I first booked a free demo in late February 2018 and the teacher asked me to read some Tamil text and then she said I could start with Standard 3 Tamil classes. I have taken 10 classes so far, each class is for one hour and completed Term 1 and Term 2 text books. I usually take 2 classes per week. I myself can see the improvement in my reading, writing and comprehension. I am a senior adult taking Tamil classes as I did not have this opportunity as a child since I only attended English schools all my academic life. I am happy with the teacher who guides me and helps me improve my Tamil language ability and so have decided to sign up for another 10 classes. My goal is to be able to read Tamil fluently and write Tamil without any spelling mistakes. I am sure I will achieve this goal within the next few months. ilearntamil.com has implemented a very good online system in place with online textbooks, references (Youtube), dictionaries, electronic whiteboards, use Whatsapp, Paypal which makes learning easy and fun. Classes are booked based on mutually available convenient schedules. Thank you ilearn tamil.