Lesson 48

  1. Verbs -8
  2. Try to translate
  3. Examples
  4. Frame sentences
  5. Describe the picture


Lesson 48   Verbs – Part 8

In this lesson, we are going to learn some more verbs.


Nadaththu/ nadaththtunga
Parappu/ parappunga
ALa/ alanga
அள / அளவு எடு
Pidungu/ pidungunga
Opukol/ Othuko/ Othukkonga
ஒப்புக்கொள் /
Maru/ marunga
Kaathiru/ kaathirunga
Pangu podu/ podunga
Munagu/ Munumunu
முனகு / முனுமுனு /
இரகசியம் பேசு
Maathu/ maathunga
Parakka vidu/ vidunga
பறக்க விடு
Flying a thing
Aadharavu kudu/ kudunga
ஆதரவு கொடு
Alaru/ alarunga
Thadai sei/ seinga
தடை செய்
Kuppai podu/ podunga
குப்பை போடு


Try to say the following in Tamil:

1. Our school is conducting a competition next year.

2. Dad is murmuring something to mom..

3. My grandpa is sharing the chocolate with me.

4. Sonu snatched the ball from her.

5. He is flying in an airplane.

6. She is changing her clothes.

7. Drugs is prohibited in India.

8. Avoid littering in the public places.

9. Are the children screaming?

10. Do you know to fly a kite?

11. No. I don’t know to fly kites.

12. Rajeev is talking with the doctors.

13. The next door kid is support that team.

14. We are waiting at the bus stop.

15. Dad, please measure it correctly.

16. Don’t scream.

17. We shared the food with our neighbors.

18. Why is she screaming like this?

19. What are you two whispering?



Let us see how to say this pattern in the verbs that we learnt today.


Engaloda aasiyar inaikku oru therva nadaththuraanga. Our teacher is conducting a test today.
Idhu edhukku nadaththuraanga theriyuma? Do you know why they are conducting this?
Threva nadathi mudicha piragu solluvaangalaam. They will let us know after the test is conducted.
Unga palli-la indha maadhiri thideer thervugal nadathuvaangala?. Do they conduct such sudden tests in your school?


Mr. Big: Neenga sariya alakkale. Inge paarunga ! Eppadi irukku?.. Your did not measure it properly. See, how it is!
Thaiyalkaar: Naan sariyaa alanthen. Neenga thaan gundaa ayiteenga. I measured it right. It’s you who has become fat.
Mr. Big: Ungalukku ozhungaa alakka theriyuma? Do you know how to measure properly.
Thaiyalkaarar: Sir, Naan moonu maasam munnadi alavu eduthen. Neenga ippo kundaa ayiteenga. Sir, I took the measurements three months back. But now you have put on weight.


Amma : Prem andha rotti-le nalla peanut butter-a paraappu.. Prem, spread the butter on the bread well.
Adha sariyaa thadavi saapidu. Spread it properly and eat it.
Sariyaana alavu eduththu ozhungaa parappu. Take a right quantity and spread it well.


Vani kitta irundhu Varun bommai-a pidingittaan. Varun snatched the doll away from Vani.
Avan sonnaan: Kudu adhu ennoda bommai. He said: Give, that is my doll.
Ava azhudhaa: Amma! …En bommai-a pidunguraan.. She cried: Mom, He is snatching my doll.


Ajay : En kitta cake irukku. Vaa neeyum saapidu. I have some cake. Come, you too have it.
Ashwini : Sari. Naam pangu pottu saapidalaam. Okay. We’ll share it and eat.
Ajay : Pangu pottu saapida vendum-nu en amma solluvaanga. My mom says we should share and eat.


Raja solluraar: Indha computer romba pazhasaa irukku. This computer is very old.
Oru mani neramaa kaathittu irukuren. I am waiting for an hour.
Yevvalavu neram ippadi kaathittu iruppadhu. How long shall I wait like this?


Appa thaan inaikku paapa-ve paarthukkanum. Dad has to look after the baby today.
Paapa-kku ippo diaper maatha vendum. The baby’s diaper needs to be changed.
Avar eppadi diaper maathuraar, paarunga. See how, he is changing the diaper.


Bose romba mosaamaana aalu. Bose is a very bad person.
Veettu kuppai-a enge poduraar paarunga. See, where he dumps the household trash.
Kulathle kuppai podalaama? Could we litter the pond?
Ippadi ella idathilum kuppai poduravangalai enna pannalaam? What shall we do to those who litter in everyplace.


Indhe marathe vetta poraanga. They are going to cut down this tree.
En kooda yaar indha marathukku aadharavu pesuveenga. Who is going to support me in favour of this tree?
Vaanga, idhukku unga aadharavu kudunga. Please come. Support this cause.


Policekaarar: Hello.. Kudichittu vandi otta koodaadhu. thadai senjirukaanga. Hello, one shouldn’t drive after drinking liquor. Drunken drive is prohibited.
Otunar: Yaaru appadi thadai senjanga? Who prohibited it so?
Policekaarar: Station-kku vaanga. Yaar thadai senjaanga-nu kaaturen.. Oh. Come to the police station. I will show him.


Palli-la oru pudhu paiyan irukaan. There is a new boy at school.
Avan paper rocket senju class-la parakka viduvaan. He makes paper rockets and would let it fly in class.
Ivan pattam kooda nallaa parakka viduvaanaam. It seems that he could also flies kites very well.


Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Thervu – Exam/ test
Mudicha piragu – After completing
Thideer – Sudden
Maadhiri – Like, likewise
Alakkale – Did not measure
Gundaa aayiteenga – You have become fat
Ozhungaa – Properly
Moonu – Three
Maasam – Month
Rotti – Bread
Thadavu – Smear/ spread/ apply
En kitta – With me/ I have
Pazhasaa – Old
Kaathittu iruppadhu – To keep waiting
Paarthukkanum – Have to take care
Mosamaana – Very bad
Aalu – Person
Kulathle – In the pond
Idathilum – All places
Poduravanga – The People who put
Vetta – To cut
Kudichittu – Having drunk
Koodaadhu – Should not
Pattam viduvaanaam – He would fly kite, it seems…


Try to answer the questions:

Rita enna seira? Ivanga enna seiraanga? Inge enna nadakudhu? Raaj enna seiraan?
Annan enna seiraan? Ruby enna seiraa ? Ivanga enna seiraanga? Ivanga enna seiraanga?
Amma enna seiranga? Appa enna seiraanga? Ivar enna seiraar? Tinku enna seiraan?
Raju enna seiraan? Appa enna seiraanga? Bobby enna seiraan? Gudhirai enna seidhu?


Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. thervu:

2. nadaththu:

3. thideer:

4. alanga:

5. gundaa irukkaan:

6. thadavu:

7. en kitta:

8. parakkuraar :

9. parakka vidu:

10.thadai seiraan:

11. mosamaana:

12. oivu edu:

13. vettu:

14. kuppai podu:

15. koodadhu:

16. maathuraanga:

17. aadharavu kudukiren:

18. paarunga:

19. kaathittu irukken :

20. moonu maasam piragu:


Describe the picture: