Having accumulated over 12 years of experience, ilearntamil.com proudly features a team exceeding 70 devoted teachers hailing from diverse regions within Tamil Nadu, serving thousands of students worldwide. Now, let’s hear what our students have to say about their experiences with us.

Online Tamil Classes for my kid

I enrolled my 4 year old son reluctantly to this online Tamil classes with lot of doubts initially.
I was provided some demo classes to give it a try.
Also, they were very flexible and allowed to go with a few classes at a time to see the interest in my son, instead of a full enrollment for many weeks.

After that there was no stopping.The teacher Mrs. Devaki, was simply excellent.
She created enough interest in the child, using various ways of teaching the alphabets to him, so that he did not get bored easily.
Devaki was patience personified in handling my child, giving him time to fiddle with the skype settings and all, and then taking on with the lessons.Even as parents, we would not have handled him this way.It was in fact lots of learning from here, for me in handling my son with patience and allowing him the time to get in to things.

My son is now glued to learning Tamil so much only because of Mrs. Devaki.
He is looking forward to his classes, and loving the lessons and videos being shared with him.

My son is now very fluent in letter recognitions, able to read many words and trying to read smaller simple sentences.

Thanks again to Mrs. Devaki and ilearntamil.com, without which, I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams that I could
make my kid learn read/write Tamil in this age, outside of Tamil Nadu.

Venkat V




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