I am so excited! I was at the park today and there where a lot of people from india that came and left…(🙊i was a little bit of a creeper listening into their conversations to see if they spoke tamil or not…) I was getting frustrated because I was not understand anyone and did not want to ask what they were speaking. After sometime a father and his 3 year old daughter came on the park and i was able to understand them. But I did not want to speak to him with out introducing myself to His wife first. His wife walked around the park and i asked ungalukku tamil theriyuma? She was so shocked and surprised that i was able to speak to her in tamil. We held a good conversation… sometimes I responded in english 😕 but it was a good conversation. I told her I was learning through ilearntamil.com and had been learning for six months and was also introducing tamil to my little ones.
She introduced me to her husband and her daughter. It was so much fun! And it was fun surprising her by speaking her native language. Loved it!