Hi I am Raju Barman.
I am from West Bengal and moved to Chennai two years ago for my job.  At that time, I didn’t know any Tamil so when I first arrived in Chennai I couldn’t understand what the Tamil people were saying or know how to reply.  I started to learn Tamil through many sources (including through friends, books, apps, YouTube, etc.) but I was not satisfied. In fact I got very confused – I didn’t know when and which suffixes to add, I kept mixing High and Colloquial Tamil and I couldn’t pronounce the words very well.
After a long time I found out about the online I learn Tamil classes. I started online classes 5 months ago. Each class is giving me confidence to speak in Tamil and solve my confusion.  The Teachers are very good and helpful and understanding too. They suggest how we can remember words and they teach us the various forms of each word (eg, past, present and future etc.).
The Teachers are friendly and make the class lot of a fun.
Seriously though, the Ileantamil online classes are great.
I highly recommend the classes to all those that want to learn Tamil.