Tamil is a classical language spoken by the Tamil people of India, Srilanka and Singapore. Our courses are designed to help anyone who is interested, right from Beginners who wish to learn Tamil from scratch to the Experts who desire to study grammar and literature in detail, and everyone else in between.

Spoken Tamil Classes

Whether you are a Beginner, or perhaps you understand Tamil but have difficulty in speaking, with ample practice from your end, each lesson in this section will ensure that your Tamil acquaintances are awed at your progress when you share your language skills with them.

Reading/ Writing and Spoken Language Skills

In addition to Speaking Tamil, this section helps you develop your Reading and Writing skills as well.

For those who are interested, we teach the letters of the alphabet, their pronunciation and how to write the script. We also provide sample reading passages with audio, so our students can practice and read along, while being introduced to new words and sentences too.

Reading and Writing Practice

Some students can speak Tamil well, but have difficulty in reading and writing. For such students, we concentrate on their Reading and Writing skills.

Our teaching methodology is to introduce the letters of the alphabet along with small words and their pronunciation. Sample reading passages are provided together with the written script, so the student can follow the audio and read along.

Academic Oriented Courses

If required, we cover the school syllabus for Tamil. So far, we have conducted classes on the Tamilnadu and Singapore syllabus for our students.

Advanced Classes

Occasionally, we receive requests for advance courses like, classes to explain the meaning of particular epic in Tamil or Tamil grammar in detail. We have experienced teachers who can teach such advanced topics in Tamil grammar and literature.

Basic Tamil Class for Foreigners

For non-Tamils or foreigners who are married into or need to communicate with elders in Tamil families, I think it’s important to know some Tamilnadu culture-specific greetings and common phrases used in family life – like with hosting and giving/ receiving food and gifts, sharing your likes and dislikes, wedding traditions and pleasantries like We’re glad you could come.

Such phrases certainly come in handy when non-Tamils travel to India to meet and pay their respects to the elderly Tamils in their spouse’s family, as most grandparents and some parents don’t speak/ understand English and the communication is strained in an already stressful time of wedding planning/ events.

Certification Courses

We are proud to announce that ilearntamil.com is the authorized study center for Tamil virtual University – an autonomous institution, established by the Government of Tamilnadu.


They have various courses like
● Primary Course Certificate
● Diploma
● Higher Diploma
● Degree
● Basic

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