I have a passion of learning Tamil language however I couldn’t find any websites for better learning. One day I came across ILEARNTAMIL.com website, explored the content for one week. This is first one which I have found and was really happy. First of all I would like to thanks Sudha for arranging a demo with my mentor and the best teacher “GAYATHRI MAM”. Her method of teaching includes point to point, word to word explanations, every class includes lots of conversations & discussions on the lessons. She has taught me the writing skills too..We also work on the vocabulary, pronunciation and finer points of TAMIL grammer- ALL IN ONE TAMIL, of course. While learning with her the time has been invaluable, positive, fun & very educational. Mam is very much creative and encouraging whenever I stuck in my TAMIL class and also schedules classes as per the convenient. The time just flies like anything. If anyone has a zeal of learning TAMIL, I would highly recommend ILEARNTAMIL.COM which is great platform to explore the language.