Lesson 47

  1. Verbs -7
  2. Try to translate
  3. Examples
  4. Frame sentences
  5. Describe the picture


Lesson 47   Verbs – Part 7

In this lesson, we are going to learn some more verbs.


Pangu peru/ edu
பங்குபெறு / பங்கெடு
Potti idu/idunga
Contest/ Compete
Pandhayam kattu/kattunga
பந்தயம் கட்டு
Vaazhthu / Vaazhthu sol / sollunga
வாழ்த்து / வாழ்த்து
Oivu edu/edunga
ஓய்வு எடு
UruLu/ urulunga
உருளு / உருட்டு
Suruttu/ surutunga
ஒரு பாயை சுருட்டு
Roll a mat/ carpet
Uruttu/ uruttunga
ஒரு பந்தை உருட்டு
Roll a ball
Thavirthidu/ thavirthidunga
தவிர் / தவித்திடு
Othuzhai/ othuzhainga
Thodu/ thodunga
Nirvagi / Nirvaagam sei / seinga
நிர்வகி / நிர்வாகம் செய்
Poraadu/ poraadunga
Etti pidi / Ettunga
எட்டிப் பிடி / ஒன்றை
Reach for a thing
Poi Seru/ Serunga

போய் சேர் / ஓரிடத்தை


Try to say the following in Tamil:

1. We are participated in the competition.

2. Dad congratulated me.

3. My grandpa is resting in the bedroom.

4. Sonu rolled the ball to me.

5. She is struggling with her son.

6. She is rolling the mats.

7. I touched the soft pillow in the bedroom.

8. Avoid taking much medicine.

9. Are the children cooperating with her?

10. The scientist invented this last year.

11. My aunt manages her house well.

12. Rajeev is cooperating with the doctors.

13. The next door kid bet me over a match.

14. We are struggling to finish this job.

15. Dad, reach for that box on the loft.

16. Don’t roll the carpets.

17. We reached the house by midnight.

18. She competed in the school competition last week.

19. Why do you avoid drinking coffee?



Let us see how to say this pattern in the verbs that we learnt today.


Engaloda palli-la vilayaatu-dhinam. It is our sports day at school.
Niraya pottigal inge nadathuraanga. Many games are conducted here.
Enga aasiriyar engalai pottigal-e pangu-edukka sonnaanga. Our teacher asked us to take part/ participate in the games.
Naangalum saakku pandhayam-la potti-ittom. We participated in the sack race.


Ivanga moonu peru padhayam katti, seettu vilayaaduraanga. These three are playing cards, placing bets.
Nina: Naan thaan jeyikka poren. Enna pandhayam? I am going to win. What’s the bet?
Amma: Illai. Naan nooru rubaai pandhayam katturen. No way. I bet on a hundred rupees.
Paati: Naan aayiram rubaai pandhayam katturen. Naan thaan jeyikkka poren. I place a bet for a thousand rupees, for I am going to win.


Rover oru kettikaara naai. Edhu sonnalum seiyum. Rover is a clever dog. It will do everything its told.
Roll over… sonnaal Rover tharaiyil paduththu urulum. If you say, Roll over, he will lie down on the floor and roll over.
Hey Rover, Roll…Urulu..Rover, Urulu…Roll..Roll… Hey Rover, urulu..


Chacko oru carpet vyabaari. Chacko is a carpet trader.
Avaroda thol mele eppavum oru carpet thookittu iruppaar. He would always carry a carpet on his shoulder..
Adhai ozhungaa surutti vechi irupaar. He will have it rolled properly.
Avarukku carpet poduvadhum, suruttuvadhum kai vandha kalai. Laying and rolling back a carpet is like a piece of cake.


Alec oru circus-la joker-a serndhirukkaan. Alec has joined the circus as a joker.
Avan ippo niraya viththaigal-e pazhaganum. He has to practice a lot of tricks.
Pandhu mele ninnittu adhai medhuvaa uruttanum. He has to roll the ball, standing on it.
Kaal-e pandhai uruttitte viththaigal seiyanum.. While rolling the ball in his leg, he has to do many tricks..


Raju, azhaadhe. Unakku udambu sariyile. Raju azhaadhe. You are not well.
Doctor kooda oththuzhaichaa seekirama gunamaayidum. You will get better if you cooperate with the doctor.
Sariyaa maathirai podanum. Sariyaa oosi pottukanum. You have to take your medicine. And also take your shots.
Sari. Naan unga kooda oththuzhaikiren. Okay, I will cooperate with you.


Palli kankaatchikku oru pudhu model seiyanum. A new model has to be done for the school exhibition.
Ivanga adhukkaaga poraadittu irukaanga. They are struggling to do one for that.
Ivanga enna kandu-pidikkiraanga ? What are they inventing?


Tom enga palli kaal pandhu kuzhu-le goal keeper. Tom is a goal keeper in our school soccer team.
Avan thiramaiyaa ella pandhaiyum etti pidippaan. He would reach out and catch very ball.
Ippo paarunga! Avan indha pandhai eppadi etti pidikka poraan. Just see, how he is going to reach out to catch the ball.


Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Vilayaatu-dhinam – Sports day
Pottigal – Games
Nadathuraanga – They / she is conducting
Aasiriyar – Teacher
Pangu-edu – Participate
Saakku pandhayam – Sack-race
Pandhayam – Race/ placing bet
Seettu vilayaatu – Game of Cards
Jeyikka – To win
Noor – Hundred
Rubaai – Rupees (Name of the Indian currency)
Aayiram – Thousand
Enna Sonnaalum – Whatever is said/ asked/ordered
Tharai – Floor
Paduththu – To lie down
Vyaabaari – Trader
Thol – Shoulder
Thookittu – Carrying
Vechi-iru – Keeping (continuous tense of the word ‘keep’)
Kai vandha kalai – An easy job/ a piece of cake
Serndhirukkaan – He has joined
Viththaigal – Tricks
Pazhagu – Practice
Urutitte – Keep rolling
Gunammayidum – Will be cured/ healed/ become well
Maathirai – Medicine/ tablets
Oosi – Injection
Kan-kaatchi – Exhibition
Kaal-pandhu – Football/ soccer
Kuzhu – Team
Thiramaiyaa – Talented, able


Try to answer the questions:

Doctor enna seiraanga? Ivanga enna seiraanga? Inge enna nadakudhu? Raaj enna seiraan?
Paati enna seiraanga? Pillainga enna seiraanga ? Tinku enna seiyidhu? Ivar enna seiraar?
Aval enna seira? Ivanga enna seiraanga? Naai enna seidhu? Ivanga enna seiraanga?
Inge enna aachu? Amma enna seiraanga? Ivar enna seiraar? Naai enna seidhu?


Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. Pangu eduppen:

2. jeyichittaan:

3. thodu:

4. viththaigal:

5. oivu edukiraar:

6. Poi seru:

7. Kaalpandhu kuzhu:

8. Potti -idu :

9. urutturaan:

10. uruluraan:

11. saakku pandhayam:

12. maathirai:

13. kan-kaatchi:

14. poraaduraal:

15. kandu-pidichaar:

16. kai vandha kalai:

17. pazhagu:

18. thiramaiyaa:

19. nooru rubaai :

20. vyaabaari:

21. etturen:


Describe the picture: