I want to thank everyone at ilearntamil for helping me to learn Tamil. Before finding this site and joining the online classes, I was trying to learn through books that people recommended, I joined a couple of groups on Facebook, watched some YouTube videos and joined a disastrous WhatsApp Group. All these did was to confuse me even more. I then came across the YouTube videos that Marla did for ilearntamil and finally began to get it. The videos are easy to follow and simple to understand.
Later I found out about the online classes and had my first class 6 months ago. In that time I have learnt how to introduce and talk about myself and my family and form basic sentences.
The online classes are easy to follow and each class builds on the previous things we have learnt. The Teachers are amazing. They are patient, caring, helpful and understanding. The Teachers go back and revise what we have learnt to reinforce what we have learnt to clear any doubts. They also cover additional things not included in the lesson where required and make sure you pronounce the words correctly.
The classes are light hearted and fun and go at the pace that is right for the student. I look forward to attending the online classes – My wish is that they had classes and Teachers like these when I went to school – I would have learnt a whole lot more than I did!
I am grateful to the Teachers and all of those involved – in particular, Sudha, Subha and Gayathri. Thank you. It was nice to go to India recently and talk to the natives in Tamil. I look forward to continuing to learn Tamil through the online classes and attain my goal of being fluent in Tamil.