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Tamil Language Training for Companies

We provide tailored one-on-one and group Tamil lessons to students worldwide. Our instructors, all native Tamils, are highly qualified and trained. Our unique focus is on spoken Tamil, emphasizing authentic conversational skills.

As an authorized study center for Tamilvu , in addition to our spoken Tamil classes, we offer courses in reading and writing, follow the Singapore syllabus, and courses based on world language standards – ACTFL and CEFR
we extend our services beyond individual and group training to include specialized corporate Tamil training sessions.

Corporate training program

 We offer a mix of online sessions through secure Google video conferencing and in-person classes at your location, whichever suits your team’s needs better. We instruct Tamil through both English and Hindi and make our Tamil training sessions convenient for you.

Why Choose Our Classes

Customized Language Training :  Learn exactly what you need for your work. Get the language skills to do your job accurately.

Ensuring Privacy and Safety : Your data stays safe with us. We make sure our training is secure and follows strict privacy rules.

Essential Vocabulary – Must-Know Words : Learn the words important for your job. This helps you talk well, get accurate info, and handle language challenges.

Harmonious Communication : Engage Effectively Across Differences with Our Training.

Flexible Language Options : Tamil can be taught using either English or Hindi.

We are eager to collaborate with you and ensure the success of the Tamil training program for your employees.

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