Having accumulated over 12 years of experience, ilearntamil.com proudly features a team exceeding 70 devoted teachers hailing from diverse regions within Tamil Nadu, serving thousands of students worldwide. Now, let’s hear what our students have to say about their experiences with us.

The experience about Tamil classes in ILEARN

Dear Ma’am, Greetings for the day… We happy to share that, the experience about Tamil classes in ILEARN… Our Son K. Ashwanthkumar is learning Tamil language in Ilearn… His faculty is Ms. Kalyani ma’am..Ashwanth was studied Grade III in abroad and Tamil was 2nd Language for him, but he doesn’t know how to read & write in Tamil. Now Ashwanth is read & write Tamil in fluently, the full credit goes to Ms. Kalyani ma’am.. She is teaching very well and the way of teaching is nice and easily understandable to new leaners..she is normally talking to students like her own child.. We would like to thanks to Ms. Kalyani ma’am and Ilearn Management🙏 Thanks & Regards, .

Tamil class – Sushmitha

We are very happy with the Tamil class led by Sushmitha. Our daughter has gained lot of knowledge both speaking and writing Tamil.Will continue with the next 10 sessions. Thanks

Anandi Vinod


Had Tamil classes with Ms Geeta.

Had classes with Ms Geeta. She is very nice, polite , understands her students needs . I never felt pressurised to rush up.



I learn Tamil has been a blessing in disguise for my son.

I learn Tamil has been a blessing in disguise for my son. He understands but does not speak Tamil and living in the USA I was particular he speaks his mother tongue. The teaching is catered to kids and makes their learning a lot of fun. Miss Nalina is my son’s teacher and she is very communicative, flexible with her timings and always keeps us updated . She is very kind and interacts and teaches my son in a way he loves to learn and is actually beginning to speak some words in Tamil now. Thank you so much!!


Sujata Anantharaman


Diligent and success oriented Teachers

We couldn’t be happier to share our positive experience which we have had so far with our daughter’s Hindi teacher Mrs. Malini.Dedicated and friendly, flexible and goal oriented being some of the attributes that aided us to have good faith in the online coaching model.We were able to work as a team to ensure that my daughter was successful in completing her World language certification for her high school diploma.

Thank you!

Deepa R


Thank you iLearn Tamil

It was super easy to get registered and my kids love learning Tamil from Ms Subha. The team is very responsive and take genuine interest in kid’s learning. They understand what interests the kids and keeps the classes engaged. I can see a big improvement in my kid’s spoken Tamil. Thank you Ms Subha and ilearntamil team.

Divya Murali



Teaching Tamil

Ms. Yesodha is teaching tamil for my kid she is in 3 rd grade. The class is very good.”

Sobika sadasivam


Great for beginners – Tamil learners

My family and I enjoy our weekly Tamil class. Our teacher Ms Maha is great! She’s helped us with our spoken Tamil and also takes time to explain the theory behind it too. This motivates and encourages us to keep learning. Thank you Ms Maha and the i-Tamil team! Keep up the good work!

Jeremiah Nathan


A Wonderful tamil learning Journey through a wonderful teacher!

My teenage daughter started learning tamil via ilearntamil with Madam GeethaRamnathan (Mdm Geethu) with almost a basic level of understanding , speaking, reading and writing in tamil. Today after almost a year with Mdm Geethu, we (parents) saw a tremendous development in her….I would like to thank ilearntamil and Mdm Geethu especially for being a wonderful and jovial teacher who brought her to the next level and made learning tamil through a fun way. With madam Geetha Ramnathan’s friendly approach, my daughter looks forward for the class, every week and now strides herself with pride by pushing herself to speak tamil whenever the opportunity arises! Thank you so much Mdm Geethu and ilearntamil!

Vijenthi Dave




Weekend Tamil Writing class for 10 year old

My 10 year old son is attending weekend Tamil Writing classes online for about 3 months now. He speaks Tamil fluently at home and we were looking for classes to initiate him into writing as he doesn’t learn Tamil at school. Quick, transparent and prompt response from co-ordinators in terms of sharing details and scheduling classes. Appreciate the quick turn around. My son likes Yesodha mam’s classes and looks forward to attending it every weekend. He shows good progress and is comfortable writing Tamil alphabets and simple words. Exactly what I was looking for and would definitely recommend!




Satisfied student – learning Tamil

My daughter Adhithi is taking Tamil classes with teacher Geetha Ramnathan for the past 20 weeks. I am very happy and glad to have these wonderful sessions every week for her. She has developed good vocabulary and tries to converse more in Tamil with everyone. Geetha has been very supportive and patient with Adhithi. She is easy to approach and has a positive approach. I like the way the class is structured to be inclusive/interactive. Thank you very much Geetha. Looking forward to more great classes.



Testimonial Ritika Raja Learning- Kalyani Natraj

We are pleased to have teacher Kalyani Nataraj as a Tamil teacher for our daughter Ritika Raja. We like the way of Kalyani’s teaching. While teaching she always makes sure explain everything clearly. She encourage and motivate my daughter. She always been friendly with my daughter while teaching, so it would be easy for any students to attend her classes. She knows very well how to treat the kids, the way she approach and speak. My daughter always get motivated to attend her classes. Now we see lot of improvements of my daughter speaking in Tamil. She is the best teacher.

I appreciate her teaching and Many thanks😊

Kalaivani Ganesan


Tamil Learning

My daughter is learning Tamil classes for past 2 months through ilearn. The teacher, Ms.Meena is very friendly and making the learning for the kid in more interesting way. Now, wherever we go, she starts reading all the Tamil words on the board… I’m really happy to see my daughter reading Tamil so quickly…. Thanks a lot to Meena mam for grooming my daughter in Tamil, in short period. We love to continue more classes with you.
Thanks a lot for ilearn to have a platform arranged in online to make the learning easy.

Marohina V


Tamil Beginners

Tamil teacher “Meena” is a great teacher and teaches very well. She is kids friendly and kids are keen to learn from her.



Deeksha Gopal Nandhakumar & Dharshan Gopal Nandhakumar


Fun learning Spoken Tamil classes

Tamil student - iLearnTamil.comBoth my kids 9 and 5 yr old learn Spoken Tamil from US. They always get excited to attend the classes and learn to speak Tamil in a fun way. Their teacher is very friendly, adaptable and encourage the kids to speak Tamil at all time during and after outside classes at home. My son now practices writing letters and the vocabulary of kids has improved.
Both of them like to point at things and tell what it is in Tamil.
I highly recommend ilearntamil.com to learn Tamil language.

Priya M


Review for Geetha Ma’am

Geeta Ma’am was my teacher for my 10 class tamil learning program ! Even though I knew basic tamil before, I was never confident with tenses, grammar or everday conversations ! She has been instrumental in making me so much more aware of the tenses grammar and everyday vocabulary that I now have so much more confidence in my abilities in holding a decent( if not very refined,which is of course a Matter of practice) conversation in tamil ! She is a very competent, professional and friendly teacher who’ll quickly assess your level of flair in the language and accordingly teach you !
I really felt the value for money in the course I undertook with her !
Thanks 🙂


Tanisha Aiyar


Due to my husband’s job in Chennai I learnt Tamil

Due to my husband’s job, we came to Chennai. In a month or so, I have realized that you need to understand Tamil if you want to stay or settle in Chennai.
It was very amazing experience with Geetha mam. As she can understand Hindi also, it was very easy for me to translate the sentences in Tamil. She taught me Tamil with the actual scenarios that we face in day to day life.
She is very punctual and always listened to my questions and queries patiently. For every lesson, she make me understand the language with some good scenarios which help me to memorize the words very easily.
Along with the classes, she help me to understand the Chennai culture also, which help me to interact with Tamilian people in a more interactive way.
I will definitely recommend Geetha mam if one want to learn Tamil especially ones who know Hindi and want to learn Tamil.

Akanksha Gupta



very professional and extremely patient Tamil teacher

I am from Uttaranchal and my husband is Tamilian.
I have realized that one may be able to embrace the culture and the traditions but till you speak the language, there is a disconnect.
I had tried in various ways to learn the language for the first time in my life I feel that I may actually find my dream and speak Tamil with my mother in law and family. I know I have ways to go but there I have a path now.
Thank you guys and a huge thank you to Geetha my teacher.
Geetha has this immense ability to come down to your level and teach according to your needs.
She is very professional and extremely patient.
I am so thankful to her for being my tutor.





Introduce Tamil to kid from a Multi-lingual family in US

We are a MultiLingual family(Myself-Tamil/Tamil) and wife (Bengali) and staying in US. It was tough to ensure my kid learn the classic Tamil language and in the back of my mind,I was thinking he is missing a chance to learn and understand this great language.
I was checking in online how to teach my kid Tamil language in easier format. I came across ilearntamil website. The signup process was very smooth and the lessions were very well structured. We were assigned with teacher Mrs.Geetha .She is very welcoming ,understanding and also flexible to ensure both of our timing met. We had a great experience collaborating with her. She is passionate and patient to ensure my kid learn the basics of Tamil language. She customized the learning so that he will understand the significance of the culture while slowly parting the knowledge of speaking Tamil. Im very happy to see whenever my kid speaks with his grandma and started using some words in Tamil 🙂 . We highly recommend the class as well as the teacher to anyone trying to learn Tamil at any age.

Vengata Guruswamy


Ilearn tamil testimonial

Ilearn tamil course is well structured online course. Course is very very helpful because it teaches from basics and pictures for each new words makes it very easy to learn.Sri Srimathy madam is a very good teacher. She can make even a small kid to learn the tamil language. She has lot of patience and her teaching technique is commendable. She always revises previous class topics which helps to remeber. Thanks to Ilearn for giving the best teacher to me and I’m looking forward to comple all lessons under this course curriculum.




Very good teaching

I was really happy to have a wonderful teacher like Srimathy for my 10 years old daughter who learnt tamil with her.
Coaching is good she enjoys it.






Beautiful Tamil learning experience for my kids

Hello,my kids are born and brought up here in USA,we always wanted them to learn and speak Tamil,we are so happy that we found the right place for them to learn their mother tongue, Ilearn is really meeting our expectations,the teacher ms Prathiba has been an awesome teacher the kids love her,and never complained about not wanting to go to class,ms Prathiba always makes the class interesting and fun learning experience for kids,ms Prathiba always has a smile on her face and very loving to the girls.we Thankyou you and look forward to learn more with you.

Reena arul


Patient and considerate teachers

My son has been learning Tamil as a spoken language in the last few weeks. Though he was slow to start, the teacher he has been working with has been extremely patient and been considerate to his learning needs. I am also impressed with iLearnTamil’s prompt responses to any questions which are regarding classes and admin related i.e. payment. Living overseas it has always been a challenge to find reliable teachers to teach an Indian language. That is not the case anymore with iLearnTamil. I would recommend online classes with iLearnTamil for anyone keen to learn a new language.



Learning Tamil for 6 Year Old – Teacher Kalyani

Teacher Kalyani has been teaching my Son Seyon for the past 20 lessons. Initially, it was very difficult for him to sit down in class and concentrate fully for 1 hour as he always finds it hard to pronounce and articulate his thoughts in tamil. However, Teacher Kalyani also tries to innovate new teaching methods to engage him in his own capacity to promote learning. Currently, she engages him through games and Seyon has been very receptive to the teaching and enjoys the classes better now. Teacher Kalyani is a good teacher who promotes teaching tamil through positive student engagement. Thank you Teacher.

Prakash S/O Yanaprakasam



A friend in my teacher

My teacher, Srimathy, has been doing zoom sessions with me. I really appreciate that she switches modes to be at my level, my interest, my system. She’s fun and fun loving.

I love having a simple system with which I can join the classes and improve my Tamil skills. I am really excited to move forward and be able to read more and more, write more and more.

Thank you ilearnTamil!

sowmya ayyar


Tamil classes are really good

My Daughter is taking Tamil classes through Ilearn for the past 5 months. Her teacher is Sushmita. She is a very dedicated teacher. Her way of teaching is so good. My daughter loves to attend her classes every week. Basically my daughter was struggling to frame sentences in tamil but she s able converse freely with sushmita mam. Her way of teaching is quite interesting for my daughter. Sushmita mam has got lot of listening skills and she lets my daughter talk for a long time and she teaches from that thread.Thanks to Ilearn and Sushmitha!



Tamil learning through ilearnTamil.com

My daughter is attending Tamil classes through this ilearntamil with Prathiba teacher. She really likes the teacher and the way of teaching is also good. Teacher is very friendly and supportive.

Valliappan Palaniappan



Nivedha Ma’am is a lovely Tamil teacher

Nivedha Ma’am is a lovely teacher, and is very patient with me, despite me being a bit lazy with my studying. She has definitely given me the confidence to try to converse in Tamil as much as possible.

J R Ragini



My five year old son learning Tamil

My five year old son has just started learning Tamil ftom the tutor, Kalyani. 10 classes in, he is beginning to get comfortable with the language. The fear and hesitancy about a new language has faded. Ms Kalyani has been especially good so far, be in interacting with a five year old, his varying moods, and being patient with him.

Sriram Veera


My Teacher Prathibha Immanuel

Hello, I started learning Tamil from Prathibha in March 2021. I am writing this testimonial in August. Pratbhibha teaches with everyday examples which are relatable to my lifestyle, which is a great thing. I am glad am able to learn a new language at the age of 45. The exercise worksheets are very useful. We also do story telling, story watching and then comprehension exercises. She also talks about how she spent the week, about her family, creating a one-to-one human relationship. So it does not feel like a cold-online pre-structured theoretical class. The classes are lively. Definitely recommend!

Sangeetha Bhatta


My 7 yr old learning Tamil

My 7 yr old learning tamil from ilearn. His level of understanding and talking tamil progressed a lot after the class. Teacher is handling and teaching words very nicely. Really appreciate the way she is handling him.

Nithish Balamurugan


Happy with Tamil classes

My kids who are 8 and 6 years old started learning tamil through ilearnTamil. Their teacher is Ms.Kalyani who is very much dedicated with her work . She is also very flexible on the timings. I told her to focus on speaking first, she listened to my request and started teaching the kids as per the request. With her teaching my kids started speaking lot of words especially my little one. The kids had learnt to make a simple sentence and interact with us. I am so happy with the progress and i will be continuing the class.

Kalaichitra Rangasamy



Tamil Lessons with Jaisri Arunachalam

I would like to thank Mdm. Jaisri, for her kind attention to teaching me this past lessons. I have learnt a lot on how to sond out the words. The understanding and saying the words properly. I need lots of practise but with the skills and knowledge that she has given me is much appreciated. I can pick up a Tamil Newspaper and read it. That was my ultimate goal.
Thank You so much…

Rebecca Jacobs-Balaraj




Beginners Tamil lesson with Kalyani

I have had ten lessons so far with miss Kalyani and I started of as a beginner without the knowledge of how to read or write in Tamil however after these ten lessons I know some alphabets and can read and write basic words/sentences. It has always been fun learning with miss Kalyani as she finds interactive ways to engage and make learning fun such as jam board and the constant test checks to make sure I understand everything.


Jayani Logarasa


Tamil language tutor

The tutor was very much patient to make my son understand the subject. She made the kid comfortable and taught the lessons. Thanks and keep continuing your good work ilearn.



An excellent Tamil teacher and coach

Ms.Prathiba has been teaching Tamil to our kids for many months now. She is an excellent teacher, very patient and kind with the kids. She is also very accommodating and flexible to our schedules so it makes it a bit easy to all of us. Greatly appreciate all the time and effort you put into this.

Thank you for your hard work in supporting our boys as they learn and develop.

Thanks and Regards


Tamil language learning

I am Mahesh and i have satisfied to learn Tamil language.
Gayatri madam is very nicely explain and teached.





Superb conversational Tamil class

The spoken Tamil class has definitely worked wonders for my two kids – 6 year and 9 year old . Previously, they did not enjoy learning Tamil because we were forcing them to read / write . However , ilearntamil and Ms. Andal have made it fun and an interactive learning process – now they take pride in learning Tamil and attempt to speak at home as well!

– Preethi


They make it look easy-Tamil classes

Tamil student - ilearnTamil.comI have spent multiple years of my adult life in Tamilnadu , first as a College student and then as a working professional. I found learning Tamizh just by watching movies or interacting with friends too difficult. Online resources are there but all have different pronunciations and contradicting material which will confuse you more. Thank god I found “ilearnTamil” and a wonderful tutor “Geetha” mam. She focused more on basics and that helped a lot. I gained a lot of confidence from the day one. I also got information on how colloquial Tamil has changed over the years and how it varies in different parts. I feel free to ask doubts. Flexible curriculum and flexible timing make it even better for a working professional like me. Overall great experience , they make learning a difficult language look easy 🙂


Vatsal Rastogi



Well improvement in Tamil

My daughter is improvement lot reading and talking but still she is need to achieve goal. I found she struggling in finishing the dialogue.

Best regards
Ye min/ sumaiya Father
Thanks for teacher navinda



Good teaching skills

I am Jigar mehta would prefer i learn tamil to all. Its a good tamil speaking course. Mrs Gaytri taught me very will tamil. She is really helpful and has a good teaching method. Thank you.

Jigar Mehta


Very good learning – Tamil

Srimathy M’am is very good. Teaches very well. Very patient and understanding. Really enjoyed learning from her


Aditi Sampat




Patient Tamil Tutor

Ms. Gayathri A is most patient Tutor. She is always smiling and willing to accommodate in case needed. She has a good teaching method. Her ways of teaching is very useful for me.


Gargi Banerjee



Excellent institute of Tamil learning.

I enrolled my son Kavish for Tamil learning and I am so impressed with the way it is taught at ilearntamil. They are made so comfortable with the language and the syllabus is planned very nicely. My son’s teacher Geetha Mam is also very cooperative and knows how to make Kavish interested in the language. Overall very happy with the experience.


Sejal Jain Jain


I have started learning tamil through ilearnTamil.com

I have started learning tamil 1and half month back.
Ammbiga Sivagurunathan is my tutor.
In this period, because of mam’s honest efforts and brilliant teaching, I am now in position to say small sentences in Tamil.
Normal conversation with my tamil friends is possible for me now and even I am able to understand simple sentences.

I am thankful to Ilearntamil.

Deepika Badhwar


Both my son and daughter learning Tamil

Both my son and daughter are in this program. Both can understand tamil but responding back ( specifically daughter) was issue. Initially she was not interested but Meenu was very patient, gave space and even tried making the sessions fun. Working with meenu has been great and looking forward to work together.

Ramalakshmi Ramakrishnan


Testimonial for Ilearntamil class experience

It was a great 10 classes with Ilearntamil! Thank you to my teacher, Mdm Maha, for being so friendly and kind and making every class very fun with different tasks each day! My purpose of joining the spoken tamil class was to be able to understand the grammatically correct way to speak Tamil and to improve my fluency in the language, which i feel has definitely improved through this experience. Thank you to the whole team of Ilearntamil for the wonderful experience:)


Anjali Nair


Tamil language teaching

My daughters have started taking interest in Tamil language speaking after attending your online coaching. I would like to continue for few more months. Please advise suitable further action.

Shyamsunder iyer



Online Hindi Class

Mam was an amazing teacher. She taught hindi each and everything with a lot of patience. She has given multiple examples to understand the tough words. In ten days I have learnt a lot. She supported clearing doubts even in offline apart from class hours. Thanks a lot for your contribution.



My Daughter learning Tamil to read and write

My 7yr old daughter has started her Tamil class and completed her First 10 classes . She has shown a lot of progress learning Tamil since she started. Teacher is very nice and friendly and flexible with the timing since we stay in different time zone .I see the confidence in my daughter when she speak tamil now. Thanks to the teacher.


Mathangi Gopalakrishnan


My first tamil class

I always wanted to be able to read and write tamil. Ilearntamil was a great platform for starting my path to learn tamil. Mrs. Malini was my teacher and I owe her a lot for introducing me to tamil. The course curriculum was easy to follow and she was very helpful in patiently teaching me the language the way a native speaker would talk or write. I would like to continue my journey sometime in the future and be able to talk and read, write in tamil fluently.

Thank you,
Karthik R


About Meenu Teacher- Tamil classes

Tamil student of iLearnTamil.comOur daughter Sri though can understand Tamil, had tough time to try speak in Tamil. Meenu has assisted her well in 10 classes and now she is willing to try. She has been very patient with her and adapted her teachings to our request. We are looking forward for more classes to improve her talking.



Charanya Veerappan



Wonderful course

When I came across this course, I was really wondering how a child could learn a new language in 10 days. But Meena, the teacher has proven that it’s possible. By day 5 my child was able to read very well and as the course comes to an end, he is reading lessons, all in less than 10 days. Teacher has immense patience and is passionate about teaching. She is very understanding and goes along with the child’s mood. I would recommend this course gladly to my friends and I am very glad to have enrolled my son into this program.

Anandhi Venkateshan


Recommended for young children too!

My 4 year old daughter started taking tamil lessons over the last few months. Her teacher, Devaki Mam, is very good with children and my daughter loves her classes with her. My daughter exhibits more confidence when trying to talk in Tamil now compared to before. Thanks!

Preethi Jayaram



A wonderful learning experience!

Learning Tamil through this online platform has been a wonderful learning experience for me. I appreciate the enthusiasm and patience of Gayathri, the teacher who was assigned to me for this course. Though, I took only ten lessons in Tamil over a period of two months, my tutor helped me feel at ease, encouraged me, and also I felt inspired enough to boldly communicate in Tamil with people around me whose native language is Tamil. Some of the lesson plans really helped in loosening my mental blocks, especially when it came to the use of the tenses. I am grateful to this initiative that helps making a non-Tamilian feel uninhibited to communicate and to celebrate the beauty of this ancient, sacred language from India.




I was looking for Tamil classes

I was looking for tamil classes for my 7 year old son -Sriram and came across ilearntamil . Initially was hesitant with online classes for little kids but my perspective was changed with the pandemic. We started out classes with Ms.Nivedha after our demo lessons as we felt the learning approach was good. Instead of the traditional way of starting with tamil alphabets , the learning path was weaved around the regular used spoken expression which helped my son to read tamil sentences within a span of 2.5 months. We went further with writing classes and deeper grammatical usage to gain more understanding with Ms.Nivedha and it’s working out well. These classes have really given us the required start from scratch and recommend this for anyone who wants to learn tamil .

Priyadharshini S


6 Year Old Tamil Class with Teacher Kalyani

Initially, my son, Seyon, did not have a good grasp of tamil and was not very confident to speak the language.

Seyon has been attending Tamil classes with Teacher Kalyani. Teacher Kalyani is very patient with him and encourages him to speak tamil through a combination of songs and interactive games. His tamil word pronunciation and vocabulary has improved greatly under her lessons and we are grateful for her dedication and commitment to teaching tamil to young children.

Thank you Teacher Kalyani.


Prakash Yanaprakasam


Feedback for Jenitha Ma’am


I have been taking classes with Jenitha Ma’am for the last couple of months. It’s been a great learning experience so far and I could see myself getting closer to my goal of being able to speak and understand Tamil. I am very happy with the classes and hoping to continue them. Thank you to the ilearntamil team.



Great and friendly teaching!

My son is being tutored by Tamil teacher Jenitha Joseph and he is showing great progress.She is very friendly and have great patience in teaching kids.

Sujeetha Kalimuthu



From Malaysia with Love- Tamil classes

This class was recommended by my brother. Initially we were doubtful on how this whole session was going to go about…especially us being in Malaysia and Teacher Geetha in India…but indeed it is worth! Worth the money….I saw a great progress in my daughter’s Tamil grasp….from zero level…to being able to read well just after 10 classes. Teacher Geetha simply knew how to get her right with her excellent teaching skills. I have extended my daughter’s class now and got my son who is 18, who is also waiting for his SPM results, to enroll too. My son finds Teacher Geetha knowledgeable, cheerful & approachable! Now I recommend ilearntamil to my relatives and friends and I believe age is no barrier nor is distance. Thank you Ms Sudha of ‘ ilearntamil’ & Teacher Geetha for your teaching effort. We really appreciate it!!

Vijenthi R.


As a European, Tamil is

As a European, Tamil is so different from any language I know. I enjoy so much the cultural immersions during my lessons with my tutor Gayathri. She makes it very easy and funny to learn Tamil and thanks to her, I will be able to talk with locals on my next trip to Tamil Nadu.


Madeleine Walther


Tamil Classes – Jenita Joseph

Since I began the classes – 10 classes, to begin with, I have been quite satisfied.
Thus far we have completed four classes via Zoom online. The classes began on 14 April 2021.

The instructor has started with the basics and gradually moved on at a reasonable pace.
The atmosphere has been quite friendly and I have no hesitation in asking questions in between the lessons for clarification.

Jenhita, has been helpful in providing me assistance required to grasp the material where needed.

My email address is andrewstn@yahoo.com

Andrew Soosainathan



Amazing experience : Tamil classes

I have enrolled my son in these tamil classes and Devaki mam has been amazing. He has learnt and improved a lot in his vocabulary. She’s very pleasant, understanding and teaches adjusting to the kids moods especially in these lockdown times. Shes always punctual, communicative and has a clear structure of teaching and also makes the class very interactive. My son thoroughly enjoys her classes and we continue learning with ilearn. Glad to have found this platform.




ILearnTamil, a big boon for us

We’re registered in ILearnTamil since last 4 months. We’re glad that we found this website just by searching in google. The management is very professional and the classes are structured. We would continue the classes with ILearnTamil as we are very much satisfied with their way of teaching and most importantly our teacher Sasipriya. She is really very sincere and at the sametime very friendly with our Son. She motivates his enthusiasm to learn Tamil and cope up with his learning pattern nicely. ILearnTamil is totally a great Opportunity.


Vanitha Ganapathy


Kudos to Kalyani!- IlearnTamil teacher

Kalyani has been teaching tamil to my son for past few months and has done a wonderful job so far. My son loves joining her class as she keeps him engaged in an informal way while ensuring he builds on his tamil fluency. Keep up the good work Kalyani!

Naveen k govardhan


My son who is 11 years old is learning spoken tamil

My son who is 11 years old is learning spoken tamil and he is progressing well.
His teacher Gayathri is very good and patient and she teach him according to his level. She gives him a very comfortable feel so that he also shows interest in learning.

The materials are also designed in such a way that the students can copeup easily.
I am very happy with ilearn and also happy to see my son progressing in his mother tongue.




Friendly tutor and lively Tamil class

I am Narmatha and my son Jai who is 6 years old is learning Tamil with Ilearn for the past one month. His tutor is Mrs. Kalyani Nataraj and she has very good skills in dealing with kids. Her way of teaching is very lively with lot of games and fun activities which makes my kid feeling not bored and he doesn’t feel like he is attending a class. He enjoys the class and learning very fast. Will definitely recommend to my friends. Thank you Mrs. Kalyani Nataraj.

Narmatha Rathinam


Learning Tamil – in a enjoyable way

My 5 year old daughter has been attending online classes from  ilearn tamil for the past 6 months . I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my daughters speaking, reading and writing abilities . I would like to credit Meena mam from iLearn Tamil for her dedication and well planned lessons. In every class Meena mam ensures there is a good mix of oral, reading and writing segments and also plays good youtube videos to make it enjoyable for the kids. I am glad to see my daughter enjoying her tamil lessons. Being overseas and away from India I would like to thank Sudha and Meena mam for this brilliant platform so that kids can continue to learn to appreciate our Tamil language.

Vidya Badrinarayanan



Excellent Tamil teaching

Interaction between Kalyani mam and my daughter is very good..The way she teaches my kid is very exciting…My kid pick up so fast with her way of teaching, story telling and tamil rhymes…To be frank the teaching is better than the school teaching…




Very happy to find about the online Tamil class

Hi . When I was desperate and I started searching about online flash cards or some
Materials to teach my kid Tamil . I was very happy to find about the online Tamil class . Was not sure. Very surprised and happy about how well organized the service is. Our daughter has been struggling to learn Tamil language and even though we speak Tamil, but we could not teach or make it simple enough for her other than speaking. Classes are online and Language is broken down into simple concepts and with color and pictures in a way kids enjoy learning . It’s detailed but simplified classes made it very easy for her and they make it clear and so much improvement in few weeks already . And teacher subhasree is super and we are very great to have her. Very happy parent


Hemalatha Narayanasamy


A great headstart for my kid- Tamil classes

I learn tamil is a great platform to learn a language that’s totally new to the kids… The lessons are detailed and very well structured.. My son’s teacher Mrs Sushmita takes special interest in making the class more interactive and the ease with which she introduces new words and the way she teaches the nuances is amazing… She is friendly with the kids and they really look fwd to attending Tamil classes .. Kudos to the whole team.

Neha Sah



Kids enjoy Ilearn Tamil classes

We highly recommend Ilearn, kids enjoy going to ilearn online tamil class. Our experience has been positive so far. My daughter has been making really good progres. Our teacher Ms.Sushmita is really nice, keeping us posted with progres, giving valid feedback and having fun conversations with our kids.


Gayathri Thirugnanasambandam


Fun, structured and reliable – a perfect Tamil learning environment.

I have been learning Tamil via Skype from Nalina for the past almost 3 months. I am an adult learner who did go to Tamil School as a child, but I was never able to properly grasp the language and often felt unconfident trying to make conversation.

However, learning from Nalina has been truly wonderful. She creates a comfortable class environment and the lessons are fun, educational and engaging. She is very patient, and clearly has an exceptional grasp of both the Tamil and English languages and so can thoroughly explain concepts and present the material in a structured and organised fashion. I certainly intend to continue learning from her long-term, and her reliability and excellent time management means that we always meet when we say we will meet.

Thank you Nalina and the team at ilearnTamil! If you are looking to learn Tamil, no matter what stage you are at, I would highly recommend them!

Anantha Narayanan



Great Place to Learn Tamil

I have wanted to learn Tamil for a while now, and these classes are really helping my Tamil improve. Ms. Nalina is a very kind and patient teacher who explains things thoroughly. Under her instruction, my vocabulary has increased, my knowledge of grammar has increased, and as a result, I am able to understand and converse in Tamil more and more with my family. I am very thankful that I am able to take classes here, and to all wanting to learn Tamil, this is a wonderful place to do so.


Arya Kumar


Excellent coaching

My daughter Pooja started learning Tamil from Mrs.Nalina Durai last year. When we requested for the trial session, we didn’t quite expect how it will be. But Nalina was so friendly with Pooja and made the class very enjoyable for her. She loved the class in the first instance itself. To be frank, me and her dad loved it a lot and wanted to start the classes immediately. It’s taking time to make her speak in Tamil but Nalina is trying several ideas to break the barrier and help Pooja to speak. We are very confident that Pooja will speak fluently in Tamil soon as we clearly see all the hard work that is going in from the teacher as well as the student. Also, Pooja loves attending the classes every week and looks forward to it. Would highly recommend Nalina who is friendly with kids and puts them at ease in learning Tamil !!

Pooja Sudhakar


Great learning experience from ilearntamil

Learning Tamil here had been a great experience for my son living in USA who had been taking classes with Mrs.Brindha. My son had been reluctant to speak in Tamil, but he started showing more interest in learning and speaking lot of Tamil words after he started learning from ilearntamil. Mrs.Brindha was very friendly and motivating and my son was super happy to have this teacher. I would highly recommend the classes for anyone who wants to learn Tamil.

Mini Katheeja




Tamil Lessons for all

I like to learn languages. I can speak 3 languages fluently (Tamil, Hindi and English) and can do a basic conversation (Kannada) so far and want to add Tamizh to the list. I wish I had started using the services of this site earlier. I am very thankful to my Tamizh teacher, Prathibha madam. She was very helpful and taught me with a lot of patience. She taught the language by guiding me to understand the spoken language and use that in simple day-to-day conversations . I will certainly continue learning Tamizh and request for more classes.


Surya P


Both my son and daughter

Both my son and daughter are taking the lessons from the tutor Sushmitha Rangarajan. Sushmitha is very patient with them and teaching very well. Initially we had the lessons together with both of the kids and she suggested to separate them into different sessions which worked out better. She is very prompt with response to the messages and communicate constantly via WhatsApp. Kids like the classes and we will continue the lessons with Sushmitha.


Palani Solai


Homely Learning atmosphere

The Learning method looks very friendly and seems informative to us. It’s like learning from one of our family members. The tutor makes the kids comfortable before starting her class.
Good luck I learnt tamil group.


Subashini Pagadala



Thanks to Prathiba

Distance (Tamil) learning could be a challenge and even so when it involves 6 years old twin boys. Our Tamil teacher Prathiba came well recommended for her teaching skills, interaction and patience. She has met our expectations as parents and we appreciate her prompt communication on lessons and follow up . We continue to be grateful for her lessons on zoom.



Madhavan Rajan


Very good teacher : Tamil

My both kids have been learning Tamil from Ms Prathiba for couple of months. She is a very good, dedicated and sincere teacher. She also tries her best to accommodate the requests from parents for the improvement of the kids. I am very satisfied with her. Thank you.



Shiji Ann


Tamil classes online

I really enjoyed the Tamil classes.

Malini aunty is a great teacher and is very friendly.

My focus was on spoken Tamil and she helped me improve my skills a lot.





Nice Tamil teacher

Devaki Mam is teaching us Tamil.She teaches me very nice.From the letters introduction to reading lines writing line she had taught me very nice.keep on going with great efforts !Always on time for teaching too..Great work





Nice teacher for Tamil

Devaki Mam is teaching us Tamil.She teaches me very nice.From the letters introduction to reading lines writing line she had taught me very nice.keep on going with great efforts !Always on time?Great work ?





Excellent Tamil teaching.

It has been an excellent experience for our 2 children aged 8 and 6, to be learning Tamil from Mrs. Devaki in the last few months. We live abroad and our children while they understand Tamil were not confident of speaking Tamil. However over the past 6 months they have both worked with the teacher really hard and are now starting to understand and make the effort of speaking a few sentences in Tamil at home and during the class every day. I would commend Mrs Devaki on her patience and skill in teaching Tamil to young children over Zoom/ Skype as well as her efforts with teaching our elder one with reading and practicing with Tamil letters on the calls. We look forward to working with ilearntamil and Mrs Devaki for quite some time to make our children more proficient with Tamil. Thank you for all your efforts and hard work and we do keep recommending ilearntamil and her to our friends and family.




Excellent coaching for Tamil

The teacher who teaches our kids does an excellent job in keeping them engaged. She always has innovative ways to teach them and making the whole experience of learning a fun activity.


Sampath Tirumalai



Excellent class for kids to learn Tamil!

The classes are excellent. My child is not a native speaker of Tamil. Mrs Ambika has done a wonderful job in patiently teaching my child. She is able to interact well with the child on the online medium. She is able to adjust the pace of class to suit the child’s learning. The content material is well curated to help the child pick up spoken Tamil. I am very happy with the class and the teacher. Thank you!


Shalini S


Great spoken Tamil class

It has been a great learning experience for my kids with Brinda ma’am. The lessons are well structured and the homework is very creative every week. They have been learning for 6 months with tremendous improvement in their vocabulary. Definitely would recommend this class for kids to learn Tamil in a fun way!!


Meena Senthil



About Tamil teacher

We are very pleased with Ms. Yeshodha’s teachings. She is very thorough and the lessons are well thought-out. She goes over useful vocabulary for conversations and thoroughly teaches writing to our daughter. In just a few short months, our daughter is now able to speak conversationally and with confidence and read and write in Tamil. We are very happy with what she has learned so far, and are excited to see what else she learns.


Shweta Bala



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