Complimentary Weekend Classes

Want to learn Tamil from a Native?  Need live training sessions?How about ZERO COST course fee??

Well, we are happy to introduce FREE Group Classes to learn Tamil. Our current session started on Sunday, 19 Nov 2017, and we had positive responses from interested students around the globe. Below are the details of these classes:

Slot timings : Slot 1 at 7-8 am IST (Sunday)
Slot 2 at 7-8 pm IST (Sunday)
Students per slot : 10
Type of Training : Online, Live, Interactive
Medium of Instruction :English
Course Fee : FREE
Tool Used : Conference Tool Zoom
Sessions Recorded : Yes
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    Personal Groups

    If you require personalized and customized online training for yourself and your friends in a separate group, then please note the following details:

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    Group Size : 4-10
    Session Duration : 1 hour
    Days, Timings : As you wish
    Fee per Student/ hour: $3
    Discount Available : Yes, for Group Size > 5
    Fee Payment : Pay upfront for the month

    For example, if there are 4 students in a group and they require 2 classes per week,

    Fee per student : $3
    No. of classes per week : 2
    No. of classes in a month : 2 x 4 = 8
    Fee to be paid Upfront : $3 x 8 = $24

    If you miss a class, don’t worry. We will post the recorded session so you can access it. We will also email you a copy of the Notes covered on that day so you will get a fair understanding of what was taught during the session.

    IMPORTANT: During Group Classes, students are expected to behave professionally with all. In the unfortunate event of any inappropriate conduct, the respective student may not be permitted to attend further classes with us.

    For any other queries or concerns, do contact our Course Coordinator.

    Please message us if you are interested in attending our group classes through
    Contact US form.