Tamil Translation Services

We specialize in various translation and subtitling services, covering both Tamil to English and English to Tamil. Our primary focus lies in delivering high-quality results backed by extensive experience. With over 12 years of expertise, our team comprehends the nuances of Tamil spoken across different regions of Tamil Nadu, facilitating smooth subtitling processes for movies and other content

Tamil through English

Tamil Translation Services

At ilearntamil.com, we offer the best Tamil to English, and English to Tamil translation services. We have experts with many years of experience in translation and transcription (English to Tamil and Tamil to English). Be it translating simple Tamil sentences to English for everyday conversations or transcribing long articles and letters, we do it all. We have a team of experienced and well learned Tamil translators offering the best Tamil translation services.

We provide a more human touch to the entire process. Unlike other sites that offer the same service and use existing software like google translate to translate Tamil, we translate everything ourselves, manually, to minimize the mistakes that creep in while using these existing software. We toil endlessly to ensure that your translation is as spot on as it can be. We give importance to maintaining the accuracy and confidentiality of your documents.

Professional Tamil TranslationsTamil Translation services for
1.General Documents
2.Legal Documents
3. Financial Documents
4. Technical Documents
5.Medical Documents
6.Immigration Documents

Other Services
1.Tamil video translation & transcription
2.Tamil subtitling
3.Translation of Tamil documents
4.Tamil immigration translations

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