Spoken Tamil Classes for Kids

This Tamil course is tailor-made for children. If your child is keen on online classes, we invite you to enroll them in our program and help them learn to speak Tamil

Tamil through English

Spoken Tamil Classes for Kids

For the last 12 years, ilearntamil.com has been committed to imparting Tamil knowledge to a diverse age group of students, spanning from 4 to 90 years old. Our experienced and compassionate teachers specialize in effectively guiding young learners. Our teaching philosophy prioritizes a gradual and gentle introduction to the Tamil language. We steer clear of pressuring children and instead immerse them in engaging stories and discussions on topics that pique their interest. Through the incorporation of enjoyable activities, our goal is to naturally stimulate their desire to speak Tamil, creating a positive and enriching learning environment. Additionally, we organize annual events designed to motivate and inspire our students on their language-learning journey. Book a FREE demo today and Learn Tamil Online !

Lessons online


60 mins per Session

Tamil class timings


Can be your choice

Tamil for all

Class Ratio

1:1 Teacher- Students Ratio
Group upon request

Online Tamil classes - ilearnTamil.com


6 am to 10 pm IST on all days

One-on-One Sessions

1. Book an appointment for a “Free Demo Class”. We will schedule the session as per your request and communicate the same with you.

2. Attend the scheduled Demo with one of our experienced trainers.

3. Our course advisor will connect with you to clarify your queries and discuss your options.

4. Enroll and start learning your preferred course at your convenience.

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