Lesson 2

    1. This That and What
    2. Is This/Is That/What Is
    3. Parts of the body
    4. Conversation – Introducing Yourself
    5. Exercise



Lesson 2

This That and What

The words ‘This’, ‘That’ and ‘What’ are important words in any language. Let’s see how to say and use these in Tamil.

When we talk about a thing that is near to us , we use ‘This’. When we refer to something that is away from us we use ‘That’ and when we want to ask a question about something we say ‘What’. In Tamil, the word for ‘This’ is ‘Idhu’ இது, the word for ‘That’ is ‘Adhu’ அது and the word for ‘What’ is ‘Enna’ என்ன.


‘This’ – ‘Idhu’ ‘இது’

Idhu oru Penaa. இது ஒரு பேனா. (This is a pen.)
Idhu enna? இது என்ன? (What is this?)
Idhu oru Penaa. இது ஒரு பேனா. (This is a pen.)

Idhu oru Puththagam. இது ஒரு புத்தகம்.  (This is a book.)
Idhu enna? இது என்ன? (What is this?)
Idhu oru Puththagum. இது ஒரு புத்தகம். (This is a book.)

Idhu oru Pattam. இது ஒரு பட்டம். (This is a kite.)

Idhu enna? இது என்ன? (What is this?)

Idhu oru Pattam. இது ஒரு பட்டம். (This is a kite.)

‘That’ – ‘Adhu’ அது

Adhu oru Veedu. அது ஒரு வீடு .(That is a house.)
Adhu enna? அது என்ன? (What is that?)
Adhu oru Veedu. அது ஒரு வீடு. (That is a house.)
Adhu oru Maram. அது ஒரு மரம். (That is a tree.)
Adhu enna? அது என்ன?  (What is that?)
Adhu oru Maram. அது ஒரு மரம். (That is a tree.)

Adhu oru Yaanai. அது ஒரு யானை. (That is an elephant)
Adhu enna? அது என்ன? (What is that?)
Adhu oru yaanai. அது ஒரு யானை. (That is an elephant)

Things to remember:

Idhu – This, It இது Puththagam – Book புத்தகம்
Adhu – That அது Pattam – Kite பட்டம்
Enna – What என்ன Veedu – House வீடு
Oru – A/one ஒரு Maram – Tree மரம்
Penaa – Pen பேனா Yaanai – Elephant யானை

Helpful Hint:

When learning a new language, it is helpful to know some rules or handy ways to remember new words. One way to help remember these and other words you will learn in coming classes is that if a word is referring to something that is ‘here’ the Tamil word will start with the letter ‘I’. If the word is referring to something that is ‘there’ or away from you, it will start with the letter ‘A’ and if it is a question it will start with the letter ‘E’. For example, the Tamil words for ‘This and Here’ start with the letter ‘I’. The Tamil words for ‘That and There’ start with the letter ‘A’ and the Tamil words for ‘What and Where’ start with the letter ‘E’.

Questions: How to ask – IS THIS/THAT A ….?

To ask a question in Tamil, we add an ‘aa’ sound at the end of an object . Example : Idhu Pattam இது பட்டம் means ‘It is a kite’, but to make it a question you say Idhu Pattam-aa. இது பட்டமா which means ‘Is it a kite?’

Adding the suffix ‘a’ to an object turns the statement into a question. You should always keep in mind that this suffix should not sound as a separate syllable – it should become one with the word.

Example : Pattam+aa = Pattam-aa ( It should sound like Pattamaa and not like Pattam and an ‘aa’ sound after a pause.

When we have a question like:
Is this a pen ? or Is that a kite? the answer is usually going to be Yes or No. We say:

‘AAMAAM’ ஆமாம் for ‘YES’ and


‘ILLAI’ இல்லை for ‘ NO’.

1. Idhu Pattam-aa ? (Is this a kite?) இது பட்டமா?
Aamaam, Idhu Pattam. (Yes, this is a kite)
ஆமாம், இது பட்டம்.
2. Adhu Puththagam-aa? (Is that a book?) அது புத்தகமா?
Illai, adhu penaa. ( No. That is a pen.)
இல்லை அது பேனா.
3. Idhu oru Yaanai-aa? (Is it an elephant?) இது ஒரு யானையா?
Illai, idhu oru maram. ( No, it is a tree.) இல்லை இது ஒரு மரம்.


See if you can answer the following questions :

1. Idhu enna? இது என்ன?


2. Adhu penaavaa? அது பேனாவா?


3. Adhu enna? அது என்ன?


4.Idhu Veedaa? இது வீடா?


5.Adhu Vaayaa? அது வாயா?


6. Idhu enna? இது என்ன?


7. Adhu enna? அது என்ன?


8.Idhu Kaalaa? இது காலா?

Conversation-2 Introducing Yourself

Today we will learn how to introduce yourself ….in Tamil.
The key words to know are:

Naan / Enakku – நான்/எனக்கு- I


En/ Enadhu – என் /எனது -My


Ennai/ Ennodu – என்னை என்னோடு- Me


Ennudaiya/ Ennoda – என்னுடைய /என்னோட – ‘Mine”


Things to remember:

Just as the words I, Me, My, Mine denotes oneself, but depends on the context in which they come, the same way, even in Tamil, the words Naan, En, Enakku, Enadhu, Ennudaiya depends  on the context they are used in. For example, we use Enakku  when we say statements that include ‘I like’, ‘I know’ and ‘I want’ whereas we use Naan when we are talking about ourselves and use ‘I am’ statements as in ‘ I am a boy’ etc.

1 . En peyar/peru என் பெயர் /பேரு

(My name is _____________________)
Fill the blank with your name.


2. Naan ___________________ padikiren/ velai seigiren. நான் படிக்கிறேன் /வேலை செய்கிறேன்

( I am studying/working in _________________)
Fill the blank with the class you are studying or the place where you are working.


3. En palli-in/ office-in peyar/peru என் பள்ளியின் /ஆபீசின் பெயர்/பேரு _____________________________

( The name of my school is _________________)
Fill the blank with the name of your school/ college / office.


4. En appa-vin peyar/peru என் அப்பாவின் பெயர்/பேரு _____________________________

(My father’s name is _______________________)
You can use appa-vin / appa peyar…………….  –  Both are interchangeable.

Adding -vin at the end is the same as adding ’s’ at the end of word in English when we are referring to someone or something. In this example, we add the word’-vin’ after the word ‘appa’ as we are referring to your Father’s name, it belongs to him as opposed to saying My father is … which is about him. It is a possessive noun.


5. En appa oru __ என் அப்பா ஒரு _______________________________

(My father is a ________________________________)
Fill the blank with your father’s occupation.


6. En amma-vin peyar/peru என் அம்மாவின் பெயர்/பேரு _____________________________

You can use amma-vin / amma peyar……………. Both are interchangeable.
(My mother’s name is ___________________________)
Remember to add ‘-vin’ after the word Amma as it is about your mother.


7. En amma oru என் அம்மா ஒரு _____________________________

(My mother is a _______________________)
Fill the blank with your Mother’s occupation


8. Naan ____________________ -la vasikkiren/vaazhgiren. நான் வசிக்கிறேன்/வாழ்கிறேன்.

( I reside/live in ________________________)
The word ‘vasikkiren’, is used when you talk about the town or the locality where you live. You say ‘vaazhgiren’, when you are referring to the country or the continent you are from. For example, if you say I am from Madurai, you use ‘vasikkiren’ and if you are telling someone that you are from India you use ‘vaazhgiren’.

In both cases you add the letters ‘la’ at the end of the town, locality, country or continent you are referring to as this indicates that you are referring to a place. For example, Madurai becomes Madurai-la and India becomes India-la.


9. Enakku ____________________ romba pidikkum. எனக்கு ரொம்ப பிடிக்கும்.

( I like _________________________ very much.)


10. Enakku ___________________________ pidikaadhu. எனக்கு பிடிக்காது.

( I do not like ________________________)



Pudhu Vaarthaigal  புது வார்த்தைகள் –  ‘New words’

Learn the following words to help build your vocabulary.
Peyar/Peru- name பெயர் /பேரு
Padikkiren - studying படிக்கிறேன்
Velai seikiren - working வேலை செய்கிறேன்
Vasikkiren - residing வசிக்கிறேன்
Vaazhgiren - living வாழ்கிறேன்
Romba - very much ரொம்ப
Pidikkum – like பிடிக்கும்
Pidikkaadhu – do not like/ dislike பிடிக்காது


Answer the following questions in Tamil.

Translate these into Tamil.

1. My name is ____________.
2. I am living in _______________.
3. Seventy five _________________.
4. My father’s name is _______________.
5. I like _________________ very much.
6. Hundred ______________.
7. I am studying/ working in ___________________.
8. My mother’s name is ____________________.
9. Eighty. _____________.
10. My father is a _______________________.
11.My school’s/office’s name is ___________________.
12. My mother is a ______________________.
13. I don’t like ____________________.
14. Ten ____________.
15. Twenty five ________________.
16. Stomach ______________.
17. Thirty eight ___________________
18. Forty six __________________.
19. Teeth _____________
20. Fifty nine _______________
21. Hair ________________
22. Knees _______________