Lesson 51

  1. Verbs -11
  2. Try to translate
  3. Examples
  4. Frame sentences
  5. Describe the picture


Lesson 51   Verbs – Part 11

In this lesson, we are going to learn some more verbs.


Meet Train Erase Compare
Sandhi Payirchi kodu Azhi Oppidu
Disappear Appear Cough Sneeze
Marai Thondru Irumbu/ Irumu Thumbu
Dissolve Carve Demolish Blame
Karai Sedhukku Azhi Pazhi sol
Aim Get wet To dry Worry
Kuri vei Nanai/ Eera maagu Ularththu/ Kaaya vei Kavalai padu


Try to say the following in Tamil:

1. My dad is meeting my teacher today.

2. He trained his dog well.

3. Sheena is erasing the board

4. Vikram is enjoying his life.

5. Your clothes are wet.

6. She compares her kids to my kids.

7. An angel appeared in front of him.

8. The burglar disappeared into the forest.

9. Did you remind your dad?

10. My grandma dissolves my tablet in honey.

11. Don’t sneeze here.

12. Rajeev is carving a pumpkim.

13. I have been coughing from the morning.

14. He blamed his wife.

15. You should aim properly.

16. Please don’t get wet in the rain.

17. Mom is drying the clothes on the line.

18. Please leave it out to dry.

19. Please do not worry.

20. She is worried about her son.



Let us see how to say this pattern in the verbs that we learnt today.


Thambi, unnai sandhichadu romba nalladhu. Hey kid, it’s good that I met you.
Yen, Mr.John? Why, Mr. John?
Naan unga appa-va sandhikkanum. Avar enge irukaar? I need to meet your dad. Where is he?


Raiza oru trainer/ payirchiyaalar. Raiza is a trainer.
Ava inge oru panjavarna killi-kku payirchi kuduthittu irukkaa. She is training a macaw here.
Ava naaigalukkum payirchi kuduppaa. She also trains dogs.


En thambi-kku jaladhosham. My brother has cold.
Avan thodarndhu irumittu irukkaan. He has coughing continuously.
Avan ippadi thodarndhu iruminaal, thondai romba valikkum. If he continues to cough so, his throat will hurt.


Ungalukku indha maadhiri tamil-la oppittu pesa theriyuma? Do you know to compare things and talk about it in Tamil?
Prem palli-la oppidura paadam padichaan.. Prem learnt about comparing things in class.
Ippo oru iragai-um oru pandhai-um oppittu pesuraan. Now is talking, comparing a feather and a ball.


Indha arpudha vilakkai theichaal, oru genie thondrum. A genie appears if you rub this magic lamp.
Adhu ungalukku enna vendumo seiyum. It will do whatever you want it.
Adhukku appramaa adhu maranji, vilakku ulle poyidum. He will later disappear and go into the lamp.


Amma : Ashwini, unnoda mudi-a hair dryer pottu ularthaadhe. Ashwini, don’t dry your hair with the hair-dryer.
Ashwini : Hair dryer thaan mudi-a seekiramaa ularvaa aakkudhu. It is the hair dryer that dries the hair quickly.
Amma : Poi veyil-a nillu. Mudi seekiramaa ularvaa aagidum. Go, and stand under the sun. It will dry your hair.


Sweety-kku mazhaiyile nanaiya pidikkum. Sweety loves to get wet in the rain.
Paarunga. Ava muzhusaa nananchittaa/ eeramaayitta. Look. She is drenched fully.


Mrs. Swetha-oda magalukku udambu sari-illayaam. Mrs. Swetha’s daughter is not well.
Avalukku niraya ovvaamai/allergies irukku. She has a lot of allergies.
Avanga adhanaale romba kavalaiyaa veetukku oduraanga. So she is running home very worriedly.


Office-la oru mukiyamaana file kaanale. An important file is missing at office.
Boss, Rajan mele pazhi soldraar. The boss is blaming Rajan.
Avarukku, Avanai pidikkaadhu. Adhanaale adikkadi ippadi pazhi solluvaar. He doesn’t like Rajan. And so he blames him often.


Ivar oru aadhi kaala manidhan. He is an ancient man.
Andha kaalathle, ippadi paaraigal mele padangal sethukkuvaanga. In the olden days, they sculpted drawings on the rocks.
Ivanga sedhukkuna padangal innum sila paaraigal mele appadiye irukku. The pictures that they sculpted still remains intact.


Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Sandichadhu – Having met
Payirchi – Training
Payirchiyaalar – Trainer
Kuduthittu – Having given
Jaladhosham – Cold
Thodarndhu – Continuous
Irummal – Cough
Thondai – Throat
Vali – Pain/ ache
Oppidura paadam – Lesson on comparison
Iragu – Feather
Oppittu pesu – Compare
Vilakku – Lamp
Arpudham – Magic
Thei – Rub
Enna vendumo – Whatever one wants
Veyil – Sun/ sun’s heat
Mazhai – Rain
Muzhusaa – Whole
Eeram – Wet
Udambu – Body
Ovvaamai – Allergy
Adhanaale – because of …/ so
Kaanale – couldn’t find
Ippadi – so/ like this
Aadhi kaalam – In the olden days
Aadhi kaala manidhan – Ancient man
Paaraigal – Rocks
Padangal – Pictures
Innum – Still/ yet
Appadiye – So/ still


Try to answer the questions:

Rathi enna seiraa? Idhu enna? Inge enna nadakudhu? Thaththa enna seiraar?
Ruby eppadi irukka ? Annan kuri eppadi irukku? Ivanga enna seiraanga? Inge enna nadakkudhu?


Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. sandhi:

2. payirchi kudu :

3. jaladhosham:

4. pazhi sollaadhe:

5. irummal:

6. karaikiraanga:

7. vilakku:

8. ovvaamai irukku :

9. eeramaaki:

10. aadhi kaala manidhan:

11. vali:

12. nananjitaan:

13. sedhukkuraar:

14. azhichaan:

15. paarai:

16. arpudham:

17. kaaya veikiraan:

18. ularthuraanga:

19. thumbinaan :

20. kuri veikiraal:


Describe the picture: