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Christian Boy Names


We have world’s largest collection of Baby names with meaning, including Tamil names.The categories include , Tamil names, God names,  Boy twins names, God names,Muslim baby boy names , Muslim baby girl names , Christian baby boy names and Christian baby girl names



Baby Name Meaning
Aaren High mountain
Aaris mighty in the faith
Aaron Enlightened, Bible Ref.:  Exodus 4:14, brother of Moses, 1st high priest of God in Israel
Aarron High mountain
Ab Father of or is light
Abasalom son of King David
Abba father
Abbas the Lord is my father
Abbot Father
Abbott Father
Abda servant of God
Abdias God’s servant
Abdiel servent of god
Abe Father of a multitude
Abednego Artist, Bible Ref.:  Daniel 3:19 – 26, survived the firey furnace
Abel Breath, Bible Ref.:  Genesis 4:4, son of Adam & Eve, obeyed God
Abell Herdsman
Abey Father of a multitude
Abiah God is my father
Abiathar excellent father; father of the remnant.
Abie father or mother of many
Abihu he is my father.
Abijah The Lord is my father
Abiram my father is great
Able Herdsman
Abner father of light, Bible Ref.:  Genesis 17:5, chief of Saul’s army
Abnor Father of or is light
Abnur Father of or is light
Abot Father
Abott Father
Abraham father of nations, Bible Ref.:  Genesis 17:5, father of  the Jewish nation “Father Abraham”
Abrahem Father of many nations
Abram Father of a multitude or many nations
Abran Father of a multitude
Abrasha father
Absalom father of peace, Bible Ref.:  2 Samuel 3:3, son of King David & Maacah
Absalon My father is peace
Absolom My Father Is Peace
Acacio the Lord holds Adam, The First Man
Ace Number one
Acel Noble at birth
Acelet Noble at birth
Acelin Little noble one
Acer Number one
Acey Number one
Achill Pain
Acie Number one
Acke Oak meadow
Ackerlea Oak meadow
Ackerley Oak meadow
Ackerly Oak meadow
Acklea Oak meadow
Ackley Oak meadow
Acklie Oak meadow
Acton Oak tree settlement
Ada Father
Adael eternity of God
Adair Rich spear
Adaire Rich spear
Adam of red earth, Bible Ref.:  Genesis 2:7, first man created by God
Adan Man; earth
Adare Rich spear
Addai man of god
Addam Earth
Addison Son of Adam
Addo happy, ornament
Aden Handsome, Adorned
Adiel adorned by God
Adin Pleasant
Adison Son of Adam
Adisson Son of Adam
Adlai Yahweh is just
Adler Eagle
Adley The Just
Adli Just, Wise
Admon Red Peony Flower
Adney The nobles island
Adolph Noble wolf
Adon Lord
Adonai My Lord
Adonias God is my Lord
Adonijah the Lord is my master.
Adrian, Adrien The Dark One
Adriel My shepherd is God
Aedan, Aiden Born of Fire
Affton Sweet afton
Afton Sweet afton
Agape Love
Ahab father’s brother, Bible Ref.:  1 Kings 16:29., son of Omri, king of Israel
Ahmik Strength of gods flock
Aidan Fire
Aiden Fire
Aiken The Oaken
Ailbert Bright nobility
Ailward Noble guard
Aimerey Home-ruler
Ainsley Hermitage wood
Ainslie Hermitage wood
Aitan fights of possession
Akeem God will establish
Akim God will establish
Alaistair Defender of mankind
Alaister Defender of mankind
Alan, Allan Handsome One
Alann Handsome
Alante peaceful
Alastair Defender of mankind
Alasteir Defender of mankind
Albain From Alba
Alban From Alba
Albern Of Noble Valor
Albert Bright nobility
Albion White or Fair
Alby White
Alden Wise Guardian
Aldford Old river-ford
Aldin Old friend
Aldine Old friend
Aldis From the Old House
Aldon Old friend
Aldous Old
Aldred Old counsel
Aldrich Old Wise Leader
Aldus Old
Aldwen Old friend
Aldwin Old friend
Alec Defender of mankind
Aleck Defender of mankind
Aleister Defender of mankind
Alen Handsome
Alester Defender of mankind
Alex Defender
Alexander one who assists men; defender of men.
Alf Elf
Alfie Form of Alfred
Alford Old river-ford
Alfred Supernaturally Wise
Alfrid Elf counsel
Alfy Elf counsel
Algar Elf spear
Algernon With a moustache
Alic Defender of mankind
Alick Defender of mankind
Alijah The Lord is My God Amiel god of my people
Alik Defender of mankind
Alisander Defender of mankind
Alissander Defender of mankind
Alistair Defender of mankind
Alister Defender of mankind
Alix Defender of mankind
Allaistar Defender of mankind
Allan Handsome
Allaster Defender of mankind
Allastir Defender of mankind
Allen Handsome
Allgar Elf spear
Allin Handsome
Allistair Defender of mankind
Allon Handsome
Allyn Handsome
Allysdair Defender of mankind
Allysdare Defender of mankind
Allystair Defender of mankind
Allyster Defender of mankind
Alon oak
Aloysius Latin Louis
Alphonse Teutonic eager for battle
Alphonzo Noble and ready
Alpine White
Alston From the Old Manor
Altair The flyer
Alton It has many origins most meaning
Alvar Elf army
Alven Elf friend
Alvie Elf friend
Alvin Noble Friend
Alvis All wise
Alvy Elf friend
Alvyn Elf friend
Alwin Elf friend
Alwyn Elf friend
Alysdair Defender of mankind
Alysdare Defender of mankind
Alystair Defender of mankind
Alyster Defender of mankind
Amadeus loves God
Amado loves God
Amador loves God
Amancio he who loves God
Amato loved
Amaziah the strength of the Lord.
Ambie Immortal
Ambrose Greek immortal
Amby Immortal
Amedeus To love God
Amery Industrious
Ami my people
Amias From Amiens
Amiel God of my people
Amory The loving one
Amos Burdened, Bible Ref.:  Amos 1:1., old testament prophet
Amyas From Amiens
Anakin Gracious merciful
Ananias he who has the grace of God, Bible Ref.:  Acts 5:3, lied to the Lord and fell down and died
Ance Thresher
Anderson Son of Andrew
Andra strong
Andre strong
Andrew Strong, Bible Ref.: Matthew 10:2, one of the twelve apostles
Andrian strong
Andy Man warrior
Ange Angel messenger
Angel Angel messenger
Angelino messenger
Angell Angel messenger
Angelo angel
Angeloa Latin angel
Angus Servant of the Lord
Anscom Stone-enclosed valley
Anscomb Stone-enclosed valley
Ansel Nobel
Anselm Teutonic divine helmet
Anserico rich in God
Anson Son of Agnes
Anthony Priceless
Antony Invaluable
Antuan Invaluable
Antwan Invaluable
Apollos one who destroys; destroyer.
Aquila an eagle.
Aquinas From St. Thomas Aquinas
Arad bronze
Aram Highness
Archer Bowman
Archibald Bold Prince
Archie Genuine courage
Arden Eagle valley
Ardon Bronze
Areli lion of God
Ari Lion
Aric Ever-ruler
Ariel Lion of god
Arik Ever-ruler
Arin enlightened
Arkell Eagle helmet/protection
Arlen Pledge
Arlie Eagle wood
Armand Bold/hardy man
Armon Castle
Arn Eagle power
Arne Eagle power
Arnie Eagle power
Arnold Strong as an Eagle
Arnon Rushing stream; Torrent valley; a river and wadi in western Jordan
Arny Eagle power
Aron To Sing
Arran High mountain
Arron High mountain
Arryn High mountain
Art The meaning is disputed see Arthur
Arthur Champion; Follower of Thor
Artie The meaning is disputed see Arthur
Arvel Wept Over
Arye lion of God
Asa Healer, Bible Ref. 1 Kings 15:8, king of Judah
Asafo God has chosen
Asaph the one chosen by God
Ash Ash tree
Asher Blessed, Happy
Ashley Ash-tree grove
Ashton Ash tree settlement
Asia East
Aston East settlement
Athanasius Greek immortal
Athelstan Noble stone
Atur crowned
Atwater From the Waterside
Atwood Forest Dweller
Aubrey Ruler of the Elves
Aubrie Elf power
Aubyn From Alba
Audley Ealdgyths woodland clearing
August August
Augustine Venerable
Aulay Forefathers heir/descendant
Austen Venerable
Austin Helpful
Austyn Venerable
Autumn Autumn
Averill Boar battle
Avery Elf counsel
Avi God is my father
Avidan God Is Just
Avital Father Of Dew
Aviv Spring, Renewal
Avner father of flame
Axel Man of Peace
Aylward Noble guard
Aymery Home-ruler
Azare God helped
Azariah he that hears the Lord.
Baby Baby
Bailey Bailiff
Bailie Bailiff
Baily Bailiff
Baird Bard or Minstrel
Balder Prince
Baldric Brave ruler
Baldwin Princely Friend
Ballard Bald-headed
Balthasar one of the three wise men
Bambi Child
Bambie Child
Baptist Baptist
Barabas Barabba
Barak Lightning, Bible Ref.:  Judges 4:6, lead ten thousand men to Mount Tamor, warrior
Barclay Birch wood clearing
Bardolph Bright wolf
Barnabas son of encouragement, Bible Ref.: Acts 13:46, friend of Paul
Barnaby Son of exhortation
Barney Son of exhortation
Baron Nobleman
Barret Haggler
Barrett Bear-Like
Barrie Fair-headed
Barry Fair-headed
Bart a short form of Bartholomew; son of Talmaí
Barth Son of Tolmai
Bartholemew Hill, Furrow
Bartholomew Bible Ref.:   Matthew 10:2, one of the twelve apostles
Baruch who is blessed.
Baruka blessed
Bas King
Basil King-like
Basil grand
Bassett Little short/low one
Bastian From Sebaste
Bathsheba daughter of the oath
Baxter Female baker
Bayard Reddish brown
Baz King
Beau Handsome
Beaumont Beautiful mountain
Beauregard Beautiful aspect
Beavis Shining one
Beck Dweller near the brook
Becket From St. Thomas à Becket Becket
Beckett Bee cottage
Bede Old English prayer
Bedivere Described as being one-handed he was still an excellent warrior
Ben Son of the south
Benaiah a form of Benjamin; son of my right hand
Ben-Ami son of my people
Benedict Blessed
Benet Blessed
Beni son of my right hand
Benito Blessed
Benjamen son of my right hand
Benjamin son of my right hand, Bible Ref.:  Genesis 35:16-18, son of Jacob & Rachel
Benji Son of the south
Benjie Son of the south
Benjy Son of the south
Bennet Variant of Benedict
Bennett Blessed
Bennie Son of the south
Benny Son of My Right Hand
Ben-Oni son of my sorrow, Bible Ref.:  Genesis 35:17-19, son of Jacob & Rachel
Benson Son of Benedict
Bentley Bent grass clearing
Benton Bent grass settlement
Ben-Tziyon son of Zion
Benyamin son of my right hand
Berengar Bear-spear
Bernard Bold as a bear
Bernie Bold as a bear
Berry Fair-headed
Bert Bright
Bertie Bright
Bertram Bright raven
Bertrand Bright raven
Beryl Dazzling jewel
Betel house of God
Bevan Son of John
Beverley Beaver stream
Bevis Shining ones
Biff A blow with the fist
Bildad old friendship.
Bill Will-helmet
Billie Will-helmet
Billy a familiar form of William; determined guardian
Binah Wise
Blain Little yellow one
Blaine Lean or Thin
Blair Man of Flatlands
Blaize Talks with a lisp
Blake Fair Complexioned
Blase Greek babbler
Bliss Joy happiness
Blythe Cheerful happy
Boaz Farmer, Bible Ref.:  Ruth 4:13, man who marries Ruth
Bob Famous
Bobbi Famous
Bobby Famous
Bonaventure Latin good luck
Bond Farmer
Boniface Good destiny/fate
Boris Fighter warrior
Bowen Son of Owen
Braden From the Broad Valley
Bradford Broad ford
Bradley Broad woodland clearing
Brady Large-chested
Braeden Salmon
Braiden Salmon
Braidy Large-chested
Bram Father
Bran Broom-covered hill
Brandan; Brendan; Brendon Traveller
Brandon Broom-covered hill
Brannon Broom-covered hill
Brayden Salmon
Brendan Prince
Brenden Prince
Brendon Prince
Brennan Prince
Brent Hill
Brenton Fire town
Bret Brett Native of Brittany
Brian High; Noble; Strong
Brice Pied spotted speckled
Brigham Homestead by the bridge
Brighton The one who is loved
Brion Force strength
Briscoe Birch wood
Britt The helpful one
Britton From Britain
Brock The Badger
Broderick Form of Roderick
Brodie Muddy place
Brody Muddy place
Bronte Thunder
Brook Brook stream
Brooke Brook stream
Brooks Of the brook
Brose Immortal
Bruce Brushwood
Bruno Dark Complexioned
Brutus Heavy
Bryan Force strength
Bryant Strong
Bryce Pied spotted speckled
Bryon Force strength
Buck High-spirited young man
Bud Messenger
Buddy Friend
Burgess Citizen of a Town
Burt Fortified settlement
Burton Fortified settlement
Buster Breaker smasher
Butch Listen here
Buz Rebellious
Byron At the byres or cattle-sheds
Bysshe Bush
Cade Round and lumpy
Caden Little battle
Cadence Flow of rhythm falling
Cadman Warrior
Cadmus The east
Cadric Latin blind
Caesar Hairy
Cain Acquired, Bible Ref.:  Genesis 4:1, Adam & Eve’s first son
Caine Acquired
Cairo Victorious
Cajetan Latin rejoice in
Cal Little bald one
Calaude Latin lame
Calder Violent water
Caldwell Near a Cold Well
Cale Uncertain, perhaps slender
Caleb Dog, Bible Ref.:  Numbers 13:1 – 6; 14:24, one of 12 spies to explore the land of Canaan,
Calib Dog
Callahan Little bright-headed one
Callum Dove
Calvert Shepherd
Calvin Little bald one
Cam Crooked nose
Camden Uncertain, perhaps “winding valley”
Cameron Crooked nose
Camille Altar server
Camp Crooked mouth
Campbell Crooked mouth
Campion Champion
Camren Crooked nose
Camron Crooked nose
Carbrey Charioteer
Carbry Charioteer
Carey Dark one
Carisimo Loved
Carl Farmer
Carlin Man
Carlisle Fortress of Lugovalos
Carlton Settlement of the free easants
Carlyle Fortress of Lugovalo
Carmel garden
Carmelo a form of Carmel; vineyard, garden
Carmine Song
Carney Warrior
Carol Man
Carrick Rock
Carrol Hacker
Carroll Champion
Carter Cart Driver
Carver Wood Carver
Cary Dark one
Casey Vigilant wakeful
Casper  Treasure bearer
Cassidy  Curly(-headed)
Casta Pure
Cathal Strong
Cecil Blind
Cedric Chieftain
Cephas Rock, Bible Ref.: John 1:42-44, Simon, son of John you’ll be called Cephas (Peter)
Chad Warrior
Chadwick  Ceaddas dairy farm
Chaika Life
Chaika life Chaim life
Chaim Life
Chalmers Lord of the Household
Chanan Cloud
Chandler Candlemaker
Channing A Canon
Chapman Merchant
Charles Free Man
Charley  Man
Charlie Cutest boy
Charlton  Settlement of the free peasants
Chas  Man
Chase  Chase hunt
Chatwin Warlike Friend
Chauncey  Keeper of records secretary
Chauncy  Keeper of records secretary
Chaz  Man
Chester Castle Dweller
Chevron  It is a variant of Hebrew Chever
Chip  Man
Chiram exalted
Christian follower of Christ
Christien follower of Christ
Christofer Christ-bearer
Christoph Christ-bearer
Christophe Christ-bearer
Christopher Christ-bearer; the patron saint of travelers
Christos Christ-bearer
Christy  Christ-bearer
Chrysostom  Greek golden mouthed
Chuck  Man
Chuckie  Man
Clancey  Red warrior
Clancy  Red warrior
Clare  Illustrious
Clarence  Illustrious
Clark  Clerk secretary
Clarke  Clerk secretary
Claro he who is transparent
Claud  Lame
Claude  Latin lame
Claudius lame.
Claudius a form of Claude; lame
Clay  Clay settlement
Clayton  Clay
Clem merciful
Clement  Gentle and merciful
Clemmie  Gentle and merciful
Cletis  Glory
Cletus  Glory
Cleve  Sloped land
Cleveland  Sloped land
Cliff  Ford by a cliff
Clifford  Ford by a cliff
Clifton  Settlement near a cliff or riverbank
Clint  Fair
Clinton  Little fair/white one
Clive  Cliff slope
Clyde  Muddy
Cobi substitute
Coby substitute
Codie  Helper
Cody  Helper
Cola  Black coal
Colbert  Black coal
Colby  Coal settlement
Cole  Coal-black swarthy
Coleman  Dove
Colin  Whelp young pup
Collier  Miner
Collin  Whelp young pup
Colten  Colas settlement
Colton  Colas settlement
Colum  Gael. dove
Columban  Dove
Conan  Little hound/wolf
Conley  Purifying fire
Connell  Strong as a hound/wolf
Conner  Hound/wolf-lover
Connor a form of Conan; wise
Conor  Hound/wolf-lover
Conrad  Bold counsel
Conroy  Wise Man
Constant  Latin constant firm
Conway  Yellow hound/wolf
Cooper  Tub container
Corbin  Little crow/raven
Cordell  Rope
Corey  Seething pool
Cori  Seething pool
Corie  Seething pool
Cornelius of a horn.
Cornelius cornel tree; horn-colored
Cornelius of a horn.
Cortney  Short nose
Corwin  The Raven
Cory  Seething pool
Cosmas  Greek order
Cosmo  Greek order
Coty  Helper
Courtney  Short nose
Craig  Rock
Crawford  Crow-foot
Cretien Christian
Crispian  Curly(-headed)
Crispin  Curly(-headed)
Cristian follower of Christ
Cristo Christ-bearer
Crofton  Settlement by the paddock
Cronan  Gael. dark brown
Crosby  Dweller by Town Cross
Culbert  Cool and Brilliant
Cullen  Whelp young pup
Culver  Dove
Curt  Courteous
Curtis  Courteous
Cuthbert  Famous and Brilliant
Cy Sun
Cymbeline  Hound of Belenus
Cyprian  Greek of Cyprus
Cyril  Lord
Cyrus Sun, Bible Ref.:  2 Chronicles 36:22, king of Persia
Dacey  Tenant vassal
Dagan Grain or corn
Dakota  Allies
Dakota The allies
Dale, Daley  Frequenter of Gatherings
Dalit Draw Water
Dalton Valley settlement
Damian To tame to subdue
Damion  To tame to subdue
Dan a short form of Daniel; God is my judge
Dana  From Denmark
Dane  Dean ecclesiastical supervisor
Danforth God is my judge
Dani God is my judge
Danial God is my judge
Daniel God is my judge, Bible Ref.: son of David & Abigail
Danni  God is my judge
Dannie  God is my judge
Dannon From Daniel-Judged By God
Danny God of my judge
Danyl From the name Daniel
Darby  Deer farm
Darcie  From Arcy
Darcy  From Arcy
Darden  From Ardern
Darell, Darrel  Beloved
Daren  From araines
Darian  Possesses a lot wealthy
Dariel Beloved
Darien  Possesses a lot wealthy
Darin  From Araines
Darnell  Hidden/secret nook
Darrell Beloved
Darren  From Araines
Darrin  From Araines
Darryl  From Airelle
Dartagnan  From artagnan
Darwin  Dear friend
Daryl  From Airelle
Dave Beloved
Davey  Beloved
David Beloved, Bible Ref.:  1 Samuel 16:1-3; 1 Samuel 16:12-14, greatest king of Israel
Davie  Beloved
Davis  Beloved
Davy  Beloved
Daw  Beloved
Dawson  Son of Daw
Dax  Badger
Day God is my judge
Daye  Day
Dayton  Dike settlement
Deacon  Servant
Dean  Dean ecclesiastical supervisor
Deandre  Man warrior
Declan man of prayer
Deemer  Judge
Deforest  From the forest
Deforrest  From the forest
Dekel palm tree
Delaia God has liberated me
Dell  Lives in a dell/hollow
Delmar  Of the sea
Delroy belonging to the king
Demetrius lover of the earth, Bible Ref.:  Acts 19:23 – 29, started the Riot in Ephesus regarding making idols
Demon  The people
Dene  Dean ecclesiastical supervisor
Deneb  Tail
Deniel  God is my judge
Denis  Latin god of wine
Denley  From the Valley Meadow
Dennis  Follower of Dionysos
Denny  Follower of Dionysos
Denton  Valley settlement
Denver  Danes crossing
Denys  Follower of Dionysos
Denzel  Fort
Deon  Zeus
Deonne  Zeus
Deonte  Zeus
Derby  Deer farm
Derek  First of the people king of nations
Derick  First of the people king of nations
Dermot Free
Dermot  Freeman without envy
Deroc  The arrogant/obstinate one
Derrell Beloved
Derren  From Araines
Derrick  First of the people king of nations
Derry  Fertile fruitful
Derryl  From Airelle
Derwin  Friend of Wild Animals
Deryck  First of the people king of nations
Des Desmond  Like an Oak
Deshaun  God is gracious
Deshawn  God is gracious
Devan  Worshiper of the god Dumnonos
Deven  Fawn
Devereux  From evreux
Devin  Descendant of Damhán
Devon  Worshiper of the god Dumnonos
Dewayne  Dark black
Dewey  Beloved
Dewi  Welsh for David
Dexter  Dyer
Deye  Day
Diamond  For girls it means
Dick  Powerful and brave
Dickie  Powerful and brave
Dicky  Powerful and brave
Digby  Ditch-settlement
Diggory  Strayed lost
Digory  Strayed/lost one
Dillon Faithful
Dion  Zeus
Dirk  First of the people king of nations
Dismas  The good thief
Dixon  Powerful Ruler
Dob  Famous
Dodge  Famous spear
Dolph  Noble wolf
Dom  Belongs to the lord
Domenic  Belongs to the lord
Dominic  Belongs to the lord
Dominique belonging to the Lord
Don  World ruler
Donald  World ruler
Donnie  World ruler
Donny  World ruler
Donovan  Little dark/black one
Dor Generation
Doran Gift
Dore  Gift of Isis
Dorian  Dorian of the Dorian tribe
Doron Gift
Doug  Black stream
Dougie  Dark stream
Douglas  Black stream
Dov Bear
Doyle  Stranger
Drew Wise
Driscoll  Interpreter
Duane  Dark black
Dud  Duddas clearing or wood
Dudda  Cloak mantle
Dudley  Duddas clearing or wood
Duff  Black peace
Duffy  Black peace
Duke  Commander leader
Duncan  Brown warrior
Dunky  Brown warrior
Dunstan  Dark stone
Durwin  Beloved Friend
Dustin  Thors stone
Dusty  Thors stone
Dwane  Dark black
Dwayne  Dark black
Dwight  Zeus-nysa
Dye  Follower of Dionysos
Dyl  Great sea
Dylan  Great sea
Dylan of the sea
Dyson  Son of Dye
Eade  Earth
Eamon  Protector of prosperity
Ean God is gracious
Earl  Nobleman prince warrior
Earle  Nobleman prince warrior
Earnest Germanic Earnest, serious
Easter  Easter
Easton English River settlement
Eaton  From the Riverside
Eban Stone
Ebbie  Father of or is light
Ebby  Father of or is light
Eben  Foundation stone stone of help
Ebenezar  Hebrew stone of help
Ebenezer stone or rock of help.
Edan  Fire
Eddie English Wealth protector
Eddy  Guardian of prosperity
Eden Delightful, Bible Ref.: Genesis 2:15, garden of Eden
Edgar  Rich spear
Edison  Son of Eade
Edmond Edmund  Guardian of the Riches
Edmund  Protector of prosperity
Edon  Rich bear cub
Edric  Prosperous Ruler
Edun  Rich bear cub
Edward Successful Leader
Edwin  Rich friend
Edwyn  Rich friend
Efrain Fruitful
Efrat Honored, Distinguished
Efrem a short form of Ephraim; fruitful
Egan  Variant of Aidan
Egbert  Bright edge of a sword
Egerton  The Edge
Egil  A Sting
Eian God is gracious
Eion God is gracious
Eisig He who laughs
Eitan Strong And Staunch
Elah an oak; a curse; perjury.
Elam Highlands
Elan Tree
Elbert  Bright nobility
Elden  Old friend
Eldin  Old friend
Eldis  Old
Eldon  Ellas hill
Eldous  Old
Eldred  Old counsel
Eldwen  Old friend
Eldwin  Old friend
Eleazar God has helped, Bible Ref.:  Exodus 6:23, son of Aaron & Elisheba, succeeded his father as high priest
Elgar  Elf spear
Elger  Elf spear
Eli, Ely, Elijah Uplifted, Bible Ref.: Samuel 3:1., priest who taught Samuel
Elian the Lord is my God
Elias Jehovah is God
Elie Uplifted
Eliezer God was my helper, Bible Ref.: Exodus 18:2-4, son of Moses & Zipporah
Elifelet God is my liberation
Eligio he who has been elected by God
Elihu he is my God himself.
Elijah the Lord is my God, Bible Ref.: 1 Kings 17:1-5, old testament prophet
Eliot  The Lord is my God
Eliott a familiar form of Elijah; the Lord in my God
Eliphaz the endeavor of God.
Elisha God is my salvation
Eliya God is my Lord
Eljah Form Of Elijah
Elkan God is jealous
Elkanah God the zealous; the zeal of God.
Ella  Enclosure settlement
Ellery  Joyful happy
Ellgar  Elf spear
Elliot the Lord is my God
Elliot  The Lord is my God
Elliott the Lord is my God
Ellis  Kind
Elmer  Noble and famous
Elnathan God hath given; the gift of God.
Eloy Chosen
Elrad God rules
Elric  Elf ruler
Elroy  The king
Elsdon  Ellis valley
Elton  Ellas settlement
Elvin  Elf friend
Elvis  All wise
Elwin  Elf friend
Elwood  Elf ruler
Elwyn  Elf friend
Ely  The Lord is my God
Elzeario God has helped
Emanuel God is with us
Emerson  Son of Emery
Emil  Rival
Emmanuel Derives From Emanuel
Emmet  Entire whole
Emmett  Entire whole
Emory  Industrious-power
Emrick  Immortal
Engelbert  Bright famous
Enoch Dedicated, Bible Ref.: Genesis 4:17, son of Cain
Ephraim Fruitful, Bible Ref.: Genesis 46:20, son of Joseph & Asenath
Eran Vigilant
Erasmus  Greek worthy of love
Erastus Beloved
Ercole splendid gift
Erek  Ever-ruler
Eric, Erik  Honourable and Powerful
Erick  Ever-ruler
Erin Peaceful
Erle  Nobleman prince warrior
Ern  Battle to the death
Ernest  Battle to the death
Ernie  Battle to the death
Ernst  Ger. serious
Eron Peace, Enlightened
Eros Love
Errol  To wander
Erroll  To wander
Erskine  Hill Dweller
Ervin  Boar friend
Erwan  Yew tree
Erwin  Boar friend
Esau Hairy, Bible Ref.:  Genesis 25:34, traded his birthright for stew to his brother Jacob
Esav coarse
Esdras a form of Ezra; helper, strong
Esmond  Protective Grace
Esteban crowned (Stephen)
Estevan crowned (Stephen)
Estevo crowned (Stephen)
Etan Steady
Eterio pure as heaven
Ethan, Ethanael Strong, Bible Ref.:  1 Chronicles 2:6, son of Zerah
Ethel noble
Ethelbert  Noble and bright
Ethelhard  Noble strength
Ethelred  Noble counsel
Ethelric  Noble rule
Ethelstan  Noble stone
Ethelwolf  Noble wolf
Eucario Gracious
Eugene  Well born
Euseby  Pious
Eustace  Good harvest/stability
Evan  God is gracious
Evelio he who gives life
Evelyn  Little bird
Everard  Strong as a boar
Everett  Strong as a boar
Everette  Strong as a boar
Everitt  Strong as a boar
Ewan a form of Eugene; born to nobility
Ewart  Guardian of prosperity
Eyal Strength
Ezekiel strength of God, Bible Ref.: Ezekiel 1:3, old testament priest
Ezer a form of Ezra; helper, strong
Ezio friend, lover
Ezra Strong, Bible Ref.: Ezra 7:11, old testament priest & teacher
Fabian Like Fabius
Fairfax  Fair Haired
Falkner  Falcon Trainer
Fane Joyful
Fanuco Free
Fanuel vision of God
Farley  Fern clearing
Faron  Journey-prepared
Farran  Journey-prepared
Farrell  Man of Valor
Fawke  Tribe
Feivel God Assists
Felim  Ever good
Felis  Lucky
Felix Cheerful
Felyse  Lucky
Fenton  Marsh settlement
Ferd  Journey-prepared
Ferdie  Journey-prepared
Ferdinand  Journey-prepared
Ferdy  Journey-prepared
Fergal  Brave and Couragous
Fergie  Strong-man
Fergus, Ferguson  Strong and Virile
Ferris  Iron Worker
Fester  From the woods
Festus  Festive
Fidias unhurried, calm
Fido  I trust
Filander  With love for people
Filbert  Very bright/famous
Finbar  The Fair
Finian  Celtic fair offspring
Finley blond-haired soldier
Fitzgerald  Son of Gerald
Fleming  Originating from Flanders
Flemming  From Flanders
Fletcher  Maker of arrows
Flint  Hard-hearted physically tough
Florry  Prince-king
Floyd  Gray-haired
Flynn  Red ruddy
Fonz  Noble and ready
Fonzie  Noble and ready
Forbes  District field
Ford  River ford
Forest  Lives in/by an enclosed wood
Forrest  Lives in/by an enclosed wood
Foster   Middle English foster
Fowke  Tribe
Fox  Fox
France  Free
Francesco From France
Francis  Free
Francisco  Free
Frank  Freeman
Frankie  Free
Franklin  Freeman
Franklyn  Freeman
Franky From France
Fransisco Free
Fraser Uncertain, perhaps “from Frisia”
Frasier  Strawberry
Frazer  Strawberry
Frazier  Strawberry
Fred Peaceful ruler; peace-keeper
Freddie Peaceful ruler; peace-keeper
Freddy  Peaceful ruler
Frederic  French peaceful ruler
Fredrick  Peaceful ruler
Freeman  Freeman
Fritz  Peaceful ruler
Frodo  Wise
Fulk  Tribe
Fulke  Tribe
Fynn Fair
Gabai Delight, adornment
Gabby Strong man of God
Gabe might of God
Gable  Strong man of God
Gabriel might of God, Bible Ref.:  Luke 1:26, archangel announces the birth of Jesus
Gabrielli might of God
Gabrio might of God
Gad Kid
Gadi Kid
Gage  Moneylender
Gaige  Moneylender
Gail Father in rejoice
Galen  Calm tranquil
Gali Fountain
Gallager  Foreign help
Gallagher  Descendant of Gallchobhar
Galvin   Sparrow
Gamaliel God is your reward
Ganit Defender
Gannon White, fair-haired
Gardner   Gardener
Gare  Spear
Garey  Spear
Garfield  Lives in a triangular field
Garland  From the triangular estate
Garnet  Protection shelter
Garrick Spear
Garrison Strong
Garth  Lives beside an enclosure
Garvan  Little rough one
Gary  Spear
Gauge Measurer
Gavriel might of God
Gay  Dandy
Gayelord  Dandy
Gayle Father in rejoice
Gaylon  Calm tranquil
Gaylord  Dandy
Ged  Spear brave
Geffrey  Gods peace
Gemini  Twin
Gene Well born
Genesis origin
Geno God is gracious
Geoff  Gods peace
Geoffrey  Gods peace
Geordie  Earth-worker farmer
George  Earth-worker farmer
Georgie  Earth-worker farmer
Gera pilgrimage, combat; dispute.
Gerald, Gerard, Gerret   Spear Carrier
Geremia a form of Jeremiah; exalted by God
Gerry  Spear ruler
Gersham Exiled
Gershom a stranger there Bible Ref.:  Exodus 2:22, Moses son
Gervase  Spear servant
Ghilchrist servant of Christ
Gian God is gracious (John)
Gib  Pledge-bright
Gid  Hewer one who cuts trees
Gideon tree cutter, Bible Ref.:  Judges 6:15-16, Israel’s fifth judge, defeated the Midianites
Gifford   Gift-Brave
Gil Joy
Gilbert  Pledge-bright
Gilead Biblical Place Name
Giles  Kid young goat
Gill  Pledge-bright
Gillean Saint John’s servant
Gilmore devoted to the Virgin Mary
Gilon Circle
Gilroy   Servant of the King
Gils  Greek kid
Giosia God is my salvation (Joshua)
Giovani God is gracious (John)
Giovanni God is gracious (John)
Gisbert  Pledge-bright
Giuseppe Form of JOSEPH
Givon Hill
Gladwin  Bright friend
Glanville  Clean field clear open country
Glen  Valley
Glendower  Valley water
Glenn  Valley
Goddard   Divinely Firm
Godfredo friend of God
Godfrey God’s peace
Godwin friend of God
Goel Redeemer
Goliath exalted one
Gomer  To finish/complete
Goodwin  Gods friend
Gord  Great hill
Gorden  Great hill
Gordon  Great hill
Gower Pure
Grace Graceful
Graceann graceful (Grace) gracious (Ann)
Gracia Graceful
Grady  Noble
Graham  Gravel home
Grahame  Gravel home
Grant  Great large
Granville  Large settlement
Gratiana Graceful
Grato the one recognized by God
Gray  Grey
Grayce Graceful
Greer  Watchful vigilant
Greg  Watchful vigilant
Gregg Watchful vigilant
Gregory  Watchful vigilant
Grenville  Large settlement
Gresham   From the Grazing Land
Grey  Grey
Grier  Watchful vigilant
Griffin  (?) Chief/lord
Griffith  (?) Chief/lord
Griswald Griswold   Residence Name
Grover  Lives in a grove
Guadalupe  River of the wolf
Gur young lion
Gustavus  Germanic staff of the Goths Goths
Guy  Wood
Habakkuk he that embraces; a wrestler.
Hadar Grandeur
Hadden   From the Moor
Haden Valley with hay
Hadley  Heather field
Hadwin  War-friend
Hagar forsaken; stranger
Haggai feast; solemnity.
Hal  Home-ruler
Halbert   Bright Stone
Halden   Half-Dane
Hale  Lives in a nook/recess
Ham hot, Bible Ref.:  Genesis 6:10, son of Noah
Hamilton  Flat-topped hill
Hamlet  Little little village
Hamlin   Ruler of the Home
Hammond  Home
Hamza Foul taste
Hanan Gracious giver
Hank God is gracious
Hanley  Champion
Hannes God is gracious (John)
Hannibal Baal has favored
Hanokh Learned
Hans God’s Gracious Gift
Happy  Happy
Harcourt  From the falconers/hawkers hut
Harding  Brave hardy strong
Hardy  Brave hardy strong
Harlan Land with hares
Harlan, Harland   Meadow of the Hares
Harland  Hares land
Harley Hare clearing; heap of rocks
Harlin  Noble/warrior friend
Harman Man in the army
Harmon  Bold/hardy man
Harold  Army ruler
Harper A player on the harp
Harpreet God’s love
Harris Harrison  Son of Harry
Harrison  Son of Harry
Harry  Home-ruler
Hartley  Deer wood
Harve  Battle worthy
Harvey  Battle worthy
Harvie  Battle worthy
Haskel strength of God (Ezekiel)
Havelock  Sea war
Haven  Haven refuge
Haward  High guard
Hayden  Hay valley
Haywood  Enclosed wood
Haziel vision of God
Headley  Heather field
Heath  Heath
Heath Heathcliff   From Heath or Moorland
Heathcliff  A heath near a cliff
Heck  Defend hold fast
Hector  Defend hold fast
Hedley  Heather field
Hedwyn Blessings
Heli he who offers himself to God
Heman Faithful
Henderson  Son of Hendry
Hendrick  Home-ruler
Henrie  Home-ruler
Henry ruler of the household
Henrye  Home-ruler
Herb  Bright army
Herbert  Bright army
Herbie  Bright army
Herman  Army man
Herschel Deer
Hershel deer
Hervey  Battle worthy
Hewie  Heart
Hezekiah God gives strength, Bible Ref.:  2 Kings 18:5, old testament king
Hilary  Joyful happy
Hilel Praise
Hiram  Brother of the exalted
Hob  Famous
Hodge  Famous spear
Holden  Deep valley
Hollis  Lives near the holly trees
Homer  Hostage
Honi Gracious
Hopkin  Son of Hob
Horace  Has good eyesight
Horatio  Has good eyesight
Hosea Salvation, Bible Ref.:  Hosea 1:1-3, old testament prophet
Hosheya Salvation
Howard  High guard
Howell  Eminent conspicuous
Howie  High guard
Hoyt  Long stick
Hubert  Bright heart/mind/spirit
Hucc  Insult taunt
Hudd  Heart
Hudde  Heart
Hudson  Son of Hudde
Huet  Little heart/mind/spirit
Huey  Heart
Huffie  Peaceful giant
Hugh  Heart
Hughe  Heart
Hughie  Heart
Hugo  Heart
Hum  Bright support
Humbert  Bright support
Humphrey  Peaceful giant
Huntley  Hunters wood
Hur liberty; whiteness; hole.
Hurley  Descendant of Iarfhlaith
Hushai their haste; their sensuality; their silence.
Huxley  Huccs clearing/wood
Hyacinth  Hyacinth flower
Hyman Life
Hyram  Brother of the exalted
Hyrum a form of Hiram; noblest, exalted
Iadon Thankful
Ialeel waiting for God
Ian God is gracious (John)
Iazeel contribution of God
Icabod the glory has departed, Bible Ref.:  1 Samuel 4:19-22, son of Phinehas, grandson of Eli
Ichabod Glory has Departed
Ike a familiar form of Isaac; he will laugh
Ilan Tree
Iman God is with us
Imani God is with us
Imanol God is with us
Imin Right hand
Immanuel God is with us
Indiana Land of Indians
Infant Baby
Ingram Angel
Iolo the Lord is worthy
Iosif God will add (Joseph)
Ira watchman; making bare; pouring out.
Iram Shining
Iridian Related to the eye
Irma Universal
Irvin Green water
Irving Green water
Irwin Boar friend
Isa God is my salvation
Isaac he will laugh, Bible Ref.:  Genesis 17:19, son of Abraham & Sarah
Isaak He will laugh
Isac he will laugh
Isacc he will laugh
Isaiah God is my salvation, Bible Ref.:  2 Kings 20:1, old testament prophet
Isaias God is my salvation
Ishmael God will hear, Bible Ref.: Genesis 16:15, son of Abram & Hagar
Ismael God will listen
Ismail God Will Hear
Israel prince of God
Isreal prince of God
Issac He laughs
Issachar reward; recompense.
Ithamar island of the palm-tree.
Itzak Laughter
Ivanhoe God’s tiller
Ivrit The Hebrew Language
Iwan God is gracious
Izaiah God is my salvation
Izak he who laughs
Izzy He Will Laugh
Jabel arrow that flies
Jabez sorrow; trouble.
Jabin God has created
Jaccob Substitute
Jack  God is gracious
Jackie  God is gracious
Jackson  Son of Jack
Jacob Substitute, Bible Ref.: Genesis 25:26, son of Isaac & Rebekahfather of the 12 tribes of Israel
Jacobe substitute
Jacobi substitute
Jacolby substitute
Jacques substitute
Jacquez substitute
Jad a form of Jadon; God has heard us
Jaden God has heard
Jadon God has heard
Jadyn God has heard
Jael mountain goat
Jago substitute (Jacob)
Jaida  Jade
Jaiden a form of Jadon; God has heard us
Jair my light; who diffuses light.
Jairo God enlightens
Jairus my light; who diffuses light.
Jake substitute (Jacob)
Jakeob substitute (Jacob)
Jalen  Murmuring tarrying
Jamel Handsome
James, Jimmy Substitute, Bible Ref.: Matthew 10:2, one of the twelve apostles
Jameson Supplanter
Jamey  Supplanter
Jamie a familiar form of James; supplanter
Jamison  Son of James
Jan  God is gracious
Japheth Handsome, Bible Ref.:  Genesis 6:10, son of Noah
Jarad descending
Jarah sweet as honey
Jardan descending
Jareb contending
Jared descending
Jareth  Descent
Jariath Tributary Lord
Jarlath a tributary lord
Jarod  Descent
Jaron To cry out, singing
Jarred  Descent
Jarrett  Spear brave
Jarrod  Descent
Jarvis  Spear servant
Jashua God is my salvation
Jason, Jay Yah(weh) is salvation (Greek form of Joshua)
Jasper  Treasure bearer
Javan Bible Ref.:  Genesis 10:2, son of Japheth
Javen Son of Japheth
Javon a form of Javan; son of Japheth
Jaxon Jack’s son
Jaxson Jack’s son
Jaya Victory;Victory; victorious
Jayce Healer
Jaycee Healer
Jaycob substitute
Jayda English: Precious green stone, Hebrew: He knew
Jayde  Jade
Jayden God has heard
Jaydon God has heard
Jaylen  Murmuring tarrying
Jaylin  Murmuring tarrying
Jaylon  Murmuring tarrying
Jaylyn  Murmuring tarrying
Jaymes  Supplanter
Jayson  To heal
Jazael perceives God
Jean God is gracious (John)
Jeb Beloved Friend
Jebediah Beloved Friend
Jed a short form of Jedediah; friend of God
Jediah hand of God
Jedidiah Beloved of the Lord
Jeff  Gods peace
Jefferey divinely peaceful
Jefferson  Son of Jeffrey
Jeffery divinely peaceful
Jeffry Gods peace
Jehova I am what I am
Jehu God livesBible Ref.:  1 Kings 16:7, old testament prophet
Jem  Supplanter
Jemmy  Supplanter
Jenkin  God is gracious
Jens God is Gracious
Jep  He will free/open
Jepheth Bible Ref.:  1 Kings 16:7., son of Gilead, military strategist
Jerad Descending
Jerald  Spear ruler
Jeramey God will uplift
Jeramiah God will uplift
Jere God will uplift
Jered From Jared
Jeremey God will uplift
Jeremiah God will uplift, Bible Ref.: 2 Chronicles 36:21, Old testament prophet
Jeremy exaltation of the Lord.
Jeriah God has seen
Jermaine  Brother
Jermiah God will uplift
Jerod Descendant
Jerold  Spear ruler
Jerome  Holy name
Jerrard  Spear brave
Jerred  Descent
Jerrick From Jericho
Jerrod  Descent
Jerrold  Spear ruler
Jerry  Appointed by the Lord
Jervis  Spear servant
Jesabel oath of God
Jese Riches
Jeshua God is my salvation
Jess Wealthy
Jesse Wealthy, Bible Ref.: Ruth 4:22, Father of David
Jessie  Gift
Jessy Wealthy
Jesus God will help
Jethro Abundant, Bible Ref.: Exodus 3:1, Father in the law of Moses
Jett  Coal black
Jevan a form of Javan; son of Japheth
Jhon God is gracious
Jim  Supplanter
Jimi  Supplanter
Jimmie  Supplanter
Jimmy Supplanter; Variant of ‘Jacob’
Jo  Ugly head
Joab paternity; voluntary.
Joachim God will establish
Joakim The Lord will judge
Joash who despairs or burns.
Job Afflicted, Bible Ref.: Job 1:1, a man blameless and upright, he feared God and shunned evil
Joby Afflicted
Jocelyn  Teutonic a Goth
Jodan God will increase; God is my judge (Jo + Dan)
Jody  God is gracious
Joe God will increase
Joel God is willing, Bible Ref.: Joel 1:1, old testament prophet
Joey  (God) shall add
Johanan, Johannan, Jonathan Yah(weh) has given
Johathan gift of God
John God is gracious, Bible Ref.: Matthew 11:11, John the Baptist, Bible Ref.: Matthew 10:2, one of the twelve apostles
Johnathan gift of God
Johnathon  God has given
Johnie  God is gracious
Johnnie  God is gracious
Johnny  God is gracious
Johnthan gift of God
Johny; Johnny Variant of ‘John’
Jojo  God is gracious
Jon God is gracious
Jonah Dove, Bible Ref.:  Jonah 1:3, old testament prophet who ran from God
Jonas he accomplishes
Jonatan gift of God
Jonathan gift of God, Bible Ref.: 1 Samuel 13:16, son of King Saul; close friend of David
Jonathen gift of God
Jonathon  God has given
Jones  Variant of Jonah
Jonny  God is gracious
Jonothan gift of God
Jonthan gift of God
Jonty  God has given
Jools  Soft-bearded
Jora Teacher
Joram Jehovah is exalted
Jordan The river where Jesus was baptized.
Jorden descending
Jordi descending
Jordin descending
Jordon  Flowing down
Jorey a short form of Joram; God is exalted
Jorgen Farmer
Jory descending
Josafat God’s judgment
Jose God will increase
Josef God will increase
Joseph, Joey, Joe God will increase, Bible Ref.: Genesis 30:25, son of Jacob & Rachel, slave then ruler in Egypt, Bible Ref.:  Luke 1:27, husband of Mary (mother of Jesus)
Joses raised; who pardons.
Josey God will increase
Josh God is my salvation
Joshawa  God is salvation
Joshua God is my salvation, Bible Ref.: Deuteronomy 31:3, led the Israelites into the promised land
Joshue God is my salvation
Joshwa God Saves
Josiah fire of the Lord, Bible Ref.:  2 Kings 21:24 – 26, son of King Amon
Josias the Lord burns; the fire of the Lord.
Josse  Lord
Jotham the perfection of the Lord.
Joyce  Lord
Juan God is gracious
Jubal Ram
Jud Praised
Judah Praised, Bible Ref.: Genesis 29:35, son of Jacob & Leah
Judas Praised, Bible Ref.: Matthew 26:25, one of twelve apostles who betrayed Jesus with a kiss
Judd  Flowing down
Jude praised, Bible Ref.: Jude 1:1, servant of Jesus, brother of James
Jules  Soft-bearded
Julian  Soft-bearded
Julius Down-bearded youth
Julyan  Soft-bearded
Junior Younger
Justen Righteous
Justice  Equity justice
Justin Just, true
Juston Righteous, justify
Justus just or upright.
Justy  Fair just
Justyn Righteous
Jye Jay bird
Kabos Swindler
Kade  Round and lumpy
Kaden  Little battle
Kae  Rejoice
Kael Uncertain
Kaelan Slender
Kaeleb Dog
Kaelen Slender
Kahlil Honorable comrade
Kai Rejoice
Kailyn Slender
Kaine A spear
Kalb Faithful, Bold
Kaleb a form of Caleb; doggedly faithful
Kalev Loyal
Kam  Crooked nose
Kameron  Crooked nose
Kane  Little battle
Kaniel Stalk, reed
Karl  Man
Karl Free man
Karmel Garden
Karol Free man
Karsten Anointed
Kasey  Vigilant wakeful
Kassidy  Curly(-headed)
Katriel crowned with God’s glory
Kay  Rejoice
Kayle faithful dog
Kayleb dog
Kayne spear
Kayron one of purity
Kean  Ancient distant
Keane  Ancient distant
Kearney  Soldier warlike
Keaton  Settlement on the bank
Kedem Old, Ancient
Kedrick holy
Keefe  Comely/handsome beloved
Keegan  Fiery
Keelan  Fair and slender
Keenan  Ancient distant
Keene  Sharp
Keith  Wood
Kelcey  Victory ship
Kell  Bright-headed
Kelly  Bright-headed
Kelsey  Ship-victory
Kelvin  Narrow river
Kemp  Athlete wrestler
Kenan Possession
Kenaz Bright
Kendal  Exalted effigy
Kendall  Exalted effigy
Kendrick  High hill
Kenelm  Brave/keen protection
Kenith  Born of fire
Kenneth  Born of fire
Kennith  Comely finely made
Kenny  Comely finely made
Kenrick  High hill
Kent  Cenas settlement
Kentigern  Head lord
Kenton  Cenas settlement
Kenway  Courageous in Battle
Kenzie  Comely finely made
Kermit  Freeman without envy
Kerr  Lives on the wet ground overgrown with brushwood
Kerrie  Ciars people
Kerry  Ciars people
Kerwin  Dark Skinned
Keshaun  God is gracious
Keshawn  God is gracious
Kester Christ-bearer (Christopher)
Kevan  Little comely loved one
Kevin  Little comely loved one
Kevyn  Little comely loved one
Khalil good friend
Kiaran  Little black one
Kiefer  Barrel Maker
Kieran  Little black one
Kieron  Little black one
Kilby  Residence Name
Killian  Little warrior
Kim  Chief
Kimball  Royal brave
Kimbel  Royal brave
Kimberley  Kings city meadow
King  King
Kingsley  Kings wood
Kip  Lives on a hill
Kirby  Church settlement
Kirk  Church
Kit Christ-bearer (Christopher)
Kobe Supplanter
Kodey  Helper
Kody  Helper
Kolby  Coal settlement
Kole  Coal-black swarthy
Konnor  Hound/wolf-lover
Konrad  Bold Speaker
Korbin  Little crow/raven
Korey  Seething pool
Kori  Seething pool
Kortney  Short nose
Kory  Seething pool
Kourtney  Short nose
Kris follower of Christ (Christian)
Kristian follower of Christ (Christian)
Kristo Christ-bearer (Christopher)
Kristophe Christ-bearer (Christopher)
Kristopher Christ-bearer (Christopher)
Kuper Copper
Kurt  Bold counsel
Kurtis  Courteous
Kyle  Slender
Kyler  Little warrior
Kynaston  Settlement of Cynefrid
Kyran  Little black one
Laban Rebekah’s brother, Bible Ref.: Genesis 24:29, Rebekah’s brother
Label Lion
Lake  Lake
Lambert  Teutonic land light
Lance  Land
Lancelot  Land
Landon  Long hill
Landry  Ruler of the Place
Lane  Lives by a lane
Lanford  Long ford
Lark  Songbird
Larkin  Of Laurentum
Larrie  Of Laurentum
Larry Man from Laurentum
Lars  Variant of Lawrence
Lashawn God is gracious
Launce  Land
Laurence Man from Laurentum
Laurie  Of Laurentum
Lavan White
Lavern  The alder
Laverne  The alder
Lavi Lion
Law  Of Laurentum
Lawrence Crowned with laurel
Lawrie  Of Laurentum
Lawson  Son of Law
Layne  Lives by the lane
Layton Water-course settlement, leek settlement
Laz  Of Laurentum
Lazaro God is my help
Lazarus God has helped, Bible Ref.: John 11:43, raised from the dead by Jesus
Leandro Lion man
Lee  Meadow
Leeroy  The king
Leigh  Meadow
Leighton  Leek garden
Leith  Wide
Leland  Fallow land
Lem  Belonging to God
Lemmy  Belonging to God
Lemuel devoted to God, Bible Ref.:  Proverbs 31:1, king
Len  Lion-strong
Lenard  Lion-strong
Lennard  Lion-strong
Lennie  Lion-strong
Lenny  Lion-strong
Leo a short form of Napoleon or Leopold; lion
Leon  Lion
Leonardo  Bold Lion
Leopold  People-bold
Leor Light
Leroi  The king
Leroy  The king
Les  Garden of hollies
Leshem Precious stone
Lesley  Garden of hollies
Leslie  Garden of hollies
Lesly  Garden of hollies
Lester  Ligoras fort
Lev a short form of Leven; one of youthful strength
Levi Attached, Bible Ref.:  Genesis 29:33-35, son of Jacob & Leah, “Now at last my husband will become attached to me, because I have borne him three sons.”
Levin attached
Lewin  Beloved/dear friend
Lewis  Famous warrior
Lex  Defender of mankind
Leyton  Leek garden
Lian an alliance with God
Lincoln  Lake colony
Lindon  Lime tree hill
Lindsay  Lincolns wetlands
Lindsey  Lincolns wetlands
Lindsie  Lincolns wetlands
Linford  Maple tree ford
Linsay  Lincolns wetlands
Linsey  Lincolns wetlands
Linton  Cotton/flax settlement
Linus  A cry of grief
Lionel a form of Napoleon or Leopold; little lion
Liron my song
Livingston From Lewin’s Town
Llew  Oath of Belenus
Llewellyn  Oath of Belenus
Lloyd  Gray-haired
Lombard  Long-Beard
Lon  Noble and ready
Lonnie  Noble and ready
Lonny  Noble and ready
Loren  Of Laurentum
Lorin  Of Laurentum
Lorrin  Of Laurentum
Lot Hidden, Bible Ref.: Genesis 19:15, fled from Sodom
Lou  Famous warrior
Loughlan  Hebrew messenger of the Lord Lord
Louie  Famous warrior
Louis, Lewis  Warrior
Lovel  Little wolf
Lovell  Wolf
Lowell  Little wolf
Loyal faithful
Loyd  Gray-haired
Luc bringer of light
Lucas a form of Lucius; bringer of light
Lucian  Light
Luciano bringer of light
Lucio bringer of light
Lucius bringer of light
Lucky  From Lucania
Ludo  Famous warrior
Ludovic  Famous warrior
Luka bringer of light
Lukas bringer of light
Luke bringer of light, Bible Ref.: Colossians 4:4, doctor, author of gospel of Luke
Luther  Peoples warrior
Lux  Light
Lyle  From the island
Lyndon  Lime tree hill
Lyndsay  Lincolns wetlands
Lyndsey  Lincolns wetlands
Lynn  Lake
Lynne  Lake
Lynton  Cotton/flax settlement
Lysander  Freer liberator
Macabee hammer
Macall strong in the faith
Maceo gift of God
Macey  Gift of God
Macharios blessed
Macie  Gift of God
Mack  Comely finely made
Mackenzie radiant one
Macon one of strength
Macy  Gift of God
Maddox  Beneficient
Madison  Son of Madde
Magen protector
Magnus  Great
Magruder watchful one
Mahli shrewd
Maitland  Bad-tempered
Major  Council spear
Makarios blessed
Makis who is like God
Malachi angel of God, Bible Ref.:  Malachi 1:1, old testament prophet
Malcolm  Devotee of St
Malcon who is like a king
Malin strong
Mallory  Unfortunate unhappy unlucky
Malone  Descendant of the devotee of (St) John
Maloney church going
Manasseh God has made me forget, Bible Ref.:  Genesis 41:51, Joseph’s firstborn son
Manley  Common clearing
Mannix  Little monk
Manny  God is with us
Manolito God is with us
Manual  Variant of Emmanuel
Manuel God is with us
Mara Bitter
Marc From the god Mars
Marcel Little Marcus
Marcelino From the god Mars
Marcello Little Marcus
Marcellus Little Marcus
Marcelo Little Marcus
Marco From the god Mars
Marcos From the god Mars
Marcus polite; shining.
Marian Uncertain, maybe bitter, Pet form of Marie
Mario Bitter, king-ruler
Marion  Like Marius
Marius  Male virile
Mark, Marc Warlike, Bible Ref.: Mark 1:1, author of the Gospel of Mark
Marko  Warlike
Markus  Warlike
Marlen  Little warrior
Marlin  Little warrior
Marlon  Little warrior
Marlowe  Lake pool
Marmaduke  Devotee of Maedóc
Marnin bringer of joy
Marr divine
Marshal  Keeper of horses
Marshall  Keeper of horses
Martial  Of/like Mars
Martie  Of/like Mars
Martin  Of/like Mars
Martir he who gives a testament of faith
Marty  Of/like Mars
Marvin  Marrow eminent
Mason  Stone-worker
Masterman  Man of the master
Mat  Gift of God
Matai Gift of God
Matan gift
Matatias gift of God
Mateo gift of God
Mateos offered up to God
Mathew Gift of God
Mathias a form of Matthew; gift of God
Mathis gift of God
Matt  Gift of God
Mattew gift of God
Matthew gift of God, Bible Ref.:  Matthew 1:1, author of the Gospel of Matthew
Matthias the gift of the Lord.
Matthieu gift of God
Mattie  Gift of God
Matty  Gift of God
Maurice  Dark-skinned Moor
Maverick  Unbranded range animal
Max short form of Maximillian, or Maxwell; greatest
Maximilliam  Latin greatest
Maximillian  The greatest
Maxwell short form of Maximillian, or Maxwell; greatest
Mayer farmer, greater, bringer of light
Maynard  Strong and brave
Maynerd  Strong and brave
Mayson  Stone-worker
Mckenzie  Comely finely made
Mead  Lives by a meadow
Meade  Lives by a meadow
Medford one of strength
Medwin  Powerful Friend
Meed  Lives by a meadow
Mehetabel favoured by God
Meinrad  Teutonic strong firmness
Meir One Who Shines
Melbourne  Mill stream
Melchior king
Melchizedek king of justice.
Melville  Bad settlement
Melvin  Gentle chieftain
Melvyn  Gentle chieftain
Menassah cause to forget
Mendel Scholarly Accomplishments
Mered revolter
Meredith  Sea lord
Merit  Boundary gate
Merle  Blackbird
Merlin  Sea fort
Merlyn  Sea fort
Merrill  Sea-bright
Merritt  Boundary gate
Merton  Lake settlement
Merv  Marrow eminent
Mervin  Marrow eminent
Mervyn  Marrow eminent
Meshach Artist, Bible Ref.:  Daniel 3:19 – 26
Micael who is like God
Micah who is like God, Bible Ref.:  Micah 1:1, old testament prophet
Micaiah who is like to God?
Micha who is like God
Michael who is like God, Bible Ref.:  Revelation 12:7, archangel
Mick who is like God
Mickey who is like God
Micky  Who is like God?
Miguel who is like God
Mihaly Who is like God?
Mika who is like God
Mikah who is like God
Mikail who is like God
Mike who is like God
Mikeal who is like God
Mikel who is like God
Mikhael who is like God
Miki  Who is like God?
Milburn  Mill-stream
Miles  Favor grace
Milford  Mill ford
Millard  Mill-guard
Milo  Favor grace
Milton  Settlement with a mill
Minel God is with us
Mique who is like God
Miquel who is like God
Misael a form of Michael; who is like God?
Mishael who is asked for or lent.
Missael who is like God
Mitch  Who is like God?
Mitchell  Who is like God?
Mo  Dark-skinned Moor
Moe  Born/son of
Moeshe Drawn Out Of The Water
Monroe  Mouth of the Roe
Montague  Pointed hill
Monte  Pointed hill
Montgomery  Hill of Gomeric
Montmorency  Hill of Maurentius
Monty; Monte Mountain
Mordecai Martial, Bible Ref.:  Esther 2:7, counselor to Queen Esther
Mordechai  Devotee of Marduk
Morgan  Sea circle
Morgen  Sea circle
Morley  Marsh clearing
Morris  Dark-skinned Moor
Mort  Settlement on the moor
Mortimer  Dead sea
Morton  Settlement on the moor
Morty  Settlement on the moor
Mose  Born/son of
Moses drawn out of the water, Bible Ref.: Exodus 34:28, recorder of the ten commandments
Moshe drawn out of the water
Moss  Born/son of
Murdie  Sea warrior
Murdo  Sea warrior
Murdoch  Sea warrior
Murdy  Sea warrior
Murphy  Sea-warrior
Murray  Sea warrior
Murtagh  Celtic sea protector
Mychael who is like God
Mykal who is like God
Mykel who is like God
Myron survived the firey furnace
Naaman Pleasant, Bible Ref.:  Genesis 46:21, son of Benjamin
Nabor the prophet’s light
Nachmanke compassionate one
Nadab Generous, Bible Ref.:  Leviticus 10:1-2son of Aaron, offered unauthorized fire before the Lord and died
Nadav nobel, a generous one
Nadiv generous & noble
Nagid prince
Nahum comforter; penitent.
Nahum comforter; penitent.
Namir leopard
Nandy  Journey-prepared
Naphtali that struggles or fights.
Nash At the ash tree boy
Nasir Helper boy
Nat Gift Of God
Natal day of Christ’s birth
Natan God has given
Natanael gift of God
Nate gift of God
Nathan gift of God, Bible Ref.:  2 Samuel 7:2, old testament prophet
Nathanael gift of God, Bible Ref.:  John 1:43-50, disciple of Jesus
Nathaneal  Hebrew gift of God
Nathanial gift of God
Nathanie  Hebrew gift of God
Nathaniel Gift of God
Nathen gift of God
Neal  Champion
Ned  Guardian of prosperity
Neely  Champion
Nehemiah compassion of God, Bible Ref.:  Nehemiah 10:1, the governor
Neil  Champion
Neill  Champion
Neison  surname
Nekoda painted; inconstant.
Nelo God is my judge
Nelson Son of Neal
Nemuel God’s sea
Neo New
Neor Dew
Neria light of God
Nestor Return
Nethaniel gift of God
Nevada Snow-covered
Nevan  Little holy one
Nevil  New town
Neville  New town
Nevin  Engl. Variant of Alban
Newt  New settlement
Newton  New settlement
Nic  Belongs to the lord
Nicholas  Victory of the people
Nick  Victory of the people
Nickolas  Victory of the people
Nicky  Victory of the people
Nicodemus conqueror of the people
Nicodemus victory of the people.
Nicolas  Victory of the people
Nigel  Champion
Nikolas  Victory of the people
Niles  Champion
Nima thread; blessing
Nimbus  Bright cloud surrounding a god
Nimrod Bowman
Nirel God’s field
Nisi emblem
Nissan miracle
Nivek  Little comely loved one
Niven  Little holy one
Noadiah God assembles
Noah peaceful, Bible Ref.: Genesis 6t:22, built the ark, found favor with God
Noam Pleasant Friend
Noble  Noble
Noe peaceful
Noel day of Christ’s birth
Nolan  Little champion/chariot-fighter
Noll  Elf army
Norbert  North
Norm  Northman
Norman  Northman
Norris Northener
Norton  Northern settlement
Norwood guardian; protector
Nowell  Gods birthday
Nuri my fire
Nuriel fire of the Lord
Oachim God Will Establish
Obadiah servant of God, Bible Ref.:  1 Kings 18:3-4, devout servant of God
Obed servant of God, Bible Ref.:  Ruth 4:21, son of Boaz
Oberon Elf bear
Ocean Ocean
Oded Strong
Odell Woad hill
Odran Little sallow one
Odus diligent to listen
Og King, Bible Ref.: Numbers 21:33, king of Basham
Ogden Oak valley
Oisín Little deer
Ola Ancestor
Olaf pine tree; light-skinned, white
Ole Ancestor
Oli Elf army
Olin Holly
Oliver Elf army
Olivier French olive tree
Olley Elf army
Ollie Elf army
Olliver Elf army
Olsen Son of Ole
Olson Son of Ole
Omar Reverent, Bible Ref.:  Genesis 36:11, son of Eliphaz
Omega Last-born child
Onesimus profitable; useful.
Ophir Faithful, Bible of Ref.:  Genesis 10:29,son of Joktan
Ora To pray
Oran Pale one; pine
Oren Ash-tree, pale; pine …
Ori my light
Orian Privileged birth
Orin Little green one
Orland Famous country
Orlando Famous country
Ormerod Ormarrs clearing
Ornice Cedar Tree
Orrell Ore hill
Orrin Little sallow one
Orson Bear-cub
Orval Golden city
Orville Golden city
Osaze Favoured by God
Osbert God-bright
Osborn warrior of God
Osborne Soldier of God
Osbourne God-bear
Oscar Deer-lover
Osgood divinely good
Osheen Little deer
Osias the Lord sustains me
Osmond Teutonic God’s protection
Osmund Teutonic God’s protection
Oswald God’s power
Oswaldo God’s power
Oswin divine friend
Oswold  Old Engl. a god + +
Othniel strength of God, Bible Ref.: Joshua 15:17, son of Kenaz
Otis One who hears well
Otniel God is my strength
Ottis  Son of Otto
Otto  old Germanic rich
Oved worshiper
Owen mighty warrior
Owin  Well born
Owyn  Well born
Oz Strength
Ozias God’s strength
Oziel he who has divine strength
Ozzy God’s power
Pablo Small; humble
Pace Child of Easter
Pacey Paccius’ place
Pagiel worshipping God, Bible Ref.: Numbers 1:13, son of Ocran
Paige Page
Paise Child of Easter
Palmer Pilgrim
Palti My escape
Pancras All power
Pantaleon all merciful
Panteno he who is worthy of all praise
Parker Park-keeper
Parris Wager
Pascal Hebrew Passover
Paschal Hebrew Passover
Pat Nobleman
Patrice A patrician
Patrick Nobleman
Patsy Nobleman
Paul Small, Bible Ref.: Acts 18:6, gave the Gospel to the gentiles
Pauli small
Paulie Small
Paulino small
Pavel Small; humble
Paxton Settlement of Poecc
Payton Paegas settlement
Paz fine gold
Pearce Rock stone
Pedro rock (Peter)
Pedro Stone
Peers Rock stone
Perce Pierced valley
Perceval French pierce valley
Percival Percy The Gorge Piercer
Percy Pierced valley
Peretz breach
Perez Hebrew rent
Perico rock (Peter)
Perry Foreigner, stranger
Pesach spared
Petar rock (Peter)
Pete Rock stone
Peter Rock, Bible Ref.:  Matthew 10:2, one of the twelve apostles (Simon)
Peterkin Rock stone
Petey Stone
Peyo rock (Peter)
Peyton Paegas settlement
Pharaoh Ruler, Bible Ref.: Exodus 4:21, king of Egypt, held Israelites captive
Phelan Little wolf
Phil Lover of horses
Philbert Illustriously Brilliant
Philemon one who kisses; loving
Philip lover of horses, Bible Ref.:  Matthew 10:2, one of the twelve apostles
Philipe Lover of horses
Phillip Lover of horses
Philo love
Philomena beloved
Phineas bold aspect; face of trust or protection.
Phinehas bold aspect; face of trust or protection.
Phinehas bold aspect; face of trust or protection.
Phoenix Dark red
Phoenix Phoenix; deep red
Pierce Rock stone
Pierre Stone
Piers Rock stone
Pietro rock (Peter)
Pilan oracle; dark-skinned
Pinchas oracle
Pinjas mouth of the serpent
Pip Lover of horses
Piper Pipe-player
Pippin Seed of a fruit
Piti rock (Peter)
Piyush Nectar; Amrit; Sweet water
Polion the powerful Lord who protects
Polycarp Fruitful
Pompey Display solemn procession
Porter Doorkeeper
Presley Priest clearing
Preston Priests settlement
Preston Priest settlement
Priam Ransomed
Prince Chief first
Prosper Fortunate successful
Quade  Fourth
Quasi special child; precious one
Quenby  Form of Quimby
Quentin fifth in order
Quill Descendant of Coll
Quillan  Cub
Quimby  Woman’s Estate
Quin  Fifth
Quinby  Residence Name
Quincey  Fifth
Quincy  Fifth
Quinlan Gently-shaped fellow; Perfection of form
Quinn Descendent of Cuinn
Quint Fifth
Quinten Fifth
Quintin Fifth
Quinton Fifth
Quintus Fifth
Raamah Thunder, Bible Ref.:  Genesis 10:7, son of Cush
Raanan Fresh, New
Racham Fresh, New
Radcliff compassionate
Radclyffe Redcliff
Radley Redcliff
Radwan Redclearing/wood
Radwan Delight
Rae Delight
Raekwon Wiseprotector
Rafael God has healed
Rafe God has healed
Raffi Wisewolf
Rafi God has healed
Raguel God has healed
Raheem everybody’s friend
Raimundo mighty
Rainard mighty
Raine Wiseandstrong
Raleigh wise
Ralf Redclearing/wood
Ralph Wisewolf
Rami Wisewolf
Ramiro my exalted one
Ramon mighty
Randal IslandofRavens
Randall Shield-wolf
Randolf Shield-wolf
Randolph protector
Randy Worthy of admiration
Ranen Joyous
Rani joyous Raphael
Ransay my song
Ransom royal nobility
Raphael Healed by God
Rapheal healed by God
Rashaad God has healed
Rashad noble ruler
Raul friend of God
Raven mighty ruler
Ravid Wander
Raviv wander
Ray rain
Rayman my friend
Raymon mighty
Raymundo Wiseprotector
Rayner Wiseandstrong
Raz Wisewarrior
Read Secret
Reagan Red-headedruddy
Red Littlepoet-king
Redd headedruddy
Redmond headruddy
Redmund Wiseprotector
Reece Enthusiasm
Reed Red; reeds
Reegan headedruddy
Reese Ardorheat of passion
Reg Enthusiasm
Regan Littleking
Reggie Ruler with counsel
Reginald Wiseruler
Reid Ruler with counsel
Reilly Ryeclearing
Remington Ruler with counsel
Rene reborn
Restituto Peacemaker
Reuben behold a son, Bible Ref.:  Genesis 20:32, son of Jacob & Leah
Reuel Friend of God
Rex friend of God Richard
Rey King
Reynaldo Variant of Raymond
Reynold Wiseandstrong
Rhett Advice
Ricardo enthusiastic; swift moving stream
Richard Great Strength
Richie Great Strength
Rick Powerful and brave
Rickey Powerful and brave
Rickie Powerful and brave
Ricky Powerful and brave
Riel devoted to God
Rigby StrongmanofGod
Rigoberto Ridgesettlement
Ripley Littlepoet-king
Rishon first
Ritchie first
River Powerfulandbrave
Rob Little red one
Robbie Famous
Robby Bright fame
Robert Famous
Roberto Bright fame
Robin BrightFame
Rocco Famous
Roch Battle cry; rest
Rocio Frenchrock
Rock Covered in dew
Rockford Frenchrock
Rocky pride in strength
Rod Battle cry; rest
Roddy Famouspower
Roderic Famouspower
Rodge Famous ruler
Rodger Famousspear
Rodney Hrodasfen/island
Rodrigo Famouswolf
Roger Famousspear
Roland Famousland
Rolland Wolf
Roly Famousland
Roman Famousland
Romeo God’s very beloved one
Ron Ruler with counsel
Ronald Wiseruler
Ronaldo Ruler with counsel
Roni shout for joy, my song of joy
Ronnie Bringerofvictory
Rony Wiseruler
Rorie my song
Rory Redking
Ross Roe-deerwood
Rowan MightySteed
Rowley Famousland
Roy Red
Royale King
Royce Famoussort
Royston Ryehill
Rube SettlementofRoyce
Ruben Beholdason
Ruby beholf of a son
Rudi Beholdason
Rudolf Famouswolf
Rudoph Famouswolf
Rudy Greekawolf
Rueben Redpaddock/yard
Rufus behold a son
Rupert Red-Haired
Russ Variant of Robert
Russel Littleredone
Russell Littleredone
Ryan Littleking
Rylan clearing
Ryley Rye clearing
Sabastian Man from Sebaste
Sable Sable (black)
Sabre to rest
Sacha helper of mankind
Sachiel Angel of water
Sadoc sacred
Sage Sage (the spice)
Sagiv Mighty, with strength
Salamon peaceful (Solomon)
Salaun peaceful (Solomon)
Salem At peace
Saloman Peaceful
Salome perfect
Salomon peaceful (Solomon)
Salustio he who offers salvation
Sam God has hearkened
Sameer Pleasant companion
Sami asked of God
Samieh a form of Samuel: heard God
Samir Pleasant companion
Sammi His name is God
Sammie God has hearkened
Sammy God has hearkened
Sampson Child of the Sun
Samson like the sun, Bible Ref.: Judges 16: 17-18, his strength is in his uncut hair betrayed by Delilah
Samuel asked of God, Bible Ref.: 1 Samuel 3:1, old testament prophet, taught by Eli
Samuele asked of God
Sandford Sand ford
Sandy Defender of mankind
Sanford Sand ford
Santo holy
Sasson joyful
Saul asked for, Bible Ref.: 1 Samuel 9:16-18, first God-appointed king of Israel
Sawyer To saw
Scot Scotsman
Scott Scotsman
Scottie Scotsman
Scotty Scotsman
Sean God is gracious
Seanan wise
Sebastian one of reverence
Seeley blessed
Seff A wolf
Sefonias God protects
Sefton Rush settlement
Selby Willow settlement
Selemias God rewards
Semarias God guarded him
September Seventh
Serafin fiery
Seraphim Burning ones, angels,…
Seth appointed, Bible Ref.:  Genesis 4:25, son of Adam
Sevon victory and protection
Seward Sea guard
Seymour prayer
Seymour St
Shaan God is gracious
Shad Command of Aku
Shadrach Godlike, Bible Ref.:  Daniel 3:19 – 26, survived the firey furnace
Shae Hawk-like
Shai gift
Shaine God is gracious
Shalom peace
Shamir precious stone
Shamus Supplanter
Shan God is gracious
Shanahan wise
Shane God is gracious
Shannen Old river
Shannon Old river
Shaquille Handsome
Sharron flat area
Shaun God is gracious
Shaw Hawk-like
Shawn God is gracious
Shay Hawk-like
Shaye  Hawk-like
Shayne God is gracious
Shayne a form of Sean; God is gracious
Shea  Hawk-like
Sheamus  Supplanter
Sheary peaceful
Sheba promise
Sheehan peaceful
Shelby  Settlement of huts
Sheldon beautiful thoughts
Shelley  Clearing near a ledge/slope
Shelton  Shelf settlement
Shem Reputation, Bible Ref.:  Genesis 6:10, son of Noah
Sherard  Of Splendid Valour
Sheridan  Descendant of Sirideán
Sherlock  Fair-haired
Sherman shearer of cloth
Sherwin a shining friend
Sherwood  Bright forest
Shilo God’s gift
Shiloh tranquil and peaceful
Shimeon he heard
Shlomo Peaceful
Sholto  Fruitful seed-bearing producing many offspring
Shoni changing
Shubha Auspicious
Shulamith Peaceful
Shurlan from the strong fortress
Sid  St
Sidney  St
Siervo a man who serves God
Sigmund  Victory-protector
Silas forest dweller, Bible Ref.:  Acts 15:32, prophet
Silburn blessed
Silver  Silver
Silvester  From the forest
Simeon one who hears, Bible Ref.:  Genesis 29:33-35, first son of Jacob & Leah
Simms one who hears
Simon, Simeon one who hears, Bible Ref.:  Matthew 10:2, one of the twelve apostles
Simpson son of simon
Sinclair the sanctified and shining
Sivan June
Siward  Sea-guard
Skuyler  Protection shelter
Sky  Sky
Skye  Sky
Skylar  Protection shelter
Skyler  Protection shelter
Slade  Small valley
Sloan warrior
Sloane  Warrior
Sly  From the forest
Sol peaceful
Solomon Peaceful, Bible Ref.:  2 Samuel 12:24, son of David & Bathsheba, known for wisdom
Sonnie  Youngster
Sonny  Youngster
Sparrow  Sparrow
Spencer  Dispenser (of provisions)
Spike  Spiky hair
Spyro  Spirit
Stacey  Resurrection
Stacy  Resurrection
Stafford  Landing place ford
Stamos crowned (Stephen)
Stan  Stone clearing
Stanford  Stone ford
Stanley  Stone clearing
Ste  Crown
Stef  Crown
Stefano crowned (Stephen)
Steph  Crown
Stephan Crown
Stephen one of the seven deacons, who became a preacher of the gospel. He was the first Christian martyr
Stephon crowned (Stephen)
Sterling  Little star
Stetson Son of Stephen
Stevan crowned (Stephen)
Steve crowned (Stephen)
Steven crowned (Stephen)
Stevens son of Steven
Stevie Crown
Stew  Steward
Stewart Guardian of the house
Stirling  Little star
Storm Violent weather
Stormy Violent weather
Stu  House guard steward
Stuart Guardian of the house
Sullivan  Little dark eyes
Sunny Sunshine; Cheerful
Sweeney  Well-going
Swithin  Strong
Swithun  Strong
Syd  St
Sydney  St
Sylvester A forest
Sylvestre  From the forest
Terrell Stubborn
Tyrell Stubborn
Tad Given of God
Taddeo praiser
Taffy Beloved
Taggart son of the priest
Takis rock (Peter)
Tal Dew
Talbot Messenger of destruction
Talia Dew of God; female lamb
Talmai Mound
Talman To injure, to oppress
Talon A claw
Talor clothed with salvation
Tam honest
Tamar palm tree
Taneli God is my judge
Tanner Tanner of skins
Taran Heaven; raft
Tarek He who pounds at the door
Taskill Cauldron of the gods
Tate Cheerful
Tavi good
Tayler Cutter of cloth tailor
Taylor Cutter of cloth tailor
Teague Poet
Teb crowned (Stephen)
Ted Guardian of prosperity
Teddy Guardian of prosperity
Teige Poet
Teigue Poet
Tel Rub turn twist
Teman Right hand, south
Temani Right hand, south
Temple Temples
Tenley courageous leader
Tenney Little follower of Dionysos
Tennyson Son of Tenney
Teocrito God’s chosen one
Teodoro gift of God
Teofano loved by God
Terance Rub turn twist
Terence Rub turn twist
Terence tenderhearted one
Terrance Rub turn twist
Terrence Rub turn twist
Terri Short for Terrence
Terry King of nations
Teva nature
Tex From Texas
Thad Given of God
Thaddaeus that praises or confesses.
Thaddeus Praise be to God
Thaddy praise
Thadeus Given of God
Thady Given of God
Thane Thane
Thaniel gift of God
Theo Gift of God
Theobald People-bold
Theobold Patriotic
Theodore gift of God
Theodoric Teutonic folk rule
Theophilus loved by God
Theron Hunter
Thom Twin
Thomas Twin, Bible Ref.: Matthew 10:2-4, one of the twelve apostles
Thorley Thorn clearing
Thornton Thorn bush settlement
Thurston Thors stone
Tiarnach Lord
Tiarnan Little lord
Tibby Gazelle
Tiernan Little lord
Tierney Lord
Tim To honor God, to fear God
Timmothy To honor God, to fear God
Timmy To honor God, to fear God
Timon Honorable
Timotheus/Timothy Honoring God
Timothy honor of God; valued of God.
Timur Iron
Tinsley from the hill
Titus Giant, Bible Ref.: Titus 1:1-4, companion of Paul
Tivon Lover of nature
Toal Ruler of the people
Tobal Christ-bearer
Tobby the goodness of the Lord is mine
Tobiah the Lord is good.
Tobias God is good
Tobin God is good
Toby God is Good
Tod Fox
Todd watchful one
Tohias God is good
Tolbert one who proclaims the truth
Tolly Son of Talmai
Tom Twin
Tommi Twin
Tommie Twin
Tommy one of equality
Tone Invaluable
Toney Invaluable
Tony Invaluable
Topher Christ-bearer
Torey Conqueror; victory
Torrey Conqueror; victory
Tory Conqueror; victory
Tovi Good
Trace Place of Thracius
Tracey Place of Thracius
Tracy courageous
Trafford Fish-trap ford
Traherne Very iron-like
Tranter Peddler hawker
Travers Collector of bridge/road tolls
Travis To Cross
Tree Cutter
Trent Traveler
Trenton Trents settlement
Trev Large settlement
Trevelyan Settlement of Elian
Trevor Large settlement
Trey Three
Trini holy trinity
Trinidad holy trinity
Trinity holy trinity
Tristan Tumult
Tristen Tumult
Tristin Tumult
Troy From troyes
Trueman True man
Truman True man
Tucker Cloth fuller
Tucson Black base
Tully at peach with God
Turlough Instigator
Tuvya God’S Goodness
Tybalt People-bold
Tye Pasture
Tylar Roof-tiler
Tyler Roof-tiler
Tylor Roof-tiler
Tymothy honoring God
Tyron Land of the noble
Tyrone Land of Owen
Tyrrell Stubborn
Tysen Son of Dye
Tyshawn God is gracious
Tyson Fiery tempered
Tzion sign from God
Uberto Bright mind; intelligent
Uday prosperous one
Udeh praise
Udolf  Prosperous Wolf
Uehudah Ugutz light Uriah God is light
Ugutz name honoring John the Baptist
Uilliam Will, desire + helmet, protection
Ulberto Bright mind; intelligent
Ulixes  To be angry to hate
Ullric Powerful through his inheritance
Ulriah ruler over all
Ulric Powerful through his inheritance
Ulrich Powerful through his inheritance
Ulrick Powerful through his inheritance
Ulysses  To be angry to hate
Umberto Famous giant
Unique Only one; unparalleled
Unknown Unknown
Unwin  Nonfriend
Upton  Upper settlement
Urban  City dweller
Uri Light, Bible Ref.:  Exodus 31:2, son of Hur
Uriah God is light, Bible Ref.: 2 Samuel 12:8-10, husband of Bathsheba; King David had him killed so he could have his wife
Uriel God is my light, Bible Ref.:  1 Chronicles 15:10-12, the head of a Levitical family
Usher Usher; gate-keeper
Uzi My Strength
Uzziah the strength, or kid, of the Lord.
Uzziel power of God
Val Healthy strong
Valentine Powerful
Valere strong
Valero valiant
Van  Lives by a fen/marsh
Vance  Lives by a fen/marsh
Vaschel Little Ash Tree
Vaugh  surname
Vaughan  Little
Vaughn  Little
Vere True
Vered Rose
Vergil  Staff-bearer
Vern Place of alders
Vernon Place of alders
Vero truthful
Vester  From the forest
Vic  To conquer victory
Vicente Conquering
Vick  To conquer victory
Victor a short form of Vincent; victor conqueror
Viktor Victor
Vilmar  Will-helmet
Vin  Conquering
Vince Conquering
Vincent  Conquering
Vincent To Occupy
Vincente Conquering
Vincenzo Conqueror
Vinnie  Conquering
Vinny Conquering
Vinse Conquering
Virgil  Staff-bearer
Vitalis life
Vito Life
Vivian  Latin lively
Vladimir Glorious leader
Von Small
Wade  River ford
Waldo  Rule
Walker  Cloth fuller
Wallace  Foreign Celtic Welshman
Wallis  Foreign Celtic Welshman
Wally  Foreign Celtic Welshman
Walt  Ruler of the army
Walter  Ruler of the army
Walton  Spring settlement
Ward  Guard watchman
Warner  Army guard
Warren  Game-park
Warwick  Lives by the dam near the dairy farm
Washington  Settlement associated with Wassa
Wat  Ruler of the army
Watkin  Ruler of the army
Waverly Quaking aspen
Wayland  War territory
Waylon Land by the road
Wayne  Cartwright wagon-maker
Webster  Weaver
Wednesday Woden’s Day
Weldon  Spring hill
Wenceslaus  Slav. great glory
Wenda Friend
Wendel A Wend
Wendell  Germanic wander
Wendi Friend
Wendie Friend
Wendy Friend
Wesley  Western meadow
Westley  Western meadow
Weston  Western settlement
Whitaker  White field
Whitley White wood; white clearing
Whitnee White island
Whitney  White island
Wilbert  Germanic wish + bright
Wilbur Will; desire and fortress
Wilburn  Well-spring
Wilda To strive
Wiley  Will-helmet
Wilf  Desires peace
Wilford  Wills river crossing
Wilfred A wish for peace
Wilfredo A wish for peace
Wilfrid  Desires peace
Wilhelm  Germanic for William
Wilkie  Will-helmet
Will  Will-helmet
Willard  Strong-willed
William Strenuous Guardian
Willie  Will-helmet
Willis Will, desire + helmet, protection
Willoughby  Willow settlement
Willy  Will-helmet
Wilma Will, desire + helmet, protection
Wilmer  Will-helmet
Wilmot  Will-helmet
Wilson Son of William
Wilton  Willow settlement
Windsor  Landing place with a windlass
Winfred  Friend of peace
Winn Friend
Winnie Blessed peace; fair reconciliation
Winnifred Blessed peace; fair reconciliation
Winona Eldest daughter
Winslow  Wines hill
Winston Joy stone; Win-‘s settlement
Winthrop  Wines village
Wisdom  Wisdom
Wolf  Wolf
Wolfe  Wolf
Wolfgang guardian and protector
Woodrow dweller by the woods
Woody  Lives in a row of houses by the wood
Woolfgang  Teutonic wolf’s way
Wright  Carpenter
Wyatt  War brave
Wylie  Beguiling
Wyman  Warrior
Wyn  Blessed fair white
Wystan  Battle stone
Xaime second son
Xan  Defender of mankind
Xander Defending men
Xaviar New house
Xavier  A new house
Xavior  A new house
Xenon Foreigner
Xerxes Ruler, Bible Ref.: Ester 1:1-2, old testament king
Xoan God is good
Xylon Woods, wooded
Xzavier  A new house
Yaakov Supplanter; held by the heel
Yadid Friend, Beloved
Yadon He will judge
Yagil Celebrate
Yahweh Jehovah in the highest
Yair he will enlighten
Yakir Precious; dear
Yakov The supplanter, held …
Yale Fruitful; one who lives on fertile land
Yamin Right; right-handed
Yan God’s grace
Yancey Of uncertain origin
Yancy Englishman
Yanis God’s gift
Yannis Gift Of God
Yaphet Handsome
Yarin To understand
Yarnell Eagle’s roost
Yarom he will raise up
Yaron He will Sing
Yarwood Handsome lord
Yashawn God is gracious
Yasir Modest
Yavin he wil understand
Yehuda Praise, Exalt
Yehudi A Man From Judah, A Jew
Yered To Come Down
Yeshaya God Lends
Yigal he will redeem
Yitro Plenty
Yonah Derives From Jonah
Yoram God is high
Yorick Earth worker
York Place of the boars
Yorke Place of the boars
Yosef He will enlarge
Yosefu Derives From Joseph
Yousef He will enlarge
Yusef He shall increase
Yusuf He will enlarge
Yuval Brook
Yves French for Ives
Zabdi gift
Zabulon To exhalt, honor
Zac God has remembered
Zacarias The Lord remembers
Zacary The Lord remembers
Zacchaeus Pure, Bible Ref.:  Luke 19:2, tax collector, Jesus stayed with him
Zaccheo the one God remembers
Zach God has remembered
Zacharia The Lord remembers
Zachariah Remembered by the Lord
Zacharias God has remembered
Zachary God remembers, renown…
Zachery God has remembered
Zachory God has remembered
Zack The Lord remembers
Zackary  God has remembered
Zackery The Lord remembers
Zaid Lord
Zak Pure; the Lord remembers
Zakai innocent
Zakary The Lord remembers
Zalman Peaceful & Quiet
Zamir Song Bird
Zan Well Fed
Zander  Defender of mankind
Zane God’s grace, sea-frie…
Zared Ambush
Zavad Present
Zavier  A new house
Zazu Movement
Zeb gift of God
Zebadiah portion of the Lord; the Lord is my portion.
Zebedee gift of God, Bible Ref.:  Matthew 4:21, father of James & John
Zebediah  God’s Gift
Zebidiah God has given
Zebulon Exalted/Honored
Zebulun dwelling; habitation.
Zechariah God has remembered, Bible Ref.:  Luke 1:13, priest & father of John the Baptist
Zed  Righteousness of the Lord
Zedekiah God is mighty, Bible Ref.:  2 Kings 24:18, king of Judah
Zeke God strengthens
Zephan Treasured by God
Zephaniah the Lord is my secret.
Zerubbabel a stranger at Babylon; dispersion of confusion.
Zev Deer, wolf
Ziff Wolf
Zimri My song (psalm)
Zion Uncertain, perhaps dry place
Ziv Very bright
Zubin To Honor