolagam – Library
Idam – Place
Kural – Voice



Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. menmaiyaana:

2. kaaramaa:

3. soodaana:

4. noolagam:

5. kasappaana:

6. sarumam:

7. urakka saththamaa:

8. vaasikiraan:

9. seidhi-thaal:

10. isai karuvi:

11. inimaiyaana:

12. kaaindha:

13. kulirchiyaana:



1. The black chocolate is bitter.
2. Give me some hot soup.
3. This biscuit is salty.
4. He drank the cold coffee.
5. She has a beautiful voice.
6. The tall boy is playing in the slimy puddle.
7. I am going to buy a musical instrument.
8. The old man had a wobbly voice.
9. Do you like astringent tasting things?
10. Hazel like to eat spicy food.
11. That sound is deafening.
12. The lullaby is so melodious.
13. Take the wet clothes out.
14. This is a dry leaf.
15. Do you like bitter gourd ?


Try to describe the picture:


Adjectives 4-Lesson 35

Lesson 35

  1. How? – Adjectives 4
  2. Examples
  3. Translate the following passage.
  4. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
  5. Exercises
  6. Describe the picture


Lesson 35 How? Adjectives – 4

Today we are going to see about few adjectives in tamil.


Describing using Smell:

Smell– Manam

Smell Manam/ Vaasanai / Naatram
Burnt Erindha/ Erinja/ Karugi ponaa naatram
Noxious Nachchu thanmaiyudaiya
Fragrant Nalla Manamaa
Foul odor/ Smelly/ Putrid Ketta vaasana/ Dhurnatram
Aromatic Narumanaa
Perfumed Vaasanai/ Narumanam



Naveena veetle innaikku vishesham. It is a special occasion in Naveena’s house.

Avanga amma nalla arumaiyaana kozhi varuval senjirukaanga. Her mom has done a wonderful chicken roast.

Avalukku adhoda vaasanai romba pidichirukku. She loves the smell of it.

Adhu romba manamaa irukku. It is really aromatic.


Paaru aunty veetle oru oven irukku. There is an oven in aunt Paaru’s house.

Adhu sariyaa velai seiyala. It doesn’t work well.

Avangaloda cake ippo karugi pochu. Her cake has become burnt.

Adhule karugi pona vaasanai varudhu. There is a burnt smell from it.


Idhu Ajay-oda veetu kuppai thotti. This is Ajay’s garbage bin.

Avanga veetle naraiya porul veenaagi pochu. A lot of stuff got wasted in his house.

Ippo adhu azhugi, ketta naatram edukkudhu.. Now it is rotting, and is foul smelling.


Indha periyavarkku pookkal romba pidikkum. This old man loves flowers.

Andha pookkal-a mugarndhu paarpadhu romba ishtam.. He loves to smell the fragrance of the flowers.

Avaroda thottathle niraiya manaana pookkal irukku. There is a lot of sweet smelling flowers in his garden.

Avar thottam muzhusaa poo vaasam varum.. His whole garden is filled with the perfume of the flowers.


Inaikku Preethi-oda veetule meen kuzhambu. Today, there is fish curry in Preethi’s house.

Preethi-oda appa, meen saapida maataar. Preethi’s dad does not eat fish.

Avarukku adhanoda vaasanai pidikave pidikkaadhu. He hates the smell of it.

Adhu ketta vaasani varudhu-nu solvaar.. He says it is smelly.


Idhu oru periya thozhirchaalai.. This is a big factory.

Adhule irundhu niraya nachchu pogai veliye varudhu. There is a lot of noxious fumes coming from the factory.

Andha nachchu pogai kaathle kalakkudhu. That poisonous fumes gets mixed into the atmosphere.

Andha nachchu pogai udambukku romba kettadhu.. This poisonous fumes is very bad for the body.


Translate the given passage


Who is this? Do you know?

This is Mr. White. He is my neighbor. He loves cleanliness. His wife loves eating. She buys a lot of snacks and fruits. She keeps eating all the time.

Today Mr. White is cleaning his house. He is now cleaning his fridge. There is old food and fruits in it. So there is a bad smell in his fridge.

He is throwing away all the stale food into the dustbin. There is a bunch of grapes. There is a pack of stale milk in his fridge. He hates the putrid smell from it.

Are there eggs in his fridge? Oh. Yes. There are three eggs in the fridge.

Where is Mrs. White? She has gone to the market. She is going to buy more fruits and snacks for this week. She loves to see the fridge always filled with food.


Indha padangal patri sollunga:


Describing based on Origin:


Origin Thottram
Solar Suriya
Lunar Chandra
Earthly Ulaga
Oceanic Kadal
Polar Dhuruva
Equatorial Bhoomathiya
Alien Anniya/ Vetru kraga
Direction Dhisai
North Vadakku, Vada..
South Therkku, Then..
East Kizhakku
West Merkku
And the intermediate directions…
Nationality Dhesiya thanmai
Indian Indhian
American Americka
French French
Greek Greykan
Japanese Jappaanian

And many more… …
Mother tongue Thaai mozhi
Tamilian Thamizhan
English Aangileyan
Malayaali Malayaala
Others ….
tribal Pazhan-kudiyinar
royal Arasa..
clan Kulam




Suriya oli udambukku nalladhu. The sun’s rays are good for the body

Suriya kadhir-la Vitamin D irukku. There is Vitamin D in the solar rays.

Suriya oli-la irundhu suriya sakthi uruvakka mudiyum.. Solar energy is created from the Solar rays.

Suriya sakthi-la minsaaram thayaarikka mudiyum. Electricity is produced from the solar energy.

Ivanga sev-indhiya pazhankudiyinar. They are Red Indian tribal people.

Indha pazhankudiyinar nalla vettai aaduvaanga. This tribal people hunt really well.

Ivanga koodaara vaasigal. They are tent-dwellers

Taj Mahal ulaga adhisayangal-a onnu. Taj Mahal is one of the wonders of the world.

Adhu vada Indiyaala irukku. It is in North India.

Then Vaasal, Kizhakku Vaasal, Merkku vaasal-nu moonu vaasalgal irukku. There are three gates, namely the Southern gate, the Eastern gate and the western gate.

Indhiya pandigaigal-a onnu, Deepavali. Deepavali is one of the Indian festivals.

Idhu oru Indhu pandigai. It is a hindu festival.

Deepavali-a ellarum pattasu vedippaanga. Everybody would light crackers on Deepavali.

Deepavali pandigai oru periya vishesham. Deepavali is a great festivity.

Ivanga oru Ilavarasan, Ilavarasi.. They are a Prince and a Princess.

Ivangaloda kalyaanam oru arasa thirumanam. Their wedding is a royal wedding.

Adhu periya aras-avai-le thaan nadakkum. It will happen in a big royal court.


Indha Kudumbam patri sollunga:



Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Vishesham – Festivity, occasion
Arumaiyaana – Really nice, good, fanastic
Kozhi varuval – Chicken roast
Velai seiyale – Not working
Karugi pochu – Burnt
Veenaagi – To be wasted
Azhugi – Become putrefied
Mugarndhu – To smell
Ishtam – Desire
Kuzhambu – Curry
Thozhirchaalai – Factory
Pogai – Smoke
Kalakkudhu – Become mixed
Kettadhu – Bad
Sakthi – Energy, strength
Uruvaakku – Create
Thayyaari – Produce
Minsaaram – Electricity
Vettai – Hunting
Koodaaram – Tent
Adhisayangal – Wonders
Vaasal – Gate
Pandigai – Festival
Pattaasu – Crackers
Vedippanga – Burst
Thirumanam, kalyanam – Wedding



Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. naatram:

2. Indian:

3. manamaa:

4. thozhirchalai:

5. kalyanam:

6. vadakku dhisai:

7. pattaasu:

8. paadhi:

9. visesham:

10. adhisayam:

11. kettadhu:

12. nalladhu:

13. Thamizhar:

14. Pazhankudi makkal:

15. Jappaaniya:

16. arumaiyaana:



1. My boss is an Indian.
2.Please wash your smelly socks.
3. There are nine planets in the solar system.
4. We live in the polar region
5. The Greek teacher is really good.
6. We have to drive in the south direction.
7. The children like the tamil book.
8. My neighbours are Indians.
9. There is a wedding in the Royal court.
10. He is a french architect.
11. What is that foul smell?
12. He is the captain of the American football team.
13. The aroma of the Indian dish was really good.
14. Are you Russian?
15. She bought an Irish outfit.


Try to describe the picture: