Having accumulated over 12 years of experience, ilearntamil.com proudly features a team exceeding 70 devoted teachers hailing from diverse regions within Tamil Nadu, serving thousands of students worldwide. Now, let’s hear what our students have to say about their experiences with us.

நன்றி- for wonderful Tamil classes

எங்க குழந்தைகள் தமிழில் எழுத படிக்க தெரியாமல் இருந்தது ஒரு பெரிய குறையாக இருந்தது. அதை போக்கிய பெருமை www.ilearntamil.com ஐ சேரும். நன்றி Mala   .    

Very Useful!! – Tamil classes

Tamil student Online - iLearnTamil.comThe Tamil lessons provided by ilearntamil.com have improved my quality of life in Tamil Nadu greatly. I am working in rural Tamil Nadu and with the government, I would not have been able to manage without the lessons. I still have the Pdf notes from the lessons, these are very valuable. The lessons were personalized and the instructor was amazing.”

Aditi Bhowmick





Nice lesson plans – Tamil classes

The thing I liked most about their classes is the well structured lesson plans and teachers are very friendly. My kids had a great time learning Tamil from them.






Tamil Lessons

Learn Tamil Online - iLearnTamil.comSo far, I have learnt a great deal about the language. It has been beneficial and can organise it whenever you’re free.

The lessons are well structured.

Thanks ilearntamil u made life easy – tamil classes

We should have done this very early but better late than never. Even now as a thankful mother, my pen is pouring down my heart. Tamil teacher was so amazing with the kindest heart. She taught the language dedicately and at the first glimpse made to think it as wow so easy..
Also the Maths tutor put enormous effort for p4 kid and made the model system so easy.
We are so thankful you I learnt a million.com was a part of our of journey and helped my kids extensively.
Thank u once again

Chamu Arul



Cooool…..Tamil classes

learn Tamil OnlineHi
Am very happy to write this here my son’s Tamil vocabulary has improved a lot he’s trying to speak a lot in Tamil now ..thanks for all your training.





Great teachers – Tamil classes online

Tamil student online - iLearnTamil.comHi I am Raju Barman.
I am from West Bengal and moved to Chennai two years ago for my job.  At that time, I didn’t know any Tamil so when I first arrived in Chennai I couldn’t understand what the Tamil people were saying or know how to reply.  I started to learn Tamil through many sources (including through friends, books, apps, YouTube, etc.) but I was not satisfied. In fact I got very confused – I didn’t know when and which suffixes to add, I kept mixing High and Colloquial Tamil and I couldn’t pronounce the words very well.
After a long time I found out about the online I learn Tamil classes. I started online classes 5 months ago. Each class is giving me confidence to speak in Tamil and solve my confusion.  The Teachers are very good and helpful and understanding too. They suggest how we can remember words and they teach us the various forms of each word (eg, past, present and future etc.).
The Teachers are friendly and make the class lot of a fun.
Seriously though, the Ileantamil online classes are great.
I highly recommend the classes to all those that want to learn Tamil.

My 8 year old son learns Spoken Tamil from ilearntamil.com

My 8 year old son learns Spoken Tamil from ilearntamil.com on Skype, and he has shown the most progress in learning Tamil since he started learning from her. We have been brought up in Mumbai/Delhi and we do not speak very perfect Tamil, so I was looking for a Tamil class that could teach him colloquial Tamil and not focus on reading and writing. I had been looking unsuccessfully for the past 1 year when I came across Ilearntamil. They have a Spoken Tamil syllabus which focuses on speaking colloquial Tamil.

My son can now look at a picture and tell what all he sees in Tamil. He has learnt positional words and is very interested in adding more Tamil words to his vocabulary. Teacher is very nice and very flexible with the approach taken to teach my son. She assigns Homework for him which gets him to practice his Tamil a few times a week. My son looks forward to the class every week.

Sandhya Krishnan


Fun learning Tamil for kids living abroad

It has been a good experience for my kids who are living in USA. They are learning to speak as well as read Tamizh. The content is thorough covering all aspects of the language in a progressive fashion. Their teachers very friendly and encouraging, which definitely confirms their experience as a teacher. Teachers carefully adjusts the classes to suit the needs of the students, assuring confidence as well as challenging them. I would definitely recommend the classes, best way to pass our language to next generation for kids living abroad.

Varalakshmi Rajaram


Great teaching – Tamil classes

Tamil student - iLearnTamil.comGreat online teaching with a great and very understanding teacher. She was always well prepared and great at adapting to the students speed.

Only suggestion would be to speak more in Tamil language so the student are forced into speaking

Jeanette Jorgensen





Review about Tamil classes

Tamil student - iLearnTamil.comHello madam I learn Tamil class are extremely good and teachers are also student friendly the modules u give r also very good they make us learn easily regarding the fee structure madam instead of daily charges its better to keep a package for month or package for some modules or package for this many classes because one day we learn more one day we learn less it will not be even intially we will be slow later on we learn it fast.over all its good and makes us learn easily.






6 months of learning Tamil

Tamil student - iLearnTamilI am so excited! I was at the park today and there where a lot of people from india that came and left…(?i was a little bit of a creeper listening into their conversations to see if they spoke tamil or not…) I was getting frustrated because I was not understand anyone and did not want to ask what they were speaking. After sometime a father and his 3 year old daughter came on the park and i was able to understand them. But I did not want to speak to him with out introducing myself to His wife first. His wife walked around the park and i asked ungalukku tamil theriyuma? She was so shocked and surprised that i was able to speak to her in tamil. We held a good conversation… sometimes I responded in english ? but it was a good conversation. I told her I was learning through ilearntamil.com and had been learning for six months and was also introducing tamil to my little ones.
She introduced me to her husband and her daughter. It was so much fun! And it was fun surprising her by speaking her native language. Loved it!



Tamil lessons online

This is an excellent website for those who wants to learn Tamil. The teacher here teaches lessons in a passionate way that the students understands the language easily. Materials given are also easily understood and it gives a quick way of revision of the lesson taken earlier. From a non speaking Tamil, you can transition to someone who not only speaks but understands the language well.

Gawry Sivabalan



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