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With over 12 years of experience, ilearntamil.com boasts a team of more than 70 dedicated teachers from various regions across Tamil Nadu.

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Tamil, a language that transcends time, is a testament to our rich culture. Let Tamil spread its roots far and wide, a unique endeavor led by these enterprising women!

May Tamil travel along to every corner of this planet; poet laureate Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathi’s wish for his beloved mother tongue. On learning of a Bangalore-based women’s group dedicated to bringing Bharathi’s wishes to fruition, we traveled to meet them.

Through ilearntamil.com, a website dedicated to teaching Tamil, we met Sudha, the woman behind thousands of students learning the language online.

“Born in the classical temple town of Madurai, I moved to Bangalore to work in the IT industry. After my marriage and subsequent childbirth, I couldn’t return to work,” Sudha shared. “This led me to explore other avenues, and I developed websites for international clients. It was during this time that a spark of an idea ignited within me. I decided to create a platform for myself, a website where I could teach Tamil to people worldwide. With the Tamil diaspora spread across every corner of the planet, I saw an opportunity to connect with their offspring, who were otherwise limited in their exposure to the language and culture.”

“Over the last 12 years, we have taught Tamil over the internet. Currently, more than 2,000 students between the ages of four and 70 have signed up for our courses. It is our prerogative to ensure that the diaspora youth are at least conversant in their mother tongue. Later, we would like to present classical Tamil literature,” Sudha added.

“In this noble venture, I’m supported by more than 70 teachers. Our mission isn’t driven exclusively by the motivation to derive a profit. We offer free classes for many of our students. More importantly, we act as a portal to those in search of their roots. We anchor them to explore the culture, art, and literature of the Tamil language. Currently, we teach a few thousand South Africans of Tamil origin the basics of the language.”

“There is immense joy in listening to people learn Tamil and pronounce the words with the phonetic diction the language demands.”

“Our model allows people to earn a living from the confines of their homes. We welcome anyone who’s interested in teaching Tamil or developing new websites,” Sudha added.

Nithyakalyani, teacher in iLeranTamil.com, emphasized the global reach of ilearntamil.com. She noted that the website’s ability to establish relationships with people from England, Australia, Portugal, France, America, and Norway, among many other countries, has been instrumental in its success. “We could witness the citizens of other countries form a deep and abiding bond with Tamil and evolve into Tamil lovers. This global connection is what makes our mission so powerful and inspiring,” Nithyakalyani noted.

“Our students are curious to explore the Sangam literature and history. They deliberate on the Cheran, Cholan, and Pandian eras, besides Jeyakanthan and Sujatha’s writings. Tamil movies and songs also drive their interest. More importantly, learning the language has allowed them to realize the sweetness of the language and the people who speak it. Many members of the Tamil diaspora express confidence in being able to travel through Tamil Nadu thanks to their ability to speak the language.

“When our students express their pride in learning one of the world’s oldest languages and being a part of its proud heritage, we feel our roles have meaning. This gives us immense gratification.

“May Tamil reach every corner of this world. We bow down to Tamil!” Sudha said in conclusion.

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In this age of advanced communication, our mission is to educate individuals using the most effective online tools, breaking down the barriers of language, time, and distance. We firmly believe that there should be no impediment to learning, regardless of your geographical location. The opportunity to pursue your desired knowledge is now within your reach, right from the comfort of your own living room.

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