Learning Tamil vocabulary, phrases and grammar is one thing, but using them in everyday conversation can be challenging.To help those of you who are curious to know how to carry on an informal conversation in Tamil, we have put together a collection of 32 scenario-based conversations. Some of these conversations will also give you an insight into our Tamil culture.

If you wish to converse in Tamil but have no knowledge of the Tamil script, then these conversations are just for you. The transliteration (Tamil words written using the English alphabet) can be easily read by anyone who can read English.Each conversation has been translated to English (for new learners) and for those Advanced Tamil learners, we have included the Tamil script as well.

[[Remember: These conversations are in colloquial Tamil not formal (written) Tamil.]] 


Following are the topics covered:


Conversations in Tamil and English

Conversation 1
At The Hospital
Conversation 2
At The Bookstore
Conversation 3
In The office
Conversation 4
In The House
Conversation 5
Kavin’s Leave Letter
Conversation 6
At The Market
Conversation 7
Husband And Wife
Conversation 8
At The Airport
Conversation 9
Buy A Birthday Cake
Conversation 10
Buying Clothes
Conversation 11
At the Coffee Shop
Conversation 12
Mom And Dad
Conversation 13
Annan And Thambi
Conversation 14
House For Rent
Conversation 15
At School
Conversation 16
At The College Campus
Conversation 17
At The Ent Hospital
Conversation 18
Vanaja & The Florist
Conversation 19
Inside The Train
Conversation 20
At The Fruit Stall
Conversation 21
Phone Conversation
Conversation 22
Meet Of Friends
Conversation 23
Conversation 24
Conversation 25 
In The Classroom
Conversation 26
In The Classroom
Conversation 27
In The House
Conversation 28
In The Park
Conversation 29
In The Home
Conversation 30
In The Home
Conversation 31
In The House 
Conversation 32
In The Class Room 


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