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Tamil class


I am from Uttaranchal and my husband is Tamilian.
I have realized that one may be able to embrace the culture and the traditions but till you speak the language, there is a disconnect.
I had tried in various ways to learn the language for the first time in my life I feel that I may actually find my dream and speak Tamil with my mother in law and family. I know I have ways to go but there I have a path now.
Thank you guys and a huge thank you to Geetha my teacher

Tamil class


Ilearn tamil course is well structured online course. Course is very very helpful because it teaches from basics and pictures for each new words makes it very easy to learn.Sri Srimathy madam is a very good teacher. She can make even a small kid to learn the tamil language. She has lot of patience and her teaching technique is commendable. She always revises previous class topics which helps to remeber. Thanks to Ilearn for giving the best teacher to me and I’m looking forward to comple all lessons under this course curriculum.

Tamil class

Marohina V

My daughter is learning Tamil classes for past 2 months through ilearn. The teacher, Ms.Meena is very friendly and making the learning for the kid in more interesting way. Now, wherever we go, she starts reading all the Tamil words on the board… I’m really happy to see my daughter reading Tamil so quickly…. Thanks a lot to Meena mam for grooming my daughter in Tamil, in short period. We love to continue more classes with you.
Thanks a lot for ilearn to have a platform arranged in online to make the learning easy.

Tamil class


I like to learn languages. I can speak 3 languages fluently (Tamil, Hindi and English) and can do a basic conversation (Kannada) so far and want to add Tamizh to the list. I wish I had started using the services of this site earlier. I am very thankful to my Tamizh teacher, Prathibha madam. She was very helpful and taught me with a lot of patience. She taught the language by guiding me to understand the spoken language and use that in simple day-to-day conversations . I will certainly continue learning Tamizh and request for more classes.

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