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Welcome to, where we open the doors to the enchanting world of Tamil for children aged 4 and up, from every corner of the globe. Our specialized online Tamil classes are crafted with young learners in mind, making it fun and engaging for kids to learn Tamil, irrespective of their geographical location.

Embracing Tamil Language and Culture

Tamil, one of the world’s ancient languageas, is not just a means of communication but a vibrant culture waiting to be explored. Learning Tamil allows children to connect with their heritage, enjoy Tamil stories, songs, and movies, and prepare them for a globalized future where multicultural understanding is key.

Our Kid-Friendly Courses

At, we’ve designed a colorful and interactive curriculum that captures the imagination of young minds while effectively teaching them Tamil. Our courses cover:

Reading and Writing: Through interactive lessons and fun activities, children will learn the Tamil alphabet, basic vocabulary, and sentence structures, progressing towards more complex reading and writing skills.

Spoken Tamil: Our spoken Tamil classes are all about interactive learning, helping kids to speak confidently and naturally, whether with family members or friends.

High Tamil and Singapore Syllabus: For families looking to align with specific educational standards, we offer courses in High Tamil, including the Singapore Tamil syllabus, ensuring that children abroad can stay connected with their curriculum requirements.

High School Credits in the US: Recognizing the importance of language learning in academic achievement, our courses are also designed to help children gain high school credits in the United States, supporting their educational journey and future opportunities.

Why for Your Child?

Global Accessibility: No matter where you are in the world, your child can learn Tamil through our online platform, providing a flexible and convenient learning solution for busy families.
Expert Instructors: Our teachers are not only experts in the Tamil language but are also skilled at engaging young learners, ensuring each child feels supported and motivated.
Interactive Learning: We believe in learning through play. Our lessons include interactive games, stories, and activities that make learning Tamil enjoyable and memorable for kids.
Customized Pace: Understanding that every child is unique, our courses are tailored to meet individual learning speeds and preferences, ensuring a positive and enriching learning experience.
Join today and give your child the gift of Tamil language and culture. Our engaging, child-friendly courses are the perfect way for your little ones to embark on a linguistic and cultural journey, laying the foundation for a lifetime of benefits. From reading and writing to speaking and beyond, let’s make learning Tamil an adventure for your child!

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