Lesson 50

  1. Verbs -10
  2. Try to translate
  3. Examples
  4. Frame sentences
  5. Describe the picture


Lesson 50   Verbs – Part 10

In this lesson, we are going to learn some more verbs.


Slip away Twist Mumble Contact
Nazhuvu Murukku Munumunu Thodarbu kol
Concentrate Restrict Scratch Shake
Kavanam seluthu Kattupaduthu Sori Kulukku
Travel Charge Remind Renting
Payanam sel/po Vasooli Nyabagamootu Vaadagai vidu
Experience Reflect Report Complain
Anubhavi Prathipali Arikai sei Pugaar aLi/kudu


Try to say the following in Tamil:

1. Two students slipped away from the classroom.

2. He twisted her hand badly.

3. Sheena is mumbling something.

4. Vikram is enjoying his life.

5. Are you going to complain this?.

6. She collects the fees on time.

7. Boys have to concentrate in their studies..

8. Please rent a car.

9. Did you remind your dad?

10. Do you understand French?

11. No. I didn’t understand it.

12. Rajeev is handling the box with care.

13. I remind her everyday.

14. We are investing our money in the business.

15. Please restrict him from drinking alcohol.

16. Please concentrate in your studies.

17. Shake that milk and fruit well.

18. This mirror is not reflecting correctly.

19. Please contact his parents.

20. She reported everything that happened.



Let us see how to say this pattern in the verbs that we learnt today.


Indha thirudan romba kettikaaran. This thief is a very clever one.
Andha veetule thirudittu medhuvaa nazhuvittaan. He robbed that house and slipped away very quietly.
Avan ange irundhu nazhuvi oduratha yaarum paakale. Nobody saw him slipping away from there.


Raiza romba nalla balloon bommaigal seivaa. Raiza does the balloon dolls really well.
Paarunga. Ava eppadi balloon-a murukkuraa. See. How she twists the balloon!
Ival-a maadhiri balloon-a murukki bommai seiya mudiyumaa? Can you twist and turn the balloons and make dolls like here.


En Akka-kku thervu nadakkudhu. My sister’s exams are going on.
Ava romba gavanathai seluthi avaloda paadangal-a padikiraa. She is concentrating well and learning her lessons.
Ava thannoda paadathe munumunukkuraa.. She is mumbling her lessons..


Ungalukku yedhaavadhu venumnaa yaar-a thodarbu kolluveenga? Whom do you contact when you need soething?
Pramila oru customer care-la velai seiraa. Pramila is working in a customer service.
Ellarum udhavi-kaaga aval-a thodarbu kolluvaanga. Everybody contacts her when they need help.


Inge Rosy, indha varushath-oda arikkai paththi solluraa. Rosy is reporting this year’s proceedings.
Ovvoru varushamum ippadi arikkai veliyiduvaanga. They do this reporting every year.


Amma : Ajay, indha naai romba soriyidhu. Adha doctor-kitta kondu po. Ajay, this dog is scratching very badly. Take it to the vet.
Ajay : Adhukku udambule arikkum unarchi irundhaa adhu soriyum.. It scratches when it has an itchy feeling.
Sari. Naan adhu romba soriyidhu-nu doctor-kitta soldren. Ok. I will tell the doctor that it scratches a lot.


James-oda kudumbam veli-oor payanam poraanga.. James’ family is going on vacation to some place.
Ovvoru kodai vidumurai nerathle ippadi payanam povaanga. They travel so, during every summer holidays.


Idhu ulle enna irukku? Naan kulukki paarthu kandu-pidikiren. What is inside this? I will find out by shaking it..
Idhullu kannaadi porul irundhaa, kulukkum bodhu odanjidum. If there is a glass thing inside, shaking it might break it.
Andha anbalippu petti-a kulukkaadhe. Don’t shake that gift box.


Idhu oru nedun-salai. This is a highway.
Inge romba adhigamaa kattanam vasoolikiraanga. They are charging really high.
Inge vasoolikira panathle vera oru nedun-saalai katturaanga. They are building another highway, with this money.


Namma pakaththu veetukaaranga romba saththam poduraanga. Our neighbors are very loud and noisy.
Idhu paththi naan police-kitta pugaar alikka poren. I am going to complain this to the police.
Aamaa. Namma pugaar kuduthaa thaan idhu maarum. Yes. It will change only if we lodge a complaint.


Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Thirudan – Thief
Yaarum – No one
Paakale – Did not see
Eppadi – How
Mudiyumaa – Can you
Nadakkudhu – Happening, taking place
Thannoda – One’s own
Paadangal – Lessons
Udhavikkaaga – For help
Venum-na – If needed
Varusham – Year
Ovvoru – Every
Udambule – In the body
Arikkum unarchi – Itchy sensation
Unarchi – Feeling
Veli-oor – Out station
Kandu pidi+ – Find
Kannaadi porul – Glassware
Bodhu – While/ when
Odanjidum – Will break
Anbalippu – Gift
Nedun-saalai – Highway
Adhigam – High
Kattanam – Fees/ charge
Panathle – In the money/ with the money
Saththam – Noise
Pugaar kuduththaa thaan – Only if it is complained
Maarum – Will change


Try to answer the questions:

Ratan enna seiraan? Ivanga enna seiraanga? Inge enna nadakudhu? Raaj enna seiraan?
Annan enna seiraan? Ruby eppadi irukka ? Ivanga enna seiraanga? Iva enna seiraa?


Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. kashtam:

2. karpanai sei:

3. kelvi:

4. aacharya pattaan:

5. panakaaran:

6. pangu alithaan:

7. thannoda:

8. vadivamai :

9. kuyavan:

10. mudhaleedu seiraa:

11. kanavu:

12. veen adi:

13. theriyaamal:

14. semikkiraan:

15. maadhiri:

16. vaangura maadhiri:

17. nadigai:

18. kai-aaluradhu:

19. erpaadu sei :

20. uruvaakku:


Describe the picture: