Lesson 32

  1. How? – Adjectives 1
  2. Examples
  3. Listening comprehension
  4. Pudhu Vaarthaigal
  5. Exercises
  6. What is this shape?
  7. Describe the picture


Lesson 32 How? Adjectives – 1

Today we are going to see about few adjectives in tamil. Below is a list of the Adjectives based on Colors, Shapes, Sizes in Tamil placed in a table. Memorizing this table will help you add very useful and important words to your Tamil vocabulary.


Describing using colours:

Colour– Niram

Colours Nirangal
Black Karuppu
Blue Neelam
Brown Pazhuppu / kaapi
Grey Saambal
Green Pachchai
Orange Semmanjal
Purple Oodhaa
Red Sivappu
Pink Ilanchivappu/ rose
Yellow Manjal
White Vellai



Idhu enna? (What is this?)
Idhu oru pachchai/ pachai-yaana maram. (This is a green tree.)
Indha maram eppadi irruku? (How is this tree?)
Indha maram pachchai-yaa irruku. (This tree is green)


Raju satta enna nirathla irruku? (What colour is Raju’s shirt?)
Avan satta sivappu nirathla irruku. (His shirt is red in colour.)
Avan satta eppadi irruku? (How is his shirt?)
Avan satta romba nalla irruku. (His shirt is really nice.)


Idhu Aarthi-oda thottam. (This is Aarthi’s garden.)
Avaloda thotathle niraya poo chedigal irukku. (There are many flowering plants in her garden.)
Andha chedigal-a oodha, manjal, ilansivappu pookal irukku. (There are purple, yellow and pink flowers in those plants.)
Aarthi kaila oru ilansivappu poo irukku. (There is a pink flower in Aarthi’s hand.)


Idhu oru azhagaana naal. (This is a beautiful garden.)
Vaanam ila-neela nirathla irukku. . (The sky is light blue in colour.)
Thottathle pachai marangal irukku.. (There are green trees in the garden.)
Oru china kulam irukku. Adhule thanneer irukku. (there is a small pond. There is water in it.)
Thottathle oru china ponnu pattam viduraa. (A little girl is flying kite in the garden.)
Aval-ukku pinnale chedigal irukku. Adhule sivappu pookkal irukku. (There are bushes behind her and in it there are red flowers.)
Aval oru ilan-sivappu sattai-um vellai kaal sattai-um potuirukaa. (She is wearing a pink top and white pants.)


Indha padangal patri sollunga:


Describing using Size:

Size– Alavu

Size Alavugal
Big/ Huge Periya
Deep Aazham-aana
Long Neelam-aana
Narrow Kurugal-aana
Short Kuttai-yaana / kullam-aana
Small Siriya /chinna/ kutty-aana
Tall Uyaram-aana/ Nettai-yaana
Thick/ fat Thadi-yaana/ kunda-na
Thin Olli-yaana
Wide Agalam-aana



Adhu enna? (What is that?)
Adhu oru uyaramaana kattidam. (That is a tall building.)
Andha kattidam eppadi irruku? (How is that building?
Adhu romba uyaramaa irruku. (That building is very tall.)


Andha uyaramaana ottagachivinghee-a paaru! (Look at that tall giraffe.)
Adhoda kazhuththu eppadi irruku, sollu? (Tell me, about its neck.)
Andha uyaramaana ottagachivinghee-oda kazhuthu romba neeLamaa irruku. (The tall giraffe’s neck is very long.)
Andha ottagachivinghee manjal nirathla irruku. (That giraffe is yellow in colour.)


Idhu Kanchana-oda jump rope. (This is Kanchana’s jump rope.)
Idhu romba neelamaa irukku. (It is really long.)
Idhula naama ellarum aadalaam. (All of us shall play in this.)
Indha neelam-aana jumprope-la ippo moonu pillainga gudhikiraanga. (Three children are jumping this long jumprope.)
Unga-kitta indha maadhiri neelamaana jump rope irukka? (Do you have a jumprope as long as this.)


Indha padangal patri sollunga:


Describing using Shape:

Shape– Vadivam

Shapes Vadivangal
Circular Vattam-aana
Semi-circle Arai- vattam
Straight Ner-aana
Crooked/ zigzag Konal-aana
Square Sadhuram-aana
Rectangular Neel sadhuram-aana
Triangular Mukkonam-aana
Pentagon Ainkonam
Hexagon Arukonam
Octogon Enkonam
Sphere Urundhaiyaana
Cylindrical Urulai
Curved Valaivaana
Rhombus/ diamond Saai-sadhuram
Steep Senkuththaana
Flat Thattaiyaana



Idhu en thattum karandiyum. (This is my plate and spoon.)
Indha thattu vattamaa irruku. (This plate is in a circular shape.)
Indha thattu-la naan saapiduven. (I eat on this plate.)


Indha pizza thundu oru mukkona vadivathla irruku. (This pizza slice is in a triangular shape.)
Idhu paarka azhaga irruku. (It looks beautiful.)
Idhula manjal, sivappu, pazuppu, pachchai nirangal irruku. (It has yellow, red, brown and green colours in it..)


Idhu oru ulaga urundai. (This is a globe.)
Idhu urundaiyaa irukku. (This is in a spherical shape.)
Indha ulaga urundai-le unga naadu enge irukku, kaattu? (Show me where your country is on this globe.)


Idhu oru neela nira pattam. (This is a blue colored kite.)
Idhu sadhura vadivathla irruku. (It is in a square shape.)
Idhu azhagaa parakudhu. (It flies beautifully.)


Indha padangal patri sollunga:



Idhu oru azhagaana thottam. Mele vanathle megangal irukku. Adhu vellai-yaa irukku.
Inge pachaiyaana pul tharai irukku. Tharaiyile niraiya niranthle pookkal irukku. Sivappu, manjal, neelam, oodha nirangal-a pookkal irukku.
Oru uyaramaana maram irukku. Adhukku keezhe moonu kaalaan irukku. Andha kaalaangal sivappu nirathle irukku.
Indha thottathle oru china oodai odudhu. Adhu neela nirathle romba azhagaa irukku. Adhai thaandi poga oru china paalam irukku.


Pudhu Vaarthaigal:

Kaalaan – mushroom
Oodai – stream
Thandi poga – to cross over
Paalam – bridge
Pul – grass
Tharai – floor, ground



Try to frame sentences in Tamil:

1. pachaiyaana:

2. kuttaiyaana:

3. sadhuramaana:

4. karuppaa:

5. aria-vattam:

6. ulaga urundai:

7. mukkona vadivam:

8. vellai:

9. romba kundu:

10. oliyaana:

11. kaalaan:

12. kullam:

13. galamaana saalai:

14. pul:

15. thaandi vaa:

16. oodai:



1. Kavin has a blue kite.
2. That black cat is sitting on the wall.
3. I need a square shaped plate.
4. He bought a new red car.
5. They gave some orange toffees to the children.
6. The tall boy came home today.
7. I am going to buy purple handbag for this purple dress.
8. Keep the yellow file inside the brown cupboard.
9. Mom is buying a red collar for our dog.
10. Hazel has two bluebirds at home.
11. Get me a long rope.
12. Where is the green wrapper?
13. We will drive through the narrow road.
14. This is a tall green treen.
15. Do you like her pink dress?


Padam paarthu badhil sollu:


Try to describe the picture: