My 8 year old son learns Spoken Tamil from on Skype, and he has shown the most progress in learning Tamil since he started learning from her. We have been brought up in Mumbai/Delhi and we do not speak very perfect Tamil, so I was looking for a Tamil class that could teach him colloquial Tamil and not focus on reading and writing. I had been looking unsuccessfully for the past 1 year when I came across Ilearntamil. They have a Spoken Tamil syllabus which focuses on speaking colloquial Tamil.

My son can now look at a picture and tell what all he sees in Tamil. He has learnt positional words and is very interested in adding more Tamil words to his vocabulary. Teacher is very nice and very flexible with the approach taken to teach my son. She assigns Homework for him which gets him to practice his Tamil a few times a week. My son looks forward to the class every week.