Having accumulated over 12 years of experience, ilearntamil.com proudly features a team exceeding 70 devoted teachers hailing from diverse regions within Tamil Nadu, serving thousands of students worldwide. Now, let’s hear what our students have to say about their experiences with us.

Beginner Tamil Lessons

I have been taking the classes with Geetha for about 3 months now and I have been finding I have been able to catch on the the language better than I thought I would. Geetha has been very patient with me as I struggle through the language to a point where I have been finding myself building the confidence to speak the language. I have been finding these lessons to be very beneficial and can be done from anywhere in the world.   Beau Rogers .

Spoken Tamil – Good Lessons & Teacher

My 12yr old likes the online classes, especially working with his teacher! He does not complain to attend the classes!! The lessons are well organized and we will continue until he is able to speak fluently.


Abi Ganesan



Excellent teaching to speak in Tamil

I would recommend Kalyani for anyone who is starting with Tamil speaking class. Kids love to have class and they don’t want to miss any class. They started understanding Tamil, started speaking more Tamil words . It is joy to see the way kids progress .



Nithya Vasanthakumar


I have thoroughly enjoyed my Tamil classess

I have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons through ilearntamil. The flexibility of the classes allows me to learn at my own pace and learn aspects of Tamil based on my interests and needs. My instructor, Geetha, set the foundation for the course by understanding the level of Tamil I already knew and building upon it. I look forward to my classes each week and my confidence in speaking Tamil has grown since my first class.


Archana Raghavan



The best platform to learn tamil

Learn Tamil online - Tamil student iLearnTamil.comIlearntamil is I believe the best platform to learn tamil. My tutor Geetha maam, is very patient and teaches the language very well. The material also is very good and I am to grasp the language in a very smooth and efficient manner. Hats off to the staff and geetha maam of ilearntamil.


Aditya Musaddi


Effective and fun way to learn tamil

My daughter has been learning Tamil from miss Sushmitha . She enjoys communicating with the teacher and looks forward for her classes. In 8 classes, I have seen a steady improvement in her spoken Tamil grammar and vocabulary. There is a lot of emphasis on conversational Tamil and I do see that Tamil for my daughter is becoming her second nature and is able to communicate with ease. The classes are fun and at the same time they learn a lot.


Nandini g


Geetha Mam is excellent teacher for Tamil

Geetha Mam is excellent teacher. She going little deep and make sure we understand things . She is friendly and come up with new ways to understand tamil . Strongly recommend Geetha Mam .

Deepali Chaudhari



Great resource for learning Tamil

Miss Sushmita has been the Tamil teacher for both my kids aged 10 and 6. They have been loving her class and enjoy learning new words. She makes sure to revise the lessons before moving forward and also focuses on pronunciation. I see a great improvement in my kids, when they speak Tamil now.

Thank you Miss Sushmita for being a great teacher.



Tamil learning made easy and effective

My kids 10yr and 12yr old learnt Tamil in ilearn for only 10 classes, as of now they have learnt considerable amount of Tamil words.They can speak commonly used sentences.They can identify the Tamil letters and write them. I am very much satisfied with their classes and I will continue the class further.The teacher was very dedicated and they had flexible timings which was very


Geetha Lakshmanan


Friendly Tamil tutoring

I am really glad I got introduced to Devaki teacher. Her friendly and homely approach to teaching made my daughter comfortable and eager to learn tamil. She has laid a good foundation. I will highly recommend her to anyone.



Madhumathi Devasenapathy



A good teacher – Sushmitha

We are glad to have Mrs.Sushmitha as our Tamil teacher. She’s been very helpful and patient to my daughter. We appreciate her teaching and the work she does. Thank you!

Bhagavathi Priya


Good platform to read and write Tamil

My 11 year old son can speak Tamil fluently but couldn’t read or write. After taking classes with Ms. Yashoda from Ilerntamil.com, he is now able to read and write and we are happy to continue his lessons.



Guhan Mathivanan


Mellina – Bengaluru: About Tamil classes

We parent of Mellina, student of Kalyani ma’am. She is studying to her since October. Its almost 6 months now. She learnt Tamil a lot than we expected. Kalyani ma’am is such an energetic teacher. My daughter is very much interested in her class. The way she teaches the songs is appreciable. The worksheets given also very useful. Also she narrates the story, she explains Thirukkural with examples. Everything is Well and good. We are very much satisfied with her teaching. We would like to continue classes with her. Even my daughter says that “even if I grow up I will learn Tamil from Kalyani aunty only”.





Best Tamil teacher

Our family is all praises for Mrs.Jenitha’s . She connects with the child pretty easily and evolves her coaching session around the child’s learning ability and same time she makes sure to push the learning ability of the child as well . We are very happy with Mrs.Jenitha



Rashmi Murugesh


Great place to learn Tamil

I have wanted to learn Tamil since I was young, but never found a way to do so. Now, with these wonderful lessons every week, I am slowly able to speak more and more in Tamil at home and with friends. Not only are the lessons very helpful, but PDFs are always provided at the end of each class so that one can study as much as needed. It is also a very personalized experience, so one can learn at their own pace. ilearnTamil is an amazing platform and I highly recommend it.


Arya Kumar


Good learning experience – ilearnTamil.com

Devaki teacher is a good teacher. She keeps us entertained . When the class is done. She puts us story and I do not want to go from the class. I want to learn even when the class is done with Devaki teacher. she is really good teacher . I will refer my teacher to my friends too.


vanshika shanmugavadivel



Good teachers do not teach something different; they teach the same thing differently.

Its been a very good learning for my kid who lives in UK.I badly wanted to teach her my home language but she was struggling hard to pick it up.I kind of tried lots of techniques to make her speak my home language but i failed in doing so. I enrolled for tamil classes with ilearn – Devaki mam for my 4 year old daughter. Initially, I was bit hesitant to start for online class thinking my daughter wouldn’t focus online but Devaki mams teaching methods were excellent and very interesting. I have just had 5 classes but my daughter is quite interested to talk in Tamil and started framing sentences really well.Now she is more interested to talk only in tamil with her grandparents.Thanks to Devaki mam and ilearn. I am happy to continue more classes with Devaki mam and ilearn tamil.Many of my friends told me that your kid will naturally pick up your home language but thats not true in my case.I started believing that good teachers do not teach something different; they teach the same thing differently which is true in my case.Thanks for the effort that ilearn is putting in.



Great learning experience from ilearntamil

Learning Tamil here had been a great experience for my son living in USA. The teacher was very friendly and motivating. My son started showing more interest in learning and speaking lot of Tamil words after he started learning from ilearntamil. I would highly recommend the classes for anyone who wants to learn Tamil.



Mini Katheeja


Amazing Tamil learning experience and skilled teaching

I am taking online classes from Prathiba and very happy with the learning experience so far. As an adult, I initially thought that learning a new language such as Tamil would be a herculean task. But after having the first session with Prathiba, I was assured that it is possible to learn at whatever pace I am comfortable with. Her teaching style is amazing and she really adapts to the learning style of the student. Importantly, she is very patient so I feel comfortable asking her any questions. I highly recommend taking classes from ilearnTamil. Their team is very co-operative and prompt in their responses.

Pranali Deore


The best online Tamil language lessons

My boys (9 and 7) have been attending Spoken Tamil classes with Ms Nalina for the last three months remotely from NJ, USA. I cannot say enough good things about Ms Nalina – and the program. Ms Nalina right from the start identified the boys level and our target – which was basic fluency before our summer vacation to meet the extended family – and has been working towards that. She is not only very patient but hasn’t allowed the medium ie teaching online to compromise the quality of the classes. Her lesson planning is excellent and the ways she explains things is easy for the boys to grasp. She pitched her lessons at the right level so the boys are mostly engaged. We are super happy to have found such a great teacher for our boys and expect they will be able to speak Tamil fluently very soon.

Priya Dwarakanath


My Tamil teacher has been a really wonderful thing

My Tamil teacher has been a really wonderful thing for me to look forward to twice a week. As somebody who grew up speaking a dialect of Tamil, Tamil classes have been something ive always wanted to do as an adult. I Learn Tamil’s curriculum and teaching style is accessible and the pace allows the student to lead their own learning. I wish some of the curriculum was more suited for adults but its fun anyways!


Janhavi Madabushi


Tamil learning…Online?…It’s truly possible

I had joined ilearnTamil in the second week of November with Mrs. Nalina Kumari as my teacher and have no regrets. I needed a platform through which I could learn everyday Tamil at my own pace and had stumbled into ilearnTamil on my way while searching on the internet. After having tried so many books and ways of learning Tamil, I was finally able to learn spoken Tamil through this platform. I am finally able to comprehend and speak in Tamil, something that was a distant dream at one point of time. I have also started watching Tamil movies without subtitles. I cannot put in words how much improvement I have seen in myself after this course.

Nalina ma’am’s style of teaching is something I have found in a very few teachers. She moulds the syllabus according to the student’s need and speed. After she was confident that I was able to understand a little bit of Tamil, she started talking to me in Tamil and would ask me to stop her whenever I had a doubt.
ilearnTamil conducts competitions which help one in enriching their vocabulary and have a continuous learning process. I am looking forward to many more such competitions from ilearnTamil.

I wish ilearnTamil all the best for their future endeavours and thank them for letting learning reach students in their unique way.



Online Tamil Learning for Kids

It has been a good experience for my son. My son was having difficulties to understand Tamil given we are not native speakers and in school Tamil is the second language.

Through I Learn Tamil, my son is now able to understand and gain interest in learning Tamil. He is slowly picking up to speak few sentences now.

Teacher is interactive and encourage my son to learn and express. I Learn Tamil is really a great place for kids…

Thank you

Simmi Lijoy


Thank you to Geeta Mam- Tamil classes

Geeta mam is quite helpful and very easy way they teach me . In 10 classes I felt bit confidence about tamil . She was very calm during hours even I do mistake . Thank you Mam for your help ?





My Tamil Teacher

Hello Ms. Nivedha, Thank you for helping us to improve our Tamil spoken language, the way you teach very helpful to practice and learn faster.
We feel so lucky to have you as our Tamil teacher.
We so much like your class room fun and engaging approach.





My Tamil learning experience with Geeta Mam.

Well, I just want to say that Geeta Mam is an excellent teacher, that all my progress in Tamil was because of her, and thanks for all the help you gave me with the study. Thank you Geeta teacher. I can say that without your teaching right now I couldn’t speak and write anything in Tamil and look at me now, I am reading and writing Tamil. I appreciate so much your patience everyday with me, making all the time to our classes so entertaining and interesting, trying to explain with different ways when I didn’t understand some word, sentence or exercise. Thank you for your effort every day.


Anantha Rajgoapl Vinjamuri


Easy to learn Tamil

As a mum I’m really happy to see my son familiar with tamil words and reading tamil. He also able to recognize and differentiate how to pronounce it proper method. Thank you so much especially to MS Nalina the teacher who is guiding him patiently and make him interested to learn and understand tamil more each day during lessons.



Sarasvathy munisamy


My children have been learning Tamil

My children have been learning Tamil with Nalina for a few months now. They have gone from knowing nothing to understanding precisely what my husband and I speak when we don’t want them to know. The classes are flexible and work around our crazy busy schedule. I have found Nalina to be the embodiment of patience when it comes to my children, and I give her so much credit for that. I am very happy with this program and highly recommend it.


Preethi Ganapathy


Great start- Tamil classes

I was looking for Tamil classes for my 7 year old son Krish and after trying couple of programs, I landed on ILearnTamil.com and found it to be exactly what I was looking for.
The curriculum is perfect for someone who is learning to speak the language, especially targeting the younger ones. It easy and fun too.
A big thanks to our teacher Ms. Nalina who always goes above and beyond to find ways that would help quicken the learning process and also make it fun.

Anand Palanivel




I wish I knew about Tamil classes when my daughter was 3 year old

With the help of this classes my daughter is able to say few words
We will continue and hopefully she can turn that into sentences and conversations
Spoken is easy on the kids as well, instead of spending their energy to read and write.
The teachers are accommodating and very helpful, they know how to teach and their curriculum is structured.


Srihari Padmanabhan



Tamil classes online

We have been having classes with Mrs.Nivedha for quite some time now , our son’s knowledge has greatly improved. He’s started writing and reading Tamil . The materials provided by teacher were very good and interesting for kids . Above all patience of the teacher to deal with little kids is extra ordinary .
Thank you so much for all you do .


Arun Thirunavukkarasu



Great class to learn tamil

It’s a pleasure to work with Sushmitha, she is a great teacher and managers to keep my 5 year old engaged all through class . My child’s spoken Tamil has significantly improved and she knows to write and identify all the basic letters…

Thanks a lot


Preetha Narayanaswamy



Our kids enjoy learning tamil.

We are enrolled in ilearntamil for 6 months now. We have had a wonderful experience with our teacher- Malini mam. She makes learning tamil enjoyable for kids. Would highly recommend to our friends who are interested in teaching kids their mother tongue.



Jessita Albert


Highly recommend Tamil classes

Sushmitha has been teaching my kids to speak Tamil and over the course of a few months they now understand key words, phrases and even have formed the capability to construct simple sentences. This is outstanding considering my children did not speak a word prior to having lessons with her . She also knows how to keep my young kids engaged over zoom and simplify things to a level they understand. I would highly recommend her and ITamil for anyone looking to learn the language.

Kavitha Susibalan



Excellent Tamil classes!

I am really enjoying my lessons with Sushmitha Ma’am.
It is very informative and she always keeps the lessons interesting. I can already notice my Tamil improving!


Wafia Hussain



I am enjoying my Tamil classes

I am enjoying my Tamil Lessons, it has helped me to improve my Tamil and I am able to converse better with my family. My teacher Geetha Ma’am is very organised and friendly.

Hania Hussain


Tamil classes feedback

Kids are learning well. Geetha madam is very prompt and cooperative. We are happy with her teaching methodologies.
I have requested for more tamil moral, behaviour and cultural aspects to be taught along with the classes.

Usha devaraj


Amazing Experience- Learning Tamil

I never thought learning Tamil could be so much fun! Malini ma’am makes it so easy and engaging! I had been searching for ways to learn the language for a really long time and one fine day I stumbled upon this platform and my search ended here!
If you’re someone who doesn’t have the slightest idea about the language but are keen to learn it then this is the place for you!
I’ve recommended ilearntamil to my best friend and she’s equally glad to have found this platform!

Great job guys! Lots of Love..?

Sakshi Maheshwari


Great tamil class and teacher

My daughter has been in Tamil classes since last 3 months, and the teacher is very good. She has a pleasing manner, is friendly and talks and encourages my daughter to speak more in Tamil. The resources shared by the teacher are very helpful for revision. We appreciate the teacher’s enthusiasm while taking the class. My child likes her teacher and is picking up a lot of new words and is getting more comfortable to speak in Tamil.

Rohini Sathappan


Great teaching system in Tamil

Hi I am Karthik. I’m from Chennai, Tamil Nadu and moved to Singapore. Thank you ilearnTamil, You made me speak Tamil much better. Teacher Andal was very kind. Really puts herself in student’s shoes when students find learning Tamil very difficult.
The TamilChamp competitions are really good for practicing your vocabulary. Teacher Andal really put a lot of effort into teaching me Tamil. Now I’m trying to speak and read and write a lot in Tamil.

Karthik Shanmuganantham


Fun learning online Tamil classes for kids

It has been a good experience for my kid who is living in USA. He is learning to read as well as write Tamil. Mrs.Meena from IlearnTamil is an amazing teacher. She is very patient and friendly with my kid. Her teaching strategy is very simple and interesting, so kids understand and follow her very well. She is very flexible in her schedule too. The lessons are structured and Mrs. Meena also engages in conversing in tamil with kids which helps with picking up the language easily. The content is thorough, covering all aspects of the language in a progressive way. My son looks forward to attend the class every week. Thanks to Mrs.Meena who has been really passionate in teaching my kid in a fun and interactive way that would have stories and songs. Overall best experience. I would highly recommend Mrs. Meena from Ilearntamil for online Tamil classes. Kudos for your effort & Good Luck to the entire team.

Dhivya Rupini R



Tamil teaching method is good

Hi Team,

Prathibha is very good teacher and understand the student concerns very well. Her teaching methods will allow students to learn Tamil quickly and make them good learner. Learning in her guidance is very good.

Deviprasad Gampa


I am enjoying my Tamil

I am enjoying my Tamil lessons, they have been very helpful and I am able to converse better with my family.
Hania Hussain



My kids started learning Tamil language

Even though my kids started learning the language a little later than I would have liked ( ages 12 and 10) I’m very glad that the teacher is able to keep them engaged and eager to learn every week. The teacher is very clear in her instruction while being approachable and friendly. I think this curriculum is perfect for any family beginning to learn Tamil.




My child started learning Tamil

My child started learning Tamil from teacher Sushmitha. We are not native tamil and we dont have any background in Tamil. My child need to start learning Tamil as she has to learn it in primary 1. Within 10 classes she knew all the alphabet and some words. Now she can attempt to read new words also. She has a very good progress within a short span of time.
Teacher Sushmitha’s teaching methods are very good. She maintain a very good interaction and connection with my child. She was well adapting and changing the teaching style according to the child behavior and interest.
Thank you for inspiring my child.



My son has been learning Tamil

My son has been learning to read write and speak Tamil from Ms. Meena on ilearntamil.com for over 3 months now. At first he didn’t know a single word or letter. But with patient and expert handling, Ms. Meena has not only managed to teach him to slowly read and write but he is now eager to learn to speak it as well. Could not find a better teacher than Meena ma’am. Thank you ilearntamil.com

Chatura Narasimhan


Excellent Way To Learn Tamil!

Vanakkam! Being in the US, it was tough to find a way for my kids to learn Tamil in a fun and more personalized manner. ilearntamil.com’s Ms.Sushmita turned out to be the perfect choice for us. Ms.Sushmita, my son’s teacher is a wonderful and warm tutor! Dhyaan looks forward to his Tamil classes twice a week. He has started conversing with us in basic Tamil, and is becoming increasingly confident with his Tamil skills. We truly appreciate Ms.Sushmita and ilearntamil.com platform for helping our kids learn and excel in Tamil 🙂

Dhivya Venkatesh


Great teacher and always available for questions

My teacher Madam Jenitha has helped me improve my speaking and writing skills. She was able to answer my questions when needed and help me gain confidence in my speaking ability. Under her guidance I hope to become a real fluent speaker as well as a good writer in Tamil. I think the platform set is an ideal one for students like me to learn or develop new language skills.
Thank you

Rhaasrikanesh Kanavathi


ilearntamil, an Excellent e- Learning Platform.

Tamil student of iLearnTamil.comRecently I have attended spoken Tamil learning class via ilearntamil online classes. This is an excellent Tamil learning platform using standard teaching materials. Lessons are graded and very much systematized.
I am thankful to Ms. Sudha of Ilearntamil to provide me an excellent Tamil Teacher Ms. Geetha. I appreciate her style of teaching which makes her trainee learn easily. She is a highly knowledgeable person. I am writing these words with high regards!
I want to place a suggestion here. Though the syllabus and teaching material is very systematic, it appears that it has been made for kids using situations like rising from bed, brushing teeth, playing etc. Whereas you are getting adult trainees also. Therefore I will suggest you to provide some content keeping in mind your adult learners also.
Thanks and regards,
Dr. Bishwanath Jha



6 Months – Tamil classes

It’s been 6 months since my sister and I started learning Tamil. While we could already speak the language, we couldn’t really do much more. However, now, we can read, write, and understand Tamil. This Tamil method of teaching is incredibly useful because it allows us to learn Tamil with morals and stories while still allowing us to understand the theory. We also get to understand more about the depths of Tamil culture and understanding the history of our language and our people.

Anandha Selvan Premanandhan




Testimonial for Tamil class

We’ve been using ilearnTamil for about 6 months now and our Tamil has definitely improved. Our teacher, Mrs. Meena, has helped us improve by giving us vocabulary quizzes, reading passages over and over again, and has also helped our conversing skills. We can definitely see that our spoken Tamil as well as our reading and writing has improved!

Anandha Selvi Premanandhan and Anandha Selvan Premanandhan


Testimonial for Tamil classes – Ms. Pratibha Immanuel

It was a great learning experience with Ms Pratibha.. still learning and trying to sharpen the skills

She has a unique way of curating and improvising the classes basis the requirement….which helps the student a lot..

Would strongly recommend her as a new age trainer/ teacher for learning Tamil

Wish her more success..

Ramesh V


We are happy with the Tamil classes

We are happy with the Tamil class for my kids. They are learning well. Overall we are satisfied with the lessons and the teacher for their service.

Jincy K.John


Tamil class online

My daughter is attending online tamil classes and she loves it. Her teacher Yasodha is loving and supportive, my daughter always looks forward to her class every week. Also, I see a very good improvement in her tamil vocabulary.

Nandini velusamy


Hi..The Tamil class was super..Jenitha mam

Hi..The class was super..Jenitha mam teaching was nice.my daughter like her class a lot..I am not with her throughout the class but she was happy with the mam and teaching..Now she is very much interested to learn Tamil..I am happy for that..




Thanks Ilearn Tamil

My kids are taking Tamil classes through Ilearn for the past one month.Their teacher is Yesodha. She is a very dedicated teacher. Her way of teaching is so good. My kids love to attend her classes every week. And now they have already started reading passages. Thanks to Ilearn and Yesodha!




Good Learning Experience for Kids -Tamil

My 2 daughters (ages 12 and 9) in US have been attending online classes with ilearntamil for the last 6 months. Before joining ilearntamil they would only talk in English to their grandparents in India when they talk over phone. After the first 4 months of attending classes with ilearntamil they started conversing with their grandparents in Tamil and their grandparents were very happy to hear them speak in Tamil. The confidence in speaking Tamil has increased. Their teacher Meena is very patient, friendly and keeps the class interesting for the kids. The kids attend with interest and look forward to attending every class. Big thanks to Meena teacher. Highly recommend ilearntamil for someone who wants to learn to speak in Tamil.

Sakthivel Natarajan



My 9 year old son is taking tamil classes @ ilearntamil

My 9 year old son is taking tamil classes @ ilearntamil for a year now. He is enjoying his classes and always looks forward to the next class. All credit goes to his teacher Meena who is very friendly and motherly. She makes learning fun, simple and interesting by an interactive teaching style that would have stories and songs. His tamil pronunciation has improved a lot and he has started to speak in tamil at home. My otherwise distractive kid stays glued to his chair for the whole one hour and pays full attention which always surprises me 🙂 Many Thanks to ilearn and Meena for helping and sharing our responsibility of teaching our mother tongue to the kids. I highly recommend ilearnTamil, They got a structured curriculum that would help student of any age to learn tamil from scratch. Best wishes to the whole team!

Janani C


My Kids have been learning Tamil through Ilearntamil.com

My Kids have been learning Tamil through Ilearn from June 2020. I am very pleased with their progress. The tutors assess what level the kids are in the subject and plan their modules accordingly to suit each child needs. The tutors are very patient in teaching and explaining the children clearly. It is very interactive lesson. They engage and encourage the children to do the tasks.They are very approachable and flexible in timing. I would recommend to anyone who would be interested to learn the language.

Sivapriya Sudarshan


Tamil learning made easy

Hi everyone… We shifted to Chennai from Mumbai recently. I was searching for a teacher online to learn tamil. I found ilearn in google. In the beginning I was doubtful how useful it would be.But my teacher Meena made it easy. I am learning to write , read and talk in Tamil. I’m able to read and write Tamil by myself within short period of time. I recommend this classes for everyone who would like to learn the language.

Shilpa Patchipulusu




Excellent Education

Kids are learning Tamil with great fun.They picked up Tamil fast. Thank you Mrs.Jenitha Joseph for your dedication.
Big thank you to ilearntamil and team.


Faisal Ahmad






Immense improvement in Tamil

Thanks to the teachers at ilearntamil, my sisters have improved their proficiency in the language, which includes reading and writing. They now have a better understanding at the language and they are doing better in school.

Muzakki Ahmed



Happy with the tamil lessons

We have been taking tamil lessons for my 5 year old daughter for the last 3 months. I am extremely happy with her progress in both her written and oral communication. Special thanks to Meena mam who has been very patient with her and encouraging her to speak up and participate actively in the lessons. Her online lessons are well structured and she ensures there is equal time for oral and written communication. I will highly recommend Meena man and ilearn Tamil to anyone who wants to learn Tamil.




Tamil classes for my son

Engaged Madam Yesodha Vetrivel 8 months ago to coach my son to improve his oral in his Tamil language. She is very patient and bilingual (English) which made it very comfortable for my son to communicate to her during initial days as he hardly speaks a word in Tamil. My son usually wont enjoy his Tamil classes and will try to miss classes in any given chances. This is one class he looks forward to and enjoys it. He is very comfortable with her and he has improved alot. Even though he has not started speaking a full sentence yet but most important he has gained confidence to try and speak as much as he can. This has helped him to improve in his ability to do the school work/test in school better. I am sure over time he will do better. I intend to continue classes with her and will strongly encourage anyone to engage her.




Everlasting learning – Tamil

Fortunately my son got one of the best teachers,Devaki. She was amazing in her teaching style. Her teaching had a rhythm and flow, so the learning was totally happy for my son. He thoroughly enjoyed the learning. Besides ma’am has created a good relationship with my son. It was very useful for in learning process. We are really thankful to Devaki ma’am.

Vetri selvan


Great Tamil Classes!

The classes offered by iLearnTamil.com are incredibly high quality. I have such a great rapport with my instructor Malini. She does such a great job conveying the material and in only a few months I’ve learned a lot of Tamil to the point where I’m able to begin to converse with native speakers of the language. I’d highly recommend these classes for any one interested in learning Tamil and I’d highly recommend Malini as an instructor!

Jacob Mevorach



I am very happy with Tamil classes

I am very happy with the learning experience with i learn Tamil …I learnt a lot about the language… I want to thanks the site also my tutor for teaching me so well…

Smaranika Pati


The best experience ever – Tamil classes online

Being in Chennai and not knowing the local language can be a bit daunting, not just a bit but whole lot daunting. While searching for a teacher to help me learn Tamil, I came across I Learn Tamil. They gave me such a wonderful teacher that learning Tamil does not look at all daunting but is a lovely experience. Geetha is such a fine teacher, tells you the related words, makes the language learning interesting and gives compliments and extra inputs about the culture. She called me “Karpoor buddhi” and I have been bragging this to everyone since then! I don’t want the classes to stop, though I have really learnt well in first ten classes. I will be continuing with them till I become confident. I am so happy to be connected to Geetha. I totally adore her! Another 10 classes… yeah why not 😀

Shaily Chaturvedi



Enjoyed the online classes. Would surely recommend it!

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience to learn a new language. Mrs Geetha was just the most sweetest and patient teacher ever. She altered class to meet my requirement and she adapts to our speed of learning. There were times when I would take several attempts to pronounce a word but her calming nature would let me learn from my mistakes. The timings too are very flexible.
I only took a couple of classes but will surely join back to master the language. For now I’m much more confident in having day to day conversations with people. Overall it was a please learning at ilearn Tamil.

Sharanya Vasant


Learning Tamil Letters writing class from Kalyani Madam

Tamil student - iLearnTamil.comWe had joined the class for our daughter studying at 2nd standard to learn Tamil letters reading and writing. Class environment was comfortable and Madam kept the class energetic and interesting. The pace at which Madam teaches, was comfortable with the child. After few classes, She is able to pickup Tamil letters and read it. Our daughter likes the class very much. We are happy with the progress and want to continue to go to the next level.




Exemplary coaching by Teacher Devaki

My 10 y/o daughter, living overseas, always looks forward to attending Teacher Devaki’s online Tamil lessons. Since we started our regular lessons early this year with ilearnTamil, my daughter has shown tremendous improvement in conversational Tamil. Thank you Teacher Devaki for patiently coaching my daughter. We appreciate it. Best wishes!



Good place to learn Tamil

ilearntamil.com is a great place to learn to speak in Tamil. My daughters are learning from Sushmita. She is very friendly and cheerful and makes the classes fun for young children. My children are confident to talk in Tamil now after attending lessons here. I am very happy with the whole experience.

Ramya Selvakumar


Tamil classes – ilearnTamil.com

I am glad to be giving feedback on IlearnTamil and Ms. Sushmita Rangarajan.My 9 year old daughter has been learning Tamil with Ms. Sushmita and has progressed very well. She can understand almost all our conversations and now is able to form sentences, colors and numbers in Tamil.

Ms. Sushmita teaches my daughter very passionately from day 1. The lessons and her teaching methods are easier for kids to understand and she incorporates the liking of my daughter and uses those to connect with words and sentences.

My Daughter who’s first language is English for the last 9 years have improved so much and is very interested to learn Tamil and she will watch English movies and will translate the meaning in Tamil.

We feel so happy that we found IlearnTamil and Ms. Sushmita Rangarajan.

Thank you for providing me an opportunity to give feedback. —



Friendly and passionate Tamil instructors

I was glad I could make use of ilearntamil’s services for my 5 year old in introducing him to Tamil sounds and pronunciation. Instructor Brindha is friendly and passionate. Also I liked the materials that I learn Tamil shares in their website for developing Tamil language skills.

Madhavan Dhamotharan


We love learning Tamil

My daughter is very comfortable and happy learning Tamil with your online classroom. Thank you Sushmitha mam for the effort you put on each class, I see good progress in language for my daughter.

Revathy Sivaswamy




I want to learn Tamil

I want to learn Tamil because I want to be able to talk my grandparents and also because it’s my native language.

Suja Sundar







Thank you!!- About Tamil classes

Tamil student of iLearntamil.comI have been learning Tamil for 2 months now and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I started learning because my husband of 18 years is Tamil and I thought it was time to learn his beloved language! It has quickly become a fun pastime for me and a bonding experience for me and my in-laws. I truly love the languages and feel so grateful I’m able to learn it from home.

Sushmita is a wonderful and caring teacher. She is so patient with me and helps me make The language learning practical to my everyday life. I have fun speaking what I know at home with confidence due to the coaching she provides me.





Ennaku Tamil romba piddikum.

I really want to thank I learn Tamil, and specially Devaki mam, due to which I was able to write the above written sentence. Devaki mam was very patient and her way of teaching was very beginner friendly. I am now able to converse basic sentences in Tamil. I am looking forward to be more and more fluent in Tamil and I hope one day I will be able to read thirikkul. Nandri. Vannakam.




Easy and Effective Tamil classes

We signed up my son to get Tamil spoken lessons. The teacher, Devaki, was easy to work with, she made learning fun. His spoken and understanding of the language has improved greatly. We are very happy with the progress and will use them again.





Tamil classes

These Tamil classes are a good way to learn Tamil for any level of skill. They make sure the student understands every word and take learning in easy stages. The teachers can teach any form of Tamil you would like to learn, writing and reading, spoken or a combination of both.

Advaith Srinivasan





Very patient and talented teacher

Mrs Geetha has been a very patient and an amazing teacher for our son, Advaith. Advaith has picked up good Tamil reading, writing and speaking skills for his age. He is a beginner and has been struggling during the early days. But Mrs Geetha has been very patient and persevering that Advaith is now getting more comfortable and interested. Thanks to Mrs Geetha, Advaith is now able to and attempts to narrate every day events in Tamil. He has also participated in a UK wide Tamil speech competition where he advanced to semi-finals, thanks to her support. We would highly recommend Mrs Geetha and iLearnTamil.com for your kids.

Advaith Srinivasan


Excellent Tamil teacher, patient, and accommodating

Ms. Devaki is an excellent teacher who starts at whatever skill level your child may be at. She is patient and has been very accommodating to our sometimes unpredictable schedules. My kid now speaks more Tamil than I have ever heard. A big thanks to Ms Devaki.




Thanks ilearnTamil!

If you had asked me five years ago if I would be able to learn a language called Tamil online, I would have been confused. Mainly because I didn’t even know what Tamil was at the time! As an American, I thought everyone in India spoke Hindi. Through the course of my relationship with my American-born Indian fiance, she stressed how important her Tamil culture, and especially the language, was to her. I wanted to learn Tamil to be closer to her family.

Finding a Tamil teacher or classes in the USA is very difficult: as a working professional, going into an in-person class isn’t feasible. I found ilearnTamil and requested a free online class. I was very intimated at first. Tamil and learning a language online was new to me. However, my excellent tutor Gayathri made me feel at ease from the first lesson. She stresses the importance of trying and experimenting with Tamil. Many times, we spend over half the lesson working on speaking directly to each other. We structure the learning material we used around the sentences I want to say and what I need to communicate with my fiance’s family. She helps with sentence structure, making sure I speak as Tamilians do. Gayathri emphasizes that there is no point in learning a language if you don’t use it, and encourages me to talk with my fiance’s extended family. She also teaches me about the culture, even sending some Dosa making tips!

Language is a barrier that breaks down walls, and learning Tamil through Gayathri has genuinely changed my relationship with my fiance’s family for the better. I hope to continue my lessons in the years to come to become even more proficient. With ilearnTamil, I know that is possible.

Christopher Chivetta


We love the Tamil class!

My daughter is in spoken Tamil class. She looks forward to each class to learn new Tamil words and loves her teacher Malini a lot. We are excited for her to learn her mother tongue. We are so looking forward to start conversing in Tamil.


Durga Pavadai



Engaging and fun way to learn Tamil

Kids are very engaged and love the class and interacting with the teacher. In just a few classes, they have learnt quite a bit. Looking forward to more.

Rajesh Jaganathan






Quality Tamil Classes

Mrs Geetha has been a valuable find for my daughters Tamil classes. She is compassionate, on time, structured and a great teacher. We are happy to have found her.

V Sarathy




Exceptional quality -Tamil teachers

I have been learning under the guidance of Mr.Ramachandran and Mdm.Geetha. Both are exceptional teachers, providing quality education and utmost dedication to ensure our progress.



Kumaresh Batumalai




I really appreciate the initiative. Our kids like the Tamil class since there is a 1:1 attention. Our teacher Malini is doing a great job on helping them to excel in their learning. She answers their questions and correct their mistakes very patiently. Thanks.




Focus and determined – Tamil teacher

Have been with this group for quiet some time, Ms.Devaki is really helpful, flexible with scheduling and really focussed to teach kids. They are determined to teach Tamil to kids, which i’m happy about it.



Prabhuanand Sivashanmugam



Regarding Tamil classes.

Have been attending the lectures since last 2 months by Miss Malini ma’am. She has been excellent during the course till now & have learnt a lot from her. Shall continue the sessions from her until I become confident in speaking Tamil.



Mukul Pathade


A Great Way to Learn Both the Language and About the Culture of Tamil Nadu

Tamil student - iLearnTamil.comThe process of signing up for classes was easy and straightforward. It was helpful that I was able to meet my instructor before paying for lessons. My instructor, Malini Jumbulingam, is patient and informative, and is able to explain Tamil grammar clearly. She seems sincerely invested in my learning Tamil. She is even available outside of lessons for questions or practicing speaking. Because of the one-on-one structure of the lessons I believe I have learned Tamil much more quickly that I otherwise would have. The instructor has tailored my lessons to my goals with Tamil. It has also been very easy to schedule classes. Overall a great experience!

Olivia Hunter



Perfect place to learn tamil

My 6 year old son is learning written tamil from Mrs.Sushmita.She is a wonderful teacher with immense patience.She understands the child psychology and teaches accordingly.She is very prompt in replying to the queries raised by my son, even after the teaching hours.Thanks to Mrs.Sushmita for teaching written Tamil to my Son.

Thanks Ilearntamil!!!

Sakuntala K




Learning tamil has been great fun!

My name is Laghima. I am learning how to speak tamil at ilearntamil.com. My teacher Gayatri is really good. She helps me a lot. She has made tamil learning very easy for me. I enjoy learning a lot in these classes. I definitely recommend ilearntamil.com.

En peru Laghima. Naan ilearntamil.com la tamil-la pesu kathukuraen. Ennoda aasiriyai Gayatri romba nalla irukaanga. Aval enukku romba udhavi pannuraal. Aval ennukaaga tamil padikka romba elimaiya pannunaal. Naan indha vaguppugalai romba sandhosam ah padikkiraen. Naan ilearntamil.com kandipa parindhuraikkiraen.


Laghima Gupta


My experience with ilearnTamil.com

so far it has been. My reading has improved and I’m able to go faster now than before. My vocabulary has also expanded; im able to incorporate what we learn into my conversations. I also appreciate the time flexibility of my instructor.

Chandrashekar Jayendra



A very rewarding experience – Tamil classes online

I am very grateful to have had the chance to explore Tamil literature with such amazing people of interest and expertise, at this point in my life. The structured method of teaching, coupled with good references has enabled me to develop my language skills in a very short period. I would strongly advocate anyone irrespective of age, background and exposure to always carry literature a part of one’s life. A language as a means of communication is one narrow way of looking at it. The language as an expression is a slightly higher aspect. The language as an inspiration is the highest plane. Tamil is a language which inspires and will continue to inspire generations to come. Heartfelt thanks to Ilearntamil for the work you continue to do.

Aarthi J Rajendran


Malini is teaching spoken Tamil for my kids

Malini is teaching spoken Tamil for my kids (12 years and 8 years). They are very happy with her approach and enjoy learning with her. We are seeing lot of improvements in their spoken Tamil. She is well explanatory and give good examples to make them understand.

Glad to have Malini as their teacher.

Seema Anathakumar


Thank you Ilearn Tamil

Hello, my name is Aran. I live in Colombo. My teacher is Ms. Malini. Before, I wasn’t interested in learning Tamil, but now, I am interested. Now, it is easier to speak to my grandparents, and when I talk to them in Tamil, they are very happy. Thank you to ilearn Tamil.com

Aran Eassuwaren


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