I began classes with ILearnTamil in February 2018 and feel like I am making great progress in my speaking and reading. I’ve studied Tamil off-and-on for several years, as I have professional research interests in Tamil Nadu, and it has always bothered me that my language skills are not up to scratch. The flexible, one-to-one tuition offered by ILearnTamil fits perfectly with my busy schedule and individual learning pace and style. My tutor is fantastic and takes into account my interests. She is always ready to explain something in more depth or provide cultural or linguistic commentary on a sentence or phrase. I am looking forward very much to continuing my classes and to seeing continued improvement in my Tamil language. If you are a scholar and looking for a way to learn or improve your Tamil, or just keep in practice during periods when you cannot get to India, I would strongly recommend ILearnTamil for its friendly environment, excellent value tuition and for the control it gives you to schedule classes at times and in numbers that work for you.