Tamil lessons

This is an excellent website for those who wants to learn Tamil. The teacher here teaches lessons in a passionate way that the students understands the language easily. Materials given are also easily understood and it gives a quick way of revision of the lesson taken earlier. From a non speaking Tamil, you can transition to someone who not only speaks but understands the language well.

Gawry Sivabalan

6 months of learning

I am so excited! I was at the park today and there where a lot of people from india that came and left…(?i was a little bit of a creeper listening into their conversations to see if they spoke tamil or not…) I was getting frustrated because I was not understand anyone and did not want to ask what they were speaking. After sometime a father and his 3 year old daughter came on the park and i was able to understand them. But I did not want to speak to him with out introducing myself to His wife first. His wife walked around the park and i asked ungalukku tamil theriyuma? She was so shocked and surprised that i was able to speak to her in tamil. We held a good conversation… sometimes I responded in english ? but it was a good conversation. I told her I was learning through ilearntamil.com and had been learning for six months and was also introducing tamil to my little ones.
She introduced me to her husband and her daughter. It was so much fun! And it was fun surprising her by speaking her native language. Loved it!

Olivia peterson

Good learning experience

Good learning experience

aineesh vallurupalli

Review about Tamil classes

Hello madam I learn Tamil class are extremely good and teachers are also student friendly the modules u give r also very good they make us learn easily regarding the fee structure madam instead of daily charges its better to keep a package for month or package for some modules or package for this many classes because one day we learn more one day we learn less it will not be even intially we will be slow later on we learn it fast.over all its good and makes us learn easily


Great teaching

Great online teaching with a great and very understanding teacher. She was always well prepared and great at adapting to the students speed.

Only suggestion would be to speak more in Tamil language so the student are forced into speaking

Jeanette Jorgensen

It was an amazing experience

It was an amazing experience learning Tamil here..now I can very well communicate…Highly recommended.

Ananya dey

Fun learning Tamil for kids living abroad

It has been a good experience for my kids who are living in USA. They are learning to speak as well as read Tamizh. The content is thorough covering all aspects of the language in a progressive fashion. Their teachers very friendly and encouraging, which definitely confirms their experience as a teacher. Teachers carefully adjusts the classes to suit the needs of the students, assuring confidence as well as challenging them. I would definitely recommend the classes, best way to pass our language to next generation for kids living abroad.

Varalakshmi Rajaram

My 8 year old son

My 8 year old son learns Spoken Tamil from ilearntamil.com on Skype, and he has shown the most progress in learning Tamil since he started learning from her. We have been brought up in Mumbai/Delhi and we do not speak very perfect Tamil, so I was looking for a Tamil class that could teach him colloquial Tamil and not focus on reading and writing. I had been looking unsuccessfully for the past 1 year when I came across Ilearntamil. They have a Spoken Tamil syllabus which focuses on speaking colloquial Tamil.

My son can now look at a picture and tell what all he sees in Tamil. He has learnt positional words and is very interested in adding more Tamil words to his vocabulary. Teacher is very nice and very flexible with the approach taken to teach my son. She assigns Homework for him which gets him to practice his Tamil a few times a week. My son looks forward to the class every week.

Sandhya Krishnan

Great teachers

Hi I am Raju Barman.
I am from West Bengal and moved to Chennai two years ago for my job.  At that time, I didn’t know any Tamil so when I first arrived in Chennai I couldn’t understand what the Tamil people were saying or know how to reply.  I started to learn Tamil through many sources (including through friends, books, apps, YouTube, etc.) but I was not satisfied. In fact I got very confused – I didn’t know when and which suffixes to add, I kept mixing High and Colloquial Tamil and I couldn’t pronounce the words very well.
After a long time I found out about the online I learn Tamil classes. I started online classes 5 months ago. Each class is giving me confidence to speak in Tamil and solve my confusion.  The Teachers are very good and helpful and understanding too. They suggest how we can remember words and they teach us the various forms of each word (eg, past, present and future etc.).
The Teachers are friendly and make the class lot of a fun.
Seriously though, the Ileantamil online classes are great.
I highly recommend the classes to all those that want to learn Tamil.


Am very happy to write this here my son’s Tamil vocabulary has improved a lot he’s trying to speak a lot in Tamil now ..thanks for all your training.

Anand .B

Thanks ilearntamil u made life easy

We should have done this very early but better late than never. Even now as a thankful mother, my pen is pouring down my heart. Tamil teacher was so amazing with the kindest heart. She taught the language dedicately and at the first glimpse made to think it as wow so easy..
Also the Maths tutor put enormous effort for p4 kid and made the model system so easy.
We are so thankful you I learnt a million.com was a part of our of journey and helped my kids extensively.
Thank u once again

Chamu Arul

Tamil Lessons

So far, I have learnt a great deal about the language. It has been beneficial and can organise it whenever you’re free.

The lessons are well structured.

Manu Kulendranathan

Nice lesson plans

The thing I liked most about their classes is the well structured lesson plans and teachers are very friendly. My kids had a great time learning Tamil from them.



Very Useful!!

The Tamil lessons provided by ilearntamil.com have improved my quality of life in Tamil Nadu greatly. I am working in rural Tamil Nadu and with the government, I would not have been able to manage without the lessons. I still have the Pdf notes from the lessons, these are very valuable. The lessons were personalized and the instructor was amazing.”

Aditi Bhowmick

நன்றி- for wonderful classes

எங்க குழந்தைகள் தமிழில் எழுத படிக்க தெரியாமல் இருந்தது ஒரு பெரிய குறையாக இருந்தது. அதை போக்கிய பெருமை www.ilearntamil.com ஐ சேரும். நன்றி


Nice and friendly Tamil teachers

My tamil lessons were very helpful for learning the south indian language. Frirndly teachers helped me to improve easily. Thank you!

Daniela Willbold

Good online Tamil tutoring

My daughters have learnt Tamil from ilearn quite sometime and they find it very useful. The teacher from Madurai was very good , approachable, knows how to teach for the children and understandable. The team from ilearn Tamil is very friendly. I would recommend to everyone whoever wants to learn our Classical language.

Indira Swaminathan

Learn To Read Tamil & Write

I take this opportunity to wish you and the members a Happy Tamil New Year.
I have been following the classes almost a month,would say have improved my skill in the language/but still would like to follow the class-& improve my skill in reading and writting-Nanthri


Tamil learning

I have tried several other ways to learn Tamil (Mango languages, books, movies, conversation partner), and my Tamil has improved the most with IlearnTamil.

Daniel S

Absolutely fantastic!

My daughter thoroughly enjoys the Tamil classes. She is taught at her learning pace, and thus we find it really helping.

Also what sets Ilearntamil.com classes apart, is the concern taken by the teacher to make the kid understand what she is learning, rather than just professional teaching.

Flexibility of teacher also helped us greatly, though living in different time zones.
Absolutely fantastic, is what I would say about the Tamil classes.
Keep it up teachers.

Monolisa Kumar

Good learning experience

Good learning experience

aineesh vallurupalli


I have only done a few classes, but I’m learning the language and despite being busy all the time, it’s great to see that the lessons can be flexible.

Rammanujan Kulendranathan

Thank you ilearntamil for making it fun and easy to learn Tamil

I want to thank everyone at ilearntamil for helping me to learn Tamil. Before finding this site and joining the online classes, I was trying to learn through books that people recommended, I joined a couple of groups on Facebook, watched some YouTube videos and joined a disastrous WhatsApp Group. All these did was to confuse me even more. I then came across the YouTube videos that Marla did for ilearntamil and finally began to get it. The videos are easy to follow and simple to understand.
Later I found out about the online classes and had my first class 6 months ago. In that time I have learnt how to introduce and talk about myself and my family and form basic sentences.
The online classes are easy to follow and each class builds on the previous things we have learnt. The Teachers are amazing. They are patient, caring, helpful and understanding. The Teachers go back and revise what we have learnt to reinforce what we have learnt to clear any doubts. They also cover additional things not included in the lesson where required and make sure you pronounce the words correctly.
The classes are light hearted and fun and go at the pace that is right for the student. I look forward to attending the online classes – My wish is that they had classes and Teachers like these when I went to school – I would have learnt a whole lot more than I did!
I am grateful to the Teachers and all of those involved – in particular, Sudha, Subha and Gayathri. Thank you. It was nice to go to India recently and talk to the natives in Tamil. I look forward to continuing to learn Tamil through the online classes and attain my goal of being fluent in Tamil.

Anandamarga Iyer

Awesome Teacher and wonderful sessions

My Tamil Teacher Ms. Subha Vasan is so awesome. She is always patient, flexible, kind and understanding. She goes at the speed i would like her to. She tailors the classes to suit my requirement and i love learning Tamil from her. I hope with continued effort i will be fluent in speaking Tamil soon.
Vijay Ramu

Vijay Ramu

Wonderful Learning Platform.

I had Enrolled my Daughter with Ilearn Tamil and I surely wasn’t disappointed by the result. Now my daughter’s able to Learn the language at her convenience which she finds very helpful. Our experience has been thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying. I Suggest everyone out there to encourage your kids to learn Tamil and enroll them with ILearn Tamil.

Monisha M.S

Thank u ilearntamil

Thank you for giving our little children the chance to dream big by learning their mother-tongue well. As young as they are now, you encourage them to explore, learn, and discover so much about the world.  There are no words that can express my gratitude for you because you empower my child to chase their dreams.  Thanks to their Tamil teachers and the special lesson plans they have designed for all.


Jawahar Surendren

Falling in love with Tamil language

I am from the Philippines and my boyfriend is a Tamil guy. It is exciting to learn new words and even construct statements through the help of my Tamil teacher. Now I can make simple conversations with him and his relatives.

Learning the language is such an honor because based on my research, Tamil is  the oldest language in the world. Now I want to perfect my pronunciation with this unique letter “zh” as in “tamizh”.

I learn tamil,because I love tamil.

Joana Lauz

Best Tamil coaching!!

My daughter Ananya is confident in speaking Tamil now, thanks for your Tamil training!!!



A fun and useful time that I spent learning Tamil

It was indeed a pleasure to be a part of www.ilearntamil.com. The way, these folks determine the understanding level of a student and prepare a plan accordingly, is quite professional.
From my personal experience, I can say that no matter whichever native tongue a student does have, ilearntamil teachers always ensure that he or she would get best within his or her comfort zone in order to communicate.
Definitely it is recommended to learn Tamil from this website.:)

Subhabrata Guha

Naan Tamil Padikiren!

iLearn Tamil is a fantastic service – affordable, high quality, one on one tuition. My teacher is really easy to get along with, pushes me to keep working, and is able to cater the lessons to my needs. I feel like language learning comes pretty slowly to me, but thanks to my teacher I can see that I am gradually building my skills and knowledge. I would recommend iLearn Tamil to anyone…except those wishing to study French…it’s useless for that.

Russel Dyer

Professional and Reliable

This service is a blessing in disguise for Tamil diaspora across the world to enable the younger generation to learn Tamil language.
Living in UK we struggled to get our boys into the groove of speaking Tamil. This is when “ileanrn tamil” came to our rescue.
They device structured curriculum, based on each child’s requirement. The teacher was very professional and skilful in imparting knowledge at the right phase, making it fun and at the same time driving it home. Our boys who were initially reluctant, started to look forward for the lessons which engaged and challenged them. Now they can converse in Tamil with immense confidence.
From what we have reaped, we strongly recommend “ilearn tamil”
Kudos for your effort & Good Luck!

Bhavani Babu

Bhavani Babu

Fantastic, flexible tuition for research and travel

I began classes with ILearnTamil in February 2018 and feel like I am making great progress in my speaking and reading. I’ve studied Tamil off-and-on for several years, as I have professional research interests in Tamil Nadu, and it has always bothered me that my language skills are not up to scratch. The flexible, one-to-one tuition offered by ILearnTamil fits perfectly with my busy schedule and individual learning pace and style. My tutor is fantastic and takes into account my interests. She is always ready to explain something in more depth or provide cultural or linguistic commentary on a sentence or phrase. I am looking forward very much to continuing my classes and to seeing continued improvement in my Tamil language. If you are a scholar and looking for a way to learn or improve your Tamil, or just keep in practice during periods when you cannot get to India, I would strongly recommend ILearnTamil for its friendly environment, excellent value tuition and for the control it gives you to schedule classes at times and in numbers that work for you.

Rebecca Darley

Progressing well in Tamil

I first booked a free demo in late February 2018 and the teacher asked me to read some Tamil text and then she said I could start with Standard 3 Tamil classes. I have taken 10 classes so far, each class is for one hour and completed Term 1 and Term 2 text books. I usually take 2 classes per week. I myself can see the improvement in my reading, writing and comprehension. I am a senior adult taking Tamil classes as I did not have this opportunity as a child since I only attended English schools all my academic life. I am happy with the teacher who guides me and helps me improve my Tamil language ability and so have decided to sign up for another 10 classes. My goal is to be able to read Tamil fluently and write Tamil without any spelling mistakes. I am sure I will achieve this goal within the next few months. ilearntamil.com has implemented a very good online system in place with online textbooks, references (Youtube), dictionaries, electronic whiteboards, use Whatsapp, Paypal which makes learning easy and fun. Classes are booked based on mutually available convenient schedules. Thank you ilearn tamil.

Narayanan Meyyappan

A good experience

Tamil being my mother tongue, I had been waiting to learn to write and read in it.
Finally in 2015, I signed up with this team and Ms. Sudha taught me my basics .. to write and pronounce and read , we even read short stories – all this over Skype!!
She was patient with me while I slowly learnt and pronounced and it didn feel like school or that the teacher was too far
It was personal guidance
Enjoyed my experience of learning Tamil

Lakkshmi Kartthik

Tamil classes were excellent

The Tamil classes were excellent, really prepared me for my trip to Tamil Nadu. They have excellent teachers.
Avanga  romba nalla arsirya irriku.

I would definitely recommend Ilearn Tamil to others.
Would you like me to send you more than this?

Warm regards,

Helen Moore

Great website to learn Tamil

It was a long time that I wanted to learn Tamil to be able to talk with my in-laws. But it was very difficult to find a good resource to do so until I found ilearntamil.com. It has been a great experience learning Tamil through Skype with an excellent teacher. My teacher is super friendly and makes the learning process fun and easy for me. In just a couple of months, my Tamil has improved significantly and I hope I can communicate with my in-laws in Tamil very soon. I am very excited that I can learn Tamil in such a fun way. I highly recommend ilearntamil.com to whoever wants to learn spoken Tamil..

Negar Soheili

Great opportunity

Cultural immersion is always the best way to learn a new language, but when that’s not possible geographically, being able to do 1-on-1 catered-to-you classes is the next best option. My teacher had created very good PDF lessons and helped me learn the basics of conversational Tamil before we moved to India.

Marla George

Learning to speak Tamil

I am enjoying learning to speak Tamil with the help from my well qualified, knowledgeable and skilled natively Tamil speaking teacher on ilearntamil.com. Being able to both hear the Tamil words pronounced correctly and to receive feedback, on my own pronunciation and on my sentence formation, are indeed essential. The burgeoning opportunity to engage in conversation is an invaluable boon to me as a student of spoken Tamil. With the teacher’s permission, these fruitful lessons may be recorded so as allow then to be reviewed between sessions along with the fully accessible online text material for the introductory lessons.

Evan Keith

I am American and my wife is from Madurai. I have been studying with ilearnTamil.com for almost one year.

Learning Tamil through ilearntamil.comMy name is Daniel. I am American and my wife is from Madurai. I have been studying with ilearnTamil.com for almost one year. It is very convenient to have class at home on Skype. My teacher coaches me through useful dialogue for my life with my family. In addition there is a curriculum and PDF lessons that she teaches from, and I can use the PDFs to review in between the classes. I enjoy learning, and my wife and mother-in-law say my Tamil is getting very good!


Tamil speaking

I travel to Tamilnadu quite a lot on Business. Just thought .Speaking in Tamil will help me in understanding customers better.. Googled and found this website. i attended about 6 classes so far.. and my tutor Ms.Gayathri is very patient and very methodical in her approach.. really enjoying these sessions.. with in the last few weeks i have come to a stage where i am able to understand most of it, when people converse in tamil.. I am confident that with in about two months time , i will be in a position to reach a stage where i can start conversing freely.. Now its limited to only one or two lines of conversation.

anil s

My Tamil classes has been a great learning curve

Tamil learning student
My Tamil classes with Prathibha has been a great learning curve. Course content had a very coherent flow to it which made learning a nice experience. Also coupled with understanding of our tutor over the relation between my mother tongue Hindi with Tamil helped me understand it in a better way. I strongly recommended ilearntamil.com for people who want to learn speaking Tamil the easy way.

Pawan Kumar

The Tamil classes through Ilearntamil Tamil and  were a wonderful experience!

The Tamil classes through Ilearntamil   were a wonderful experience! Even with the difficulty of the distance and the time difference my tutor made always easy to have a lesson! The lessons were fun and very well taught! Not only one can learn plenty of things in a little time but also getting to know the culture better. Also the material for the classes were well made!I totally recommend it and I will happily do it again!

sofia seferlifrantzi


I have been taking classes with Gayathri Mam. She is excellent. The classes are conducted in a timely and interactive manner. She gives practical usage of words in real life and my language has improved a lot since I started taking classes two months ago. I would recommend her to anyone interested in learning Tamil. Am going to continue learning from this institute.

Shilpa A

I was never a fan

I was never a fan of learning a new language but since I am planning to move to Chennai i wanted to learn Tamil. This is different, I look forward for my Tamil lessons with Gayathri. I am learning Tamil using different ways through the lessons for the past two months, also she challenges me to speak tamil and form sentences even when I feel I don’t know. I am learning also about the culture which I need. I was so eager to find an academy that could teach me tamil to make it easier to understand my fiancée background and this is perfect. Nandri Gayathri and ilearntamil.

Marian samaan

“TAMIL LANGUAGE – Easiest & Better Way Of Learning”

I have a passion of learning Tamil language however I couldn’t find any websites for better learning. One day I came across ILEARNTAMIL.com website, explored the content for one week. This is first one which I have found and was really happy. First of all I would like to thanks Sudha for arranging a demo with my mentor and the best teacher “GAYATHRI MAM”. Her method of teaching includes point to point, word to word explanations, every class includes lots of conversations & discussions on the lessons. She has taught me the writing skills too..We also work on the vocabulary, pronunciation and finer points of TAMIL grammer- ALL IN ONE TAMIL, of course. While learning with her the time has been invaluable, positive, fun & very educational. Mam is very much creative and encouraging whenever I stuck in my TAMIL class and also schedules classes as per the convenient. The time just flies like anything. If anyone has a zeal of learning TAMIL, I would highly recommend ILEARNTAMIL.COM which is great platform to explore the language.


Fantastic Tutoring Service

I have been studying with Gayathri for several weeks now. She is a fantastic tutor for teaching English to Tamil. She has been encouraging, positive and patient, as I am brand new to studying and practicing the language. In my opinion, this is the best way to learn and become familiar with Tamil.

Jamie V.

How I learnt Tamil

Sila maasam munnadi naan tamizh mozhiye kathirukku mudivu senjen. Modhalle naan pustagangilerundhu padikka aarambichen.Aanaa pustagangilerundhu peesi pazhakkam mudiyale. Adenaale naan internetle options tedinen. Naan ilearntamil kandipidichu paadangal-kaga register pannen.

Ippo naan Gayathri kude tamizh paadangal eduthuttu moonu maasam achu. Paadangal romba nalla irukku. Gayathri romba nalla teacher.

Niinga peesa palagum-na, idhu romba poruthamaa irukkum. Vilaiyum nalla irukku. Naan ellarukkum ilearnTamil parinturaikkiren.

Great service

I learnt Tamil from Mrs. Subha Vasan for almost a year over Skype. She was very helpful and designed the lessons according to the requirement. She was patient and flexible with the timings as well. I thank this website for getting me in touch and on the way to learning Tamil. It has helped me during my stay in Tamil Nadu. Thanks a again. I recommend this website for anyone who wants to learn this language

Shyama D Ranade

Tamil in a few days

Dear ilearn Tamil,
thank you for your support with the very professional Teacher.
WIthin just a month I could read and write.
I love it and look forward to start speaking.


I started studying with I Learn Tamil two months ago- Student Angus

I started studying with I Learn Tamil two months ago. My wife is Tamil so I wanted to speak her language. Before I had one Tamil book but now every week I have two or three lessons. I enjoy the one-on-one lessons and my teacher makes a lot of time for me, allowing me to text questions and ask for advice throughout the week. Before I knew a few Tamil words, but now I can really speak some of my wife’s language with her. Learning is not easy and requires some time to practice, but I would recommend I Learn Tamil to anybody.



Tamil Class

Vanakkam,I had the class via Skype–to react with the tutor to understand the Grammar better—basic Tamil I can read is pre set with English transalation-Nanthri

Thank You


“Very good Tamizh class

I liked the way in which tutor taught me the Tamizh. The tutor encouraged us to speak in Tamizh in whatever way we can speak.
Regarding course material – it is worth reading and one has to practice it again and again. The material has some errors in few chapters needs attention.

Parameshwar Hegde

Thank you!

My daughter used to speak tamil very well as a kid, but since living abroad for the last 7 years, she was forced to learn other languages and forgot her tamil. Thanks to the online lessons on Ilearntamil.com, she is now refreshing her memory and practising her tamil. Her grandparents were very impressed and happy when she talked to them in tamil during her recent holidays in India. Thank you, Gayatri, for your patience & persistence with my daughter!

Priya Mouttou

Fun with Tamil!

I have had no real previous exposure to the Tamil language but after my travels and experience of South Indian culture, I had a motivation to learn the language. Upon my searches, I came across this website and enrolled for the classes. Since enrolling, there has been no looking back! My tutor is very supportive and patient of my learning and always tailors the classes to suit my individual needs. As well as fundamentally learning the language, my tutor also alerts me to different contexts and cultural practices to enable a more hollistic approach to learning, which I find very useful. I would definitely recommend these classes to anyone, of any ability!

Student of ilearntamil.com


Absolutely wonderful! I recently moved

Absolutely wonderful! I recently moved to Tamil Nadu and was looking for a Tamil teacher when I happened upon this site. I got in contact with the coordinator and in less than a week I was taking classes. I’m very happy with my teacher! She has great communication and I feel at ease in her class. As someone who finds learning a language extremely difficult, the teacher is very patient with me and always available to answer any and all my questions.
The format of class material can be catered to any style of learner. And I’m so grateful for the flexibility in scheduling. Happy to have found such a fantastic Tamil teacher and looking forward to future classes!

Kelsey Chong

Learning Tamil in Efficient and Enjoyable Manner

I have been blessed to come accross this wonderful team : competent and comitted teacher and manager. After a few classes I have been able to communicate with simple sentences and no my learning is on right track. I really enjoyed my learning of spoken Tamil and I strongly recommend this site to everyone wanting to discover and learn this wonderful language and culture.

I would like also to say that despite I am in a timezone far from India, Casablanca in Morocco, I always have been able to find a suitable class time with my teacher.

So these are the Pros : great and competent team, efficient and personalized method. What about the Cons ? there are really none; except one little enhancement I would like to see in the website : the content is useful but the situations are most of the time destined to children and young learners. Even if it is compensated during the classes with discussions around the participant interests and life, it can be also useful to have some situations in the website from adult perspective.

Voilà ! thanks a lot and keep up the good work !



Fruitful website for learning Tamil

I am Annesha chakrabarty,I have taken taken online classes through ilearntamil.com. It helped me to learn the language basics easily in 10 classes.

Mrs Geetha was my teacher and she made me all the more comfortable with the language..

It is a very fruitful portal for all who are looking forward to learn Tamil language.

Annesha chakrabarty.

Aneesha Chakrabarty

Gayathri is a very great

Gayathri is a very great teacher with a lot of experience teaching westerners. The curriculum focused on colloquial Tamil and daily conversations is just what I needed! I’m surprised at how well the online classes work.

Sophie Farle

The lessons are fantastic! I

The lessons are fantastic! I learned to read Tamil quicker than I expected and with practice I believe I can become fluent. The tutor is very patient and makes sure I am assured with everything before moving on. I also gained confidence in speaking Tamil as I was able to develop on the vocabulary I already knew by talking to my tutor in tamil.

Bajine Augustine

Feed-back first 10 lessons

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have completed 10 lessons with my outstanding teacher Geetha, and wanted to give a little feedback. I was first not sure how well I could learn a language through skype, but I was positively surprised that it is very well possible. The excellent structured lessons you have in this school are surely helpful to follow easier what the teacher explains and exercice then alone at home. I am not yet focused on written tamil, but they are so well done, that when coming to this level, I will be able to come back through all the lessons and learn the written form. (very helpful to have the transliteration and also tamil writing beside). Geetha is very focused on what I most want to learn, notably being able to speak to patients, as I am working in hospital. Beside the official lessons, she teaches me medical words, and is always ready to change a little bit her plan if I have any question or wishes. I thank her very much for all her efforts to provide such excellent teaching to me. She also tells me regularly interesting issues about her indian culture, which is very enriching to me.

In general I see no “improvements” that could be made. Maybe, if possible, it would be helpful to receive the pdf before the class, so I could print it and write down more easily what Geetha tells me while explaining the lessons. So far I have always written down comments on an empty sheet, then printed the lesson, and then I had to copy everything at the write place in the lesson. It is also possible, but would make it easier maybe if I could print the lesson before and have in on paper form.

So thank you for the good opportunity to learn tamil in your school. I am looking forward to continuing with Geetha.

Anita Pfenniger

Excellent personalized classes at ilearntamil.com

Vanakkam! En peru Krishnan. USA-la vaazhigaraen. Naan 2017la oivu petra vittaen, adhunala addikaddi Chennaiku pogamudiyum. Ennoda amma Chennayyil vasikkaranga. Enukku Tamil pesamudiyathu, adhinale enukku indha mozhi paddikanom. Naan ilearntamil.com internet la kandupittaen. Naan ippo Spoken Tamil class arambichu erikean . En teacherodu peru Gayathri. Romba nalla teacher! Enukku class mikavum piddikum.
Naan Idhu sariya solraena? Nanri, Vanakkam.

Krishnan Thampi

Very adaptive tutor

Gayathri is an excellent Tamil tutor. She communicates well and is able to adapt the basic Tamil curriculum to my needs as a student. She understands how to help me relate Tamil grammar concepts to concepts I’m familiar with in English or other languages. She is kind and extremely patient and a very responsible teacher.

Heidi Schubert

Excellent tutors teaching Tamil

Being new to Chennai, I got tutor for Tamil to teach my daughter through this website. Tutor is senior enough and have excelllent knowledge & patience to teach kids online. Keep doing good work.

Kapildev Misra

Excelling personalised teaching

I highly recommended trying Tamil classes here. I’ve been taking the online personal classes for a couple of months now and I love it. My teacher Gayathri is amazing, warm and modifies the class structure according to my requirements. She also tries to teach me outside the material, asking me to frame my own stories, make day to day conversations. I’ve picked up the language already.


Very happy with the opportunity

Very happy with the opportunity to learn Tamil online with one-on-one-teaching and a flexible schedule. The teacher is great, she is well prepared and is very patient, which I appreciate a lot.

I would only suggest to give more opportunities for beginners to speak and conduct dialogues led by the teacher. Also, I would love if there were more structured homework and exercises. This would really improve the quality of the courses.


Tamil Class Review

My teacher is wonderful. We work through lesson plans but also have conversations outside of the lesson plan to improve conversational skills. I feel confident speaking to her, and she does a great job of correcting me and teaching me ways to improve. I am very happy with my lessons!

Arthi Bharadwaj

ilearntamil.com is a very good

ilearntamil.com is a very good website to learn Tamil. Teaching is very passionate and makes easily understandable. Makes us more interesting to learn Tamil. It was very helpful for me and now i am able to understand Tamil. Makes us more easy to learn Tamil. I would highly recommend this website to learn Tamil

Rahul Kumar

Excellent Tamil teacher

Gayathri has been an excellent teacher, very flexible in adapting to the way I wanted to learn Tamil. I made a lot of progress with her help. Romba nandri!

Sabita Banerji

Finding Ilearntamil Online course

Finding Ilearntamil Online course has indeed been a boon to me , their live online classes & customizable schedule & numerous free books & learning materials found on their website really helpful ! I thoroughly enjoy the classes & learn without any distractions from the comforts of my home !
My teacher Ms.Gayathri has been a wonderful guide , after carefully assessing my needs she provides a wonderful tailored coaching & I have definitely noticed improvement and gained adequate confidence and command over the language !
Thank you Ms.Sudha & Thank you Ms.Gayathri!


recommend this program to anyone interested in learning Tamil.

I have had my first round of 10 teaching sessions through ITamil’s on-line program  with Pratiba Immanuel as my teacher. They have a well structured teaching method adapted to my level and needs. Ms. Immanuel is an conscientious teacher and has been covering a combination of grammar, reading and writing, and conversation. I am very pleased with her teaching and always look forward to my sessions. I intend to continue with my on-line classes and, without any hesitation, recommend this program to anyone interested in learning Tamil.

Krishna Kumar Menon

Krishna Kumar Menon

Thank you Ms Prathiba

Heartfelt thank you to Ms Prathiba for her simple, effective and passionate way of teaching. Both my children have started speaking simple words in Tamil at home.I like the way she built their confidence through practical teaching.

Mrs Gunaseelan

Tamil classes online

Learning to speak fluently
I have enjoyed the classes at ilearntamil.com
The teacher, Gayathri is dedicated to help me improve in my fluency. She shares useful resources that can help improve my vocabulary. She caters the class to my needs and goals. She is also flexible with timings and always tries to accommodate my work schedule and the time difference between India and Australia. I have taken classes on a weekly basis for two months now. My family has noticed an improvement in my spoken Tamil. I would highly recommend the classes offered.

Useful Tamil classes

The Tamil classes are very useful and lively. My teacher, Devaki mam teaches very patiently. I am glad as mam helps me in every part of pronouncing the words. She makes Tamil easy to speak & learn. The lessons are also very systematic, filled with colourful pictures and cover most essential aspects.

Sarvepalli Sreya

We would like to continue Tamil classes

Sowmya,thanks for the Demo session today. Nethra loved it! We would like to continue classes with you from next week onwards.
Today is teachers appreciation day, I was surprised to see Nethra made a drawing for you. Thanks for making it engaging and joyful!

Great Class

Madam Geetha who teaches me is doing a great job.

Kumaresh Batumalai

We have been taking the

We have been taking the lessons for about a year now. My daughter enjoys the Tamil class. In her own words ” Tamil class is fun and it is interactive with the pictures and I get to learn many stories and rhymes.” I would recommend this class to anyone who is Keen on learning Tamil.


Feedback for Mrs.Prathiba Immanuel

Iam happy to see my kids getting more comfortable with our native language. I take this moment to sincerely thank Mrs.Prathiba Immanuel for her sincere efforts. It has been more than one year that our kids are learning from her. My daughter is able to converse with her grandparents and my son shows confidence to read longer words. Thank you.

Kamaleshwari Murugesan

Thank you 🙂

We live in South East Asia. Since we primarily speak English at home, my 10-year-old had been struggling to converse in Tamil until I decided to seek help from ilearntamil.

Under the strong guidance and motivation from Teacher Devaki of ilearntamil, my kid’s confidence level In Tamil language has exponentially grown. My kid looks forward to attending every online Tamil lesson.

Many thanks to Teacher Devaki & ilearntamil for the positive influence. We appreciate it very much 🙂



I am a Tamilian and I speak tamizh at home. But, living in the neighboring state of Karnataka and having studied in a school that didn’t have an option for a regional language study, my tamizh reading and writing skills were left wanting. I am 38 years of age now, and my long standing desire was to study tamil classics and the works of tamil saints. The forcefulness in the poems of Bharatiyaar and the devotion in the நாலாயிர திவ்யப் பிரபந்தம், were always a great attraction. I am now confident of my journey in being able to read and understand these works better. Thanks to my instructor for her effort! I also wish ilearntamil.com great success.

Bharathan Shamasundar

I love Tamil

Tamil is called the Deivam bhaashe. I want to know more about my Deivam, I want to read my Deivam sacred books, they are in Tamil and since I’m from Bangalore, I didn’t know Tamil so I decided to learn Tamil through the I learn Tamil forum, it really helped me, not only me my whole family is learning Tamil now. My Tamil teacher is Mrs Devaki Balaji, she teaches us very well. We enjoy and learn with her. A big thanks to Devaki mam and the entire team of I learn Tamil.

Salai Mamatha

I am extremely satisfied with

I am extremely satisfied with the way our group classes are going .
We are being taught by Mani Sir and he doesn’t stop teaching unless we understand.
At the same time he has also managed to keep us interested by joking in the middle of our teachings and keeping the moments light hearted .
I bow down to him.
Such a wonderful Person. Trying to give the maximum he can .
I recommend Mani Sir to everyone who wishes to learn Tamil.

Nitin Rambhia


Mani sir
Good Teaching

Manish gogri

Excellent course

My daughter is 8 years old and has been learning Tamil with Ms. Geetha as her teacher. In a short span of time, less than a year, not only has her vocabulary increased but she has developed a lot of confidence to speak without necessarily being prompted to speak in Tamil. Geetha is an excellent teacher, with immense patience and skill in making learning fun for children. Upon our request, the class also involves a mix of speaking and writing, which my daughter really enjoys. The flexibility, openness to what we want out of the class, is really a bonus. The regular revision of past material is also very effective. I highly recommend these classes for those who want to learn Tamil – even those who know no Tamil at all. I plan to continue these classes for my daughter for a long time.

Sudha Rajagopalan

Testimonial for ilearntamil.com

Testimonial for ilearntamil.com
I started my kids in online Tamil tutoring as I felt the classroom style was not well suited for them and they were not learning with interest and enthusiasm. From the time Nivedha started tutoring, I feel they are at least happy to attend the classes, I like her style of engaging with the students and understanding their strength and weakness.
They are have completed 4 weeks ( once a week class) and I am hoping that they will start loving the language and learn it with interest and enthusiasm as time goes. Great initiative by ilearntamil.com to keep the language going and helping us pass on our mother tongue to our children. 
Dr Ashwini, Australia

Online class

Mrs Geetha is a lovely friendly person ..Her teaching is excellent .👌👌
she is a devoted teacher .she sends work to do , corrects them and go back to the bits where I struggle .When I text her with silly doubts she response with voice message and explanations .
she tailors her teaching according to the need .she scored more than my expectation.👍👍

Sukanya nagaraj

Tamil classes online – great learning

It was a a very interesting and great learning experience with instructor Ms Devaki.She is a very friendly person and very encouraging as an instructor.i have done 2 levels with her so far and there has been a marked improvement in my understanding and in my speaking Tamil still need to go a long way before I can converse fluently so I intend to continue my lessons with Devaki soon.!!


Kalpana Saigal




Ilearntamil has been a great experience for my kids

Ilearntamil has been a great experience for my kids. Growing up in a foreign country has limited their experience of Tamil language, but the teacher from Ilearntamil Tamil has been a blessing. In just a few lessons, they are now able to start conversing and are confident speaking with us  in Tamil.
Thank You,

Great resource for learning Tamil

I have grown up listening to Tamil spoken a lot, but I never learned it as a child, so I have really appreciated the chance to learn Tamil now as an adult. There is no substitute for speaking Tamil with someone weekly and learning it directly from a teacher is even better! The classes are taught 1:1: they are very useful and well-taught. They also give you PDFs with the lesson materials so you can study and practice on your own.

Overall, I highly recommend to anyone seeking to learn practical Tamil!

Tarun S Narasimhan

Learn Tamil

High quality teachers and course material, for anyone looking to learn Tamil I highly recommend ilearntamil.com.

Kushal Malpani.



Kushal Malpani

Excellent website for learning Tamil

ilearnTamil.com is an excellent website for kids and adults to learn Tamil. I choose this website for my daughter Aaradhaa S.

She is 7 year old .Our native is Tamilnadu . Right now we are in north India. My daughter don’t know how to read and write in Tamil.

Her teacher’s name is Devaki Balaji. She is a very talented person. My daughter is very comfortable with her teacher.

She learned reading and writing easily because of her teacher Devaki.

I thank Devaki Balaji, Sudha Muthuraj and all ilearnTamil.com team.