Having accumulated over 12 years of experience, ilearntamil.com proudly features a team exceeding 70 devoted teachers hailing from diverse regions within Tamil Nadu, serving thousands of students worldwide. Now, let’s hear what our students have to say about their experiences with us.

Tamil classes through English

Great idea! The kids are enjoying the classes. Just wish we had a consistent schedule. Without that, the amount of breaks between classes has broken momentum. We need more commitment on schedule from teachers

Vinithas Tamil class was very helpful

Vinitha class was very helpful for my son. He is now able to read Tamil. She was interactive and made class interesting. Was able to accommodate any change in schedules in last minute



Anitha Manohar

We are happy to see that our daughter has improved a lot in learning tamil.

We are happy to see that our daughter has improved a lot in learning tamil.
Thanks a lot to the teacher for putting so much efforts oh her. These online classes are so good and interesting and very useful for the kids like us staying in abroad. The teacher teaches very clearly and nicely. she clears all her doubts in classes. we are glad to have you.
Thank you


Nanditaa Karthikprabhu

My kids who grew up in USA learnt Tamil

My kids grew up in USA and did not have the opportunity to talk or learn tamil. They have always understood tamil but speaking has been a challenge. When they saw that my 3 yr old niece speaks tamil fluently they were motivated to learn their native language. They tried various online self learn options but nothing was working for them. When they were introduced to Jaisri and ilearntamil they really liked the way the classes and curriculum was structured and they liked the way Jaisri taught them tamil. It has been more than 3 months since they started tamil class and I can tell my kids are much more fluent in tamil and they are still motivated to keep learning, which has been a struggle previously to keep going to the class. I am very impressed by Jaisri and ilearntamil and would definitely recommend the classes to anyone interested in learning tamil. Thanks. Aruna.

Aruna Kaushik

Thank you for the iLearnTamil

Thank you for the iLearn Tamil online class and to my teacher ma’am jaisri because of you ma’am i learn a lot and i want to learn more ma’am you so good and nice teacher i like the way you teach me and every moment our class is i’m so exited and interesting ma’am by next month i want to request if can continue our class again ma’am …. Thank you so much

keith viador



I’m happy with the tamil classes

I’m happy with the tamil spoken classes for my son so far. The teacher Ms. Srimathy Sudarsan has been great at connecting with the student & getting them interested. I’m satisfied with her teaching skills, getting to the level the student needs. It’s also easy to book classes with her based on convenient timings to both. Overall, I’m happy with the ILearn classes and the teacher.

Brinda Palanisamy



Shrimathy – Tamil teacher

Hello, we have Miss srimathy. She is very kind and a great teacher. My daughter is having so much fun!



Uma sundram

Ilaern Tamil’s free spoken English classes

It was a good opportunity and experience to enroll in this course. Gayathiri ma’am has been a great tutor. She helped me to improve my confidence and develop my English knowledge. Through it I met a lot of friends had it was so enjoyable. It was very kind of ILaern tamil to conduct free spoken English classes, and I’m very grateful for taking a part in this. However, I’m saddened when I heard that Ilearn Tamil has decided to discontinue it, I was very heartbroken to know this. It was a very pleasant journey for me, I hope in the future ilearn Tamil might have a change of mind and bring back the class. It’s just a fund hope of mine. Please accept my deepest gratitude for everything.

Nandhini guru

Feedback about spoken English classes

This spoken English classes are very useful for me. Very nice, interesting, inspiring and motivating classes. I want to thank this organization and hearty thanks to Gayathri Madam. please try to continue this classes for needy people. Thank you so much.


Uma Maheswari

Wonderful Tamil lessons

student - ilearnTamil.comVanakkam 🙏

It has been a wonderful time learning Tamil from teacher Mahaljii. The lessons are well paced with no stress. And interestingly I can use the Tamil words learnt to speak with the Tamil parotta sellers.


Daniel Hong Beng Un


Gayathri is AMAZING tamil teacher

Great experience, my tutor is Gayathri. Not only does Gayathri teach you Tamil in a way that will get you on the correct track immediately; she takes time to educate you about culture and get to know you as a person. Using ilearnTamil is incredibly easy as far as registering and finding an instructor. I had to hault my classes due to unforeseen circumstances, but am confident she will get me on the right track in future.


Elizabeth K Klosterman

Excellent Tamil tutoring

My daughter has been taking online classes from Srimathi maam for the past few months.
My daughter loves her teacher, she taught her spoken Tamil and how to write Tamil letters. We saw a lot of progress and started talking Tamil more fluently. We love the way Srimathi ma’am Keeps her engaged through out the class. My daughter is always looking forward for the class every week.

Anitha Josephine Royappan

A Spoken Tamil learning experience from ilearn

My name is Prahlad. I recently attended free online Tamil classes offered by the iLearn Tamil website. Basically, I am an Hindi speaking person. I wanted to learn Tamil for my work requirement. I saw an offering of weekly free tamil classes by ilearn website. By seeing the way, ilearn Tamil website and available content posted here, I immediately registered myself for the weekly class. On joining the class I become a student of Gayathri Akka. I was highly impressed with the teaching style of the Gayathri Akka. She displayed professionalism and a strong command of the language. It has immensely helped to improve my spoken Tamil. Thank you ilearn & my teacher Gayathri Akka.

Prahlad Goyal

Great Tamil teacher

Nalina is an excellent Tamil teacher. I knew ZERO Tamil (only English) when we first started and it felt very overwhelmed to learn this language. Nalina has a very comprehensive approach to teaching, she is patient, and she has such a good sense of humor and pleasant disposition. If I have not had time to study before a lesson, I will simply tell her. She is not judgmental and works on your timeline. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn Tamil

Chosun Kumar

Miss Meena has an excellent method of teaching them

We are very happy with our teacher, Miss Meena Rengan. She is extremely patient, and has a very cheerful attitude. Our kids are picking up Tamil well under her coaching and she has an excellent method of teaching them.



Lavanya Venkateswaran

Good curriculum for Spoken Tamil

Tamil student online -ilearntamil.comMeena teacher is really good. She has more patience and teach my son in a very friendly and interesting way so my son can learn and communicate his ideas in best way. She has been teaching my son over 2 years and he really enjoys it.



Abirami K

Great learning with ilearnTamil.com

My daughter has been going to ilearn for a while with teacher Meena and she is amazing. I saw a lot of improvement and she instilled her passion to learn tamil.


Lalitha Ashok


@ilearntamil Meena mam’s patient and meticulous Tamil teaching.

My daughter has been taking classes from Rathi Meena mam for a few months now and has shown tremendous progress in her Tamil vocabulary and use and understanding of Tamil sentence construction, thanks to Meena mam’s patient and meticulous teaching. Meena mam is so kind and polite and has an engaging teaching style. We love ilearntamil and I am so grateful for a teacher like Rathi Meena mam. Thank you! I particularly like how ilearntamil offers spoken and literary Tamil classes, giving one a choice. Great platform to learn Tamil! I would recommend it to all those that wish to learn Tamil in a fun engaging manner!


Radha Raghavan

Thank you Tamil teacher Vidhya

I have been learning Tamil with the help of Vidya maam. She is amazingly sweet, patient and kind, exactly what a student needs. Needless to say that her way of teaching Tamil is easy to understand and doesn’t overwhelm you. I can slowly see myself getting acquainted to the language and find it easy!

Dharna Mudgal


Easy Tamil lessons with Vidya mam

I was scared to learn Tamil but Vidya Mam is very patient and makes it look easy. The ilearn format is also great so it all seems structured. Thank you guys

Dharna Mudgal


Best experienced Tamil teacher

Vidhyalakshmi S ma’am is amazing and a great teacher. She explains everything with a lot of context that makes it easier to remember.
Vidyalakshmi ma’am puts lot of efforts to take spoken Tamil practice sessions and corrects mistakes with explanations.
So glad I choose this for learning Tamil. Thankyou.


Amruta Jagtap

Teacher Sushmita has been very

Teacher Sushmita has been very attentive and it’s been a fun and happy journey learning Tamil language with her



Lasitha waduge

Spoken Tamil basic class

Feeling grateful to have found ilearntamil to help my daughter with spoken Tamil. The teacher Vinitha was very helpful and understood my daughter’s requirements very well and taught accordingly. She let my daughter come out shyness and talk more freely in Tamil. Will be seeking out ilearntamil in future too for advanced and writing courses.


Subhashini S

Dedicated Tamil teacher

Miss Jenitha Joseph is a very dedicated teacher. Both me and my ten year old son have learned to speak Tamil with confidence.




Lydia Nathan

Great online Tamil class!

My daughter has been doing the Tamil course for a couple of years now. I admire the patience of Mrs. Sumithra and her ability to tailor the subject to whatever my 5 year old wants to talk about during the class. She gamifies the class to make it more fun and engaging for my daughter. I see a definite improvement in her grasp of the language. Would recommend this online course!

Srivalli Telikepalli

Priyaadhi – wonderful Tamil Teacher

Priyaadhi teaches tamil to my 4 year old. She is very patient and friendly. Her techniques to keep him engaged are wonderful. The syllabus is very well crafted.


Sowmya Ganapathy



Very Good Tamil class

Very good and systematic
The teacher is very patient and understanding
She makes it very enjoyable to learn the language.
She is always available to help in case of any doubts and clarification
Superb teaching skills and very understanding for a working professional

Hemen Ruparel




Best online Tamil course!!

I Learn Tamil has the best program to teach Tamil on the net. My teacher Gayatrhri is outstanding with a deep knowledge of the language and passion for helping her students learn Tamil. The quality of the lesson material is par excellence and is better than any other book or syllabus that I have come across. I have no doubt that with practice and hardwork, I would be able to speak Tamil with confidence. Thank you very much Gayathri and I learn Tamil team for making learning a new language so much fun!

Mohit Bhatnagar



Shubha is a perfect Tamil teacher

Shubha teaches very well. She is extremely patient and very encouraging especially for a Hindi speaking person like me. Her classes are great fun and she never gets irritated or angry during classes even though it can be tough to teach such a difficult language.

Dr Alka Kumar


Very Happy with Tamil classes

We were looking for a way for our daughter to learn and appreciate Tamil in a fun, engaging way when I came across the ilearn website. It’s been 10 sessions and our daughter is now very comfortable with listening to and pronouncing Tamil words. She has learnt several kurals and also has a good vocabulary of everyday phrases that allows her to understand and follow basic communication. Mahalaxmi ma’am is a very gentle and painstaking teacher and my daughter enjoys her sessions with her.

Arati Ajay


My Tamil learning journey has been great…

It’s been an amazing journey with ilearntamil. I am a North Indian, and I speak Hindi and English. Learning a new language is always been fun and exciting for me. At the same time it is also a difficult task, but to be honest, my teacher Gaiyathri made it easy for me. On Day 1, I was a bit worried about learning a new language. But the way she taught me was pure bliss! She understood my requirement first and then started teaching me Tamil. And now I can understand and speak Tamil. I am happy that I choose the right platform to learn Tamil.



My son understands tamil but

My son understands tamil but usually responds in English even if it is yes or no.
Recently he has been trying to answer my questions in Tamil, sometimes in a full sentence. I am very happy with the progress in just 5 30 min sessions.

Thank you!

Chitralekha Eswaran


Srimathy was an amazing Tamil tutor

Srimathy was an amazing tutor and helped me to pick up conversational Tamil very quickly. The instruction material was clear and easy to understand and the pictures also most certainly helped as well. I would highly recommend the course as well as the tutor to anybody wishing to learn Tamil.

Madhumita Sen


I really look forward to Tamil classes

I really look forward to my class every week! The scheduling and pace of the class is able to work with my busy schedule. I also appreciate that Vidhya is able to tailor the classes to my knowledge level and learning speed. While I am still in the beginning stages, the classes have proven much more effective than any of my previous attempts to learn languages.

Karl Schulze


Feedback about Tamil classes

i am so much glad to got Meena Teacher as my son’s Tamil teacher. the way she handles kids is very good. she listens to my son, she respects kids choice and she is more kind. she is taking classes as per our requirement. she adjusts timings if i am not able to attend on particular time. i am completely satisfied with her performance.

Rampriya Palanivel


Learning Tamil was made so easy

Tamil student of ilearnTamil.comI would like to thank ilearntamil.com for providing Tamil classes online. The course content and pedagogy is so well prepared that a novice to the language like me can understand it easily. The best part of my Tamil learning experience is my teacher Vidhyalakshmi. She is very proficient in the language and also enrishes the learning by telling about great Tamil legends like Thiruvalluvar. She is very accommodating for my schedule and always welcomes me with a smile in the class.

Aparna Singh



Great Tamil class!

This course is really great. I did a refresher course where Jaisri was my instructor and she really helped tailor the classes to suit me. She was very kind and patient with me while I learnt Tamil.Since starting the program I feel confident speaking in Tamil. Thank you so much!

Oona Natesan



Review on the Tamil classes for ilearn

This is the best online learning for Tamil. Glad I came to know about this and got an excellent teacher. The lessons are so well organized and easy to learn for kids. Thank you and it is a good learning experience !!

Sowmiya Vijayakumar


Testimonial for Tamil class

The teacher Geetha is a kind and teaches according to children’s needs.we are satisfied with her teaching strategies.

Naguleswary Pratheepan


Great Tamil Tutor

I have been with Ilearntamil.com for couple of years. I have 3 kids- high schooler, middle schooler & elementary schooler. I have found tutors from ilearntaml.com to be informative & Intutive to the USKids. Especially our new teachers Jaishree & Srimathy from the US are great. My kids connect with them & vice versa. I am so glad I found them. Thank you Sudha for this wonderful initiative



Thanks to Meena Srinivas and ilearntamil

My son Adwaith speaks Tamil but we wanted to him write and read Tamil well. Meena madam from ilearntamil was friendly from the demo class and she ensured Adwaith learned to read and write well in 10 classes. She was flexible with schedule and very caring and appreciative about his progress as a family member teach their child. Adwaith also enjoyed the learning journey and showing interest to continue. Our gratitude to Meena madam and ilearntamil. We will be continuing classes to further improve his reading and writing.

Ramamoorthy Ramadurai




we are Telegu family, and I was enrolled 2 online tuitions (via reference) during covid time for my kids before started searching in google for Tamil teaching. while intensive search that time I found ilearnTamil web site and i tried my luck by contacting them and they are very patience and qualified teachers. ilearnTamil team assigned teacher Meena to my kid (Krishna).

I should say BIG THANK YOU to teacher Meena. she is so kind and very good understanding kids’ level of knowledge in Tamil and suggest books on how to improve their skills. she is very good on knowing syllabus in our country (Singapore) and also time-zones. we are really glad to have her as a teacher for my kid. I started with my one kid P4 now going to P5 and enrolled my 2nd kid (girl) in P1 now going to P2. she likes teacher Meena so much.

I and my wife we are both working professionals. teacher Meena so kind to understand our needs and also reaching us whenever she has time and kids have free time. this really helps to score their Tamil marks during exams.

thank you, teacher Meena and God bless you with good health and knowledge.

Srinivas N


Great Tamil lessons for beginners!

My son is 14 and very eager to learn Tamil for everyday conversations. Gayathri has been a great tutor, giving my son helpful tips and encouraging him to speak without fear. His confidence and clarity has grown exponentially. Many thanks to the face to face zoom calls and resources! Highly recommend iLearn tamil.

Diana Fernando


Really practical Tamil lessons

I recently shifted to Tamil Nadu and these spoken Tamil lessons have assisted me in grasping the basics of the language, to the point that now I can carry some conversations in Tamil. My instructor has been really helpful. I get to learn new things from her in every class not only about the language but the culture and the people who speak Tamil. What I like most about the course so far is the practicality of lessons and that the Tamil which is taught is spoken in day-to-day life here.

Shreyes Madgaonkar


My Tamil learning experience through

My Tamil learning experience through ilearntamil has been truly wonderful! My teacher, Swetha guided me right through the basics and helped me understand the nuances of the language. Her teaching method was very thorough and detailed. Through conversing in Tamil in classes, I was also able to grasp additional words outside of the study material. Grammar was always something that I struggled with, but the study material exercises coupled with the teaching methods, helped me understand how various words are conjugated and modified. I believe, in a short period of time, I definitely feel more confident to converse with everyone around me.

Saylee B



Great learning experience

My 7 year daughter has been learning Tamil from ilearn Tamil for the past 2 years. Meena mam is an amazing tamil teacher. She ensures that every lesson is engaging and runs it at a pace that is comfortable for the kids to follow. My daughter enjoys her tamil lessons and looks forward to her classes every week. Her tamil lessons has made my child appreciate tamil better. I will hands down recommend Meena mam to any parent who is looking to start their child in learning Tamil. Thank you Meena mam and Sudha for this brilliant platform

Vidya Badrinarayanan


Thank you, Mrs. Srimathy Sudarsan

My 2 boys aged 9 and 5 have been learning Tamil for the last 7 months through iTamil. My older son is able to converse fluently now and my younger one is able to understand a lot of the words. Mrs. Srimathy has been a wonderful teacher and has been using innovative methods to keep them occupied. My fear of kids not knowing their own language is gone, thanks to iTamil!!

Nandhita Karunanithi


very Interactive and productive Tamil lessons

My son, who can read and write Tamil, but not able to converse in tamil , is taking classesfrom Teacher Vidhya.
He likes the classes and in 10 classes itself I have seen a great improvement in his confidence.
Hoping to see more progress in him and so will be continuing the classes

Roona Arunkumar


Excellent Tamil teacher for kids

I’ve had an excellent experience with Ms. Srimathy who teaches my 8 year old. At the beginning I explained to her what I wanted my son to learn (speaking vs reading etc) and she understood my ask very well. Since then I have seen my son’s Tamil rapidly improve over the past few months. The best part is he enjoys it as well, not once has he asked to skip or avoid class (which definitely happens for other classes!). Ms. Srimathy has a fun but effective way of teaching that’s working very well for my son & me

Arjun Rao




Feed back about Tamil classes

My daughter is taking Tamil class with Mrs. Yesodha. Her teaching is excellent my daughter has now started reading Tamil. we are happy with ilearn Tamil class



I have been learning Tamil

I have been learning Tamil with iLearnTamil for around 3 years. The class has increased my vocabulary and offered me a deeper understanding of the language and its grammar. Through various activities, such as watching videos, describing pictures, translating passages, and speaking prompts, my experience in Tamil has been solidified. My parents are impressed with the progress I’ve made, and I can speak with them in Tamil more easily. I’d like to thank my teacher for my fruitful experience with iLearnTamil!

Sanjay Vijay


Tamil learning experiences with Teacher Pavithra

Teacher Pavithra is teaching my kids Tamil language. The dedication of teacher helps a lot to improve my kids Tamil language abilities. We are great full to have teachers Pavithra and teachers commitment is commendable. Teacher Pavithra is patient, motivates and encourages children based on their learning capabilities.

Simmi Lijoy


Great Tamil teacher

Ramya teacher is a great teacher. My wife and I have been taking class with her once a week for several months and it has made a big difference. Highly recommend her for those who want to improve their Tamil.

Bhargav S


Great experience in learning Tamil with Ms Geetha

Our son had a wonderful experience in learning Tamil with Ms Geetha. He was learning Tamil from the same teacher for last 3 years. Ms Geetha is very patient. She tailored the lessons according to our son’s needs so that he doesn’t feel pressured to learn according to syllabus. We would recommend Ms Geetha for anyone who wants to learn Tamil. Thanks Ms Geetha for reaching our son all these years.

Vijay Srinivasan


Review about my Tamil class

Learn tamil online - Tamil student of ilearnTamil.comDear sir, I am from Mumbai, Maharashtra. My mother tongue is Marathi. However I had a desire to learn one of the South Indian languages and since I found Thamizh language more interesting, I joined Thamizh speaking classes in your Institute through online classes. I would like you to know that whatever progress I have made so far, its all due to perfect teaching skills of Respected Geetha Mani teacher. She not only teaches concerned outline of curriculum, but at the same time, also emphasizes on basic structure of this wonderful language. She keenly teaches Grammer and pronunciation , which are very important while studying a language. I am thankful to Respected Geetha Mam and all your team for your contribution towards my learning. Thank you everybody. Romba Romba Nanri.

Rajesh Subhash Bidwai




English to Tamil spoken classes

I took the 10 english to Tamil spoken classes, my tutor was Geetha.
I had a great experience, she explain everything patiently, repeat and write the words and sentences to make you more understand. And try to make you relate with the real scenario.Also she is very punctual for classes.

Shalini Yadav


Learning Tamil Online

My brother and I have been learning Tamil online for a couple of months from Geetha Teacher. She is very kind and really patient. I really enjoy learning from her.

Janane Sivakumar



Priyaadhi Tamil teacher

Priyaadhi is one of the best mam we have worked with. Yuvan loves her classes and look forward to attend the classes. She is very good with young kids. Her method of teaching is enjoyable and fun. We would highly recommend her for Teaching kids.

Subashri Ravi


Aram-4yrold-Tamil class by Jenitha

Hello iLearnTamil
I am very happy, satisfied and content from the classes I availed for my 4yr old Son. We wanted our Son to learn Tamil despite being out of the country. We live in Sweden and finding a Tamil teacher was hard for us in the city we love. When we got to know iLearnTamil online platform we were happy and wanted to give it a try. We had taken 10 one on one class with Ms.Jenitha and we must say it was very very satisfactory. Right from 1st class Jenitha’s effort to not just teach Aram Tamil but also took effort and care to keep him engaged and interested was commendable. Through the Teacher s effort Aram with NO writing practise ever before (except using paint brushes) before his First class is now able to write many tamil letters and is also able to read smaller words. Thank ypu to Jenitha and Sudha for this great start and lookong forward to taking classes again 🙂



Great Tamil Learning Opportunity

First of all, I would like to thank ILearnTamil for providing this kind of opportunity to learn Tamil.
I have joined this class with ZERO knowledge in Tamil. Now I’m able understand the Tamil and able to speak to others in a manageable way. The classes are giving me great confidence while I’m trying speak in Tamil.

Coming to lecturers, they are highly talented and having great experience in teaching field. They are adjusting their pace to all students. They are used to interact the students in spoken sessions as much as possible.

Vishnu Kumar Rebba



Amazing Tamil Teacher – Mrs.Vidhya Lakshmi

I have been with Ilearn for a few months. Mrs.Vidhya Lakshmi teacher takes so much interest in her students and will work with them with a personal touch and make the learning a new language a very comfortable and fun experience. Vidhya akka puts in effort to prepare documents and helpful sheets to refer as needed. I am enjoying the classes and able to learn confidently! Thanks for all the support through Ilearn!

Divya k


Review for Tamil classes

Tamil student - iLearntamil.comDuring these covid situations, it was difficult to catch up with schedules and teachers. We are glad we came across Mrs. Srimathi. She was a great teacher, very friendly, and always on time. This is my first time learning Tamil, her way of teaching made me confident and encouraged me to learn. She has lots of interest in teaching. She explained all the topics very clearly. She is one of the best online teacher for Tamil. Thank you for helping me learn the basics of Tamil language in a short span of time. I would highly recommend my teacher, Mrs. Srimathy for learning Tamil.

Arjun Pratap


Teaching Tamil in a cool way

Living in Singapore my twins got used to speaking only in English even at home. Before heading out for college overseas I wanted to make sure they picked up Tamil, their mother tongue. Ilearntamil.com has a good structured program to make my kids pick up conversational Tamil from the comfort of our home at their own pace. Their teacher Subha is patient and makes learning Tamil cool and fun.

Rohini Srinivasan



Tamil beginners class

My 6 year old son started having Tamil classes with Ms. Sushmitha. She is a wonderful teacher who is very engaging and patient especially with a student with no prior knowledge of the language. With her instruction and guidance he is now able to understand and translate sentences. I would definitely recommend this service to others.


Good demo class Tamil

My 8 year old attended a demo class with Roopa. She was bit hesitant before the class started but Roopa made her feel comfortable and at the end of the class she was very excited to learn Tamil. Thanks to Roopa! Looking forward to work with her more. She started with very simple words and encouraged my daughter to talk. Made her confident as well. We will do more classes with Iilearn.


Subha Vasan Tamil one on one tutorial

Wanted to express my sincere appreciation for Mrs. Subha Vasan who tutors my son Nirvaan.
She is kind and patient, yet determined to tutor my son in the best way possible.
She understands a child’s personality and gets completely involved in teaching in such a way that makes the child comfortable, confident and more disciplined.It is more challenging because we don’t live in India, but she is doing a great job!
Thank you for everything you do!


Solid learning experience

Learning Tail from Gayatri has been very beneficial and she is very flexible when it comes to organising class times.

Chandroo Peethamparam


Teacher: Meena Srinivas

Hi, my children have been tutored by Meena. They have been learning well from Meena. She’s kind, funny, patient and a good teacher. We would definitely recommend Meena to any family wanting to learn Tamil.

Anita Stieglbauer


Super Tamil Classes!

Learnt to speak quite a lot just from 10 classes. Gayathri ma’am is really nice and teaches Tamil very well. Would recommend if you are trying to speak Tamil.

Anirudh S


Tamil class – Subashree teacher

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Subashree for her dedication and patience towards my son Ishaan. Ishaan has been taking class with her for about 1.5 years and made trendous progress. Recently we visited India and amazed everyone with his fluency in Tamil. I can’t resist myself from admiring his spoken Tamil and can’t believe where he got the comfortness. Many of friends asked how he could speak Tamil fluenty and I was going on and on about ilearntamil’s spoken curriculum and how Subashree has molded him. She is well tuned with his frequency and made him learn effortlessly. She always start the class with a quick chat in Tamil and slowly get into the lesson which helped him practice Tamil other than parents.
Thanks Subashree for your kindness and appreciation towards Ishaan





Great learning experience with ilearnTamil.com

My 2 girls are learning Tamil from Meena. She is one of the best teachers for my kids. She is so fluent in English that she is very easily able to make my kids understand Tamil. She is very sincere and dedicated in her teaching. My kids love her and are always looking forward to her class.

Suresh Kumar



Feedback about my daughters online tamil class

With Mrs. Yesodha guidance our daughter is now capable of writing and reading tamil confidently. She has lot of patience to make her understand. She puts lot of efforts towards my daughter to make her interest towards learning Tamil. Her lessons are so engaged and useful.




Srimathy sudharshan Tamil teacher

Srimathy madam is teaching me tamil from many days. She is my favourite and her way of teaching is very unique and thats what make her a great teacher. She makes sure it is an interactive session and there will be frequent tests for what has been covered along with assignment. Very professional and she will be strict if assignment is not completed. In addition she makes sure learning is full of fun. Very lucky to be your student and now i can converse in tamil and can manage when i can go to tamilnadu. Its only because of my guru Srimathy Madam. Thank you madam.

Murali BK


My daughters experience at Ilearn

My daughters experience at Ilearn Tamil was very good. Her, teacher Srimathy is very interactive with my daughter. She likes to use tamil words at home. She memorized the alphabets and consonants. She improved her skills in reading and writing. My daughter will continue with Srimathy the rest of the tamil class.

Priya Sanjay




Online Tamil class

My kid started online class for reading and writing in ILEARN TAMIL.So far she attended around 6 classes.She enjoys the class and the teacher.
Timings are flexible to ones need and I would recommend this online Tamil class to my friends in need.




tamil class online

my kid is taking tamil class with Ms. Yesodha. she is an excellennt teacher my kid is learning fast.



Amazing platform to learn tamil

Ilearntamil is a wonderful platform to learn Tamil. The syllabus is fully thought through and they follow the structured way of teaching which helps the students , beginners to understand the basics of Tamil. Appreciate the entire team and keep up the good work.

Unna Vijay


Best Tamil teacher

My daughter level in tamil improved a lot after joining ilearn.. Meena is great with kids and my daughter loves her tamil classes with Meena. She is very adaptable based on child needs and takes it slow when needed. I would highly recommend Meena.





Tamil teacherMs. Srimathy is awesome!

I have been interested in learning tamil for a long time. Even though I’m a beginner Ms. Srimathy is very patient and encouraging. Her method is working briskly as evidence by the massive strides I am making with my proficiency in Tamil. Her I learn Tamil resource is very informative and covers the basics well in addition to pertinent vocabulary. If you or your child are learning tamil, I strongly encourage you to look into Ms. Srimathy

Arvin Rlangovan


Loved the first Tamil class!!

Both of the kids aged 11 and 8 loved their 1st class with Mrs Srimathy. The teacher is very nice, very competent and taught very nice introductory notions, and the kids are very eager to learn more!!! Thank you very much!!!!

Matteo and Jayan Soupramaniane


Great Tamil Learning Experience with Meena

We have enjoyed our lessons with Meena. She has been guiding me and my daughter Veda in beginner’s Tamil. It has been very convenient too being the US to have evening classes (our time) that work with morning time for Meena. I would recommend this service for learning Tamil as it is very difficult to learn the language independently, especially in the US.

Neil Krishnaswamy


Shaym.has really improved in spoken Tamil

Tamil student - ilearntamil.comShaym.has really improved in spoken tamil. He has been learning in ilearntamil for a year now. His teacher Mrs. Meena has too much patience and teach him in very friendly way and made a difference on him. I see a much improvement in his past India trip and communicating between family and friends there. I definitely recommend the teacher and syllabus is well designed.




Glad we joined Ilearn

My son’s instructor is Mrs Srimathy. She is more of a friend to both me and my son. She creates that rapport with som from day one with ease which I think is very important. My son always looks forward for the Tamil class with Srimathy Mam. Also she is from US which helped us to schedule class as per our best convenience.

The materials provided during the class is simple and easy for the kids to learn and remember.

Divya Anbuselvan



Tamil classes online

Although Tamil is my native language and what was spoken at home, I have never been able to speak well. I have for many years been searching for Tamil lessons to brush up on my spoken language. After having kids, this became much more important to me! I wanted them to know the language I grew up with, to speak with their grandparents, and have something special to share between themselves.

I was so happy to have stumbled upon ilearnTamil! Setting up lessons was seamless and very affordable! I requested lessons slightly different from their usual package given I wanted lessons for myself AND both my young kids. ilearnTamil was accommodating to find the best learning situation for the 3 of us!

We are most lucky to have been matched with such a wonderful teacher! Srimathy has a very enthusiastic and encouraging approach in her teaching, which is wonderful for my children but really any new learner. She checks-in throughout the lesson to assess for our understanding and is willing to review as many times as we need. Srimathy is very patient with our progress and always encourages us to try even if we are uncertain of the words. I most impressed with her ability to engage all three learners of different ages (40-ish yr, 11yrs, 8yrs) who are at different stages in our language ability! She makes the lessons fun and enjoyable! She is kind and works well with children! She frequently tells us stories about the culture, the lifestyle, the land/animals, and the traditions to make the lesson more relatable and immersive!

I can not say enough about ilearnTamil–what a find for us! And Srimathy in particular is amazing!

Isai Gopalakrishnan Bowline


Teaching Tamil Thoroughly.

Great platform to learn Thamizh. Simple and effective study material with cooperative and patient teachers.

D.S. Prem Kumar


Great learning experience, also for a complete beginner

I found ilearnTamil by chance, while searching for a Tamil course for a beginner, and I’m so happy I found it! Malini was able to teach me well starting from the base and what I liked most is the fact that I was able to learn quickly thanks to the 1 to 1 lessons. Also, it was nice to be able to not only learn words and phrases but to discuss the culture and the country. I will for sure continue with the lessons and I recommend them to everyone!

Veronica C.


Great online Tamil learning class!!

My girls enjoyed learning Tamil with Ms.Brinda. She is excellent and very creative in her method of teaching. The girls enjoyed working on the homework and never complained in her class. They completed 1 year and are more fluent in Tamil now. Compared to other Tamil classes locally this is more enjoyable and does not stress them out with a lot of grammar/tests and homework. I would recommend this as an awesome program for kids abroad to learn and be fluent in Tamil.

Meena Senthilnathan



Thanks to Ms Vidhya Lakshmi – Tamil classes

Ms Vidhya is very kind and flexible. She helps my daughter to learn Tamil and gets her interested in lessons. My daughter finds Ms Vidhya very friendly and always looking forward for her next lesson. Thanks Ms Vidhya for ur teaching style and support.



A wonderful learning experience-Tamil classes

Learning to speak conversational Tamil and communicating with my Tamil family and friends has been a goal of mine for many years since marrying my husband who is Tamil. The tailored and truly customized ilearntamil classes have made a huge difference in my understanding of the sound, structure and vocabulary of the language. My teacher (Mahalalakshmi) is highly qualified and shows an immense passion for the Tamil language and teaching me so that I absorb and understand. She prompts me to speak Tamil and asks me many questions along the way to encourage participation. She is able to show me how the words form properly in sentences, how to understand the tenses and construction, and she provides clear examples that build upon the lessons so that I can more easily relate and practice. She also brings a great deal of cultural references into our conversations which make me feel more connected to the traditions of Tamil Nadu. The website also offers a vast array of materials from which to read and practice. I would recommend ilearntamil to anyone eager to learn this beautiful language.

Stephanie Wilcox Kandasamy




Fantastic Tamil Classes!!

I’m loving my Tamil classes with Vidhya! She is an excellent teacher and very knowledgeable. The classes are well structured and I always come away from them with lots of new words to impress my wife and in-laws with. I also love that the classes are flexible and can be organised around my schedule. I’d certainly recommend a course with IlearnTamil if you’re looking to learn the language – you won’t be disappointed!

Arthur Halfhide


My journey in learning Tamil with the mentorship of Gayathri Ma’am

I’ve had 8 Tamil sessions now and I must say that I have gotten a better grip of the language and all the credit goes to ma’am for being a passionate and patient teacher. Her friendly idea of teaching is what I love the most! Being a 3rd year medical student I am not able to attend the classes regularly.



Interactive Teaching Approach


My Kid Jayne, 10 years old acquired Tamil language skills through interaction with Ms.Meena. She engaged Jayne in the class and encouraged interaction to communicate in Tamil. Basically Jayne could just understand and talk little bit in Tamil earlier and has no idea about the alphabets in Tamil. The simple yet effective approach by the teacher to teach Tamil alphabets make Jayne understand the vowels and consonants was amazing. Interestingly she got the enthusiasm to learn faster and able to read small sentences within a week.
Overall she improved her writing in Tamil as well. Now Jayne wanted to learn more and always feels that it’s nice to learn Tamil with ilearntamil.

Jacintha Kannan


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